America’s Wonderful Negroes: “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon!”

Let it never be forgotten that all of this is the result of the 60s civil rights movement when whites foolishly invited blacks to dwell within our societies – all because we lamely thought ‘they’re just us.’

If we wish to take it back even further, it’s the direct result of certain white slave owners who thought they could get something for nothing – in this case, cheap labor for their cotton fields (sounds somewhat similar to the current cheap labor we’ve encouraged from Mexico, doesn’t it?). All they managed to do was to transplant a primitive and low-intelligence race of people existing on the African continent onto our continent.

But nothing is ever free.   

Has not the past 50 years proven how vastly different and even inferior they are from us? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that blacks in astronomical numbers are unable to adapt to a civilized society. We expect a standard of behavior from negroes that they are unable to comply with. It is not who they are. It is not what they are able to do (at least not on any large-scale basis).

As offensive as it may sound to some ears, these people clearly do not belong in our ordered societies where rules are expected to be obeyed and where civility and common decency is taken for granted.

How much more conflict, aggression, and violence from blacks are whites expected to endure? How many more of our white police officers and deputy sheriff’s must be executed before we come to our senses and stand up against this black plague? How much longer are we expected to bear the brunt of all their many failures and their dysfunctional ways before we turn away from these people and refuse to do anything more on their behalf?


A race of people who cannot adapt to civilized norms

Welcome to Germany or Welcome to the Third-World?

This is a depressing report from 2013 concerning the German government’s continuous efforts to displace indigenous Germans with third-world muslims and Africans.

Listen to how the mayor of Berlin describes the disrespectful treatment that muslims engage in toward the German police. He later expressed the frustration of trying to reason with the German people over the real problem of muslim assimilation only to be called a “Nazi” by them.

Germans are in such fear and bondage to their past, that they cannot and will not enact policies to protect and preserve their own culture. They are on a very real suicide mission.

Even when it is abundantly apparent that  newly arrived ‘migrants’ from the middle east and sub-Saharan Africa refuse to assimilate, overburden their generous welfare system, and do all in their power to transform the country into something it never was historically, the vast majority of Germans remain willfully blind and apathetic to what is occurring. 

Folks, we are literally witnessing before our very eyes the invasion and ruin of Europe. A ‘fundamental transformation’ is taking place, and massive numbers of whites think it’s a good thing!?

No other racial group in the history of mankind, expect whites, have so willingly and cheerfully given up their societies, their history, and their unique cultures on behalf of vastly inferior racial and ethnic groups.

How long will whites standby while their elected officials give away their countries to low-skilled, third-world peasants?      

Living Among America’s Black Plague

Make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle while watching the wild animals.  

You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Not Even to a Fast-Food Drive-Thru!


How NOT to do Police Work: Philly Cop Extorts Driver

Unbelievable! This stupid cop thought he was being cool by extorting a negro driver (purchasing police raffle tickets in exchange for not towing his unregistered car), but he was being played the entire time because the driver had the good sense to record him.

Aside from violating his law enforcement code of ethics, the cop forgot one of the basic rules of modern police work: You’re always being watched or recorded in some form by the public!

In today’s politically-correct climate which views with suspicion anything officers say or do, the last thing we need is an officer fanning the flames of public distrust by blatantly extorting the people he conducts traffic stops on.

Besides, cameras are so small these days that they can be hidden anywhere, which means they could be recording an officer and he wouldn’t even know it.

The entire notion of selling police raffle tickets on duty is lame, and sets up officers for a potential conflict between their sworn duties and seeking to obtain money from the public.  

Black Woman Doesn’t Realize That ‘Diversity’ is Her Strength

Anyone who spends any serious time around blacks knows that they are more racist than whites by far. They have no inhibitions about expressing in public exactly what they think of whites, Asians or, in this case, people from India.

Doesn’t this woman realize that ‘diversity’ is her strength? Doesn’t she realize with the installment of the magic negro in the White House that America has reached a ‘post-racial’ era?

Truth is, that nonsense means nothing to her. That’s for white people to believe, not for blacks.

Only whites are required to live by ‘post-racial’ standards in which nothing is ever said that can even remotely be deemed ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted.’ The black woman in the video feels no shame for her crude racial tirade because there’s no societal requirement for her to do so.

‘African-Americans’ are exempt from the very thing they demand of whites.  



Deputy Sheriff Executed by Black Male in Harris County (TX)

America’s black plague takes another white life

Black “Teen” Shoots White Man Trying to Protect His Wife & Kids During Home Invasion

By the grace of God, this white couple survived a truly horrific ordeal. Still, I can’t help but believe they are a little naive. Opening the door without first looking to see who was there was not particularly smart – especially if he saw that they were black males!

I think this man needs the gift of fear! 

They appear to be a Christian couple and, if so, they’ve likely been fed a load of nonsense about racial egalitarianism. I admire the man’s bravery, however, in protecting his wife and kids. When it came down to it, he knew the right thing to do.

Hopefully, his multi-racial bubble was popped and he came to his senses about weak-minded notions of racial equality or the idea that blacks only commit crime because of poverty and past slavery.


Michael & Whitney Lash: Victims of the black plague


Brandon Jerome Smith: What America’s civil rights movement gave us

‘Black Lives Matter’ Textbook Published and Aimed at Sixth Graders

If you haven’t discovered it yet, public education is primarily aimed at indoctrinating our young people, getting them to view the world from a Leftist perspective.

Though public school officials and their supporters claim to have a well-rounded education as their goal, in practice it’s all about fashioning the minds of their students toward liberal socio-political ideals.

If at all possible, whites must do all they can to remove their children from government schools into private schools, or better, to be home-schooled. I’m aware that not everyone can do this.


For those who can’t, I recommend at a minimum reversing everything your child is taught by teaching them the truth, showing them how to think logically, to expose fallacies in various forms of arguments, and to counter all that the Left teaches them with reason. 

You can also make it fun by ridiculing liberal viewpoints. Show them how nutty liberals really are, and have a good laugh in the process.

Remember: Ultimately, it’s your responsibility as a parent to educate your children, not the government’s.


College Makes Everyone Smarter . . . No, really!

For more on the college racket, see my two-part AK article, ‘The College Racket’ (April 15, 2013). 

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