Bill Nye, the NON-Science Guy and Degenerate: “Drag Queen, Drag King, Just Do What Feels Right”

Bill Nye only serves to prove just how morally bankrupt and degenerate the Left at its core really is. They are destroyers of all that is just, pure, and good. 

18-Year-Old Black Man Sexually Assaults, Beats and Brutally Murders 86-Year-Old Woman

This same suspect had sexually assaulted and beaten another elderly woman on a prior occasion. She was 91-years-old.

This tragic incident illustrates once again the danger we face as a society when feral Blacks are allowed to roam within our societies. Senseless murders like this will only get progressively worse because the Black family in America has been obliterated by the welfare state, single motherhood, absent fathers in the home, and an entitlement mentality that has utterly enslaved them.

Aside from genetic concerns such as their average low-IQ, their ghetto culture, their general inability to consider consequences before taking action, and their strong innate proclivities toward crime, Blacks in America are a people who are notorious for their inability to take collective responsibility for their dysfunctional ways. It’s always someone else’s fault. They are a people who have proven that they cannot and will not reform themselves.  

Member of America’s African plague: Neven Butler

Each of us should be enraged by stories like these. Can you imagine the horror and impending doom these poor women were experiencing as they were getting beaten by this knuckle-dragging pavement ape? How tragic to have lived so long, and then to have it all end by the grimy hands of a wicked Dindu.

This is partly why I hate the Left so much (among a plethora of other reasons). They may not condone the murder of this woman, but they certainly condone the presence of feral negroes in our neighborhoods who prey on the weak and elderly. They help to foster an environment in which these sub-humans are protected and given free reign to roam about.  

Huge numbers of Whites have great difficulty accepting the notion that some people don’t belong in our societies. They imagine that anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background, and temperament can be assimilated into White societies. Such a belief is part of the great bamboozlement that the Left has deceived us with for the past 50 or so years.

The suspect in this murder and sexual assaults is the offspring of all those Blacks that we as Whites invited into our societies as a result of the 1960s civil rights movement. During a saner age, he would’ve been kept out, or at least tight restrictions would’ve been placed on him to prevent him from roaming about on our streets. He would’ve been quickly stopped and scrutinized by the police had they seen him loitering about. During that age, Whites were better protected. Victimization among Whites by Blacks would have been a rare event.

But now that we have invited an African plague in our midst, we suffer the consequences, including those of other racial groups who also dwell in our communities.


What the civil rights movement shitted upon us


Famous Indonesian Goat-Humper and Quran Reciter Dies While Singing to His Pagan Moon-god

This is the sort of nauseating crap you have to hear daily if you live in an Islamic, goat-humping country. I’d die too if I had to recite that monotonous, nasal-whining shit each and every day!

Believe me, if the West continues to allow anymore of the followers of the pedophile prophet to immigrate, all of our cities are inevitably going to have to hear this moronic crap every morning.

Have you noticed that anything ugly, freedom-restricting, violent and murderous always goes hand-in-hand with Muslims and their death-cult? Even their lame calls to prayer are annoying as hell, worse than someone scratching a chalkboard with their fingernails! 

Time for the Federal Government to Label ‘Antifa’ a Domestic Terrorist Organization

Whether petitioning the federal government to declare ‘Antifa’ a domestic terrorist organization will do any real good is anyone’s guess.

It’s obvious that many liberals and ‘deep state’ officials sympathize with the actions of ‘Antifa’ and their various sub-groups, so I can understand a case being made that the government will do nothing about them.

At the same time, we must exhaust every effort to resist this communist-Libtard terrorist group that thinks it can violate the free-speech rights of those who politically differ from them.   

The Deception Runs Deep Among Our People

This ham-beast is the epitome of the self-hating, self-mutiliating and guilt-ridden White person that our Leftist overlords prefer we be. This is how a brain filled with Libtard poison manifests itself, among other ways. 

You don’t have to go far to see these grotesque White Eloi. Our major cities throughout the fruited plain are filled with them.

If you’ve ever wanted proof that western civilization is dying before our very eyes, no need to look farther than this it-thing pictured above.

Update: In case you were wondering, the person in the photo(s) has been identified as gender-queer Dean Hutton, and not ‘Zally Goldberg’ as some have claimed. It was thought that ‘Zally Goldberg’ was a member of ‘the Tribe’ but, apparently, (unfortunately) he’s part of our tribe based on the name if I’m correct about this. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to permanently disown this creep from our people.  

Here’s some more photos of Hutton with his favorite ‘pets.’ 

San Francisco Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Sanctuary City Order

Did you really think that once Trump became president he would be able to implement all of his immigration policies without some federal judge blocking every effort? Our courts are ruled by liberal activist judges who are guaranteed to shoot down every sensible policy that might return this nation to some semblance of sanity.

By the way, the photograph of the protesters reveal that it’s the same usual suspects – namely, White religious liberals who utterly reject historic Christian doctrine, and Jews who never seem to tire in their efforts to destroy the founding stock of this once great nation.

This is why I never trust our judges. Having been in courtrooms for decades testifying against criminals as a police officer, and having witnessed up-close and personal these Left-leaning, bleeding-heart judges and their verdicts, I know well-enough what complete pukes many of them are.


White Boy ‘Rapper’ Degrades Himself When He Mimics the Ways of Dindus

This video illustrates the degrading influences that occur when Whites invite Blacks into their societies. The lives of Blacks are bettered somewhat by virtue of living in the White man’s sphere of influence and industriousness (free food, free housing, not required to work, and endless excuses for Black dysfunction), but Whites are never bettered by it.

Whites invariably lose themselves and succumb to the lowest possible culture of negroes when they are allowed to dwell among us. Whites get easily bedazzled by the negro’s carefree and comical ways. This is especially so among our White youth who in terms of today’s standards are mindless and directionless. Having no racial pride or racial consciousness, they lower themselves to the degrading rap culture of America’s ghetto dwellers.

This White kid’s head is all screwed up. His name is Ashtin Larold, and he has other Youtube videos which feature his ‘rapping’ skills. He know he’s White, but he desperately wants to be Black. His entire demeanor and mannerisms are that of the street Dindu. Granted, he’s not as over-the-top as some wiggers, but it’s embarrassing to watch him nonetheless.

The kid will try to justify his niggertry by claiming that ‘rap’ is just a musical genre that isn’t confined to Black people. Blacks, on the other hand, would quickly retort that he’s ‘culturally appropriated’ their music and that he had no right to do so. They will use it, as they always do, to further hate on Whitey and to guilt-ridden us even more.

Hard Truth: Our people are lost. A great deception has come over them. They cannot see the truth because they have been brainwashed by a Leftist-Jewish matrix that has caused them to cling to fantasies and jettison reality. Like unreasoning brutes, they are led about by their liberal overlords who dictate their every thought and opinion. They have morphed into the Eloi, and they’re too stupid to discern what awaits them. They cannot see because they will not see. They prefer lies over truth. They are led by their emotions and ‘feel-good’ theories of life. They will pay dearly for their willful ignorance.

Feminist Millie Brown: Modern-Day Vomit Artist

I had never heard of this vomit ‘artist’ until recently (she actually calls herself a “performance artist”). It’s hard to believe anyone would take her seriously, but she’s got all the right credentials: She’s a hardcore femnist-liberal, and she pals around with Lady Gaga, so I guess that’s enough to quality someone these days as an ‘artist.’

None of this surprises me because it’s another sign of our national decline and our collective embrace of the ugly, society’s misfits, and those who are morally perverse and bankrupt. These are the practical fruits (pun intended) of modern-day liberalism. The more our society accepts it, the deeper down the sewer drain our nation goes. 

Hard Truth: If you think Trump will save us from this, think again. The tide cannot be changed. Our destiny and final end is sealed. This nation has went beyond the point of no return, and nothing can save us now.

God Himself has abandoned this nation as historically conceived, and we stand under His judgment. He has lifted his restraining grace from us, and has allowed us to inherit the reward of our foolish choices. 

We are surrounded by our enemies at every point. They have taken over every historic U.S. institution, all of our colleges and universities, our media and news outlets, our legal system, and our entire congress and various government entities. The barbarians are not just at the gates, they have scaled the walls and they have set up camp in our midst.

Trump may buy us (Whites) some time, but little more than that. This nation cannot be reformed, and its entire governmental system has went beyond its usefulness. It was never designed for hordes of third-worlders, apathetic and guilt-ridden Whites, devious and manipulating Jews who control much of its power, nor for a people who have no sense of right and wrong, who are unable to think critically and employ reason, and who are addicted beyond hope to materialism, hedonistic pleasure and vain pursuits. 

60 Ratchets-In-Training Brawl at Orange Park Mall

This brawl that occurred at this mall between approximately 60 she-boons illustrates once again why inviting Blacks into the White man’s civilization never works out. Fights like these are so common among the ghetto-dwellers that no one really bats an eye. We’re all accustomed to it.

Here’s the silver lining in all of this: The more Whites are exposed to typical Black dysfunction, the more likely the scales will start to drop from their eyes. The more that racially naive Whites are bombarded with Black incivility and criminality, the less appealing will the ‘diversity’ mantra seem to them.

But, again, Whites must be bombarded with Black savagery in order to finally ‘get it.’ The disastrous results of ‘multiculturalism’ must be shoved in their faces daily so that the very thought of a ‘racial rainbow’ makes them puke.

Thankfully, Blacks in America are making my job so much easier. 🙂

Mob of 60 “Teenagers” (Translation: Young Niggers) Beat and Rob Passengers on Oakland BART Train

As usual, the ‘lying media’ can’t just come out and say “Black teenagers.” No, the suspects are always an ambiguous group of “teens.” Are they Mormon teens? Amish teens? Are they Asian teens? Are they Swedish teens?

For some reason, they never seem to tell us. We know why, of course. The ‘darlings of diversity’ must be protected at all costs.

On the other hand, if the criminal culprits were White, the ‘lying media’ would have no problem identifying their race, and all sorts of personal information about them would be widely disseminated to the public.The Left always has a racial double-standard, but they will never admit to it.

Those with an ounce of common sense know that whenever the media refuses to mention a suspect’s race or ethnicity, that person is most assuredly non-White.  


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