You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Not Even to a New York Subway!

Feel Good Video of the Day: Islamic Terrorist Gets Blown Up by His Own Mortar

I almost cried with I saw this . . . tears of joy. 

White House Video Surveillance Catches First Lady Michelle Obama Smoking a Cigarette!

I couldn’t resist. 

H/T Snake Oiler

The Wonders of ‘Diversity': White Kid Brutally Beaten by Black Kids on School Bus

We must ask: If these were white kids beating the snot out of a black kid, would it have been ignored or would it have been the primary story of every newscast?

You and I know there would be marches and every race-baiting gutter rat would be coming out of the woodworks to exploit the situation. Police would be called to investigate the matter as a ‘hate crime,’ and the Justice Department would be requested to supervise the investigation so that the right outcome is assured. 

Yet, when black kids do this sort of thing to a white kid, things are eerily silent. No outrage. No protest marches. No speeches about injustice. Just silence. 

Here’s the original video footage.

How much longer are whites going to take this?

The Story of John Turnipseed

Here’s an interesting and rare story about a black thug and criminal, John Turnipseed, who turned his life around and now works to deter young black men from a life of crime.

This news story illustrates some important truths about blacks that we should learn from.

First, it tells us that the absence of black fathers is not a minor problem among ‘African-Americans,’ it’s an epidemic that’s been normalized. Fatherless children is not a unfair stereotype among blacks, it’s the god-awful truth.

Throughout the story, Turnipseed keeps returning to the problem of absent, detached, and abusive black fathers and how this has contributed to a good many of their problems.

In spite of his father’s abuse and lack of moral guidance, Turnipseed still loved him and sensed the void in his life without him. This underscores a vital principle: Fathers are not optional, they are mandatory and necessary in lives of our children! 

The black family in America has been decimated by liberal social policies, coupled with the natural tendency of black men to stray and abandon their families.

This problem is not limited to blacks living under western welfare systems, but is a major issue also among African nations where public assistance programs are available. In other words, we can’t just blame the issue of absent black fathers on poverty or liberal social policies. Much of this is the result of inherent, natural proclivities due to low IQ averages, lack of impulse control, and high testosterone levels.

In order for blacks to change, they must fight against their natural tendencies. The good news is that they can change if they are strongly inclined to do so. The crux of the matter is whether they are willing. Most are not.

Secondly, it teaches us the lesson that blacks are not bettered when whites lie to them and try to make them ‘feel good’ about themselves when there’s no reason to do so. There’s simply no benefit to blacks when whites try to honor them or kiss their collective asses when they haven’t earned it. Actually, whites shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing with any racial or ethnic group. Acting respectfully and honorably is what you’re supposed to be doing anyways!  

According to the story, Turnipseed was shamed many years earlier by this white news reporter. And because of it, his life was turned around. This black man, in other words, was reformed not because some white man groveled before him and ‘played nice,’ but because he confronted him with the truth. All of us, but especially blacks, desperately need to be told the truth.

Rather than laughing about black dysfunction and the societal misfits that they’ve become, whites should be shaming them. Rather than emulating black ‘style’ and culture, whites should be aghast at what they do and what they want to impose on the rest of us. Many blacks (including whites) will not wake up until they’ve been thoroughly shamed.

This is why so much of what I write about centers on ridiculing and shaming what blacks say and do. Their conduct is shameful and embarrassing to say the least, and it ought to be exposed. My purpose is to also enlighten whites and to encourage them to stop the absurd negro worship that has infected the West.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not expecting perfection of blacks. Whites are very far from perfection themselves, myself included! 

Humans are basically evil, selfish and wretched by nature. We are not inherently good and all of human history testifies to this. However, we can outwardly reform ourselves. We can change – if we genuinely wish to – so that our lives comport with general societal decency and civility. Humans, regardless of poverty and social status, don’t have to be ghetto thugs.

Thirdly, notice that when blacks come to their senses about life and how they should conduct themselves in a civilized society, they put aside the ebonics nonsense. They start to dress like men and women of honor, instead of like a pants sagging thug.

This story is only intriguing because of Turnipseed’s life-changing reforms and how infrequent its occurs among black men. In other words, black men are so thuggish and criminally-prone that when one of them truly turns his life around, it becomes an important story.

Think about it: If the same story revolved aground a white man who reformed his ways, it would be far less sensational I can assure you. That’s because whites have a reputation for being responsible and less criminally oriented.

Whether Turnipseed will continue his life of reform is anyone’s guess. Still, I have reason to believe that after this many years, the man will continue to conduct himself honorably and as a good example to his people.

This is one less black man who will rob and steal from others or be a financial burden to the taxpayer.

And for that we can be thankful.

H/T TheBlaze

Melissa Harris-Perry: Oklahoma Beheading Was Just “Workplace Violence” and Had Nothing to Do with Islam or Being a Muslim

The disconnect from reality is unbelievable!

Here’s another MSNBC moonbat, Melissa Harris-Perry, along with her equally-disengenuous panel, doing their best to deny any Islamic connection to the Oklahoma beheading.

Leftists want so hard for everyone to believe that Islam is a peaceful and benign religion. There’s only one problem: Muslims themselves keep destroying that notion by both their words and deeds!   


 Yep, it had nothing to do with his fanatical Islamic beliefs! 

The Wonders of ‘Diversity': 15 People Shot at Miami Nightclub (one victim was only 11 years old!)

One of the most important rules of survival for whites (or anyone for that matter) is that you should never congregate or associate in any way with a group of blacks – especially not at night! To do so, you’re just asking for trouble.

Wherever blacks gather, there’s bound to be horrific chaos. It’s just a matter of time before someone gets shot or stabbed. Nothing good ever results whenever a group of low-IQ, impulsive, easily-angered and volatile blacks congregate in one place – particularly when their stupidity is fueled by alcohol and drugs! 

We are compelled to ask: How often do you hear of these kinds of bloody incidents occurring among whites or Asians? Yet this is a very common occurrence among blacks. No one is really surprised by it in the least.

Some of us might be alarmed at the large numbers who were shot, but not that the incident occurred at the hands of blacks. This is a very important distinction. We expect of this sort of thing among ‘African-Americans.’ It’s only the high number of victims that might catch us off guard. As of late, it’s been increasing dramatically as the weekly death toll in Chicago can testify.  

By the way, what the hell was an 11-year-old doing at an adult nightclub at 1am in the morning?

More Groveling from Chief Wussypants: “We Need to Have a Talk About Race” (with my comments)

Police Chief Thomas Jackson speaks during a news conference in Ferguson

According to a recent article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Calling the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of Michael Brown a moment that changed his life forever, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Saturday the main thing he can do is strengthen the kind of training his officers receive in the future.

Jackson was joined by about two dozen officers from the county, Missouri Highway Patrol and a few FBI agents at the Greater St. Mark Family Church near Ferguson for what was billed as a community empowerment summit.

Jackson, who sat near the back of the church for most of the meeting, told the crowd of about 80 people that he’s had several eye-opening moments since Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson shot Brown and sparked a nationwide conversation on policing and race.

One of the revelations Jackson said he’s learned about is the so-called ‘talk’ black parents often have with their children. The talk, in the black community, is a conversation in which parents tell their children they inherently have strikes against them and that many people will view them as a threat, regardless of character. 

['The Talk' among black parents is nothing more than the passing-down of the 'victimization' and 'race' cards from one generation to the next. 'The Talk' is never about personal responsibility and respect for authority, and always about how blacks must be overly-cautious around police who are always looking for opportunities to violate their rights and shoot them down.]


‘When I got to hear about the talk, that was painful for me to hear,’ Jackson said.

He added that he’s reached out to law enforcement in Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Sanford, Fla., where there have been similar periods of unrest.

‘The main thing is we need to give training that works,’ Jackson said. “Our officers need to know how they’re perceived in the black community. We need to have a talk about race.” 

[I wonder if that "talk about race" will involve blacks admitting that they alone are the real problem? Will they admit that they need to stop blaming cops for their dysfunctional neighborhoods? Will they concede that their skyrocketing levels of crime and thug culture is what divides them from law-abiding Americans, including the police? If not, then it's a complete waste of time, just as every other 'conversation about race' results in whenever blacks claim they want to discuss racial problems.]   

After the meeting, Jackson confirmed that he has asked law enforcement working in Ferguson not to wear “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets while on duty.

On Friday, Christy Lopez, a deputy chief with the U.S. Justice Department, told Jackson in a letter that residents had photos of officers, from unknown agencies, wearing the bracelets.

[Of course not, we can't dare have officers showing any form of solidarity!]

In a letter asking that Jackson put a stop to the practice, Lopez said the Justice Department is “aware of the importance of individual expression,” however the bracelets reinforce the divisive “us versus them” mentality that has taken hold in large parts of north St. Louis County.

On Saturday, Jackson said he’s asked law enforcement to stop wearing the bracelets while on duty in Ferguson.

“I don’t know who it was, or if it was isolated,” he said.

Jackson’s comments followed a lengthy discussion in which panelists complained that police treat blacks in poor neighborhoods as less than human.

[See? That's exactly what these black 'community empowerment summits' are all about. They haven't come to  concede any responsibility for their dilemma. They haven't arrived to listen and humbly consider what others have to say. No, they've come bitch about the white po-lice and how they as 'African-Americans' must be 'understood.' It's nothing more than an anti-white, anti-police bitch session and Chief wussypants has fallen for it hook-line-and-sinker.]   

Nicole Gentry, an officer with the St. Louis County Police Department, said when there’s an incident involving police, officers are frequently accused of abusing their power. Meanwhile, people often look the other way at other crimes not involving police that happen more frequently.

Rasheen Aldridge, of Young Activists United, said when it comes to officer-involved incidents, black people consistently feel like they are denied justice compared to other groups.

“I think that’s why people are angry,” Aldridge said. “This isn’t only about Mike Brown.”

[Negative! Blacks aren't "denied justice," they earn every bit of justice they receive. If anything, they don't get enough of the justice they've earned because of Left-leaning judges and other bleeding hearts. Blacks aren't really angry about "Mike Brown." He's just another thug they'll gladly rally around in order to intimidate whites and all of society to get what they want! The only business that 'African-Americans' do well is the victimization business, to make others think they are unjustly oppressed and in dire need of taxpayers' money.] 


Taurean Russell, with Hands Up United, called Gentry’s comparison a false equivalence.

“The law is held to a higher standard because you chose to put on the uniform. You chose to put on that badge,” he said.

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald S. Johnson responded to a call from Russell for black officers to weed out the racists in their departments.

Johnson told the crowd that it’s unfair to assume that all law enforcement agencies are rife with racists.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said there needs to be a better commitment to build relationships.

‘We’re never as bad as some people say we are, and we’re never as good as we think we are,’ Belmar said.

Panelists also discussed calls by some for the hiring of more black police officers.

St. Louis police Officer Regiana Moore, who is black, said the problem starts in some segments of the black community where children are taught from a young age to distrust police.

‘We have to bridge that animosity and the hate between police and the community,’ Moore said.

[We don't have to "bridge" shit! This 'bridging' nonsense needs to stop! Blacks have to start building a bridge between themselves and the cops by conducting their lives with honor and with personal responsibility, stopping the thug culture, and repairing their families. But let's be very honest here: That isn't going to ever happen on any wide-scale basis because most of what occurs among the so-called 'black community' is so deeply embedded into the fabric of their natures. Blacks do what they do because that's who they are - and that's something no public assistance program can ever change!]

A law enforcement job fair held immediately after the panel discussion attracted little attention from the public.”


Bill Maher Exposes the Hypocrisy of Liberals on Islam

Here’s comedian Bill Maher exposing the hypocrisy of liberals who get their panties in a bunch over petty nonsense related to Christianity, yet refuse to speak out boldly against Islam when its followers commit the most horrific human rights violations.

I almost never find myself in agreement with Bill, but I have admired his consistency in lambasting Islam for the freedom-denying death-cult that it is. In this, I give him credit.

Liberals, nationwide, are more alarmed over the spread of Bible-believing Christianity than the worldwide spread of Islam. They are more incensed over the idea of a Christian woman ‘submitting’ to the leadership role of her husband than the massive numbers of female genitalia mutations occurring throughout the middle east, including throughout the African continent.


Muslims under the banner of Islam routinely violate the rights of women, treating them as mere property, and prohibiting them the kinds of freedoms we take for granted in the West. Yet very few liberals, if any, boldly speak out over it publicly.

Their silence is truly deafening.

Where, for example, are large groups of liberals or feminists angrily protesting the way muslims treat their women? Oh sure, you might be able to find one or two small insignificant groups. But where are the larger and more influential women’s rights groups, such as NOW? They have no problem railing against Christians and Christianity. But they are strangely silent when it comes to criticizing Islam and primitive muslim customs.


Where are all the atheists? How come we don’t see crowds of atheists publicly mocking Islam and desecrating the image of their bloodthirsty pedophile founder?

They seem to have no problem doing this sort of thing against Christians or the image of Jesus. Yet, they are eerily silent when it comes to ridiculing Islam and the religious practices of muslims.

Aren’t liberals always proclaiming that they believe in free speech? Aren’t they always preoccupied over human rights violations?

Why are they, for the most part, so quiet when it comes to criticizing Islam? What can explain this obvious inconsistency?


Although a variety of reasons can be given for this blatant hypocrisy, two stand out most in my mind.

First, it’s ‘safe’ to criticize Christianity because they know Christians aren’t going to kill them or bomb their homes. On the other hand, they know muslims are united and extremely hostile. They know that if they publicly criticize and shame Islam like they do against Christianity, some fanatical muslim will likely cut off their heads.

This practical reality, though, serves to demonstrate how hypocritical and cowardly liberals are. As much as they claim to support and defend free speech and human rights, they’re afraid to do so in the presence of muslims. Liberals have no qualms about getting in the face of Christian preachers, yet they wouldn’t dare do the same toward muslims. 

Liberals like to play the role of a brave, self-sacrificing martyr speaking out against human rights abuses only when there’s no real price to pay.

Secondly, liberals remain strangely silent when it comes to criticizing Islam because they know that muslims are just as hostile to Christianity as they are. While liberals may not necessarily like or even agree with Islam, they’ll gladly align with it so long as Christianity and Christians suffer harm.


You see, if there’s one thing that liberals hate more than anything, it’s Christianity! Their hatred is so deep-rooted that they’ll gladly suffer the presence of a primitive 7th century death-cult in its midst so long as that death-cult eradicates every last vestige of Christianity.

Islam and liberalism are able to unite – albeit temporarily – only because they have a common enemy: Christianity! Because both are Satanic in origin, they can cooperate for the time being to attack Christians and their religious beliefs.

Liberalism and Islam, though, hate Christianity for entirely separate reasons. Liberals hate it because it calls them to moral and spiritual accountability. Liberals are rebels at heart, and thus they despise the notion that they will be held to account to a sovereign Creator and Ruler who demands faith in His Son and holiness of life.

Muslims, on the other hand, hate Christianity because it rivals Islam for supremacy. Christians refuse to bow to the muslim moon-god nor acknowledge that its murderous pedophile founder was a true prophet in any sense of the word.

Muslims, then, will not tolerate Christians nor Christianity in the long run. They will allow no rivals to their fanatical beliefs, and they will gladly commit the most unspeakable atrocities against individual Christians in the name of Allah.

This explains in part why very few liberals have denounced Islam.



Ferguson Police Chief Makes a Groveling Fool of Himself

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any loonier in Ferguson, along comes their police chief, Tom Jackson.

This groveling wussypants not only officially apologized to the parents of Michael Brown, but he actually joined protestors in front of the police station on behalf of the deceased strong-arm robber!?

One video (which did not permit me to embed) actually shows Chief Jackson apologizing to the crowds protesting in front of the station. He said it had been on his heart for the past couple of months. It almost looked like he was about to cry.


 We just found Chief Jackson’s balls!

One black man called him a “racist mother fucker!” which, in turn, prompted the chief to reply, “Ah, come on, we don’t need to use language like that” (or something similar).

To compound the chief’s stupidity, he joined the protestors and marched with them. Surprisingly, the chief didn’t get stabbed or fall victim to a ‘diversity’ beat-down. Within minutes, as one might expect, a fight broke out and several people got arrested. Gee, who couldn’t see that coming?

This gullible chief thought he could reason with the protestors. He thought he could ‘win them over.’ He had no idea of what ignoramuses and gutter rats he was dealing with.

What he did was exactly what neutered white males have been taught to do before the Leftist god of ‘diversity.’ 

The man disgraced himself. I’m sure the men and women working underneath were privately fuming over what a stupid thing he did. I doubt the rank-and-file have any respect for him either. I know I wouldn’t. 

This police chief, like so many in our today, is nothing more than a politically-correct appointee who has lost touch with the reality of police work. He’s a dough-boy who can easily be manipulated by his Leftist overlords to do and say whatever is politically convenient at the time.


 Chief Tom Jackson’s swearing in photo  

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