White Man Protesting Illegal Immigration Get’s Beat Up and Then Asked if He’s a “Racist”

Here’s video footage from 1996 when California’s anti-illegal immigration Prop 187 was approved by voters. It was later struck down by a liberal judge as “unconstitutional” (which it wasn’t!). 

In this case, a white man who had been protesting illegal immigration in the Los Angeles area was roughed up by his opponents (presumably Mexicans). At one point, a Mexican Univision reporter asked the man if he was a “racist” and if he liked “the Latin people”? 

The female reporter barely speaks understandable English and it wasn’t long before she was rebuked for asking such a stupid question. The reporter, who obviously isn’t be the sharpest tool in the shed, seems dumbfounded by the reply of conservative Jesse Lee Peterson and she really had no comeback for him.

Maybe she should have asked the white man’s attackers if they were “racist” against whites? Maybe she should have asked them if they liked white people?

But no, she was trained well by her Leftist agitators to inquire from whites if they are “racist” or “hate” Hispanic people because she knows whites will easily capitulate and grovel before such questions.

“The British Don’t Care So Much About Their Own Civilization Any More”

This is a very insightful news report from CBN News on how the British people have essentially given up protecting their culture due to Leftist influences and out of fear of being ‘intolerant.’

Britain is now a major exporter of Islamic terrorism throughout the world. 

Perhaps one day the British Parliament will officially apologize to Enoch Powell for the way they scoffed at him and dismissed his predictions?

Latest BBC Poll Reveals 95% of Brits Believe Multiculturalism is NOT Working

Looks like the Brits might be finally starting to wake up from their multicultural slumber, but that has yet to be fully determined.

A recent BBC poll, however, shows a glimmer of hope in that 95% of the British people who were polled believed that multiculturalism was not working. Gee, you think?

The guy in the dark jacket reflects the very mentality that has doomed Britain. There are whites who no matter what is said and how much proof is offered to them that multiculturalism doesn’t work, they’ll still continue to believe the grand lie that multicultural and multiracial societies can exist in perfect harmony. He won’t come to his senses until the Islamists have him bent over and chopping off his head – but by then it will be too late!

Check out also how feminized these men appear, especially the skinny dude with the purple pants sitting on the couch. Good grief, no wonder so many of our white women are turning to negroes! This is what years of liberalism does to men – it turns them into bespectacled wienies! 



Feel Good Video of the Day

The Courageous Paul Weston and the Loss of Free Speech in England

Think it can’t happen here in America? Think again.

Unless the American people strongly oppose politically-correct prohibitions of certain types of speech – namely, so-called ‘hate speech’ – we too will experience the same suffocating restrictions on what we can say that England suffers from.  

Nancy Pelosi: The Pride of Moonbats Everywhere!

Yes, she really is that stupid and scatter-brained. 

Future ISIS Convert


H/T Moonbattery 

‘Europe’s Last Stand’ (Trailer)

Both Europe and America better wake the hell up!

Obama on the Threat of ISIS: “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet”

I think it’s got to the point now where our Kenyan president is deliberately and with full intent being incompetent and vacillating in order to ruin America’s reputation throughout the world.

No one can be this dim-witted and lackadaisical about the real threats Americans face unless it was intentional. Everything about the man reeks of apathy and carelessness.   

I don’t think this is anything new for Obama, though; it’s just more apparent than ever in light of what’s transpiring on the international scene. In the past, he could play dumb and relatively few perceived it as a concealed but determined effort to undermine the U.S. There should be no doubts now.

But this is what Americans wanted when they just had to have their ‘first black president.’ Nothing else mattered to them but race, the color of one man’s skin whom no one knew and who hadn’t been tested and who hadn’t proved his qualifications to anyone.

Americans, in effect, elected a grinning baboon which wouldn’t have been half as bad had he been a competent baboon, but we didn’t even get that!



David Cameron Speaks Out Against the “Severe” Threat of ISIS, “Hate Preachers” and Multiculturalism

Here’s British Prime Minister, David Cameron, addressing the current threat of ISIS which he terms “severe,” the need for his government to combat “hate preachers,” and conceding that multiculturalism has not worked well for his country.

This man is weak and, essentially, a coward. But Cameron has chosen to come out strong now – although in my view, he could’ve been much stronger in his statements – because he realizes that something big and ugly is about to occur in Britain.

He’s looking to save his ass when the shit hits the fan and hoping that indigenous Brits will remember this most recent speech rather than all the muslim-accomodating garbage he’s been spewing for years.


He intends to combat the “hate preachers” which are, presumably, muslims. But I wouldn’t count on that too much. Any new laws passed by the British Parliament will probably also target whites loyal to their racial and cultural heritage and who speak out publicly against Islam.

Cameron should have been ‘talking tough’ a long time ago. The muslim threat, after all, didn’t arise over night, but has been brewing for decades. Truth is, the muslims and African immigrants aren’t going away any time soon – at least not until there’s a bloody civil and racial war in Britain which Enoch Powell predicted would occur because the problem had been swept under the rug for so many years by British officials. 

Again, Cameron’s only speaking out now because he has government intelligence on what’s likely to occur in the coming days and he wants to at least show to the British people that he tried to do something about it.

But mark this: David Cameron is no Enoch Powell! 


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