A Good Way to Deal with Europe’s OTHER Plague, the Gypsies

Muslims are not the only plague that Europe faces. They also have the thieving and begging gypsies that have infested the continent. Here’s some store owners who decided to take matters into their own hands. 

You don’t want these folks in your neighborhood 

Mainstream Conservative Elites Are NOT Our Friends: Richard Spencer Kicked Out of CPAC

Richard Spencer was booted from CPAC yesterday even though he had been invited by organizers of the event. It was on first day of the conference that they realized they had invited a ‘Neo-Nazi’ which is, essentially, how everyone on the ‘Alt-Right’ is viewed by mainstream conservatives.

It’s another clear indication that while we as race-conscious Whites would agree with much of conservative ideology (low taxes, limited government, a strong military, traditional marriage roles, etc.), we are not really conservatives per se. We set ourselves apart from them because we recognize the importance of both race and culture. Today’s conservatives are race neutral, and are often just as militant in support of multiculturalism and the ‘diversity’ rainbow as liberals. Like those on the Left, they engage in virtue signaling to prove to others how ‘non-racist’ they are.

Conservatives hold exclusively to ‘propositional nation’ concepts at the exclusion of ‘blood and soil’ concepts. In other words, they see as American anyone who merely adheres to a set of propositional principles as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. Any race or ethnicity of people has a rightful claim to being an American so long as they intellectually adhere to these principles. They do not see Whites as unique or distinctive even though most people throughout the world equate an ‘American’ with being White. The same could be said for being ‘British’ or ‘Swedish.’

By the way, I’m not denying the value of propositional principles that help to define any nation or people, including those surrounding the founding of the United States. I’m only saying that these alone are not sufficient by themselves. An American is more than just a set of abstract concepts or principles, but must include ‘blood and soil,’ that is, matters of race and ancestry. Being an American, then, involves both a set of propositional beliefs and racial identity.

The nation’s founding stock and what race of people the Founders of our republic saw as the rightful heirs of what they established, according to the typical CPAC conservative, does not belong to Whites exclusively, but to anyone who merely accepts a set of abstract principles. This ‘American’ can be a Sub-Saharan African, Mexican, Asian and even middle-eastern Muslim.

This is how contemporary conservatives think, but it’s not how racially-conscious Whites think. I’m not saying that such non-Whites aren’t legally Americans, but only that racialist Whites do not see them as real or true Americans in light of what the Founders thought. John Jay echoed our sentiments in the second of The Federalist Papers when he gave thanks that “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people, a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.”

Contrary to widespread belief, modern conservative views of race and what constitutes an American would be foreign ideas to our Founders, including the early citizenry of our once great nation. They did not even view Blacks as Americans, but as property. I’m not saying I agree with slavery or that Blacks should be seen as property, but only that the Founders were not inclined to view non-Whites as legitimate Americans. Only those of European and, especially, of British stock were seen as Americans.

Many early Americans, in fact, were even opposed to German and Irish immigration because though they were racially White, it was felt that they would not assimilate to American culture and our manner of life. If they held reservations about Germans and the Irish, do you seriously think they would have gladly received Africans, Asians, Mexicans and Muslims as being equally American? The answer should be obvious. 

The native Indians scattered throughout the continent were also not viewed as Americans in spite of being called ‘Native Americans’ many years later. They were not historically seen as Americans in the more conventional sense because they were not citizens and did not see themselves as Americans nor did they call their land America. Their entire identity was wrapped up in their tribe of people. Even the name ‘America’ has a European etymology which derives from Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer who explored the new continents in the years following Christopher Columbus’s great voyage in 1492.

CPAC’s leadership was wrong to have kicked Spencer out of their conference. They missed a great opportunity by not allowing him to address the convention or at least to talk freely to the folks inside.

In spite of many lessons they should have learned from Trump’s election against all odds, they apparently wish to return to being the party of graceful losers, of grinning monkeys instead of political reformers and fighters, and of being just a little to the right of Leftist democrats.   


Female Trump Supporters Close Their Nordstrom Accounts After the Corporation Drops Ivanka’s Line

Folks, this is how we got to start fighting the Left, especially politically-correct corporations that try to punish right-wingers or our president because they don’t agree with his political policies.

Simply remove the life-blood from them by closing credit card accounts and not purchasing anything from their stores. Let them know exactly why you’re doing it too, as these lovely ladies did. 

By the way, did you notice that these female Trump supporters don’t look anything like the typical Birkenstock liberal woman? Nothing dumpy and frumpy about them! Liberal yentas, pay attention! 

We need to starve the beast of Left-leaning corporations. Let them hear your voice, and the absence of your cash. I predict that eventually there will be reversal of attitude on their part.

Money talks!  

This is Why You Cannot Have Rational Conversations with Feminist Libtards

Liberal White women, especially those of the more militant type, are the most disgusting creatures in the world. This dweebish gal, Sunsara Taylor, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program and she almost never ceased her screeching. It was impossible at points for Tucker to even ask her a question.

Sunsara (with that name her parents had to have been Libtards too!), you see, didn’t appear on the show to have a ‘conversation’ as liberals often claim, but to dominate the segment and to preach her propaganda. She even espoused violence in her cause to overthrow Trump. I thought liberals were all about peace, acceptance and tolerance?

She has no problem employing violence for her cause (communist liberals never do!) because she’s filled with a shit-load of self-righteousness. This is not the same as righteous indignation, mind you. She might have some righteous indignation had Trump committed real crimes against her or the American people, but he has done nothing of the sort. Trump has done nothing wrong to this unhinged Libtard. He has not taken away any of her rights. He has not impoverished her. He has not increased her taxes. He has not arrested her nor barred her from making the kinds of foolish public pronouncements that she’s repeatedly made. 

Sunsara doesn’t understand this basic truth of life

As the forty-fifth president of the United States, Trump has done everything in his power to protect the American people by removing criminal illegals who have no right to be in this country in the first place. He has sought to prevent mass Muslim immigration to the U.S. for very obvious reasons but which has to be explained repeatedly to naive liberals because they can’t grasp the concept that some people are bad and wish to harm us. Because Trump has seen the horrific societal problems that Muslims bring in places like Europe and Australia, he has wisely sought to prevent their presence among the American people whom he has sworn to protect. 

Yet this little self-righteous twit (twat?) wants a national uprising to overthrow the only man in decades who is taking serious steps to drain the Washington establishment swamp. Even stranger, Trump is not even what many would describe as a ‘conservative.’ He’s not a ‘racist’ and has no history of racially insensitive comments (in spite of what liberals presume). He’s not anti-gay and it’s evident he really doesn’t care what they do. Yet Sunsara and her anarchist friends want to physically unseat Trump?!

Well, guess what little Susie or whatever the hell your silly name is? There are millions of Trump supporters who will resist you, including all your feminist spinsters and Beta-boys, if you try to forcibly remove or harm our president. The Secret Service as well as the military, of course, would prevent it too – and it won’t be pretty either! 

Mussolini had some things right

Now, here’s some advice for you Susie. Stop your carpet-munching and find yourself a man. No, not the kind of guy who wears a ‘man-bun’ like the girly men who orbit around you every day hoping to get your attention. I’m talking about a real man, the kind of guy who drives a truck (GMC, Chevy or Ram and not a damn Honda Ridgeline!), who wears Carhartt clothing, and who takes the lead in the relationship. Yeah, one of those. In other words, he wears the pants (something you secretly want and need, but you won’t admit).

Cease your Libtardism immediately. In other words, unfuck yourself and renounce your childish liberal beliefs. Stop playing in the streets protesting with all your grungy fellow misfits. Stop your angry and petty ways. Take a shower, put on some makeup, and start wearing a skirt more regularly. 

And while you’re at it, get yourself married to a hard-core White nationalist, and settle down and start having White children – lot’s of them! Start being a mother and homemaker because that’s the only place you’ll ever find true fulfillment. Then, and only then, will it dawn on you that being in a loving home, in subjection to your husband, and surrounded by your adorable children is where you belong. That’s where you’ll be most happy as all women were meant to be. 

Guaranteed to be single and have lots of cats later in life

Richard Spencer Nailed it in Regards to Milo Yiannopoulos’ Recent Downfall

I commend Richard Spencer’s analysis and review of Milo Yiannopoulos’ recent downfall in which indefensible statements he made about pedophilia were revealed.

Though many have embraced Milo (mostly among those of the ‘Alt-Light’), I did not for a plethora of reasons. In my opinion, no White identity cause can long endure if it’s led by flamboyant personalities who are positive toward pedophilia or pederasty, who are inordinately effeminate, and who openly espouse homosexuality. Such perversions or moral deviancy are inherently destructive to the family structure and healthy marriages (man and woman) which is vital for the kinds of White societies we wish to have.

Any society we wish to create for our White posterity cannot be grounded on weak views of  homosexuality, Transgenderism, and feminism. If the poison of modern liberalism or social-Marxism is permitted free reign and not resisted within any future White nation that we create, we will find ourselves fighting all of the same battles over again. Giving Leftist ideology any legitimacy in a future White ethnostate is equivalent to allowing hordes of non-Whites into our new country under the umbrella of ‘tolerance.’    

Moreover, you’re just not going to attract to your cause the average American man and woman who were raised with Christian beliefs or who have a strong sense of right and wrong and of what is seen as normal. Most of them will be repelled by flamboyant and freakish Milo types who openly boast about how many Black cocks they’ve sucked. They will naturally reject any message coming from his cum-stained mouth no matter how truthful it may be. 

This, more than anything, led me to reject Milo as any kind of leader of the ‘Alt-Right.’ In fairness, Milo never claimed to be a leader in the ‘Alt-Right’ movement, but many said he was and wanted him to take on a more visible role among ‘Alt-Righters.’ I’m glad he didn’t and his recent downfall proved I was right in rejecting him. By the way, I wasn’t the only one. Several White nationalists and ‘Alt-Righters’ were discerning enough to distance themselves from him. 

For more on my opinions of Milo, see my post: “Milo Yiannopoulos sings the national anthem in drag: Is this our ‘Alt-Right’ leader? Is this who we are? Does this reflect our message of White identity?” (published 9/23/2016).    

A Glimpse into Daily Life in America Without the Presence of Whitey

What you’re watching in this video is typical daily life throughout America’s fruited plains once Whitey is gone or, at least, when we become a very small minority. This is what a non-White America will look like, except it will be similar and multiple conflicts like this on steroids! 

The presence of Whites with their advanced cultures, their natural civility, their ordered societies, and their ‘rule of law’ – which in many ways has a restraining effect on the lower races and ethnic groups – will be no more once the White man’s influences are gone.

Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise. Think of all those colonial nations that were once ruled by the White man. Where are they today? Have their societies improved or have they experienced great decline since Whites moved away? The answer should be obvious if we know our history and understand the reality of race differences.

Isn’t life without the White man grand?

More Gender Confusion from the Left: Mother and Son Transition into Father and Daughter!?

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Black Man Who Murdered His Pregnant Girlfriend Fatally Shot by Chicago Police During Firefight (two cops were injured)

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “IPRA has released several body cam videos from the November 28 shootout that injured two Chicago Police Officers. The suspect, identified as 36 year old Richard Grimes, fatally shot his pregnant girlfriend Ashley Williams, 24, in the stomach. Grimes left the scene but ran into officers responding in the first block of North Kenton, where he fired a handgun at the officers before running away. Grimes was spotted again in a gangway in the 4500 block of West Washington where he shot again, striking two officers causing injuries ‘consistent with a graze wound from a bullet.’ Officers returned fire, fatally striking him in the head and chest.”


Is this really so tragic? Is this a good ending or a bad one? What kind of children do you think these two would have spawned onto society? Do you seriously think their gutter seed would have been marked by civility and lawfulness? I think you know the answer.

Oh, and don’t forget that ‘Black Lives Matter.’    

Richard Grimes: ‘He was such a good boy’ 

Ashley Williams: Known for her great choice in men

When ‘Mexican-Americans’ Speak Truth: Former ‘Homie’ and Hispanic Trump Supporter Condemns Illegal Immigration and ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Although this guy is a rare bird, it’s still encouraging to listen to him lecture the Cudahy city council (southern California) on being a ‘sanctuary city.’ You can tell he’s a former ‘homie’ of the ‘barrio.’ This is a guy who knows the streets, and he’s seen a lot in his lifetime. He’s also witnessed firsthand the problems that illegal immigrants from Mexico bring.

What you’re also witnessing is someone who has grown up. He’s put aside his childish beliefs about ‘La Raza’ and hating on the White man. I don’t know what provoked him to stand up so boldly in support of Trump, but it sure is refreshing.

If only more ‘Mexican-Americans’ were as outspoken against the Mexican invasion. If only more of the them condemned our law-breaking city councils who imagine that condoning the illegal entry of hordes of low-skilled workers from Mexico will somehow be good for the United States.

Another Typical Day at the Waffle House

These people can’t even work together

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