Ferguson Protestors Attack Rams Fans

It may have been MLK’s ‘dream,’ but it’s become our nightmare!

Observe again the aggressiveness of the black females She-boons.

The black males are rotten enough, but when their women are even more disgusting than them, you know that all hope of civilizing these people is gone.

This is what occurs when you combine natural, inherent stupidity with aggression and low-impulse control. It’s a recipe for disaster – and that’s exactly what the racial and political descendants of MLK have proven themselves to be: A disaster!    

Memphis Hood-Rats Welcome Their New Neighbors: “We Beat Our New People”

A new family at a local Memphis housing project just got welcomed to the neighborhood – hood-rat style! 

Prior to the welcoming committee, the following statement was overheard: “We beat our new people.” 

Is it any wonder why whites take flight the moment their neighborhoods turn too dark? Even blacks don’t want to live among blacks because of endless scenarios like this. 

Followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ Strike Again: Gunmen Open Fire in Canadian Parliament Building

Islam: The most ‘tolerant’ and ‘peaceful’ religion in the world

The Incompetence of Our Military Under Obama’s Leadership: ISIS Captures U.S. Airdrops

According to the explanation found on Live Leak, “Syrian activists say that one of the U.S. airdrops with weapons and ammunition meant for Kurdish fighters near the town of Kobani has instead landed in the hands of Islamic State militants.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, with sources inside Syria, said Tuesday that the sizable parachuted cache was grabbed by the insurgents after the U.S. Air Force dropped the supplies Sunday night. The rights group said the jihadists also may have secured a second consignment intended for the Kurdish militiamen, who are fighting for control of the town just south of the Turkish border.

The United States has acknowledged that one of its airdrops landed in the wrong spot and destroyed it when the error was discovered, but says that the ‘vast majority’ of the 27 airdrops ended up in the hands of the Kurdish fighters.

A video uploaded by a media group loyal to the Islamic State shows a masked fighter inspecting the cache of hand grenades, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The fighter voiced his delight at capturing the arms cache.

‘Thanks be to God, spoils and booty for the mujahedeen,’ he said.

Analysts tell the Associated Press the poorly aimed weapons drop may be a mistake of little strategic consequence. The Islamic State already possesses a huge trove of American weapons seized from Iraqi soldiers as they fled in the face of the militants’ takeover of vast reaches of Iraq.

With the fight for Kobani unresolved, Britain says it will soon conduct military surveillance flights over Syria to collect intelligence on Islamic State militants.”


Christina Hoff Sommers Blows the Lid Off of Feminism

Here’s some facts on feminism that the average American rarely hears. 

The Wonders of ‘Diversity': Black Thugs Rob and Beat Woman in Crown Heights

Black males: Always making the world a better place!

Child-Rearing the Hood-Rat Way

Observe how the parents and other adults stand around laughing and encouraging the hood-rattery between these two very young boys. This is all great fun to them.

What you’re witnessing is how violence and savagery among blacks is passed down from one generation to the next. Is it any wonder why so many young black males are aggressive, brutal and thuggish? Their inherent aggressive and impulsive proclivities are reinforced by a ghetto culture that glories in savagery toward others.

While whites value education, technology, and issues of human rights, and while Asians value academic success, cultural traditions, and personal achievement, blacks value the lowest forms of thuggery, a debauched culture, and violence.

Muslim Takes His AK-47 Rifle to a Wedding and Accidentally Shoots Someone (Warning: Graphic!)

Talk about stupid. Only a muslim would take his AK-47 rifle to a Kurdish wedding, engage in dancing and celebration, and then accidentally shoot someone!

Blacks too take their guns to weddings and other public events. The difference is that blacks don’t shoot people accidentally. They do it intentionally. 

Disgusting Tranny Doesn’t Like to be Questioned

Perfectly normal and healthy

The Destruction of America: Illegal Aliens Bused and Protected by U.S. Military

Your tax dollars at work

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