Bill Maher Rebukes Liberals Who Seek to Deny Free Speech to Those Whom They Disagree With

Comedian Bill Maher may be a Leftist, but it’s a pleasure to hear him rebuke his fellow liberals who try to deny free speech to those whom they disagree with. 

It’s been pointed out before by those who understand the true nature of liberals that when they are not in power, they beg for tolerance and the freedom to express their views. Once liberals possess the numbers and gain positions of power within society, they try to deny their political opponents the very freedoms they previously demanded.

The attempt by today’s liberals to get people fired from their jobs because of what they believe or say is downright wicked and, ultimately, is an attack on their right to free expression.

Liberals may not be directly stopping their opponents from saying what they want, but they’re sure making it costly and career-ending if they do.

Liberals, you see, are not just interested in preventing others from expressing contrary opinions, they seek to foster an environment in which it becomes fearful to even raise an opposing viewpoint. Those who dare to are met with suspicion, ridicule, and rejection by their more ‘enlightened’ in-group members.

Music I Like: The Moody Blues – “Nights in White Satin”

White Woman and Patriot Hijacks Muslim Podium: Calls Muhammad a “False Prophet” and “Islam Will Never Dominate the United States”

I like this woman. It’s about time whites started ‘acting up’ and speaking out about this bloodthirsty death-cult.

Leave it to white Texans to lead the charge. 


Texas Protesters Shout-Down Phony Muslims Singing the National Anthem

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Conservative protesters disrupted the Texas Muslim Capitol Day celebration in Austin on Thursday, repeatedly shouting ‘No Sharia’ and screaming ‘Go home’

The celebration was organized by the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and according to their website, the event was ‘an opportunity for community members to learn about the democratic political process and how to be an advocate for important issues.’ The group largely consisted of Muslim students and children, along with faith leaders.

The event was protested by a group calling itself the Patriot Defense Foundation Inc., who claimed that CAIR sought to create a climate in which it would be able to ‘take over’ America, destroying it for ‘Americans [who] believe in the Constitution and what this country was founded on.’

Only about 20 protesters affiliated with the group showed up to the protest — some of them carrying signs declaring ‘Radical Islam Is The New Nazi’ and imploring the students to ‘Go Home & Take Obama With You.’ Another sign read: ‘I serve a risen savior, Jesus Christ. Muhammad is dead.'”

Folks, this is all about creating a positive image for muslims. Do you seriously think for one moment that these CAIR organizers and their followers give a damn “about the democratic political process and how to be an advocate for important issues”? The only thing they wish to advocate is Sharia law and the eradication of any voices critical of Islam. 

Their arrogance is all the more apparent when they sing America’s national anthem. If they had their way, the national anthem would be changed to a daily call to prayer in every U.S. city.

This is nothing more than typical muslim Taqiyya (i.e., lying to and deceiving infidels on behalf of Allah’s cause). 

Don’t fall for their lies. 

Brawl Breaks Out at St. Louis City Hall Between Black Protesters and Police

Did they really think they could have a peaceful police civilian review board meeting with so many black agitators among the audience?

Whether Jeff Roorda, a state representative who also serves as the business manager of the St. Louis police officers association, is guilty of pushing a woman as he was leaving or not (at this point, the cellphone footage is not conclusive enough), it was inevitable that some kind of disturbance was going to occur with so many agitated blacks present.

With negroes, the ‘drama’ never ends.

The incident illustrates how impossible or nearly impossible it is to have a reasonable dialogue with blacks over matters of race or police relations. It might occur on an individual basis, but the larger the group the less likely it is that anything productive will emerge. 

This is because blacks are persuaded they have done no wrong, that white police officers intentionally target blacks for civil rights abuses and even death, and they arrive at these kinds of meeting with such assumptions.

You cannot reason with them to think otherwise. Aside from the fact that much of the discussion would be over their heads intellectually, if they conceded anything it would force them to face some very ugly truths – namely, that a large percentage of ‘African-Americans’ have strong criminal proclivities, that they unjustly blame the white man for their self-induced problems and, in the end, are their own worst enemies. 

As we witness race relations in America unravel before our very eyes, recognize that we are also witnessing how truly disastrous a multiracial society is. Multiculturalism sounds good in theory, but it’s not reality. It doesn’t take into account the tribalistic nature of man, including the fact that when different racial groups are forced to live together, they will fight and compete for dominance. 

Flaunting One’s Girth in ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’

I’ve recently watched a couple of episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life starring Whitney Way Thore, a thirty-year-old woman who weighs nearly 400 pounds living with her parents in Greensboro (NC).

Whitney attributes most of her weight-gain to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which is an imbalance of female sex hormones. One of the symptoms, among several, is weight gain, although from what I’ve read it can be managed through proper nutrition and exercise.

In fairness to Whitney, she hinted during one episode that she couldn’t attribute all of her weight-gain on PCOS which I was glad to hear since she was shown eating pizza and other high carbohydrate kinds of foods. Her portions didn’t appear small either.

Whitney seems to generally be a nice person, and I admire her efforts to do what she can to lose the weight. From what I can gather, though, she’s very immature. Whitney may be thirty years old, but she acts like she’s nineteen.

Instead of getting a real job (i.e., one that can pay the bills and allow her to permanently move out on her own), she works as a dance instructor, hardly a living wage! Her current ‘gig’ as a reality show star didn’t arrive until later after she had moved in with Mom and Dad. I guess that’s considered her ‘real job’ now. 

Her parents seem much more grounded in reality than she is, and I was pleasantly surprised at how often during the episodes they talk common sense to their daughter. Unfortunately, they’re enablers and it’s apparent that they haven’t allowed this silly and obese thing to grow up.

Even though Whitney has accepted her size and even laughs about it, she doesn’t seem very happy in spite of appearances. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t be happy either at 5-02 and weighing nearly 400 pounds. She claims to have “no body shame,” but deep down inside I think she’s horrified over her size.

The main problem I have with Whitney is not her weight. After all, most of us struggle with it and, admittedly, it’s very difficult to get down to a manageable size. Most everything available to eat these days is loaded with sugar, carbohydrates and it’s all processed with the worst of chemical ingredients.

The real problem I have with Whitney is the flaunting of her humongous girth in our faces. Wearing clothes that expose her cellulite, stretch marks, and pasty mounds of flesh is less than pleasant to witness, unless you’re a guy who has a fetish for that kind of thing. Most men, though, don’t mind a mildly ‘thick’ woman, but they’re repulsed at the sight of genuine fatty.

Strangely, though Whitney is not ashamed of her weight, she’s grossed out by any guy who has a fetish over her size. This tells me that even she recognizes the abnormality of the fat agenda she’s pushing others to accept.

Whitney parades around as if everyone is supposed to give her a ‘high five’ just for being a land whale. Everyone’s expected to ‘accept it’ and even celebrate her corpulence. A good many of us don’t. It’s repulsive because we know how unhealthy it is and how disgustingly ugly it looks. It’s offensive.

Whitney has the legal right to wear skimpy and unbecoming clothes. She has every right to flaunt her belly and tree-trunks for legs. I would be the last person to prevent her from doing so. At the same time, just don’t ask or expect us to like it.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is another sign of the times revealing the decadence and deviancy of this era. During a much saner generation, this ‘reality program’ would have been considered a freak show.

Here’s a documentary on guys who have a fetish for land whales, and believe me these gals make Whitney look like a stick-figure runway model!

Senator Patrick Leahy: Incarcerating Criminals and Giving Them Stiff Sentences Doesn’t Make Us Safer

Liberal logic at its best

Michelle Obama Refuses to Wear Head Scarf at Saudi King’s Funeral


America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, refused to wear a traditional head convering at Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s funeral.

Normally, I wouldn’t care because of my dislike for Islam and muslims, but she’s the First Lady after all and she’s representing our nation. It’s also a matter of showing common courtesy and respect for foreign dignitaries when one’s invited to their countries.

Some have wondered why Michelle wore a scarf previously when she visited Indonesia months earlier. I think the answer lies in recognizing that how the Obama’s conducted themselves before the 2012 elections and how they conducted afterwards tells us a lot about their ‘transformative’ plans.


Prior to his second term, Obama was somewhat subdued. He had to maintain appearances (along with his wife). But now that he cannot run a third time (at least, we hope!), the gloves are off. Both he and his wife are more overt with their radical political plans, and there is less of a need to conceal their contempt for customs or people they don’t agree with.

I tend to think also that Michelle’s making a statement declaring, in effect, that she’s a ‘liberated woman’ and doesn’t have to kowtow to ‘no man.’

Another possibility is that Michelle may have volunteered to wear a head covering when she visited Indonesia solely because her husband had spent a portion of his childhood years there. 

Either way, the incident illustrates how incredibly divisive this couple continues to be. Wherever they go, they bring strife and hostility among people. Some of it, no doubt, is inevitable and can’t always be avoided. After all, you can’t please everyone, right?

The problem is that much of the controversies surrounding this couple are self-induced as a result of their barely hidden arrogance and contempt toward others.

By the way, reading some of the comments from other websites about this incident has been hysterical. I love it when people are not so politically-correct and say what most of us think anyways.

Here’s some of them:

“She may not have covered her head, but she sure as hell covered that large ass of hers!”

“She’s black. Rules don’t apply.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to know how the conversation between Moochelle and Barry went right before that meeting?

Barry: Michelle, you know you have to wear a head cover.

Moochelle: I ain’t wearing no head cover; I’m a free woman . . . thank you, very much.

Barry: C’mon baby, it’s their custom. In fact, it’s a law.

Moochelle: First of all, I ain’t your baby, Buckwheat. Second, I ain’t no A-rab and I don’t have to follow their customs and, third, it ain’t no law where I come from.

Barry: Look, you’re going to wear a head cover and that’s final. One more thing, never end a sentence with a preposition.

Moochelle: Oh, snap . . . the only thing final here is what I have on my head right now – and that’s my weave; now shove that preposition some place where your boy buddy can find it.”

“It was a Tranny moment.”

“They refused to shake her hand with the hand they wipe their butt with? What a missed opportunity for us and there is your war on women!”

AG Nominee, Loretta Lynch, Says Illegal Immigrants Have a Right to Work in the U.S. “Regardless of Status”

Loretta Lynch: Another ‘enemy within’

The tragic thing about Loretta Lynch’s statement is that a whole lot of Republicans would agree with her.

The fact that this woman has been nominated for U.S. attorney general is yet another clear indication that our country has went beyond the point of no return. That such a statement of hers doesn’t absolutely floor every American and federal office holder is proof of how far we have drifted from the vision of our nation’s founders.  

I’ve Tried to Like Sarah Palin, But She’s So Damn Ditzy!

I like Sarah Palin, well, sort of. On a good number of socio-political issues, we’d find compete agreement. I even think she’s been unjustly maligned by the media, and the personal attacks from Leftists against her and her family have been downright brutal.

I wrote about her in February 2013 (“Thoughts on Sarah Palin”) and essentially argued that while she seems to be a good woman with admirable qualities, she doesn’t have the intellectual acumen and depth of political knowledge to be the kind of strong, well-rounded leader that America needs most at this time.

I felt she was overly-preoccupied with her appearance (her looks have definitely went downhill over the past few years, and there’s something odd about her that I can’t quite put my finger on) and, even now, she seems to always be teasing her constituency over whether she will run for the presidency or not.

Personally, I hope she doesn’t. She will end up embarrassing conservative patriots, and she’ll give more fodder to the Left than they could ever ask for. Everything about her is distracting.

In spite of her book Going Rogue, there’s nothing ‘rogue’ about this woman. Sarah’s not a reformer and I view her in many respects as just another establishment figure who will maintain the status-quo.

Nothing about her is truly ‘radical’ and she’s not race-conscious either. She’s wants to be liked too much. A true reformer doesn’t go on Saturday Night Live and bebop to a rap song, waving her arms like a ghetto princess. Her political handlers at the time probably convinced her that she would look ‘cool’ and ‘approachable.’ All she managed to do, however, was persuade the public that she wasn’t serious.

SNL producers may have claimed it was just a good laugh, but their real intentions were to mock and, ultimately, to discredit her as a viable and qualified Vice President. Sarah naively thought she could ‘play nice’ with the Left not realizing that the Left never ‘plays nice.’

This recent speech of hers in Iowa is typical of the rambling and verbal oddities the American people would have endure if she were elected president. Sarah says some good things, but they’re disjointed. She uses all the right conservative buzz-words, but nothing about her seems serious. 

Every time I hear a Sarah Palin speech, I always ask myself, Is this the best we can do? 

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