Gentle Giant Tortures and Murders Entire Family and Housekeeper

This story’s been in the news for a few days now, so I won’t go into all the details. Can you imagine the hell this poor family and their housekeeper went through (including a ten-year-old boy) as they were tortured and eventually murdered by this wicked animal? 

Some have suggested that murder suspect, Daron Wint, is of a species known as ‘Din do Nuffins,’ a dysfunctional breed of humans known to live in squalor, destroy their own communities, and to engage in insane levels of violent crime (mostly against those of their own race because, you know, ‘Black Lives Matter’).

They are also known more popularly as ‘African-Americans.’


Daron Wint: High-ranking member of America’s black plague 

‘American Oxygen’ by Rihanna: “This is the New America”

Rihanna’s latest song, ‘American Oxygen,’ essentially declares the cultural and racial victory of the Left over the past 50 years. It’s rallying cry is that “This is the new America,” and indeed it is. Who can deny it any longer?

The video starts with a homogeneous picture of America when whites were the dominant majority, when Americans centered more on what united us than what divided us. In the 50’s and 60s, America had reached the pinnacle of its accomplishments. Whites were implicitly, if not explicitly, race-conscious. We were proud of our history and our european heritage.

This was all to change as Leftists slowly infiltrated every branch of government, including our academic institutions. How whites viewed themselves, their history and their heritage was to change dramatically in ways no one could have ever envisioned.  

Before long, the civil rights movement emerged only to further divide this country and to forcibly grant blacks rights and privileges they could never handle. We’ve since witnessed our major cities turn into crime-ridden cesspools, all because we fell under a national delusion that coerced us to believe that the ‘equality’ of the races was to be our highest achievement. It was believed that peace, love and happiness would emerge as a result. When it didn’t happen, it was because whites, by means of their ‘disenfranchising system,’ didn’t make a real effort and still kept blacks in the back of the proverbial bus.

The video maintains that America is an ‘immigrant nation’ which is only a half-truth at best. It places on par the hordes of illegal Hispanic invaders with the first whites who arrived on this continent and settled it. Implicit in the video is that the brown invasion is no different than all other immigrants who have arrived on our shores. But nothing could be farther from the truth. They are very much different, and they refuse to assimilate unlike past immigrants who genuinely wanted to identify as Americans.

Rihanna’s video presents illegal immigrants as the victims of police abuse much in the same way that blacks were abused during the volatile 1960s. Today’s Hispanic invaders, it is intimated, are no different than the blacks who marched in Selma and they must be treated as such.

How dare the American people demand that their borders be secured and keep out those who intend to arrive illegally! How shameful that we should erect laws to prevent overpopulation! How dare we deport those who break our immigration laws! How arrogant of us to think that American jobs should go to Americans and not to foreigners! How cruel of us to decide who can and who cannot immigrate into our country! Geez, you’d think that America is some kind of sovereign nation or something with a right to protect its borders like all other countries! 

A good portion of the video depicts whites as racist (notice the KKK hoods and burning cross), warmongering (which actually isn’t too far off the mark), including white police officers who routinely abuse the poor and innocent negroes.

Riots naturally ensue as a result of such alleged abuses, but the video contains not even one suggestion that negro deaths at the hands of police is in almost every case the result of black criminality. No where is it hinted that American blacks murder more of their own kind on one weekend than all the police shootings combined. This, of course, wouldn’t fit the visual ‘narrative,’ now would it? 

The video places the Ferguson rioters on the same level as those who protested on behalf of civil rights during the 1960s. While there are some similarities between them (they were both grounded on lies), the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters had no reasonable justification for their actions. At least the protesters during the 1960s were, in principle, fighting for loftier, though misguided, goals. The black thugs rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore were only there to burn down buildings and get free stuff.    

While declaring to us that “This is new America,” the video shows us what kind of New America we have become – namely, a “hodgepodge” (to use the words of our great destroyer in the white house) of blacks, Hispanics, and third-world immigrants of every stripe.

‘American Oxygen’ suggests that through much adversity and struggle, ‘minorities’ have made America a better place, a happy and more prosperous nation. Not true. They have helped to divide our country, to make it less safe, and to make it vastly less homogeneous than it ever was.

The New America is nothing like the Old America. Our once great nation has not evolved, but devolved. Like Brazil, our land is becoming balkanized into warring factions, competing political entities, and special interest groups that offer nothing which can conceivably unite us as one people.

We cannot appeal to a unified race or ethnicity because there is none. We cannot appeal to any common values and ethics because we are miles apart and see the world so much differently. We cannot appeal to a common culture because everyone is from a different culture. We cannot appeal to a common religious heritage because our land is filled with every religion and pagan superstition known to man.

How can we stand united when we are divided by race and culture? That which has the most potential for truly uniting us as one nation – a common race and a common culture – we have chosen to jettison. We stand condemned, then, by our own Utopian vision.  

Rihanna is right about one thing: This is indeed the new America. 

What Elderly Whites Can Expect from Their ‘Minority’ Caretakers

To all those whites who thought it was a good idea to import hordes of African immigrants and Hispanic workers into western nations to perform caregiving and menial tasks, this surveillance footage shows just what awaits you in your ‘golden years.’ 

Many elderly whites who either have no families or who have such fractured families that no one cares about them in their final years, will have the joy of looking up into the sullen face of their negro or mestizo caretaker.

Instead of being surrounded by loving family members who share a common bond of race, culture and language, many whites will instead experience only the distant and unconcerned face of foreigners.

We have no one else to blame but ourselves. This is of our doing.   

Something Wrong Here? Check Out the Crowd, NOT the Dindu

While recently scouring the bowels of the internet (to use an expression from the Weasel Zippers blog), I came across this cellphone footage. Something about it immediately struck me, and that not in a good way.

Can you see what might be a problem in it? No, not the Dindu who starts fighting with the concert’s security. Hell, that’s normative wherever the darlings of ‘diversity’ gather. I expect them to act the fool and then get the snot beat out of them by security.

Nope, I’m talking about an almost all-white crowd listening to this pure African tribal shit called ‘rap.’ Look at how many of our young white women are in attendance, including the many young white men bobbing their heads to this vapid nonsense. 

The video is a depressing testimony to how ineffectively we’ve raised our younger white generation to be proud of their racial heritage and culture. When whites are not taught their history and about their great accomplishments throughout Europe and the rest of the world, they’ll resort culturally to the lowest common denominator.

Indeed, when whites take upon themselves the bottom-feeder culture of ‘African-Americans,’ they’re definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel.  

This video is not a instance of how racially ‘broadminded’ and ‘tolerant’ whites have become, but of how stupid they’ve become and how far we’ve fallen from our once lofty perch. 


Fed-Up White Man Speaks the Truth

Here’s a white man who spoke the truth when members of America’s black plague moved into his Buffalo neighborhood. A fire apparently erupted at a black resident’s home which caused officials to label it as a “potential hate crime.”

I don’t know if it was ever proven to be a bona-fide “hate crime,” but it was refreshing to hear this white man speak truthfully about how blacks destroy their own neighborhoods and that because of it, whites don’t want them in theirs. This should be obvious to anyone who has an ounce of common-sense, but it routinely escapes liberals.

The reporter who asked the questions sounded a little stunned at the man’s forthrightness on such matters. He can’t help it, though, because he’s been indoctrinated for decades with Leftist propaganda about racial matters. In his mind, blacks should be allowed to live wherever they want even if they have incurable habit of turning every community into a chimpanzee poop den!

Kudos also to this white man who answered the reporters questions intelligently and calmly. He didn’t use any racial epithets (e.g., “damn niggers!” “coons!” and the like) and, instead, came off sounding like a reasonable and concerned neighbor. 

Ann Corcoran and the Dumping of Muslim Refugees in America’s Small Towns

The U.S. federal government is determined to flood the entire nation with non-assimilating muslims and Africans. Their devious plan to dispossess the white founding stock of this nation never ends, and they’ve now taken even bolder steps in their efforts.

There was a time when the government flooded only America’s major cities, but now they’re spreading their third-world multicultural plague among even our smaller white towns and communities.

Ann Corcoran sets the record state and warns us about what is occurring in America’s heartland.  

A Look into the Mind of Dindus: Justifying Normative Black Dysfunction and the Baltimore Riots

Here’s two Dindus justifying the Baltimore riots and every other form of typical black dysfunction. It will give you insight into the mind of America’s black plague if you’re not already aware of it.

These folks are not just dumber than a bag of hammers, their perception of reality has been so seriously skewed by decades of liberal enablement that they’re unable to even entertain the remote possibility that their problems are of their own doing.

In the mind of the socially coddled and self-entitled ‘African-American,’ they are never at fault. It’s always about what others have done to them. They are unable to take accountability for themselves (collectively speaking), and they have learned well to blame the white man for any adversity they experience.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that their opinions are not representative of most blacks, because they are! This is generally how far too many blacks see the world around them.

Granted, there are going to be some minor differences, variations and nuances among our beloved ‘African-Americans,’ but they essentially agree on the main points – namely, that black failure is due to ‘systemic racism,’ poverty, lack of employment opportunities, and an unwillingness on the part of the federal government to provide sufficient educational incentives and ‘programs’ on behalf of ‘minorities.’

Trying to reason with these people is like arguing with the wind. They will not humble themselves to receive the truth, and they stand perpetually unreceptive to learn important principles from their self-imposed misery.

H/T Colin Flaherty  

Congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez, Racially Insults American Indians

Oh, oh, liberal congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez, racially insulted American Indians as she addressed a crowd of political supporters from the Indian American Caucus. Loretta made a stereotypical native indian ‘war-cry’ gesture. The horror of it all!  

Instead of apologizing for her racist ‘insensitivity’ to the poor little, government-dependant Indians gathered around her, Loretta hauled her fat ass away as quickly as possible from a reporter who confronted her ‘racist’ gesture.

I love it when liberals eat their own! I relish it when they get ensnared by their own stupid social policies and politically-correct conduct.  

If a white republican congressman were to have done the same thing, you’d never hear the end of it and those of his own party would have called for his resignation. Unlike democrats, republicans are always ready to sacrifice their own at a moment’s notice in order to avoid any potentially negative press.  

But since Loretta’s a privileged Hispanic, she’ll make some inane apology and come out from it politically unscathed.

Here’s a group of whites attired in traditional native American indian garb, and chanting war cries that promote ‘racist’ stereotypes of indians. We all know that historic American indians never did such things, and this is only a ploy to mock the dignity of all natives who have lived on the American continent. When will the white man learn to stop misrepresenting the industrious, productive and vastly superior American indian?   

Such racist stereotypes!

Wigger Alert: Iggy Azalea

This gal has been niggerfied big time! She’s as white as a porcelain doll, but in her feeble little mind she’s as black as an Amazon baboon.

Let’s face it, Izzy’s a pretender, a poser, and a phony. I don’t know what the hell happened to this girl, but she fell prey to one massive identity crisis, something all wiggers suffer from.

Iggy is typical to what has happened to so many of our young white women who have emulated the persona of America’s black plague.

I propose we call her “Iggy Wiggy.”  


A Beautiful Sight: Citizens in Moldova Oppose the Gay Plague in Their Midst

Here a group of LGBTQ freaks holding a pro-homosexual rally in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova (near Romania in Eastern Europe). What a beautiful sight to behold sane and normal citizens loudly protesting the gay plague in their midst. This is how you stop the filth and moral depravity that accompanies any society’s acceptance of the gay agenda. 

May their tribe increase!

Here’s the description provided in Live Leak, “In Moldova [a] homosexual march met with strong resistance! [On] May 17th, homosexuals marched in Chisinau but met with strong resistance [by the] population!

Eggs were thrown and gay parade members were shamed by people.


Homosexuality has nothing to do with sexual perversion, public nudity, etc. 

One thing to note that [the] gay parade [was] attended [by] Ambassador of [the] United States in Moldova, James D. Pettit, whom President Barack Obama had nominated as U.S. ambassador to Moldova on May 22. If confirmed, it will be the first ambassadorial posting for Pettit, a career Foreign Service officer. Pettit was born in North Dakota, moving to Hamburg, Iowa, with his family when he was 7 and to Council Bluffs, Iowa, at age 15.

Also the gay parade attended Mrs Ingrid Tersman , Swedish Ambassador . Obviously to promote European “values.”

This is exactly what western “civilization” [is] doing, promoting the mentally ill people as being a normal thing! Next thing you know it, after [the] gay parades, they will teach how being gay is good in elementary schools as a mandatory program ( already happening in many european countries and Canada ) .

The people that oppose the gay western propaganda walked by with billboards with a male chicken (how you call it a cock I believe – LOL!). It represents a fag over here and comes from prison term for homosexuals ( Петух ) . Also religious orthodox popes supported the anti gay-propaganda parade by shaming and trying to talk sense into the lost souls.”


See? They’re perfectly normal!


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