Jeb the Cuck Calls for Mommy to Help Him in His Campaign: “He’s So Polite”

Jeb is getting desperate, so he’s called out the big guns – well, at least what he considers the big guns – namely, mommy! 

Mommy tells us all sorts of sweet things about little Jebby in her interview. One of the things mommy mentioned was that “He’s so polite.” This is actually quite funny and damning at the same time if you think about it.

If you’ve reached a point in your political campaign where you’ve got haul a 90-year-old woman around to say nice things about you, you’re obviously losing big time.


“Psst, you’re a little pussy”

Did you notice that of all sweet things she said about her son, she said nothing about any kind of passion he had to bring reform to the corruption and status-quo of Washington? She knows little Jebby better than all of us, and she views him essentially as a ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ man. In fact, “He’s so polite.” But even she knows that her little Jebby is no reformer. He’s part of the establishment just like daddy Bush and brother Bush.

Jeb should have been appalled by her words and quickly tried to shut the old woman up. If he had any sense of what “polite” really means to the discerning voter (i.e., weak, vacillating, accommodating, ‘sensitive’), he would have regretted using her in his campaign.

Old Jeb, however, is too much of a cuck, and he doesn’t yet realize the damage he’s done by inviting mommy to join him. Jeb can’t think any other way because his campaign style and campaign message are but a reflection of his political cuckoldry. Jeb’s such a cuck, he doesn’t even realize it. He keeps making himself look like such a pussy . . . because that’s really what he is! 


Jeb’s not our man, and he ain’t gonna win shit! Sorry mommy, the U.S. is imploding and the ship is taking on water – thanks to both Democrats and Republicans in Washington! We don’t need ‘nice,’ ‘kind’ or “polite.” We need a fighter, a revolutionary leader, a true reformer – the very qualities Jeb doesn’t have! We need someone who’s pissed, and who’s ready to clean house.

“Polite” is how the establishment cuckservatives have been dealing with Obama for the past seven years, a man who is bent on destroying the U.S. from within and who has succeeded in part because of cuckservatives like little Jebby.

So, I urge Jeb and his mommy to return to wherever the hell they came from, relax and enjoy their vast amounts of wealth in their remaining golden years, and just sit this one out. We don’t need your type Jeb, and we’re done with shit-grinning “polite” politicians who’ve done nothing but stab the American people in the back for decades.


“Shut up when I’m talking you little pussy!”   


Dinesh D’Souza Lays a Smackdown on Former Terrorist & Communist Sympathizer Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers is such a twisted, lying sack of shit! The man’s actually standing behind the podium wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirt as if he’s declaring something important by doing so. Anyone with an ounce of character would flee from having their name associated with the BLM movement. But not Ayers. He’s made from the same cloth as them. 

Ayers also makes the common Libtard mistake of calling our form of government a “democracy” as opposed to a Constitutional Republic.


Ayers thinks the criminal justice system in Ferguson and in other cities among the nation target “the poor” when, in fact, they target criminals who, in the majority of cases, turn out to be Black and poor. Neither police officers nor judges target “the poor” simply because they are poor, and to publicly state that they do only serves to reveal how disingenuous Ayers is.

Ferguson had nothing to do with “the poor” and everything to do with a thug negro who thought he was above the law, and who thought it was no big deal to rob a convenience store, physically intimidate a clerk who dared to confront him, and to beat up a cop and try to take his gun when stopped by him. That incident had no relation to an ‘unfair’ criminal justice system, police abuse, or any kind of impoverished state.

This nation has become a nation of thugs, and Ayers is one of the biggest of them.  


Muslim Crowd Beats to Death Woman Falsely Accused of Burning a Quran

It’s important to note that this woman, a Muslim herself, was not beaten by a jihadist. No, she was beaten and stoned to death by average, non-‘radical’ Muslims who had no affiliation with ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Folks, this is what’s on its way to every western nation. For some nations, it’s too late. Muslims already comprise a sizable population of the country. For others, there’s still time to change the course they’re heading toward.

The common assumption that only ‘radicalized’ Muslims pose a threat to our societies is dead wrong. It’s true that many of the Muslims in our midst may not be active in committing suicide bombings or engaged in plotting the murder of innocent civilians. However, they will quickly align with their fanatical brethren when they are called on to support the Islamic cause because their first and foremost allegiance is always to Allah and fidelity to the Quran’s teachings.


Seemingly peaceful and kind Muslims will turn on a dime when ordered to defend the honor of Allah and his pedophile prophet. They have no allegiance to the West nor to its values because their sole allegiance is to Allah and his teachings alone. Western values are to them immoral and idolatrous, so why should they be expected to defend them?

Moreover, the majority of Muslims worldwide are not White. Those Whites who are self-destructive enough to become Muslims inevitably eschew their White identity and european ancestry.

Everything about Muslims and their religion is destructive to the West’s survival. They are not of us. They do not think like us. Their values are different from us. They interpret the world differently from us. We must recognize this so that our nation, our families, and our communities will flourish and survive rather than be subdued by history’s greatest death-cult. 

Let the Muslims wallow in their rat-infested deserts. Let them burn the entire middle east if they so please. Let them squabble and fight amongst themselves in their land, not ours. Let them molest and rape the goats in their countries, and not the White women in ours. 

Expel the Muslim plague. 


Congrats to Mike Brown – It’s Been One Year Without Him Committing Any Crimes!


Let me be the first to congratulate the ‘gentle giant’ himself, Mike Brown, for having gone one year without committing any crimes!

During this period, Mike hasn’t committed one single strong-armed robbery, he hasn’t roughed up any convenience store clerks, he hasn’t beaten up any police officers nor grabbed for their guns, and he hasn’t even smoked any blunts!

We knew you could do it Mike! 

Now You Know Why Whites Are Leery of Blacks

The ‘yoof’ who struck this White man doesn’t even appear to be fully Black. He’s likely the product of a dim-witted liberal mudshark and a gutter groid.

Mulattos and mixed mongrels always go the extra mile to show that they’re ‘down for the cause’ and just as ‘Black’ as the dark-skinned negroes.

When young Blacks beat up innocent people, it’s just considered ‘playing’ or ‘goofing off’ or the ‘inevitable actions of youth who feel abandoned and disenfranchised by society.’ The lames excuses are endless. When Whites do the same (a relatively rare occasion), however, it’s considered a ‘hate crime’ that requires a federal investigation, protest marches, the presence of Black race hustlers, stiff prison sentences, and accompanying racial ‘sensitivity’ courses.

Folks, this is why we should have never given Blacks the same societal rights that we possess. We should have never invited them into our communities to dwell among us. Laws separating Blacks from Whites were in place for good reason. Our ancestors were not ignorant of the nature of Blacks and their dysfunctional ways, and they sought to protect us from them for these very reasons.


Opportunist thieves by nature 

We were fed a lie that all racial groups and cultures are equal. We were told that Blacks were just as smart, creative and industrious as the White man. After five decades and trillions of dollars invested in bringing Blacks to parity with Whites economically, socially and intellectually, they have only managed to prove to the entire world what fools we were to believe such nonsense!

In spite of all the do-goodery that’s been lavished upon ‘African-Americans’ by gullible Whites, Blacks collectively have not improved who they are as a people in the least. They commit disproportionate levels of violent crime, including petty theft crimes, than all other racial groups. Their numbers fill our prisons more than Whites, Asians and Mexicans combined. Their so-called ‘communities’ have the highest unemployment numbers. Black men statistically commit a greater number of rapes than men from all other racial groups. Their high school and dropout rates are also higher. They are more dependent on welfare assistance than Whites (per averages). 

In spite of what should be so obvious – namely, that the entire ‘civil rights movement’ of the 1960s was a complete failure – Whites still cling to the fairy tale that Blacks in massive numbers will someday discard their primitive ways and criminal proclivities and somehow manage to reform themselves.

It will never happen, at least not in any of our lifetimes.


America’s Black plague

There’s a simple reason why: Blacks do what they do because that’s who they are. Their behavior and uncouth ghetto ways is a reflection of who they are inherently. If such dysfunctional and criminal proclivities were only true of a few Blacks, not much could be deduced from it except that there are ‘bad apples’ in every racial group.

The fact, however, that such qualities as noted above reflect the greater majority of Blacks tells us that there’s something at play that’s deeper than just ‘lack of refined culture’ or ‘lack of education’ or even ‘lack of opportunity.’ Black criminality is deeply rooted, and is a symptom of who these people are at their deepest levels. It’s a reflection of their values. It’s how they interpret the world around them.

What Blacks say and do tells us who they are. The message is clear, but we’ve been conditioned by liberal ‘educators’ not to believe it. We are uncomfortable with the message itself, and so we try to deny it, erect smokescreens to conceal it, and establish laws to prevent dissidents from speaking openly about it. The truth must be suppressed at all costs. 

It’s about time we start believing the message, and open our eyes to see what caliber of people have been under our noses the entire time.



What Would the World Look Like Without Black People? Geez, Where Do I Begin?

When people are asked what the world would look like without Black people, some of them state it would be “bland” or “vanilla.” Others say there would be “no Hip Hop” and the absence of this or that.

All of these answers completely miss what the world would really look like or be like without the presence of Black people. For starters, the world would already be quite ‘diverse’ without even one single Black person on the planet. Blacks may contribute to the world’s ‘diversity,’ but their race is not the sole cause of ‘diversity.’ This is an important distinction one must keep in mind when discussing ‘diversity’ with the useful idiots that surround us.

In fact, there is great diversity among Whites alone. There are blonde haired and blue eyed Whites, as well as Whites with dark hair and brown eyes. There are albino Whites as well as olive-complected Whites. So, any notion that Whites lack ‘diversity’ in their race is wrong-headed from the outset.

A world without Blacks would mean a whole shitload of less crime. The U.S. wouldn’t be crime-free, no doubt, but a sizable portion of street crimes would be absent if Blacks were not around.


A primitive people in heart and mind

The world’s prison population would be greatly diminished. The costs to house and feed millions of incarcerated negroes would dramatically drop.

The burden on the tax payer to support Blacks dependent on an array of social services, including welfare, would be greatly eased. Entire states and local communities would not be overburdened to pay for millions of lazy negroes who lack the personal dignity to seek employment and to improve their lot in life. Street corners filled with idle Black men shuffling about here and there with no lawful purpose would be a thing of the past.

The number of officer-involved shootings nationwide would go down.

Rap music would be non-existent.

Our public schools would be facilities of learning and not dangerous, prison-like surroundings in which Black thugs terrorize everyone else around them.


A people who destroy everything they touch

Ebonics would not exist, and there would be no attempt to justify slaughtering the English language by liberals and Black radicals.

There would be relatively few (comparably speaking) unwed mothers if Blacks were not here. Skyrocketing levels of absent fathers would be unheard of.

A low-life, uncouth ghetto culture would not be shoved in our collective faces all the time.

There would be no such thing as ‘mudsharks.’

Violent crimes such as rape, murder, home invasion robberies, and carjackings would not be as widely known and reported.


There would be no need for Whites to coddle and prop-up Blacks as worth emulating. Present day negro worship would be nonexistent.

Miscegenation would be rare.

There would be no great destroyer in America’s Oval Office whose plan of ‘fundamental transformation’ would be the culmination of 50 years of cultural-Marxism. There also would not be a transvestite-looking First Lady who continually shakes her fat ass in public and who dictates nutritional policies for a great many U.S. public schools.

There would be no foreign aid to Africa to support corrupt Black-run governments and a people (Black Africans) who lack the sense, motivation, intelligence, and industriousness to do something as simple as feed and clothes themselves. Without Blacks, the foreign aid racket would practically fold over night. 

The reader is encourage to chime in with their own comments. Let the fun begin. 


‘African-American’ men must be told to pull up their pants 





‘Black LIES Matter’: How Allegations of Racially-Motivated Violence Against Blacks by White Albany Students Got Reversed

This story is important because it shows how false allegations of ‘racism’ on the part of Blacks so often sounds credible at first. We’ve been conditioned to think Blacks are innocent little doves who are just doing their best to survive in a White ‘racist’ society. Whites are portrayed in the media and in the movies as looking for any reason to ‘keep the Black man down.’

Yet once the facts are calmly considered and the matter is looked into a little more carefully, the story begins to change quite dramatically.

In this case, it was a Black female who became violent and it was a Black female who made racist comments to Whites. The White University of Albany students who were on the bus merely reacted to what was transpiring before them without any ‘racist’ overtones.

This story is not an aberration either. There have been scores of hate hoaxes in which Whites are accused of ‘racist’ crimes against Blacks which prove to be complete lies. In almost every case, in fact, the allegations against Whites turn out to be total fabrications.

Notice also how quickly a rally on behalf of the three Black women was formed. Blacks as well as disingenuous White liberals will show up in mass, yet none of them stop to consider if the allegations have any merit. In their minds, the claims of Blacks against Whites are always true because they comport with the liberal worldview in which Blacks are always morally superior than Whites. Their starting presumption is that Whites are always wrong, and that they cannot be trusted to not act according to their abiding ‘racist’ attitudes.

The rally is comprised of useful idiots, sheeple who are easily manipulated by emotional rhetoric and Leftist propaganda. Many of them may be college educated, but it has done them little good. 


Finland PSA Teaches Women How NOT to be Raped or Sexually Assaulted by Muslim ‘Refugees’

The stupidity of this public service announcement is beyond words. It’s a clear indication of how lacking in seriousness Finland’s government views the protection of their female citizens that they would actually produce such vapid twaddle. 

If anything, it’s more proof that our western governments have turned against its indigenous citizens in favor of third-world colonizers. Whites who wish to preserve their race and various european cultures must fight both the hordes of Muslim and African invaders, as well as their own elected officials.

I cannot deny that I long for the day of guillotines.  

Rand Paul Suspends His Presidential Campaign – Good Riddance You Cuck!

It’s about time Rand, what the hell took you so long? In case you’re not aware, Rand Paul is a pretty bright fellow, but he’s a little too smart for his own good.

As a committed Libertarian, he’s weak on securing our nation’s borders, weak on immigration, and thinks Blacks are being railroaded because so many of them are in prison. That alone should tell you that he’s part of the problem and not a solution to it.

If you’re interested, the American Renaissance website named Rand Paul their ‘White Renegade of the Year 2013’.

Jeb Bush Shows Us How a Weenie Cuckservative Talks: “Please Clap”

This short video segment shows us precisely what a dyed-in-the-wool weenie cuckservative Jeb Bush really is. No matter how tough he talks, it’s obvious that it’s not coming from his heart or soul. It’s never convincing because Jeb’s trying to be someone he isn’t – and he forever sealed it when he asked in desperation for the audience to clap! 

Give it up Jeb. You’re not persuading anyone other than a few dolts who are too stupid to realize what a phony you are. You’re not a fighter Jeb. You’re soft. A Mexican troll whom you call your wife rules you.


“Mama, can I be on top tonight?” 

You’ve got no fresh ideas nor any real, deep-rooted passion, Jeb, because you’re part of the problem. As a member in good standing with the GOP establishment, you’re a cuck and your people are the Mexican invaders whom you identify with. Go to your people, Jeb, because you’re not of us.

Give up the charade you shit-grinning fool!  



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