Watch These Republican Weasels Obfuscate When Questioned About the Rise & Influence of Hispanic Immigrants

Here’s Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance website questioning a panel of racially clueless Republicans concerning the rise and influence of Hispanic immigrants in light of a declining white population. Whites are expected to celebrate the influence and growing dominance of Hispanic immigrants, yet say little to nothing about their declining numbers. If you listen carefully, they talked a lot but said little that was substantive and relevant. They were obfuscating and doing their best to weasel out of the implications of Taylor’s question.

They are uncomfortable with such questions because they don’t see anything particularly unique or special about their white racial heritage. They assume (wrongly, of course) that the Mexican invaders will gladly carry on the great principles of our Republic and value those traditions that are at the heart and core of the American experiment. But they won’t.

None of the panel members are racially conscious and one even admitted that it doesn’t matter where the immigrants come from. He said this for obvious political reasons, but also because he assumes that all racial groups and cultures can live harmoniously as one even though human history has proven the complete opposite. The racial and cultural strife between different groups in America is the direct result of our politicians not thinking through the implications of their immigration policies.

This is why Republicans, including Democrats, cannot be trusted on immigration issues. They both want to legalize hordes of low IQ peasants from Mexico and Latin America. The Democrats want it so as to increase their political base. The Republicans want it for the same reason, but also to prove how non-racist and ‘tolerant’ they are. They want to help abandon the notion that the Republican Party is dominated by ‘stuffy, conservative old white men.’

The “Stupid Party” as Sam Francis used to refer to them, doesn’t realize that the overwhelming majority of Hispanic immigrants have no intention of aligning with the GOP. The very notion of limited government, low taxes, rugged individualism, freedom from government intervention over our daily lives, private property rights, freedom from a burdening welfare state, and the abiding principles found in both the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is utterly foreign to them. To the invading squat-monsters, these are nothing more than the white man’s mumbo-jumbo.


You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Not Even to the National Zoo!

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up! On Monday, two people were shot near the entrance to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The zoo was specifically open to celebrate ‘African American Family Day’ and Easter.

Three things stand out most in this story: (1) No matter where blacks gather, there’s always gotta be some kind of stabbing or shooting. It just never fails! This shooting wasn’t too out of the ordinary though, for in 2000 7 people were shot and in 2011, a teen was stabbed. (2) Even an event geared toward ‘families’ requires a large police presence whenever blacks are involved. That’s very telling about the nature and character of these people. Would the same level of police presence – if any at all – be necessary had most of the families been white or Asian? The answer is obvious for anyone with even half a brain. (3) Celebrating ‘African American Family Day’ is strange indeed for if there’s one thing lacking in the African American communities nationwide, it’s intact families!


 Always ready to pop out a hood-rat

It’s akin to celebrating the great scientific achievements of muslims throughout human history or celebrating the great technological advancements that Africans have made. It just doesn’t exist. Oh sure, there’s a few black families that have managed to stay together and actually function as a family unit (with Dad being present and without any ‘baby mommas’), but that’s very rare. The only people who think that most black families are intact, healthy and functional are naive whites who think The Cosby Show is representative of how negro families talk and interact among each other.


Say “Hi” Dad!

This is What a Man in a ‘Bigfoot Costume’ Looks Like

Many people, upon first viewing the Patterson-Gimlin footage from 1967, assume it’s just a man in a costume. They think Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin somehow conspired to fool the public into thinking they had filmed  a genuine Bigfoot when, in fact, they simply had a ‘Bigfoot’ costume created and hired someone to wear it.

The assumption behind this belief is that anyone in 1967 could have produced a costume to look like a Bigfoot or something close to it. Really? Aside from the fact that Patterson did not have the financial resources to create such an elaborate costume, including indicators within the film itself that strongly support the subject not being of human origin in its gait and anatomical features, when a skeptical BBC documentary was aired in 1998 (‘X-Creatures: Shooting Bigfoot’) that tried to re-create the footage, it fell flat on its face. The recreation part begins at about the 5 minute mark. 

The producers of the documentary had all the latest costume craftsmanship and skills at their disposal, yet they still couldn’t create a Bigfoot costume that was half-way convincing. From what I could discern, the makers of  the documentary and costume had little knowledge of the creature’s gait – that is, its unique and non-human way of walking. There are other important details that they missed as well.

This tells me they were not only less than objective in their analysis, having presumed the footage to be a hoax and nothing more, but they had failed to carefully observe unique features in the original 1967 film such as the length of the creature’s arms, its height and bulky mass, its breasts, the movement and flex of its muscles as it turned, and so on.

The Bigfoot ‘suit’ they created doesn’t even compare to the creature in the Patterson-Gimlin footage – not even close! Rather than debunking the original film, the BBC recreation only proved what a man in a ‘Bigfoot costume’ looks like.   

Those who are intimately acquainted with the specific details of the 1967 film can easily discern the flaws when a recreation of the same event is produced. They know the original so well that any counterfeit can be quickly spotted. In this way, it’s very similar to identifying counterfeit currency. The way to discern a counterfeit is to become very familiar with an authentic bill rather than concentrating one’s efforts on counterfeits.

Check out the original 1967 footage and then compare it to the BBC’s recreation, and see if you don’t agree.  

Hillary Clinton Praises Illegal Immigrant as “Incredibly Brave”

Here’s Hillary Clinton speaking at a “Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation” that occurred in Manhattan (you know, where all the poor and impoverished people live and work). At one point during a Q&A session, a 19-year-old woman stood up and announced that she’s an “undocumented immigrant.” During her teary-eyed slobbering moment, she tells us how “It’s been extremely difficult to empower myself in America” because she has no legal papers. She also complained that she’s had a hard time finding a job, getting a loan, getting an apartment, can’t vote, and couldn’t get into the college she wanted.

The illegal Mexicans, of course, have no problem “empowering” themselves. They’ve got an entire underground economy in full force, as do most third-worlders in this country. As expected in a room full of gullible, ‘progressive’ women, the crowd erupts in applause. These mindless dolts will applaud anything so long as it’s attached to a vagina and uses all the politically-correct buzz words such as “empower.” Hillary herself praises the woman as “incredibly brave” for “coming out of the shadows.”


Is the woman really “brave” though? In what sense is she “brave” when there are no legal consequences for her actions? She knows she won’t be deported, especially not under Obama’s administration. So, what’s so “brave” about admitting you’re in the U.S. illegally when millions of them live, work and receive public assistance without the slightest concern of being deported? In what sense is she “living in the shadows”?

In a saner time in our country, this woman would have been ashamed to have admitted she’s in the U.S. legally, that both she and her parents violated our nation’s immigration laws. But not in our day.

Hillary had every chance to tell this young woman that the country was not obligated to provide anything to her or to make life easy for her when she continues to remain within our borders illegally. Hillary could have told her to return to Croatia or wherever and to get in line like everyone else who wants to come here. Hillary could have asked her how the people of her home country would have felt had millions of foreigners transgressed its immigration laws and demanded the right to remain?

But no, Hillary not only encouraged this woman to remain illegally in the U.S., but reassured her that someone would help her in obtaining legal status after the meeting. Nothing was said about America’s national sovereignty, including the principle right of every nation to protect its borders and to determine who gets permission to lawfully immigrate.

In spite of the flowery, sentimental words that Hillary spoke to this woman, she’s essentially a traitor to the American people, of whom the vast majority want our borders secured, illegals deported, and our national sovereignty upheld and enforced. 


The Brave Men of ‘Britain First’

Here’s a documentary about two opposing groups within Britain – muslims and the brave men of Britain First. The radical normative muslims have attempted to establish Sharia law inside of Britain, even to the point of having muslim patrols that enforce Sharia precepts against alcohol, female attire, etc. The Britain First group has attempted to counter the muslims by confronting them and protecting those who have been intimidated by them. Both groups take to the streets and there’s a series of on-going skirmishes between them.

It does my heart good to see white Brits standing up for their nation and its distinctive culture. Unfortunately, there’s not enough of them. The entire nation of indigenous Brits ought to be out on the streets, but there still exists too many whites who are either indifferent or who fail to perceive the serious threat that muslims bring wherever they settle.


 The suicidal talk of fools

This video is a testimony to the level of chaos and divisiveness that occurs when a hostile, third-world culture invades a peaceful, first-world culture. As much as some want to believe that we can all get along, the reality is that we can’t! In this case, it’s not that the British people can’t accept muslims – they clearly have! – it’s that muslims can’t accept the indigenous Brits and their culture.

If the muslims had simply assimilated, conducted their lives in peace, and not tried to radically altar Britain’s cultural identity, there would have been no concerns. But muslims can’t do that! It’s not who they are and it doesn’t comport with the religious teachings of the Koran (may its pages always be used for toilet paper). Muslims are all about submitting the ‘infidel’ (that’s you and me) to their pagan moon-god, and altering the culture to conform to Sharia law. There is no compromise with these people – none!

Once western whites come to fully understand this principle, they’ll see why no muslim should ever be allowed to immigrate to their countries. They don’t belong with us and we cannot share the same land in peace.


“All that paranoia about muslims is nothing more than pure racism”


Black Thug Kills U.S. Soldier in Home Invasion Robbery


Suspect Kyle Perry (25 years old)

This thug not only broke into an occupied home, but when the homeowner (a U.S. Army soldier) confronted him, a shootout ensued. After killing the soldier, the thug tried to also kill his wife. 

Observe his cold, dead eyes. This is the kind of trash that roams our streets and which DWLs have enabled for decades to victimize whites. This is what ‘diversity’ imposes on each of us within society. Most of us would not be that surprised by this story, but that’s because we know it’s typical of black behavior.


Can’t say I blame him

Blacks and liberal whites get offended when black savagery is bluntly declared, when blacks are not coddled and excused for their behavior. But here’s a dirty little secret that most whites are not aware of: When by themselves and not in the presence of whites, blacks will concede how savage and dangerous they are. They just don’t want the white man to know it, at least not to the degree that the government ‘gibs-me-dat’ ends. Contemporary blacks only keep up appearances (the grand lie) so as to not threaten the national nipple that has enslaved them for generations.  

‘Segregation’ and ‘Jim Crow’ laws were meant to protect whites from gutter rats like Kyle Perry. It was also intended to protect whites from the low culture and influences of blacks. As a result, unfortunately, of removing these laws, we have witnessed our nation slide down the proverbial sewer as black ghetto culture engulfs the American people.


There were wise reasons for this

It would be nice to think that blacks could behave themselves as equally as whites in a civilized society. If they could, sites like this one probably wouldn’t be needed. There would be no reason to alarm whites over the black plague. But blacks, by and large, have proven that they cannot function in a civil and non-violent manner among whites in a first-world nation. No matter where he dwells, the black man consistently proves that he is not our equal, and no amount of rationalizations can prove otherwise.

Crow-1 A time when whites were not ashamed of being white

Marijuana: Not as ‘Harmless’ as Some Assume


According to a recent study published in The Journal of Neuroscienceresearchers have discovered a link in which casual marijuana use leads to changes in the brain. 

Young people who occasionally smoke marijuana may be rewiring their brains, with their pot use causing structural changes to brain regions related to motivation, emotion and reward, a small study says.

Recreational pot use by a small group of young adults caused significant changes to the shape and density of both the nucleus accumbens, a region of the brain involved in reward and addiction, and the amygdala, which helps process emotion and form long-term memories, the study authors reported.

These changes show that pot users’ brains adapt to even low-level marijuana exposure, potentially making a person more vulnerable to drug addiction or changing their thought processes and emotions in unknown ways, the researchers said.

“These are two brain regions you do not want to mess around with,” said study senior author Dr. Hans Breiter, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “All parts of the brain are important, but some, like these, are more fundamental. It raises a very serious issue, given that we saw these changes in casual marijuana users.”

Previous research had revealed similar changes in brain structure among heavy marijuana users. But this is the first study to show that even casual use of the drug can alter a person’s brain, said study lead author Jodi Gilman, a researcher with the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Addiction Medicine.


In fairness, the study found an association between marijuana use and brain anatomy, but it had not proven at this point a cause-and-effect link. Still, the article provided an ominous conclusion that should concern anyone who chooses to smoke marijuana even on a casual basis. 

The next step in their research will be to see how these structural abnormalities relate to the behavior of a pot smoker, Gilman said.

“We think that abnormal neuronal growth is evidence that the brain is forming new pathways that could encourage future use of the drug,” she said. “We do know there are clinically observable behavioral differences in people who smoke marijuana heavily — for example, they have a hard time motivating themselves to accomplish goals. Maybe some of these brain changes can relate to some of the behavioral changes that have been observed clinically.”

Breiter added that the pot being smoked by young people today is much more powerful than marijuana available to people in the 1960s. Today’s marijuana contains much greater concentrations of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in pot.

“Levels of THC are about sevenfold what they used to be,” he said. “That’s a substantial change in the dosing of THC that these young people are getting. The experience of people in the ’60s and ’70s may not be the same experience as people today.”


Thinker-Thunker’s Insightful Breakdown of a Sasquatch Filmed in British Columbia

Last year, a couple hiking on a logging road in Mission, British Columbia, filmed what is believed by some to be a Sasquatch. It quickly went viral. When I first saw it, I was slightly intrigued but for whatever reason I dismissed it as probably a hoax even though something about it seemed genuine.

It wasn’t until recently that I happened to catch Thinker-Thunker’s analysis of the video. I gotta tell you, he seems to have made a persuasive case for the subject not being a human, and possibly a Sasquatch. He’s a little more cautious than I would be in light of what the video reveals. Personally, if it’s not human, it’s definitely a Sasquatch because it comports with everything we know about the creature (sorry, it’s not a bear).

Watch the video and see for yourself.

A Good Analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin Footage from 1967

Here’s a good analysis of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin footage which documented for the first time in human history a living and breathing female Sasquatch (referred to as “Patty” in honor of Roger Patterson who filmed her).

Most people watch the footage and say it’s just a man in a gorilla suit, but that’s only because they don’t know what to look for in the film. There are subtleties in the footage that indicate it’s not a man in a costume. Many videos have been produced detailing the evidence that the subject being filmed is more than likely a Sasquatch, so I won’t go into that information now.

The more I look at the footage, the more I’m convinced that this is the real deal. I first watched this film in 1970, and that started my entire Bigfoot interest. But it wasn’t until 1994 when I first saw a good copy of the original film and observed the muscles in it’s upper back and shoulders flex as the creature moved. I knew then that I wasn’t looking at a man in a gorilla costume.

Most people have no idea that when watching this footage, they’re actually observing an as-of-yet undiscovered species, possibly a descendant of man, an ancient relic of the past living in our midst.

I don’t know if I would fully agree with everything that’s said in the video, but there’s plenty of thought-provoking information in it. Although the guys who do the various Facebook/FindBigfoot video analysis got duped by Rick Dyer’s hoax, they’ve actually produced several insightful videos that I believe are quite worthy of our attention. This is one of them.



Roger Patterson (top) and Bob Gimlin

Phyllis Chesler Has a Message for American Women Concerning Islam

Here’s an interview of author Phyllis Chesler on her new book about Islam in America, including her time in captivity in Afghanistan.

Any white woman entertaining the notion that Islamic doctrines will be tolerable to her feminism had better wake up and smell the coffee.


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