Germans Are Starting to Wake Up to the Islamic Plague

Many of the German people are starting to wake up to the Islamic plague in their midst. A large percentage are completely oblivious and are more concerned about being perceived as ‘Nazis’ than in protecting their homeland from a third-world invasion.

This is how insane whites throughout the West have become. They worry more about perceptions than about the reality of foreigners who will forever change the ethnic and cultural landscape.

The good news is that in spite of the disastrous inroads that multiculturalism has made on the psyche of whites, they are beginning to awaken and recognize that defending one’s race and preserving one’s culture is neither evil nor ‘racist.’ Rather, it is good and proper. 

Video of Dead Children in Peshawar School Attack (Warning: Graphic!)

Here’s video footage of the children who were murdered by Taliban muslims in yesterday’s Peshawar school attack.

The tears and wailing you hear is the sound that Islam always brings to its adherents and victims. To be a muslim is to invite destruction and misery, the kind we see daily throughout the world wherever Islam takes root.

White westerners had better take heed to this warning because next time it may be your children. 

Over 140 People Killed (mostly children!) by Muslim Taliban Murderers

“By their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16)

This incident is yet another proof that wherever Islam dominates in any nation of the world, it brings death, misery, great sadness and sorrow.

What kind of people are these who so eagerly kill the most innocent of our societies? What kind of religion is this that urges its adherents to murder anyone who refuses to submit to their primitive and ass-backwards dogma?

Why are the worst forms of cruelty and inhumanity always associated with Islam and muslims? What should this tell us about the nature of Islam?    

How many more people, particularly children, have to die before we wake up to the realization that Islam is a fanatical, bloodthirsty death cult? 

The West is playing with a venomous cobra when it thinks it can permit mass immigration from third-world muslims and have it not affect and, ultimately, destroy them.


Black Man Who Fights Two Cops Spurred On by Another Black Man

This incident, allegedly, occurred in Hawthorne (CA). But whether it’s in Hawthorne, Oakland, or in Detroit, these are the kind of dirt-bags that police officers must deal with on a daily basis.

Resistance to all kinds of authority, especially police authority, is a common occurrence among these savage animals.

In the days ahead, we are guaranteed to see even more of these types of incidents as blacks do everything in their power to throw off all forms of civility and restraint.

This will not work well for them, though, as the eyes of many whites will begin to open and see blacks for what they truly are – namely, a savage and highly dysfunctional race of people who repeatedly prove that they don’t belong in first-world nations marked by order and civility.

Bill Cosby Gets Racial: Only Expects the “Black Media” to Have a “Neutral Mind”

Here’s two of the far-Left loons from TYT who sort of get it when it comes to what Bill Cosby is really expecting from the “black media.” Cosby’s statement is code-word for “Y’all need to be backing me up cuz I’m a brotha!”

Once again, we see that when blacks come under personal attack, even the best of them resort to racial solidarity. Unlike whites, they expect those of their own race to come to their defense. This is why even conservative blacks cannot be trusted to not play the proverbial ‘race card.’ They will always appeal to it – no matter their political affiliation – when things don’t quite go their way.  

By the way, Cosby didn’t “throw black people under the bus several times in the past” as the gal in the video argues. Rather, he discussed before everyone what most of us already knew anyways, and tried to call his own people to greater account for their actions. He criticized black males for their sagging pants, called for negroes to stop blaming whites for all their problems, and slammed the general ignorance of ‘African-Americans’ who have disdain for formal education and speaking proper English. 


Cosby had taken the high ground in helping blacks face their dysfunctional ways. That should hardly been seen as ‘throwing blacks under the bus’ even though Cosby himself was acting hypocritically in his own private life.

To the liberal, though, Cosby’s words were the equivalent of racial high treason. 

One last point. Although I haven’t addressed it yet in a full post, I find it very typical of black males that Cosby has been discovered to have raped so many women. It may be surprising to learn that such a well-known actor had repeatedly done this sort of thing, but for those of us who are race-cosncious, it’s really not much of a shocker.

Black males, as I have labored to argue in other posts, have unusually strong proclivities toward raping females. I know it sounds like I’m just making baseless and inflammatory accusations, but this is not the case at all. Rape is an epidemic throughout much of the African continent as many foreign aid workers can attest. Wherever blacks reside, there will always be enormous numbers of rapes, even though the media will try its best to keep much of this quiet.


More Proof of the General Ignorance of U.S. College Students

Hillary Clinton is a limousine liberal (or social-Marxist in this case). The woman is way out-of-touch with the vast majority of Americans. She hasn’t even driven a car since 1996!

But we already knew that.

What I’m surprised by in this story is how seemingly bright college students couldn’t even get remotely close to guessing Hillary’s real age.

Like Hillary, most of these young people are themselves almost just as out-of-touch with reality as she is. 


Black Gutter Rat Shoots Baltimore Police Officer

“He din do nuffins”

This is Your Brain on Ebonics

Any questions?

NYC Marchers Want “Dead Cops!”

Declaring openly that they want to see “dead cops” now is not too bright.

But, then again, marching on behalf of deceased criminal thugs doesn’t reveal one to be particularly bright anyways.  

Racially Naive White Republicans ‘Reaching Out’ to Minorities

The GOP is dying. It’s going the way of the Whig Party. They’re trying every strategy possible to bring minorities, particularly blacks and Hispanics, into their party, but it will all prove fruitless.

In Chatham County (GA), republicans are having “meet and greet” gatherings in the park so that the local third-worlders can “get to know the party.” In fact, according to local Republican Party Chairwoman, Elizabeth Overton, she wants desperately to “get them to see us as the same people they are.”

Yeah, right. Take a look at all those elderly lily-white republicans sitting on their lawn chairs in the video. Do you seriously think the Hispanic peasant invaders or the county’s black population is going to want to identify with them? Do you really think large numbers of young people are going to want to join a political party that resembles the residents of a convalescent hospital?


On their way to register as republicans

The Democrat spokesman featured in the news report said that local republicans have “an uphill battle.” No, it’s more like an impossible battle.

These white republicans have no racial consciousness. They don’t understand the tribal nature of humans. They don’t understand the vast cultural differences between them and the people they’re attempting to ‘reach.’

Having feasted on various forms of multiculturalism their entire lives, these whites think that if they can just show minorities that they’re ‘just like them’ and intellectually persuade them that a party committed to limited government is better than a party that gives out endless government goodies to its citizens, they’ll become republicans. Fat chance!

Aside from the fact that no political party can successfully compete against Santa Claus, the Amerindian peasant invaders they hope to reach are largely illiterate, possessing at best a grade school education.

The concepts enumerated in our U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the prevailing political viewpoints of our nation’s founders are way over their heads. They simply don’t think in such terms.

Those few minorities who might join their party will do so only to exploit these naive whites and to gain favors from from them in the form of jobs and social clout. Like insects, they’ll eagerly feed off the carcass of a dead and decaying beast (i.e., the GOP).


Natural, ‘family-values’ republicans 

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