Ugly and Braless Moonbat from California ‘Marries’ a Train Depot: “I Know Her as My Friend, My Life-Partner, My Wife”

Why do so many of our people get caught up in such absurdity? It’s because Whites of all racial groups have bought hook-line-and-sinker into the mental disorder of liberalism.

For a host of different reasons, our people have been infected the most by this polluted worldview, much more than other racial groups. It was concocted, ultimately, to destroy us and has its roots partly in the egalitarian ideas that emerged from the French Revolution and the minds of radical Jewish-communists during the Bolshevik Revolution and later among the subverters of the Frankfurt School. 

Evil forces have worked overtime to propagandize and confuse each new generation of Americans over everything. Whether it’s gender, marriage, homosexuality, freedom of speech, good and evil, morality, or the question of God, Whites throughout the West have been indoctrinated to believe the most absurd things.

There exists a paucity of discernment and common sense among our people that baffles the mind, especially since we are supposed to be the educated ones, the people who value education and science. Yet we are lost and cannot find our way. We are unable in large measure to make sense of the world we live in. We prefer pretty lies over reality. 

One look at this woman, by the way, and it becomes apparent why she’s in love with a brick and mortar building. What man in his right mind would want her when everything about her is so physically repulsive? Being both mentally imbalanced and disgusting are hardly redeeming qualities.  


The Manchester Massacre and Muslim ‘Taqiyya’ on Full Display

Listen as these Muslims lie to the White western sheeple. The woman wearing “Love” on her ugly Islamic drape formed by pictures of a pistol, grenade, switchblade and an ‘assault rifle’ is making a statement that totally contradicts her message to the reporter. She knows it too, but she rightly considers westerners too stupid to see through her insult.

By the way, she says she considers herself a “good Muslim.” Well, guess what? So does every Islamic terrorist, including the one who recently blew to pieces 22 innocent people.  

What you’re watching is ‘Taqiyya’ (i.e., deceiving the infidels on behalf of Islam) on full display. Muslims feel they are justified in lying to unbelievers for the greater progress of Islam. Concerns about honesty and ethics means nothing to these people. Only what benefits their 7th century pagan moon god and their deranged pedophile prophet is important to them. 

These are the people that Europe has allowed to flood their countries with. 

Black Ex-Con Sexually Assaults and Murders White Mother of Two Who Served as a Bronx Homeless Shelter Director

Why would any White woman in her right mind volunteer to work as Director of a homeless shelter that houses over 20 sex offenders and scores of mentally unstable people? How can this not be a bad thing? The woman appears relatively attractive which means she was a primary target for the volatile ghetto dwellers.

This tragedy could’ve easily been avoided had this woman considered what kind of people inhabit the Bronx in New York City. More than likely, though, she’s a liberal do-gooder who had a ‘heart for the homeless.’ This is what her do-goodery got her and her kids. Her level of discernment and common sense was stunningly deficient. 

Another question that should be asked is why was this dangerous gutter ape allowed to roam freely in society? He already had a serious and violent criminal arrest history, so why wasn’t he put away for good?

The answer should be obvious. It’s because our country has been infected by a deadly cultural and societal poison called liberalism. It’s a mental disorder that has flooded every private and federal institution throughout the West, including our judicial system.   

Hard Truth: As I’ve said before on this site, the so-called ‘homeless’ in the vast majority of cases are homeless because of poor life choices. Yes, I know there are exceptions, but they are rare. In most of those rare occasions, the homeless who fall on hard times get back on their feet relatively soon. This stands in stark contrast to the regular ‘homeless’ that pollute our streets.

A lot of Americans don’t realize that the greater number of ‘homeless’ are in that condition because of piss-poor life decisions, including years of acute alcoholism and drug usage. They’re living on the streets because they’ve already burned every friend and family member possible, and they’ve got no other place to go. A large number of them too prefer the streets, strange as that may sound to some ears.

A sane society gives them no sympathy 

Also, the greater number of ‘homeless’ are mentally unstable because of years of illegal drug usage. They’ve fried their brains and so chemically screwed up their system that they need high dosages of psychotropic drugs just to act halfway normal. The problem is that those same drug intended to regulate them back to some normalcy come with their own set of problems and are quickly rejected by the mentally unstable. 

This is one of the many indicators why decriminalizing all drugs is not a good thing. Aside from the exacerbating our nation’s severe narcotic problem, it will surely have devastating effects on society as a whole, including our families and future generations.

As a whole, Humans will never be responsible with any form of drug usage because we are plagued with addictive personalities, irresponsibility, living only for the moment, a general failure to discern long-term effects of our decisions, and because we become addicted to cheap thrills and and the pursuit of anything that ‘feels good’ regardless of the harm it may do. 

More Hard Truth: A sane society would not glorify nor shed tears for the so-called ‘homeless.’ Any services offered to them should be from private donations and provided only for the most promising of folks where there exists a good chance of rehabilitation.

A ‘homeless’ industry would be non-existent in such a society. ‘Homeless’ industries are the mark of a society in decline, a society that has become internally weak and feminized. It’s the mark of a society that has abandoned holding people individually responsible for their choices. So-called ‘caring’ societies as commonly understood are societies generally dominated by bleeding-heart women who have abdicated their role as mothers and homemakers. 

A sane society would recognize that there are aways going to be people who are utterly worthless, who have squandered their lives by poor life choices, and who serve as nothing more than a drag on any nation. These are folks who are not worthy of our time and resources, and it’s best to leave them alone. They are not worth our pity. It’s foolish to care about those who no longer care for themselves or for others. 

I taught my children at a young age to not pity the ‘homeless.’ I always pointed them out when I had the chance, and I underscored a message to them that this is what happens when stupid choices in life are made. I tried to make such learning opportunities things that they would always remember so that they would not fall into the same trap. 

A sane society promotes the strong and able, those who are committed to productive lives, who live honorably and law-abiding. This is not meant to suggest that we discard the elderly, the infirm, nor the mentally handicapped. I’m talking about people who willingly bring chaos and waste to their lives by repeatedly engaging in poor life choices. 

Lazy and shameful fucks 

Proof That All Cultures & Societies Are Equal: Street Dentistry in India

India’s ‘cultural enrichment’ coming soon to America

Weird Fort Lauderdale Community Center Commercial Begs for Funds and Illustrates Common Black Traits in the Process


This weird commercial illustrates typical Dindu traits. Listen to how loud and confusing the background music is. You can barely even hear the female moderator who talks too low throughout the entire begging session. Something as simple as restricting the background music seemingly never occurred to whoever produced this video.

Notice also how Blacks must accompany anything they do with a tribal beat. Their ‘community’ messages must always be accompanied by rap or some ghetto thumping in order to attract their people to listen. Rarely is it ever subtle.

For Blacks, the message is not sufficient in itself because these are not a people who think and use analytical skills in the way Whites do. The truth or falsity of something does not dominate their thinking, but rather how it ‘feels.’ They are easily motivated and manipulated by music and emotional rhetoric. This is the kind of thing that grips them, and this explains in part also why they are so impulsive, temperamental and over-emotional.  

I’m not suggesting this is necessarily wrong, but only that it illustrates how genuinely different the two racial groups are. I’m speaking, of course, in general terms; that is, what is generally or commonly different between Blacks and Whites.     

Look also at the strange facial expressions the woman gives out around the 2:20 mark. This depressed woman tells us: “I can’t keep going. I mean, what am I gonna do?” Weird, really. 

This Black woman is preaching to the wrong people because the real problem here is that Blacks are not big givers to various charities. Just as Blacks are not known to be generous tippers, so also they give very little of their own personal money to support charity organizations.

Most of the ‘heavy lifting’ (so to speak) for Black charities in America comes from White liberals and large corporations and perhaps a few wealthy Blacks. The average Black person, however, has little interest in handing over their own funds to support causes in their so-called ‘communities.’ As much as Blacks like to talk about ‘community,’ they’re really not a ‘community’ people as they portray themselves to be. How can they be when so many of them sell drugs to and murder their own people?

Blacks, you see, are not hard to figure out. You just have to know what to look for. Once you do, you’ll see for yourself why so many Whites view them as ‘the Other.’ 

Here’s one Black man who understands the problem all too well. 

Another Dindu Got Himself Ghetto-Yanked from a Car Because He Couldn’t Follow Simple Directions: “Po-lice Brutality, Po-lice Brutality”

I guess no one ever bothered to explain to this Dindu driver that driving is a privilege and not a right. When the police stop you for a traffic violation, you’re required by law to present a valid form of identification, preferably a driver’s license.

Whether this officer hastened a physical altercation or not, he’s not required to request one’s driver’s license ten times or more. The officer is not required to beg for it! The video doesn’t show it, but there was a clear explanation given to the driver as to why he was stopped and the officer repeatedly had to request his driver’s license which the Dindu refused to provide.

Dindus love to claim “po-lice brutality,” yet are unwilling to face the reality that they are almost always the ones who instigate a use of force incident. “Po-lice brutality,” in fact, is a rare event in the U.S. Shocking as that may seem to the gullible masses, physical altercations between criminal Blacks and cops is almost always the result of Blacks refusing to follow simple and lawful orders, resisting their own arrests and, like the driver in the video, refusing to provide a legal form of identification.

Thus, while there are many Black-vs-Cop physical altercations, this is not the same as “po-lice brutality.” 

Blacks and their White liberal enablers want to make such altercations more complicated and confusing than they actually are. They want to paint a picture of ‘racial profiling’ and ‘racist cops’ when all that really occurred was some Dindu refused to comply with what everyone else who operates a motor vehicle is required to do.

As I’ve said repeatedly on this site, it’s always the simple things in life that American Dindus have the hardest time doing.

Here’s comedian Chris Rock explaining to his people how to conduct themselves during a simple traffic stop. While Whites are not required such instructions because most of us have been taught to respect authority from a young age, Blacks are very much different. Precise and elaborate how-to instructions must be given to these people due to their impulsive nature and dysfunctional ways. 

The Left Capitulates to Islamic Terrorists: BBC’s Katty Kay Says “We Have to Get Used to Attacks Like This” and “We Are Never Going to be Able to Totally Wipe This Out”

The Left has completely capitulated to Islamic terrorists, and liberal talking heads like the BBC’s own Katty Kay in the video featured above proves it. They don’t even talk about fighting and winning over the terrorists. They don’t even consider the possibility of greatly restricting or ending Muslim immigration to Europe because to do so would be ‘Islamophobic.’

Liberals, in other words, shackle themselves from doing anything effective to combat Islamic terrorism because they’re intimidated by labels, hurt ‘feelings’ that might arise, and fearful that they might be called the dreaded “R” word. 

Hard Truth: Liberals would prefer to have their children and young girls blown to pieces by a suicide bomber than dare to say anything ‘racist’ or prevent bearded immigrants who are determined to colonize them from entering their countries.

Such thoughts as fighting for one’s race and culture are never taken seriously by these people because they are weak, guilt-ridden for their ‘White privilege,’ and see the Islamic plague as a means to radically ‘transforming’ the West.

When liberals do talk about fighting and ‘resisting,’ it’s directed at national leaders like Donald Trump and all forms of ethnic nationalism expressed by Whites.

Western civilization will be ‘transformed’ alright, but it won’t look anything how demented Libtards imagine. The Muzzies will make sure to eradicate all the useful idiots who helped them along the way. They will discard them like used toilet paper because they don’t want any opposition from them once they gain the seat of power.

Liberals are too dense to understand this, to see what should be so obvious to anyone with two brain cells. Their disconnect from reality staggers the mind when one considers that while liberals want us to “get used” to acts of  Islamic terrorism, yet they would fight to the death to oppose anyone who might suggest that we “get used” to sensible immigration policies, that our countries become more discriminating in who is allowed to enter, and that Muslims, by virtue of their strong propensities toward terrorism, not be allowed to immigrate to the West.

Yes, these folks really are that insane.  

Dindu ‘Teen’ Enters Church to “Make History”

He’ll “make history” alright, when he’s featured in the nightly news after being ventilated from a drive-by shooting. 

Phoenix Man Tells the Truth About Islam: “How Many Americans Have to Die at the Hands of Muslims Before We Realize That Islam is the Problem?”

So long as the multicultural Kool-Aid and ‘diversity fairy tales continues to be fed to each new generation of Americans, the Islamic massacre against White westerners will go on.

If ‘progressive’ values and a Leftist perspective continues to be the dominant worldview of most Americans, our problems with Islam will not end. They will only increase. 

And so long as we continue to invite the very people who despise us (Muslims) into our country, terrorism on U.S. soil will not go away. We will adapt to it. We will try to minimize it. But it will never be some other country’s problem until we stop allowing them to immigrate here. 

Whatever Happened to MAGA?

Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s just playing 4D chess, right?

Look, I’m not saying Trump won’t accomplish some of his campaign promises, and some is better than nothing and certainly a lot more than Hillary would’ve ever accomplished. The man, admittedly, has had an uphill battle and there are forces of opposition everywhere he turns, including those within his own party. 

Yet, at the same time, Trump has surrounded himself with people who stand in direct opposition to the promises he made to the American people during his campaign. A good number of those closest to him are comprised of Jewish neocons, and his cabinet is loaded heavily with Jews. His Jewish daughter and Jewish son-in-law stand ideologically in another political camp (they’re liberals in large part), and yet they seem to have the greatest influence on his decisions. I don’t see how that can be a good thing. 

From his bombings of Syria (which appears to have been strongly influenced by his overly-emotional daughter, Ivanka) to his pilgrimage to Israel’s Western Wall to kiss Jewish ass, it has become apparent that Trump has surrounded himself with the very swamp creatures he vowed to drain out of Washington. Is it any wonder why his administration has gushed with accusatory leaks against him?


Yes, I’m quite aware these things take time, and I recognize that once an elected president arrives in Washington, there’s an entirely new set of realities that one must work within that’s different from the campaign trail.

The problem is that Trump has done things as president that stand in blatant contradiction to what he promised to his supporters when he campaigned. The contrast is so apparent that one wonders at times if we have the same person in the Oval Office?

I’m persuaded that so long as Trump surrounds himself with Jewish neocons and with people who don’t share the same vision as himself, he will continue to go off message. His focus will always be somewhere else. His passion to drain the swamp will subside, and he will be just another big government, globalist U.S. president who will prove to be little different than Republican weenies such as George Bush, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

We’ve got to end these neo-con and globalist wars in the Middle East. All of them it seems to me have been fought on behalf of Israel in some way or another. This is not good, and it has proven disastrous as any fair-minded person could easily discern. One of the best ways Trump could do that would be to stop appointing Jews to strategic positions within his administration. Unfortunately, Trump is wed to these folks, and there is no reason to imagine that he will abandon them for the greater good of the American people.

Always working against our racial interests 

By the way, whatever happened to the wall? If my memory serves me correct, funding for the wall was not originally included in the most recent budget. Then I heard it was, and now it’s been reported that Trump’s budget has asked for less border wall funding than the original request.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to get the impression that a “big, beautiful wall” is never going to be erected. Mexico has also remained steadfast that they will not pay for it either. The Democrats and GOP have no interest in stopping the third-world invasion from Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. This is not encouraging. 

The only good news in all of this, I suppose, is that ICE arrests and deportations are up. The Mexican invaders are worried. Some are returning to Mexico, and that’s a good thing.

Trump’s arrival on the political scene at least exposed the Left’s true colors. While many of us were already aware of it, his campaign and presidency has shown to the American people in vivid color just how rabid, off-base, and anti-American the greater number of liberals are. It’s no longer a matter of what we say, but what liberals prove to the world by their actions. 

Moreover, Trump’s presidency has managed to reveal just how determined globalists are to eradicate all forms of nationalism, especially White nationalism. They really are working feverishly against the racial and cultural interests of Whites. It’s no wonder, then, why Leftists flail into violent fits of rage and become so unhinged when a discussion of ethnic nationalism or the ‘Alt-Right’ arises.

Finally, Trump’s presidency has forever exposed the mainstream media for what it is – namely, a Leftist and globalist loudspeaker which, instead of reporting the news, only manipulates it to shape public opinion and promote the accepted ‘narrative.’

Trump, then, has the potential of accomplishing much that is good. Unfortunately, not a whole lot that’s encouraging has taken place thus far. I hope the situation will improve, but I’m doubtful. If anything, as I’ve said before, his presidency may just buy Whites enough time to plan and mobilize and somehow fight off the soft genocide currently underway by our Leftist overlords.  

We shall see. 

Have we been suckered . . . again?


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