Barack Obama: A Destroyer Among Us


Border Bugs Infest Melilla (Spain)

This is what an invasion looks like. 

Oprah Winfrey Found Walking on Roadway

Hell, even celebrities need to air themselves out every so often!

Aretha Franklin Sings ‘America, the Beautiful’ at Holder’s Retirement Ceremony

Here’s Aretha Franklin singing ‘America, the Beautiful’ at Eric “my people” Holder’s DOJ retirement ceremony.

I’ve never been a big fan of Aretha Franklin, although I admit she’s quite an accomplished singer having produced scores of number one hits over the past few decades. I can’t say I enjoyed her rendition of ‘America, the beautiful’ though. The kind of bellowing and lyrical wailing (for lack of a better expression) that blacks, including Aretha, are known for has never appealed to me. They have this way of endlessly dragging out a song that’s about as pleasant as hearing someone’s nails scratching on a chalkboard.

The ironic thing about her choice of song is that the very America she sings about is, at the same time, the America both Obama and Holder wish to destroy or ‘fundamentally transform’. ‘America, the Beautiful’ is about the old or traditional America, and not the Amerika of Obama which he’s working furiously to fully implement.

Aretha’s ‘fist-bump’ with President Obama shows how truly ghetto these folks are. They’ll definitely need to fumigate the White House after Obama and the First Wookie leave their current abode.


Sometimes Even Geraldo Rivera Makes Sense

Geraldo Rivera has recently generated some controversy when he stated during an interview that “Hip-Hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last ten years.” You know we’re living in strange times when even a guy like Rivera starts to make sense.

Rivera’s point is abundantly obvious for most of us who are race-conscious and who have a pulse on the cultural deterioration that’s been occurring in the U.S. for the past 40 years. Simply put, we’ve known this for a long time.

Although Rivera considers himself politically “moderate” (he’s been a hard-core liberal most of his life), he’s been slowly moving to the right for the past 10 years or so. I guess it suggests that sometimes there’s hope even for liberals, eh?


The video segment features Rivera in a debate on this very subject with black liberal host, Roland Martin. This debate demonstrates something I’ve long maintained – namely, that blacks get easily unsettled when they engage in the give-and-take of an argument. They’re often unable to follow the flow of an argument or premise, unable to stay on target, and they have great difficulty adhering to some basic rules of logic. Their emotions are quick to cloud their thinking and, before long, tempers start to flare up.

To give but one example, in an effort to rebut Rivera’s premise regarding the destructive nature of rap and hip-hop, Martin raises the supposed ‘racist’ underpinnings of the housing bubble crisis in which many blacks (but also many whites) lost their homes throughout the nation because they were “targeted” by “sub-prime loans.”

According to Martin, this wiped out “53 percent of black wealth” in the U.S. His point is that such occurrences are greater examples of the destructive forces against blacks than Hip-Hop any day. I don’t accept Martin’s assumption in the least, but we’ll leave the details of that discussion for another occasion.


For now, it’s important to note that Martin is guilty of comparing the proverbial ‘apples to oranges’ – that is, of making a comparison between two distinct things that have no correlation between them. The culturally degrading influences of rap and Hip-Hop music played no part in what kind of home loans blacks were willing to accept, but it does play a significant part in shaping the worldview of young ‘African-Americans’ and this was the very point that Rivera was hammering about and which went right over the head of Martin.

One last point. The debate illustrates something else about blacks in America – they resist the truth when it’s about them. Martin’s entire conduct and line of reasoning is very much typical of blacks generally: They’ll obfuscate and deny, deny, deny in order to avoid any form of personal or collective accountability.

Granted, no one enjoys being confronted by embarrassing or uncomfortable truths about themselves or those of their race or ethnicity. The problem is that blacks have an unusually strong aversion to receiving justifiable criticism, the kind of insights and criticism that might actually help them reform their ways.

No other racial group that I’m aware of, except for blacks, intentionally defend the sort of culture that has not only brought about their own ruin but which has made them the laughingstock of the world. Blacks are always the lowest in any first-world society because of self-inflicted wounds and because they never seem to learn important lessons from their mistakes.  

Having been given every conceivable excuse for their many failures (via disingenuous white liberals), they’re unable to confront and come to terms with their dysfunctional ‘communities’ in ways that are genuinely constructive.

Time Warner Political Conference 2008 - Day 1

In other words, huge numbers of blacks resist all manner of personal and moral reform, especially any community improvements or ‘change’ that doesn’t originate from government ‘programs’ and which isn’t sustained by them.    

This is why Martin couldn’t in the least see the rather obvious points that Rivera was trying to make. He looked to everything else (even Apple products!) to avoid conceding that ‘African-Americans’ have produced a culture that is shameful and destructive; a culture that cannot be blamed on the white man nor upon ‘systemic racism’ and other popular buzz-words blacks employ to convince themselves that it’s never about them.  

Obama Gives Emotional Farewell to Worst Attorney General in U.S. History

What a pathetic sight this is to behold! The ‘Nothing Man’ is about to cry as he thinks about all the wonderful things Eric “my people” Holder has done to help foster his ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

Commenting on Holder’s character and abilities, Obama states” “He has been one of our finest.” Yep, a man who has brought about one scandal after another, and has lied and obfuscated under oath over each one of them, Obama considers “one of our finest.” Typical. 

The insanity continues when Holder says, “I leave this place proud of what we have accomplished over the last six years.” These two traitors to our republic are not so much delusional as they are willfully deceptive and have betrayed the American people in ways we would have never imagined seven years prior.

By the way, check out the bellowing of Aretha Franklin at the end of the segment. It’s one of the few times in my life that I wanted to laugh while my ears were bleeding!

May a curse forever rest upon both Obama and Holder, and may the American people never forget what these two accomplished in a mere six years to undermine the strength and character of this once great republic.

We may be eaten by dogs now, but a future generation will vindicate all that we have warned about this imperial president.

We must never forget.



Thousands of Italians Protest Their Displacement by Muslim Immigrants in Rome

Here’s two separate news reports on the thousands of Italians who have gathered in Rome to oppose their displacement by muslim and other third-world immigrants (often illegal immigrants).

A growing number of Italians have realized that the EU, including their own government, is actively working against them and their interests in promoting a flood of foreign, non-white immigrants into their country (comprised mostly of muslim and sub-Saharan African immigrants).

The people are rightly angry about it all. Who can blame them when they see their historic culture and ethnic identity being eroded right before their eyes? 

Check out how both reports treat the matter, and the obvious bias they have in favor of the immigrants against indigenous Italians. Immigrants are pictured as ‘oppressed’ and mistreated and, of course, pro-immigrant (better termed ‘pro-displacement’) supporters are presented as anti-fascists calling for ‘tolerance’ toward all. These folks are one of many enablers to the ruin of Europe and its third-worldization.

One doesn’t need to wonder whether such reports would be as sympathetic had white europeans flooded countries in Asia, the middle-east, and on the African continent. Clearly they wouldn’t! It would be decried as ‘colonialism’ and ‘cultural displacement,’ yet when the same thing occurs among historically white nations, it’s seen as something perfectly acceptable.

In this crazy Leftist world of ours, to protest your own dispossession is seen as ‘xenophobia,’ ‘intolerance’ and ‘racism.’   

I can’t deny my revulsion in seeing that muslim woman narrating the protests in the second video. Tell me she’s not biased and that her reporting isn’t going to be slanted? It’s like having a German reporter dressed in a Nazi military uniform discussing the plight of Jews and their concerns over anti-Semitism! 

White Patriots Protest ‘Muslim Day’ at Oklahoma State Capitol

A group of white Americans patriots recently showed up to voice their opposition to the “Muslim Day” celebration at Oklahoma’s State Capitol.

I know I could be wrong, but I checked around and for the life of me I couldn’t find any related “Christian Day” celebration at the same state capitol. Now why would that be?

I tend to think that while the State of Oklahoma would gladly permit a “Muslim Day” event, they would decline a similar event under the rubric of ‘separation of church and state’ if hosted by evangelical Christians.


Muslim propaganda at its best

Every militant atheist group, predictably, would suddenly cry ‘Foul!’ and the event would likely be prohibited based on the perception that the state would be ‘promoting religion.’

Thus, while Christians would be permitted to protest abortion or promote their own religious interests on the steps of the state capitol, I doubt they would be invited inside to do so. Special treatment, then, is always given to muslims because to do otherwise is to invite allegations of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia.’

This entire event is a form of stealth Jihad, political ‘Taqiyya’ (lying and deception as a means to promote Islamic interests) designed to fool gullible Americans into believing that muslims are just as patriotic and devoted to traditional American ideals as the rest of us.

Check out the Islamic woman singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ and you’ll get a sense what a facade this event really was. These muslims don’t give a flying fart about America and such values as free speech and freedom of religion, especially freedom from religion, but they sure want you to believe so!


Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR, Oklahoma, tells us that “Today is really all about laying the foundation for civic engagement and encouraging our community to be more involved in the civic process.” In other words, their real purpose is to be get muslims more involved politically so they can infiltrate the “civic process” and, thereby, manipulate it on behalf of their Islamic goals. They may not be as bold to state it as explicitly as this, but that’s the implied meaning.

Those who say otherwise fail to understand Islam’s historic purpose which has never been to conform to non-muslim political systems, but to conquer them and to subjugate all nations to Islamic rule. Muslims will only comply with western political systems on a temporary basis, but once they gain the numbers and political clout, their intention is to discard them and establish Sharia law in its place.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. No, this is what informed muslims declare worldwide each day. The problem is that many westerners don’t listen carefully to what muslims routinely tell us.

Check out also the white traitors who were present at the event, such as Sheryl Siddiqui who probably abandoned her Christian upbringing for devotion to a 7th century pagan moon-god. And then there’s ‘interfaith volunteer,’ Ron Marlett who, upon looking at the protesters, tells us: “This is a shameful thing to see.”

No, Ron, you’re the one who’s “shameful” because you’re complicit in helping to destroy this once great nation by defending the very foreigners determined to replace our Constitution with Sharia law.


See? Muslims only want what every red-blooded American wants! 

Prison Inmate Tells of How He Murdered Cellmate Who Molested a 9-Year-Old Girl

You can file this story under ‘Prisoners I Like.’


Theodore Charles Dyer: Justice Served!

Monkeys and Muslims Fighting on the Bus

I don’t know what provoked this fight between a group of black female students and a muslim woman, but it’s very typical of what we’ve come to expect of blacks.

The sheer noise from all the chaos and screeching is almost deafening. It may be impolite and downright offensive to call these black females “monkeys,” but how else can they be described? I’ve seen chimpanzees in a zoo that conduct themselves more dignified than these girls.

The incident illustrates something else we should know about blacks: They revel and take great joy in creating chaotic incidents. An environment that’s filled with strife, disorder and all manner of mayhem gives them a thrill like no other.


All they want is job and a “chance”

People who are dysfunctional or societal misfits seem to enjoy occurrences like these because they are surroundings that are familiar or comfortable to them. The chaotic and disorderly home life of blacks, thus, is carried right into the very places they frequent (e.g., schools, buses, restaurants). Calling blacks “dysfunctional,” then, is not meant as a mere racial epithet, but as a way describing how they truly live and conduct themselves before others. 

All semblances of order and decency which are imposed on blacks (e.g., school uniforms, time structure, manners, rules, etc.) by a civilized white society are designed to help restrain them though they more often than not prove to be ineffectual.

We might be tempted to view the chaotic scene above as a unique and perhaps humorous event if it were rare. But there is nothing rare about such scenes when blacks are involved.


Behold America, you’re future!

It’s not that those from other racial groups don’t also, at times, create pandaemonium in public places. They do and it’s likewise embarrassing to watch. Yet with blacks, this is so damn common that we’ve become almost numb to it. Been there, seen that. Youtube and other social media outlets are filled with real-life incidents in which blacks act like . . . well, blacks!

Blacks who are more civilized are offended when they are broad-bushed and made to feel they are no different than the animals who are videotaped on such media venues as ‘WorldStar HipHop’.

Maybe so, but they do nothing about it. The so-called ‘decent’ blacks have been completely ineffective in reforming and civilizing the greater number of their own people. ‘Black leaders’ in America are marked more by scandal and chicanery than by moral decency and personal honor.


‘African-Americans’ get the kind of leaders they deserve

Low-life ghetto culture is tolerated among ‘African-Americans’ because it’s the dominant culture held by the majority of them. The law-abiding, educated, and well-principled black man or woman is actually a minority within a minority; something that’s unique among them as our U.S. prisons and annual FBI crime statistics can attest.


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