Leave It to Black Women to Make a Scene Wherever They Go

Some of the comments on Live Leak summarize well the lessons learned from this video:

“Until they start to recognize that this type of behavior is not ‘normal’, they will never understand why they are treated differently”

“From my experience, if you formed a KKK tomorrow, 3 out of 4 members would be Asian. They follow Blacks around stores like hawks, and no fucking shame about it either….”You buy?!!?!” No? Get out!” They have no historical guilt, just the experience of living here and dealing with their crime and bullshit. I promise you this: You’ll NEVER see a Black man at an Asian wedding. It just would not happen. I don’t care if they were friends since pre-school.”


“It’s not skin color but rather culture that is the problem. Listen to the Blacks in the video make fun of the hard working clerk because he probably doesn’t make enough money. Yeah, maybe you make more than him now, but his kids are going to do better than yours and his kids’ kids are going to do much much better.”

“And another thing: To his accent, he wasn’t even born in America. He is an immigrant, and he already owns his own business, while these two cunts were born in America, and their resume is probably 2 weeks as cashier at McDonalds before getting fired and going on food stamps.”

“Blacks aren’t despised because of their skin color, it’s their behavior that is hated. I’m not saying all are like this but a majority of Blacks are. I hate being around Blacks. It’s strange they can’t see their flaws and actually defend it.”


Mothers of Thugs, Criminals, ‘Gangstas,’ and Societal Misfits Invited to Speak at the DNC

The cringe effect is strong when the DNC featured Black mothers whose ‘teens’ were killed by ‘da racist White po-lice.’ Those ‘teens’ were not so innocent, though.

Trayvon Martin, for example, assaulted a neighborhood watch captain. Mike Brown robbed a convenience store, and tried to disarm a police officer. Eric Garner was engaged in criminal activities and died as a result of medical complications while refusing to comply with his lawful arrest. Sandra Bland resisted a police officer during a traffic stop, and later hung herself in a jail cell.

The herd of wildebeests on the stage were called ‘Mothers of the Movement.’ It would have been more appropriate to have called them ‘Mothers of the Bowel Movement’ since what they spawned on our society has created nothing but shit. 

Shame on these pigs for having produced children such as Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Sandra Bland and, especially, for forcing us all to endure their worthless and pitiful lives.    


Birds of a feather

The Eloi: White Woman Grovels and Apologizes to Blacks in Poem


The deception runs deep among our people

“White People to the Back, Black People to the Front”

See, ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters aren’t racist, they just want Whites to get to the back!

These folks are too dim-witted to discern the inherent contradiction in marching against racism (whether it’s against ‘racist cops’ or a ‘racist system’) while being openly racist against the Whites dumb enough to support their cause.

Only Blacks are stupid enough to condemn racism while being openly racist. It’s akin to the illogical thinking of White liberals who invented the most blatantly racist federal policies in the form of ‘Affirmative Action’ and ‘racial preferences’ because they thought it would promote ‘racial equality.’

It only makes sense to Libtards and their ‘diversity pets.’  

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ is, essentially, a Black power movement that’s guided and influenced by Leftist-communist operatives. It’s racist to the core, and many of its adherents are openly hostile to Whites.

Many of them don’t even deny it.

These are the same old revolutionaries that sowed discord among our countrymen during the 1960s. They’ve been revived for our times to fully crush any semblance of cohesion among the American people. 

Check out the White hippies who’ll gladly do as their African masters ask. If their masters order them to openly disgrace or subjugate themselves, they’ll do it without hesitation. They’ll grovel before the lower races because they’ve been taught to hate themselves, to despise their racial ancestry and the country they’ve been born into.

These Whites are the Eloi, the useful idiots who are only preparing themselves for the final slaughter at the hands of their ‘pets.’ 

Muslims Shout ‘Allahu Akbar!’ While Beheading 84-Year-Old Priest During Church Mass (Normandy, France)

You French men, what are you prepared to do? How much longer will you allow the Muslims to molest and rape your women, and openly slaughter your countrymen?

Are you men or just pussies?

Why don’t you just curl up in a fetal position and cry? How much longer will you pretend that your elected officials care for your safety and welfare? How come you don’t have the balls to deal with your leaders and end their tyrannical rule over you? How’s it feel to be ass-fucked by Muslims and to give a large portion of your paycheck to support them and their families? 

How’s it feel to be cucked by Muslim goat-humpers? 

I ask again, what are you prepared to do?


Jacques Hamel: Victim of France’s suicidal immigration policies 

15 People Shot, 2 Killed at Fort Meyers Night Club: This is Why You Don’t Allow Your White Kids to Hang Out with Dindus!

Once again, only Blacks can turn a benign, joyous and fun event into a bloody massacre, leaving 2 people dead and 15 wounded.

Apparently, there was a “youth oriented event” involving 12 and 14 year olds (some of the ‘yoof’ reached ages as high as 18 and 27 years old!) at a night club called ‘Club Blu Bar and Grill” in Fort Meyers. Oh, doesn’t that itself sound like the perfect environment for teens and pre-teens?

The shootings occurred at around 12:30am which causes one to wonder what the hell are 12 and 14 year olds doing at a nightclub at midnight!? And why the hell are they mixing with people who are full adults?


To a great many Blacks, there’s nothing strange or odd about this kind of gathering nor the time it occurred. But that only serves to prove how dysfunctional these people are. There is little about their lives that shows order and common-sense forethought in all that they do. They are reckless and unstructured in their daily lives, and it’s reflected in their parenting. 

Parents who instill structure and discipline in the lives of their children don’t allow them out at night, and especially not at a night club at midnight! Again, Black parents must be taught over and over the most basic truths about raising children and, in most cases, it will do little good. 

That which most Whites take for granted about common-sense parenting (e.g., having structured hours, strong parental supervision at all events, and not allowing kids to roam about after dark, etc.), Black mothers in America must be repeatedly reminded of. Most of them don’t listen nor care. They only care when their little Shitavious gets ventilated by one of their fellow hood-rats – you know, because Black Lives Matter so much to these folks!



14-Year-Old Transgender Freak Is Counting on the Gullibility of Americans to Believe His Lies: “I am a Girl that was Born in a Boy’s Body”

Another disciple of ‘Jazz’ 

Corey tells us that “I felt so stupid, like a freak, like a misfit.”

Trust those feelings young man! 

Want to Rid Yourself of the Media? Just Mention to Them About Black-on-Black Crime!

Works every time

Drinking the Kool-Aid: Hillary and Bernie Supporters Show What Useful Idiots They Are


A Massive 4-Mile Fence Surrounds the DNC Convention in Philadelphia


Democrats won’t think twice about building a fence around their convention to keep certain Americans out, but won’t support the building of a wall to keep out hostile and non-assimilating third-world invaders!

Besides, aren’t the Democrats all about ‘building bridges’? Aren’t they always lecturing to us about ‘reaching out’ to all Americans? Apparently, that ‘outreach’ is only limited to those who contribute campaign dollars?


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