Socialism is Definitely Working in Venezuela!

Venezuelan markets got everything a good socialist would need – uh, like fruit juice, detergent, and spray cleaner.

See? Socialism really does work!  

Only Blacks Must Be Publicly Warned by the Authorities to Behave During Each Holiday Weekend

Do law enforcement authorities do this sort of thing with Whites? How about Asians or people from India? Must the Amish or Mormons be admonished like this? Do the police set up a news conference during each Chinese new year to warn the Chinese to not kill each other? 

Though this police chief doesn’t intend to convey it, his message to the people of Chicago – meaning, Blacks because that’s really who he’s addressing – is a subtle but obvious one that Blacks in large measure are inherently destructive and violent. There would be no need to conduct such a public spectacle had Blacks in Chicago (including most big cities) behaved civilly in the past. But they don’t, and they never will. 

Only a people whose pattern of behavior are well-known, and who can be easily predicted by their murderous and violent ways, must be publicly admonished to behave themselves. Black criminality and dysfunction is such an easy pattern to predict that people aren’t alarmed when negroes murder each other in astronomical numbers.

This alone tells us something about the nature of America’s negroes. What is it about this race of people that no matter what circumstances they find themselves in (whether good or bad), they always manage a way to murder and rob each other?

By the way, as of today (Sunday), there have already been 40 Blacks shot over the Chicago Memorial weekend.

Over 700 ‘Migrants’ Feared Dead Off Italian Coast

This is the kind of crap that keeps happening when White European nations continue to rescue hordes of Muslim and African ‘migrants’ who make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea. If they had simply not been rescued from the beginning, word would have quickly gotten back that attempting to make such a crossing is nothing short of a suicide mission.

The ‘migrant’ death toll would have far less than it is now.

But naive and overly-altruistic Whites have to keep trying to ‘save’ everyone, and as a result, they keep making things worse than they need to be. 

On the other hand, there may be some good news here. Think of how many fewer White women will be raped. Think of how fewer crimes and murders will occur as a result of this mass drowning. Think of how fewer Muslims and Africans will be listed on the government assistance roster. 

This incident may be tragic, but it’s not necessarily bad news . . . for us.

Venezuelan Prisoner Burned with Boiling Plastic and Forced to Eat the Flesh of a Corpse (Warning: Graphic!)

These are the kind of people America needs to ‘enrich’ us

Here’s a Venezuelan prisoner begging for his life as he’s tortured with boiling plastic and forced to eat the flesh of a dead corpse. I guess it’s just another instance of those ‘Hispanic family values’ that liberals and cuckservatives keep telling us about?

I have a great idea: Let’s invites millions of them to the U.S. and to Europe for the purpose of ‘enriching’ us and delivering us from our ‘boring’ White culture? After all, these folks are Venezuela’s ‘best and brightest.’ And how could we deny them entry when ‘no human is illegal’? Besides, a wall to keep them out is so ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic.’

What you’re witnessing in that video is third-world justice. Like it or not, when any first-world country invites millions of third-worlders to immigrate, it won’t remain a first-world nation for much longer. This is precisely what the U.S. and most European nations are doing, and they will not escape the outcome of their disastrous immigration policies either.   

From Shitbag to Sandbag: ISIS Fighter Gets Himself a Real Pain in the Neck

Well, at least he’ll have all eternity to enjoy his 72 virgins . . . just like Osama! 


Is There a Translator in the House? Negroid ‘Rapper’ Threatens to Kill Trump if He Takes Away His “Momma’s Food Stamps”

Here’s a negroid gutter-rat threatening to kill Donald Trump if he dares to take away his “momma’s food stamps.”

How mighty Black of him!

Maybe momma needs to get a job? Maybe ‘rapper’ Marcus Shizzlefuck needs to give some of the money he makes selling dope or the money he gets from producing lame ‘rap’ lyrics to his momma? To suggest such options, of course, might tax the pea-brained ‘rapper’ and short-circuit what little reasoning powers he might have.

For those of you who are ebonics-challenged, I’ll provide the following translation: “Mutha fucka, yo be showin y’all, dim mo box, nigga, beez in da muhfugen, nomesayin? Momma be eaten’ no chiltluns cuz da cracka’ be sheeet, mo nigga of, ooga-booga, sheet nigga!”

No need to thank me. I consider it a public service. 

Palo Alto (CA) Cops Shoot & Kill Schizophrenic Knife-Wielding Man

This shooting looked like something out of a Hollywood script and seemingly choreographed like one too. But this is reality, and it illustrates just how deadly and dangerous police work can be at times. 

Anyone considering going into the law enforcement profession better first think long and hard if they have it in them to take the life of another human being. The job indeed entails serving people and often responding to mundane calls. But it also entails going to these type of calls. 

By the way, this footage puts to rest the notion that a man charging with a knife can be easily disarmed. Even though the schizophrenic man had been shot a few times prior to reaching the officer, he still didn’t go down. Those who imagine that it’s easy to take down a knife-wielding psycho need to rethink their assumptions.  

Another Reason for Cops to be Cautious Around Blacks: Dispatching Tyrie Cuyler to His Eternal Abode

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “The Chatham County District Attorney’s Office on Monday, May 23, 2016, made public police body camera video of the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Tyrie Cuyler in Savannah, just before midnight on Oct. 27, 2015.

The four officers involved — Michael Gonzales, Ruben Colon, Daniel Kang and John Hauber — with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department were cleared by a grand jury on Monday. Gonzales and Colon were shot during the incident, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, suffering non-life-threatening injuries. The shooting took place after a traffic stop near the intersection of 37 Street and Ogeechee Road.”


This body camera footage illustrates perfectly why police officers are so cautious around Blacks during traffic stops. These people are volatile, dangerous, and do not consider the consequences of their actions.

Although I freely concede that not all Blacks are criminals nor cop-killers, the fact remains that there is a huge segment among them who would not see anything wrong with what Tyrie Cuyler did and who would applaud his actions. 

These are the caliber of people we invited to dwell within our White societies under the delusion that they’re ‘just like us.’ This is the ‘content of character’ of our beloved ‘African-Americans.’ 


Tyrie Cuyler’s in a much hotter place now

The Only Good ISIS Fighter is a Dead ISIS Fighter (Warning: Graphic!)

Now that’s what I call ‘Allah Snackbar!’

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Aftermath footage of our firefight with ISIS on the 4th of May 2016, and treatment of a wounded ISIS fighter.

This incident took place the day after the battle for Teleskuf, where US Navy Seal Charles Keating IV lost his life. A group of over 20 ISIS fighters who had taken part in the attack the day before and was trying to escape, had been boxed in between two fortified positions and two Peshmerga Humvees.

Our general, Wahed Kovle, myself and two other officers then approached the enemy hiding in the tall grass, using one of the Humvees as a shield, while the second Humvee and the two fortified positions provided fire support. The fighting was intense and we were exchanging fire and throwing handgrenades at each other at close range. Three of the ISIS fighters blew themselves up as well and we had pieces of them raining over us.

A single jihadist survided the attack and I provided medical care for him, even though the ISIS commander who were speaking with our general on the radio told us we could kill him for all he cared. The wounded fighter was handed over to kurdish intelligence afterwards. We had no cssualties ourself from this particular contact.”


Baltimore Officer Edward Nero Found NOT GUILTY in Death of Worthless Thug Freddie Gray

Niggas be pissed!


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