Should’ve Been Titled: ‘Tell Lies and Bless the Devil: The Life of Thuggery and the Legacy of Violence by My Shit-Stained Son, Michael Brown’


The colossal gaul of this ghetto wench, Lezley McSpadden, who spawned on our society the likes of Michael Brown boggles the mind. This ratchet should be ashamed to even show her face in public let alone publish a book with her ugly mug on its cover.

Determined to redeem her son from the justifiable criticism he deserved, McSpadden seeks to present him in the best possible light. How Michael can be portrayed in any other way than the oversized thug that he was is beyond me. We must remember, however, that we are dealing with ‘African-Americans,’ a people notoriously in denial of their own depravity, and unwilling on any collective level to reform their dysfunctional ways.

The corpulent Michael, in reality, was a complete failure in life, and his only real accomplishments were in intimidating others, smoking blunts, strong-arming convenience stores, and getting his fat ass ventilated when he beat up a Ferguson cop and tried to take his service weapon from him.

One reviewer by the name of ‘Disappointed,’ described the book as follows: “The woman who wrote this book, Lezley McSpadden, is in such deep denial, which seems to be her lifelong pattern. According to her, justice was never served. The reason the Department of Justice found no reasonable evidence to indict Officer Darren Wilson, in her deluded mind, was because Eric Holder’s hands were tied . . . not because witness statements and forensic evidence proved otherwise. Some examples of her questionable choices are as follows . . . 

She moved in with a woman beating, drug dealer (Baby Daddy #2) to give her son a role model because her son’s father chose to abandon his child. After the drug dealer boyfriend, she chooses a verified gang member with a felonious record who was imprisoned more than once, as her son’s new role model.

Mothering does not appear to be her strong point. She seems to be lacking in the area of decision making when it concerns her children.


If you are hoping to get some understanding as to why Michael Brown found himself in the situation that ended his life, you will need to read between the lines because according to the author, she contributed nothing to the thug life he chose . . . a life of crime, violence and illegal drug use. She could not believe her saintly son would ever lead this type of criminal lifestyle. Even when confronted with video evidence of Brown’s participation in a strong arm robbery she denied his involvement. That was not her son pushing the store clerk even though the video clearly shows such. You’ve seen the video . . . what did you think? Gentle Giant or THUG?

As for the rioting caused by the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot lie . . . She just glosses over it. As she also does she when barely touches upon the “Burn this bitch down!,” inciting a riot fiasco.

One thing I did learn for this book..since I have realized that there is something I learned, I now feel better with giving a one star review . . . but I digress . . .

The one thing I learned about Michael Brown was about his High School Graduation. Michael Brown did not graduate from a traditional high school, but from an alternative high school. No child left behind! He forgot to bring his cap and gown to the ceremony and had to borrow one . . . which was too small for his large frame.

His own mother, who claims to be so proud, did not even attend the commencement ceremony. I found this to be unbelievable as she seemed so proud, in television interviews, of his sub par achievement. That is part of the illusion, similar to the time the family’s handlers instructed Mike Brown and Lezley McSpadden to lie to the media and profess that they co-parented their children.

From all indications it seems that neither parent had much to do with Brown’s upbringing as he lived with other family members, for a good portion of his youth and throughout his teen years, instead of residing with his mother. Which brings up another point . . . McFadden collected welfare and other forms of Government assistance, from food stamps to subsidized housing. She appears to have been collecting these benefits during periods of time when two of her children were living elsewhere. I wonder if she reported this change in status to her caseworker. If so, did she also inform the caseworker of the men who were residing with her?

I had hopes that reading this book would open a window of understanding for me, but with all the denial and skewed facts, I was only presented with a dark and, stormy view of racism on the author’s part. Racism? From an African-American?!? Yes, I found it a bit unnecessary for her to identify the race any white person that crossed her path . . . from school staff, government officials and even shoppers who dared to go to the same store as she.

My final thoughts . . . If you want to read a work of historical fiction about Michael Brown’s life, this is the book for you. If you seek facts and wish to understand what lead up to this tragic situation, you will, in my opinion, need to look elsewhere.”

Now you know why Michael Brown was such a shit pile

Pat Buchanan Trumps All Over CNN’s Smug Michael Smerconish

Poor Pat, I feel his pain trying to argue with smug and self-righteous Libtards who no matter how many facts are presented, manage to wiggle and squirm so they don’t have to concede the truth. It’s like arguing with defiant little children in which no amount logic and reasoning can persuade them.

What I really enjoyed watching is Pat’s passion for the truth, for what is right, and for what is best for the country he was born in. Pat has always been a man of the people, a true and independent thinker who eschewed liberalism because he knew of its culturally ruinous effects, and yet who also refused to align with republicans when he felt they were wrong.

I don’t know how many more years Pat has on this earth, but I suspect that it is only when he is gone that people will fully appreciate what a national treasure he was. 

Shit-Stained Gutter Groid Holds Gun to Man’s Head as He Robs Convenience Store

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “On Saturday, October 22, 2016, at 8:30 pm, an unknown black male entered the 55th Deli Market located at 1301 North 55th Street and retrieved a beverage from the refrigerator and approached the cash register. Once at the cash register the suspect pulled a handgun and violently grabs an employee, a 44 year-old male, and assaults him with the firearm. After the suspect took an unknown amount of money from the cash register he fled in an unknown direction.”


Check out this worthless pile of excrement who held a gun to a poor man’s head as he robbed a convenience store. This man’s life meant nothing to this puke. He’ll run out of the store with the money he had stolen and never think twice about the horror and trauma that he just unleashed. The poor victim who was held against his will while being pistol-whipped will never forget about what happened to him.

You think his life didn’t flash before his very eyes? You think he didn’t picture his wife and children and the real possibility that he might never see them again? I say this because it’s very easy to focus on the money that was stolen or the property that was damaged. But we forget the emotional horror that violent criminals put their victims through. It’s easy to dismiss this, that is, until you’ve become a victim too and have had to walk in their shoes.


To show how impulsive and completely stupid this groid was, consider this: His face was fully exposed to nearby surveillance cameras. He didn’t even have the sense to wear a mask or cover his face. Like a brute, a mere animal, he can only think of what he immediately wants (cash) and is too impulsive to plan carefully his crime.

Also, he doesn’t even wear any gloves. So, when he reaches over the counter and starts touching everything in sight, he’s clearly leaving his fingerprints. This too he didn’t bother to consider nor prepare in advance for.

This is why these pavement apes always get caught and sent to prison for their crimes. That right there is the source of their school-to-prison pipeline! They want to blame the White man, inequities in justice, and blather one lame excuse after another for why their sorry asses always end up in prison – anyone and everything but themselves!  


It is one of the marks of a sociopath when a person is unwilling to sincerely apologize for their mistakes or the crimes they’ve committed against others. The sociopath will find a convenient excuse, a clever rationalization to justify their actions. Even if they were to apologize, their remorse is feigned. It’s for convenience sake with no heartfelt contrition. 

This is very much true of our wonderful ‘African-Americans’ who rarely, if ever, fess up to their criminal and dysfunctional ways. Generations of Blacks have been raised with not a care in the world over how they treat others. They’ll gladly engage in the most heinous of crimes and leave a path of misery and destruction behind them, and not give a damn. 

Like the feral garbage maggot who robbed this convenience store, they are nothing more than “super predators” (to use Hillary Clinton’s own words) who are unfit for a civilized society.



Behold Your Future America: ‘The Jihadist Next Door’ (Documentary)

This video is bound to get your blood boiling – that is, if you’ve still got some life and racial pride left in your soul. 

Check out the arrogance and boldness of these British Muslims who support ISIS and call for the destruction of Britain as historically conceived. That any government would tolerate such wicked and vile maggots is astounding. What’s even more astounding is that huge numbers of indigenous Brits actually believe these towel-heads are ‘culturally enriching’ their country!

If you want to talk about a death-wish, it could not be clearer that much of Britain’s White population are playing Russian roulette by tolerating the presence of these colonizers. It’s just a matter of time before Muslims gain the numbers and influence to establish Sharia law, close down all the churches, and begin forcing conversions to Allah among the British sheeple.


Don’t worry, they’ll assimilate beautifully! 

It boggles the mind when one considers why any nation and its people would tolerate the Muslim plague when it’s so obvious that their intentions are disastrous to the survival of England. Yet we must never forget that a widespread veil of deception has covered the minds of most westerners. They cannot see the obvious danger before them because they have been conditioned for decades to think contrary to their natural survival instincts. They have been duped into thinking that Whites are inherently evil, more wicked even than all other racial groups combined, and that our historical legacy is nothing more than pillaging other countries and their people for profit.

The White man, then, is forced to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, to feel guilty for all the suffering and evil that occurs, and to imagine that he must suffer for the alleged wrong-doings of his ancestors.

Thus, we feel obligated to tolerate the piles of walking excrement that you see in the documentary. We imagine that we can atone for the ‘legacy of slavery’ and all the other nonsense we are constantly fed by opening our borders and convincing ourselves that the most obviously hostile groups of third-worlders will somehow assimilate and embrace our ways.

They won’t and they never will. It’s futile to think they will when they have made it clear for decades that their ultimate goal is to conquer us and all of our nations.  

The deception, then, runs deep among us, and nothing less then extreme measures will awaken us to the perils we face. Like the many passengers on the Titanic who partied and frolicked hours before the ship sunk and they perished, so also great numbers of Whites will not wake up until it’s much too late.


Like the U.S., Britain’s got their traitors too 

Our Hard-Working ‘African-Americans’: Spitting in Customers’ Food, Smoking, Having Sex While Working, and Wondering Why They Have to Wear Gloves

Some have claimed the video is a fake because it actually shows Blacks working or at least pretending to. But from what I can tell, it’s the real deal.

The footage, while disturbing, exposes the reality of fast food service. It illustrates the poor work-ethic of so many of our blessed ‘African-Americans.’ Blacks over the years have gained a reputation of being lazy and unproductive workers. Now you know why.

I don’t think this sort of thing is an aberration either. It’s very common, I’m sure of it. Wherever young and irresponsible people work, particularly in the fast food industry, there are bound to be risky food practices, horseplay, and spiteful acts against customers that are downright unhealthy.

The problem is exacerbated ten-fold, in my opinion, when the food workers are ‘African-American.’ Yes, I know there are exceptions, but as in all things Blacks tend to do, there is little personal discipline and little productivity in their work. They are not, on average, a people committed to excellence in all that they do. 

We must never forget these are a very entitled group of people. They have been endlessly coddled, fawned over, and all their dysfunctional ways have been rationalized and justified by Whites who still don’t understand the nature of negroes. It shows in the quality of their work. 


According the description provided in Live Leak,Checkers workers caught on video smoking in kitchen and discussing spitting in food, mopping floors with hamburger buns and having sex with customers At least three employees of the Checkers in Philadelphia were fired after the Facebook Live video was posted on Saturday. In the 44-minute video one worker, Richard Benson, discuses having sex with customers and contaminating food.

He is also seen lighting a cigarette in the kitchen The store, on the 7000 block of Stenton Avenue, Philadelphia (PA) is closed for sanitation. Benson, a comedian, claims the video was a stunt and not real.

The original post was shared in a private group, but a copy was retrieved prior to the original being deleted, and the full copy is being shared from The Vic 215’s page (not her video).”


Somali Muslim Shouts “Allahu Akbar!” While Raping American Woman in Gas Station Bathroom

Notice the typical response to this kind of savagery that Muslims provide: He was just struggling with “mental disorders.” See how easy that is? That’s all you gotta claim and, presto, Muslim and Black brutality against others is magically swept away!

The sister of the rapist tries to downplay the Islamic role and influences in this brutal crime by claiming that it doesn’t represent Islam. Oh, of course not.

Hmm, let’s see, so I assume the thousands of suicide bombings that have occurred over the past decade also have nothing to do with Islam, right? The thousands of Americans who died on 9-1-1, I presume, also has nothing to do with Islam? The recent massacre that occurred in San Bernardino (CA) and Orlando (FL), likewise, has nothing to do with Islam? The Boston marathon bombings, in the same way, is not representative of Islam either, right?

I could go on and on, but the reader I’m sure sees my point. It essentially boils down to this: Whenever Muslims commit atrocities and do so in the name of their religion, we are supposed to somehow erase any and all connections to their fanatical death-cult, Islam. We must imagine that the deep and abiding influences of their religion plays no part in their conduct, even though the totality of their very existence centers around the Quran’s teachings and Muhammad’s own murderous life example?


Not only is such an argument wholly without merit, but liberal Islamic appeasers don’t even consistently follow their own line of reasoning. When some nut-cake professing to be a ‘Christian’ is apprehended after committing some heinous crime, what’s the first thing liberals want to attribute his actions to? None other than Christianity and its ‘repressive’ ways!

Liberals are quick to deride Christianity and to mock the offender’s religion because they see such crimes as its practical fruits. They are unwilling to make the same sort of distinctions that they gladly offer on behalf of Muslims to Christians who act alone. In other words, the same logic they apply in rationalizing the murderous acts committed by Muslims, they are unwilling to apply to Christians.

How mighty liberal of them! 

This is because if there’s one thing liberals hate more than anything – it’s Christianity! They would prefer to exist side-by-side with an Islamic death-religion that wants to publicly hang and throw all homosexuals off a ten-story building, end all forms of ‘civil rights,’ and attire all women with a black robe from head to toe, than exist side-by-side with the Christian religion that poses no real threat to their lives nor which seeks to imprison them for their ‘lifestyle.’ 


Muslims practicing their ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ ways

Yet as anyone familiar with the Quran knows, murdering and mistreating the infidel is justified on several levels according to Islamic law. More than this, consider the following: When a Muslim intentionally kills or harms a non-Muslim (especially if the person refuses to submit to Islamic conversion tactics), they are doing precisely as instructed by the Quran and as modeled by Muhammad himself (may piss be upon him).

On the other hand, when a Christian kills someone in the name of Jesus or harms them because they reject the message of Christ, they are behaving contrary to the teachings of the New Testament, and contrary to the example of Jesus and His apostles. Jesus murdered no one. Neither did his apostles (save Paul before he was converted on the Damascus Road). Only Islam and its adherents wish to physically destroy all rivals to their fanatical claims.

Contrary to what this pork-rind in a burka says, this Somali’s actions were very much conditioned and influenced by Islam.


Gee, thanks Muslims! 


Dindu Parenting 101: Black Parents Arrested After Causing the Death of Their 9-Year-Old Girl

If there’s one thing that far too many Blacks in America know how to do, it’s to raise their children to be worthless hood-rats. But when they’re not raising welfare dependents, thieves, and future prison inmates, they’re really good at killing them.

Whether it’s through neglecting to feed them, beating them senseless, or lack of parental supervision which leads to their death, the ‘African-American’ is ready always to cull the herd.

What Non-White Immigration Brings to America: Half-Headed Man, Carlos Rodriguez, Arrested for Arson and First-Degree Murder

Check out this dim-witted shit-pile, Carlos Rodriguez (31 years old), who was recently arrested for arson and first-degree murder after he set his apartment on fire with two others inside of it at the time.

Here’s the story as described in Live Leak, “A Florida man with a deformed skull, who became known as the ‘half-headed man,’ was arrested Monday on arson and first-degree attempted murder charges, WSVN reported.

Miami police said in an arrest report Carlos Rodriguez, 31, set his mattress on fire at a duplex Monday afternoon, which had two people inside at the time.

According to the arrest report, the fire was deliberately set, ‘posing an immediate threat to the lives and safety of the occupants.’

Rodriguez appeared in bond court, Tuesday, where a judge gave him $20,000 bond, WSVN reported.

Rodriguez become an internet sensation in 2012 when he appeared in a YouTube video explaining how he lost a large portion of his brain and skull in a car crash.”


What lax immigration policies bring to our land

Washington’s Real ‘House Nigga,’ Colin Powell, Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Here’s Mark Dice laying it down on Colin Powell, Washington’s real ‘house nigga,’ who  has endorsed the Hildabeast for president. None of us should be surprised by it either. 

As many of you already know, Powell is a republican (which doesn’t mean much these days), but his heart is really with the democrat party.

He stays in the GOP just so he can agitate and embarrass them. The Left knows this too, and that’s why he’s invited on so many talk shows. He’s the token ‘Black republican,’ but they know well enough that he’ll undermine everything republicans try to do. That’s his sole purpose, and he’s been quite effective at it too.


What the traitorous Colin Powell really thinks about the GOP

Deep inside his mulatto heart (his parents were of mixed African and Scots ancestry), he hates the White man and the ‘racist, slave-owning America’ that he pictures the country to be. Like many mulattos who are never quite ‘Black enough,’ they’re desperate to prove to other Blacks that they’re ‘down for the cause,’ that they hate the White man just as much as other Blacks.

The only difference in the case of Powell is that he’s very subtle about it. He puts on an air of sophistication and uses his ability to speak to deceive the simpleminded into believing that he’s ‘fair and balanced,’ and just a lone voice trying to bring ‘balance’ to the GOP. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Even though the Hildabest recently threw Powell under the bus when it came to her private e-mail server debacle, the man still chose to vote for her. That alone tells us what a fake republican he is, an unofficial operative of the democrat party bent on undermining it every chance he gets.  


But he’ll still gladly vote for the Hildabeast 

Berkeley University Students Demand ‘Spaces of Color’ / ‘Minority’ Students Block White Students from Entering onto Campus

For all those Whites who supported the ‘diversity’ creed, how’s it working for you now? Worked out well, didn’t it, when we turned a blind eye to illegal immigration? We sure thought those ‘family values’ Mexicans would forever remain ‘nice little Mexicans’ and be continuously grateful to the White man for not deporting their sorry asses, didn’t we? That ‘civil rights’ thingy  during the radical 1960s really worked in our favor didn’t it? 

Here is a case of overt racism and discrimination against Whites, yet castrated campus administrators, including the police department, do nothing!


Most of our people will only learn the hard way

Do you think for one moment that any of this would have been tolerated had the circumstances been the reverse with White students blocking ‘people of color’ from entering onto the campus? Can you imagine the hue and cry spewing from the lying media if this were the case? But when the victims of racism are Whites, then it’s ‘move along folks, nothing to see here.’ 

Behold White man, this is your future. This is what you – and no one else – has allowed to occur as a result of your gullibility, your extreme altruism, your stupidity in believing in racial and cultural egalitarianism. Oh sure, scores of Jews and their Black agitators have influenced you but, in the end, you and you alone permitted it to happen. 

So now, like the guilt-ridden and vacillating Whites in South Africa, you will be dispossessed from the land of your inheritance, from the once great nation that your ancestors built.

Most of you Whites will only wake up after you’ve had a few ‘diversity beatings.’ Yet, if this is what it takes to awaken your foolish asses and give you a sense of racial pride, then let the beatings commence!


There was a time when Whites were not so cowardly 


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