It’s What Third-World Peasant Invaders from Mexico Really Want


This is what the peasant invaders from Mexico and Central America really want – to turn the U.S. into Mexico or their version of it. One might ask why they would want this since so many Mexicans are crossing the border illegally to live in the U.S.? In other words, if Mexico’s so great, why don’t they remain there?

They know well that Mexico is not great. In fact, it’s a toilet bowl. This is why they flee their home country and set up new lives in America. What they really want is to have Mexico, but with the benefits of living in a prosperous, first-world nation, the kind ‘gringos’ create wherever they set foot. They want a first-world salary while still retaining their third-world Amerindian peasant culture. They want free education, free health care, and free money via the gullible nature of ‘gringos.’

This is what Mexicans really want.


Like the Muslims, they intend to colonize us

Still we must understand one simple and undeniable fact: They are Mexicans, not Americans. Their heart is in Mexico. They see themselves as Mexicans first, and not as Americans first. This country and its history means nothing to them because it’s not who they are and where they come from. They cannot identify with a nation and its people for whom they cannot relate to either by birth, ethnicity, language, or culture.

Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our struggle for independence from Britain is not something they appreciate nor value. They do not think in such terms. They are foreign concepts. As much as we might want them to, the Mexicans do not think as the White man. They are not our equals and their indigenous cultures and government prove it.

Mexico is a mess, and always has been because of the nature or quality of the people who live there. Their corrupt government, their insane levels of crime, their cartel gangs that war openly against the police in the streets of their cities, and their rampant poverty serve as conclusive evidence that the Mexican people are radically different from European Whites.

Mexico is a hell-hole because in large measure the people who inhabit it are poor, uneducated, and possess low IQ levels. They are a simple people, but not a great people. 


If you want a secure border, you’re automatically a ‘racist’

This is not a denial that there are some wonderful and honorable Mexicans. I know so, and I have met many of them. They are generally a simple-minded and family-oriented people. Some have alleged that the Mexicans are lazy, but I have not found this to be true on any wide scale basis (though it’s very much true of Blacks in America). I admire this about them.

But they are not like us. They are not of us, and they never will be. They are not Caucasians with a long European ancestry that values the rule of law, that exhibit structure and order in all that they do, that esteem formalized education, that appreciate the finer points of arts and culture, who are deeply industrious and creative, and who possess an abiding respect for human rights. This is not who the Mexicans are. 


Liberals want California to be the model for every state

We must ask another important question: Where are all the ‘Mexican-Americans’ who profess to love America when it comes to supporting Trump’s promise to build a wall? How come ‘Mexican-Americans’ are not in the streets in large crowds openly condemning illegal immigration from Mexico? Don’t they believe in America’s sovereignty? Don’t they believe in the ‘rule of law’? Don’t they believe that America’s borders should be secured?

No, they really don’t. As the old saying goes, ‘Blood is thicker than water.’ The illegals who break our immigration laws are their brethren from Mexico. The invaders are their friends and family members. They are a people that ‘Mexican-Americans’ feel a kinship to. This is because so-called ‘Mexican-Americans’ are Mexicans at heart. They are Mexicans first, and Americans second.

Like Blacks, White Americans have embraced a people who are deeply hostile to us. They may not show it as stridently as Blacks, but they see us as people whom they can manipulate, as the evil ‘gringos’ who ‘stole their land.’



Brave White Man Walks Among Rabid Group of Anti-Trump Degenerates: “You Fuckin’ Racist! Get the Fuck Out of Here!”

Once again, the intolerant Left can’t handle it when someone, especially if they’re a Trump supporter, has a contrary opinion. They’ll resort to all forms of thuggery and violence in order to shut-down any dissenters.

One Trump supporter wouldn’t have any of it, and he courageously walked through a group of rabid anti-Trumpers. If only more White people were as brave as this man, Christopher Conway, a mortgage broker from the Bay area.

Some may find it foolish for Conway to have exposed himself to the hostile crowd in the way he did. Perhaps, but I admire the man’s bravery and his unwillingness to allow Leftist thugs to bully him. Thank God he wasn’t seriously injured, although the only thing that might have prevented the hostile crowd from stabbing him or caving in his skull was the presence of so many cameras and reporters.


I wonder how many of the protest organizers will call on their people to tone it down? How many in the media will condemn the assaults on this man? Will Hillary address it and condemn it too? Of course not. If these were Trump supporters doing this to their political opponents in such a public display of hostility, there would be universal condemnations.

But not so when the victim is a White male Trump supporter.

Some might argue that this sort of conduct is precisely what Trump supporters did to anti-Trumpers at recent rallies. No, not quite. Those who who were taunted and even hit by a marginal few Trump supporters had voluntarily entered inside the rallies for the express purpose of disrupting the event. They didn’t just wait until the event was over, and then express their hatred for Trump. They went inside to look for trouble, to prevent others from hearing Trump’s message.

In the case of Conway, the man merely walked through a large group of anti-Trumpers standing outside and shouted, “Trump!” For that he got kicked, hit and threatened. He didn’t disrupt a meeting. He didn’t prevent Hillary or Bernie from saying what they wanted to their own constituents. He didn’t walk into a private building and start screaming in the midst of someone else’s political event. No, he simply walked in public and said what he wanted. He didn’t call the anti-Trumpers “racist” or curse at them. He just walked by and said the name “Trump!”


These incidents, and many like them, demonstrate once and for all who the real fascists in America are. I’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating: The Left is not about free speech for all, but only for themselves. When liberals are the minority, they wax passionately on the virtues of tolerance and free speech. But when they gain the majority, such pleas mean nothing to them.

Liberals are not about a mutually respectful sharing of opposing opinions and then allowing others to reach their own conclusions. No, they consider this dangerous because it opens up the possibility that listeners might be persuaded against their ‘progressive’ viewpoints.

No, It’s best to condemn all contrary opinions, and to shout-down one’s political opponents. It’s best to disrupt the opposition’s meetings and events so as to prevent others from hearing what they don’t agree with. It’s best to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation lest one of their own strays from the established Leftist dogma. All of this has the markings of a cult, a sect of political zombies who cannot be reasoned with.  

This is how liberals think. This is the kind of people they are.


‘Clinton Cash’ (Trailer)

The Clintons have built an empire on corruption. They are so obviously corrupt and disingenuousness that it’s an indictment on the stupidity of the American people that anyone would vote for Hillary after so many public scandals.

In the age of information that we live in, there’s no excuse for any American to be ignorant of the Clinton’s, unless it’s willful ignorance. 

School Yard Fight Exposes the Over-Excited Nature of Negroes

I’ve stated several times in various posts that when Blacks witness a fight, they almost always become unglued, overly-excited and start to shriek loudly. You’ll see them dance around, shake wildly, scream piercingly into the air, and so on. Chimpanzees at the zoo do the same when they witness any kind of commotion or fight.

This is clearly evident in the video above. It’s a testimony to how inherently out-of-control and emotionally-driven these people are. The fat Black kid is, of course, different from the rest of them and he likely will prove to be a member of the ‘talented tenth’ (meaning that among Blacks there’s about 10% of them that can conduct themselves civilly, circumspect, and show an appreciation for education. The vast majority of them simply can’t).

This kind of behavior is so common among Blacks and is so widespread that there’s little doubt that what we are seeing are inherent traits or characteristics common to negroes.


Negroid mesmerized by the White man’s ‘juju’ (magic)

You’ll see these qualities exhibited in almost everything Blacks do. For instance, if you were to visit a Sunday church service comprised of Whites, the members would generally be very composed and the meeting would be marked by order and structure. Granted, White Pentecostal or Charismatic church meetings can get pretty disorderly at times, but even then there tends to be more orderliness than most Black congregations.

In Black churches, however, emotionalism runs rampant, and the so-called ‘sermons’ consist of little if any doctrinal substance. These are raucous meetings, and an almost carnival atmosphere prevails. You’ll see Blacks dancing in the aisles and carrying on in the most carnal manner. Their ‘testimonies’ are nothing more than boastimonies. They’ll attire themselves in the most gaudy, loud and ostentatious clothes imaginable. This too is a form of ‘Hey everyone, look at me!’ 

They’re not at church so much to praise the Lord, but to praise themselves and to draw attention to themselves. They’re ‘religious’ alright, and as soon as they get out of church, they’ll go back to their hood-ratchet ways. The practical implications of Christianity in the form of holiness means nothing to them. They are as ungodly as the pagans that surround them in the hood. 

The point of this is not to suggest that Whites can’t act hypocritically nor get over-emotional, but only that these two racial groups are very much different. It’s the complete opposite of what liberals try to tell us – namely, that there are no real differences between the two races; that ‘race is only a social construct.’

Disgusting Feminist Land Whale Disrupts Speech After Being ‘Triggered’ by the Truth: “Fuck You! Fuck You!”

Here’s Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos trying to reason with the mental midgets at the University of Massachusetts. At one point, after Milo tells the crowd that feminism is a cancer, one disgusting land whale got her jelly-belly all ‘triggered’ and literally engaged in a screaming tantrum in her chair!

Her appearance and everything about her is so over-the-top that one might be tempted to think it’s all a joke, an SNL caricature or something. But it’s not. She’s the poster child for irrational, man-hating feminism. This obese and worthless carcass of stretched cellulite has a future alright – with diabetes and lots of cats! 

It is telling of this generation how little they appreciate free speech. Free speech doesn’t mean one has to agree with the viewpoints of others, but only that a mutually respectful give-and-take should be allowed without shouting down or endlessly interrupting those you don’t see eye-to-eye with.


Today’s young people are not taught to carefully think through an argument, political, religious or otherwise. Their indoctrination centers commonly referred to as ‘public schools’ have only taught them what to think, but never how to think. Thus, their objections frequently center on their ‘feelings’ or are based on politically-correct slogans, the type you’d read on a car bumper.

These same students never hear an opposing viewpoint, so they’re utterly shocked when they come across one. They often don’t know how to respond other than to become emotionally unhinged and accusatory. When all else fails, they resort to racial and sexist epithets (e.g., ‘racist,’ ‘bigot,’ ‘misogynist’).

It’s serves as proof that they cannot think because our schools have never taught them how to think. Who would have ever thought that here in America we would have to teach an entire generation on the importance of free speech? Yet here we are. This is what decades of spoon-fed liberalism has done to the minds of our young men and women.



Employees at Brooklyn Chinese Take-Out Don’t Take Any Crap From Dindus

I don’t know what started this food fight, but I love it that Chinese people don’t give a rat’s ass about being labeled ‘racist.’ They’re not afraid of Dindus either, and they’ll not hesitate to fight back when they start to chimp-out.


He’ll Make a Great Suicide Bomber One Day

Dad’s so proud of his little reckless driver!

Islamic Militants Hack to Death a U.S. Embassy Worker and Gay Rights Activist

For all those gullible types who imagine that Islam will be kind to the world’s anal intruders, consider this story. It’s one more proof of how Muslims have no intention of showing gays or Transgender freaks any ‘tolerance’ for their ‘lifestyle choices.’

Only in the West are gays and LGBTQ types given tolerant treatment. The majority of the world, especially in the middle east, openly condemns such perversions and they have no qualms about proving it too. At best, such fringe groups are driven underground, and become vulnerable to incarceration from the authorities or deadly attacks by Islamic radicals.

That so many gays would stand in condemnation of ‘Islamophobia’ only serves to prove how downright naive and demented they are. They defend and openly support the very people who intend to publicly hang them or throw them off tall buildings to their death.  


The Truth Behind Bleaching: Blacks Girls Just Want to Look Like White Girls


If being Black is so ‘beautiful,’ why are so many Black women trying to look like White women by bleaching their skin and straightening their hair?

I’ve never been physically attracted to Black women, but I have seen some who were quite appealing. They had a natural beauty, and none of them bleached their skin or straightened their hair. Yet, strangely, instead of celebrating their Black skin and unique facial features, Black women today seem do be doing all in their power to look radically different than how they were born.

Blacks hate it that Whites, especially White women, have become the standard of beauty. Yet, in spite of their complaints that this is just one more proof of ‘White privilege,’ Black women seem to be doing all they can to mimic the physical appearance of White women (e.g., skin and hair color).

Some Blacks have argued that this is a form of racial self-hatred. Today’s Black women, it’s argued, have been brainwashed. They have allowed themselves to succumb to social pressure to look White. There may be some truth in this. Still, I doubt that Beyonce, Lil Kim, Rihanna, or Nicki Minaj actually hate themselves. If anything, they’re madly in love with themselves, and completely absorbed with their looks. They want to enhance their beauty, not detract from it. Thus, they try to look more White and less Black.   

I think all this skin bleaching is a tacit admission that White skin is more physically attractive. It’s easier on the eyes. It’s an acknowledgement that White women really do set the standard for beauty throughout the world. Understand too that a good number of these Black women are not just trying to mildly lighten their skin, they’re trying to bleach it to the point of looking like White porcelain dolls. They’re trying to be Whiter than White people! 

Mind you, I’m not saying that Black women don’t have the right to do this. They can color their skin and hair green for all I care. Still, I actually think most of them look better by bleaching their skin and straightening their hair. Who can deny, after all, that Beyonce looks better now than she did 20 years ago?

Either way, all this bleaching is just another silent admission that Whites set the standard for just about everything, including the standard of what it means to be physically beautiful.   













Even though they hate Whites, Blacks still try to look like Whites 

Dindus Are the Same Wherever You Find Them: Blacks in London Steal Water Reserved for Marathon Runners

No matter where you go in the world, Blacks are always the same (yes, I’m quite aware that there are some exceptions historically referred to as the ‘talented tenth’!).

In this case, we’ve got some British Dindus in London raiding the bottled water that was intended for the marathon runners. There appears to be a couple of mudsharks in the mix too but, mostly, it’s a group of all-grabbing, ‘gibs-me-dat’ Dindus.

The folks who provided the water left it unattended because they probably didn’t figure a looting brigade comprised of Dindus would show up and steal all the water. But this where having a racial consciousness and a knowledge of Dindus is so important. At least one or two people should have been left at the scene to protect the water from the grubby hands of impulsive Dindus and their mudshark admirers.


Why was no one surprised that it was Blacks doing this? How come no one is ever shocked when the criminals are discovered to have been negroes? It’s because we all know – even among those who are apologists for negro dysfunction who merely engage in rationalizations to justify such conduct – that thievery and criminal violence is the nature of Blacks.

While all racial groups as humans may steal or even commit murder at times, only Blacks have unusually strong proclivities to do so. Their impulsive and temperamental natures spurs them to insane levels of crime and violence.

This explains why Black-run cities and countries are so deep in poverty and why their neighborhoods have a war-torn appearance to them. This is how the Black man conducts his life, and the squalor he is content to live in.


A people born to beg and depend on government

Blacks may complain about their self-imposed living conditions, but they do little if anything to change it. It’s why the problem is never resolved and why it’s impossible for them collectively to change things. These problems are inherent and deeply cultural.

Blacks do what they do because that’s who they are. Crime and violence is a reflection of who they are inherently and the caliber of people they remain as. This is why government ‘programs’ will never change the ‘content of their character’ nor their so-called ‘communities.’

Government can’t change the inherent nature and natural proclivities of negroes. This is why it’s always failed too wherever its been tried. 


A people who steal, kill and destroy 

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