Answer Not A Fool According to His Folly

This video is being passed around on some sites as an example of a Constitutionally informed man ‘owning’ the cops. In truth, the video is proof that a little knowledge is dangerous – and this black guy with a snake wrapped around his neck is dangerous!

This LAPD Sergeant at the Venice Boardwalk apparently cited the man because he didn’t have a license for the large snake he was parading around in public. I guess in Los Angeles you need a permit for this sort of thing. It’s probably just another way city officials can get more money from the public, but there’s a way of handling even that which doesn’t cause one to look like a fool while arguing with the cops.

The black guy declares, “I’m a sovereign king” and demands that the Sergeant produce identification to show who he is. He then tries to confound the cop on whether his detention is an arrest or not. The cop rightly points that what he’s doing, while certainly a detention, is not an arrest. The courts of have clearly defined what constitutes a detention and what is a lawful arrest – and they’re not quite the same. If it were, we could argue that a simple traffic stop (which involves a brief detention) is an arrest (which it isn’t). But numb-nuts with the snake who thinks he’s a lawyer doesn’t understand the law.

I’ve seen these types on more occasions than I can count. They sound persuasive to those who either don’t understand the issues or who have IQs lower than the man being cited. Trying to make sense of what he’s talking about is frustrating as arguing with the wind – “Fury and sound, signifying nothing.”

The Sergeant has enough sense not to engage him in a battle of wits because he knows the man can’t be reasoned with. As the old biblical adage goes, “Answer not a fool according to his folly.” The snake man is not about reasoned dialogue between two people who actually try to listen to each other’s viewpoints. No, he’s about drawing attention to himself, using sophisticated words of which he has little historical understanding, and hoping he’ll persuade enough people standing around to give a boost to his ego. Blacks, especially, are great at this kind of thing.

If you could ever get them in a formal and civilized debate forum where they wouldn’t be allowed to continually interrupt their opponent and where what they espouse would be intellectually dissected, they wouldn’t stand a chance. These kind of people are skilled at throwing out endless questions and talking fast while they baffle others with their bullshit. But when you slow them down and start probing their ideas, you quickly discover that they’re nothing more than pseudo-intellectuals.

Nabisco: Helping to Normalize the Abnormal

If you’ve ever wondered how cultural-Marxism has taken such deep roots in our country, this Nabisco commercial shows how it’s done. The entire presentation suggests that both homosexuality and gay parenting is healthy and ‘normal.’

After all, look at how loving, tender, and stable the gay couple in the commercial are! But this ignores what has been demonstrated throughout all of human history – namely, that children do best in a loving and stable home with both a mother and a father.

Two men pretending to take on this vital role doesn’t cut it. Yes, I know that some children raised by gay parents have turned out fine, but many haven’t. Many grow up quite confused, knowing full-well that having ‘two daddies’ is downright weird.

The healthy influences and roles that both a woman and a man bring to a child’s development is necessary for him or her being well-balanced and emotionally stable. No matter how badly a homosexual man thinks he can be a mother to a small infant or toddler, he will never truly replace that which a female can provide. He can never achieve the unique role and touch that only a real mother can give.

Again, homosexual parents are pretenders; they’re counterfeits to the real thing. Like every Leftist social experiment, this too will fail miserably because it runs counter to the created order (i.e., the way we’ve been designed). 

H/T Angry White Dude

“Bad Week” in Chicago: 36 People Shot Over the Weekend, 4 of Them Fatal


During this past weekend in Chicago there were 36 people shot, four of them fatally. Chicago’s Chief of Police, Garry McCarthy, called it a “bad week.” He thinks lax gun laws are to blame for the increase of violence.

Truth is, if more people in the city were granted concealed carry permits, there would be far less innocent victims. The only people who would really be dying are the ‘sons of Obama’ but, in that case, they’d be getting everything they deserve. The gang-members would still be killing each other off, but so what? No tears for them. 

Chicago, like most big cities, are not violent and dangerous places because of the hot weather, not enough recreational parks, not enough jobs, or because their communities ‘lack opportunities.’ No, they are dangerous because a large population of blacks reside there.


This death toll compels us to ask some serious questions: What is it about these people who feel the need to gun-down those of their own race, including many people outside of their racial group? What does this persistent problem, that never seems to go away, teach us about the nature of these folks – or are such questions too dangerous to entertain?

As uncomfortable it may be to admit to ourselves, blacks have a persistent habit of turning their neighborhoods and cities into crime-infested shit-holes. How come so many blacks and whites can’t admit what is so patently obvious? Turning everything into shit is about the only thing, as a race of people, they outdo every other racial group in – and I’ll have to concede, they’re quite good at it too!


I Wonder if They’ll Do the Same for All the White Victims of Black Savagery?

This is how insane and brain-dead our society is. Here’s Alabama State University’s marching band  in 2013 forming the name “Trayvon” in honor of the “No-Limit-Nigga.”

The announcer requests that the crowds rise and join the marching band “as we salute the life of Trayvon Martin.” Why would anyone with even an ounce of sense want to “salute” the life of a rebellious, dope-smoking thug who died at the hands of someone he was brutally victimizing?

Will the marching band do the same for all the whites who have been murdered and raped by blacks? Typical of the times we live in, the MSM and hordes of blacks and DWLs will virtually pronounce sainthood on the likes of a ghetto rat such as Trayvon Martin, yet remain eerily silent over the huge multitude of whites who have been murdered, raped, robbed, savagely beaten and disfigured by the many marauding black males who roam our cities. 



Chicago Rapper ‘Blood Money’ Shot & Killed by Another Hood Rat – It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Guy!

Now that’s what I call talent!

Thugs-in-Training: Black Toddlers Smoking Marijuana

And people wonder why blacks are so dysfunctional?

More on Jeb Bush’s Idiocy



H/T Moonbattery

Volatile Black Man Shoots & Kills 3 of His Siblings

Yuri Bezmenov Warned Us: An Interview Every American MUST Hear!

Here’s an interview from 1984 of the Russian defector and former propaganda agent for the KGB, Yuri Bezmenov, who explained how Communists worked to internally weaken and help destroy the U.S.

Yuri explains that most of their efforts did not spring from espionage per se, but from carefully crafted propaganda intended to destabilize America from within. By employing useful idiots such as Leftist university professors, influential radicals, ‘progressive’ authors, including a host of politicians and elites whom they could manipulate for their cause, Communists made great strides in ‘fundamentally transforming’ the U.S.


The Communist infiltrators rightly recognized that the U.S. would not be overthrown by the use of weapons, but by a slow process of propaganda designed to change the American way of thinking about life, politics, society and the world around us.

His discussion of ‘useful idiots’ is particularly enlightening, and he makes it clear that once their goals had been achieved, they would be disposed of. Yuri explains that once the ‘useful idiots’ understood the true purpose of their Communistic efforts, one that didn’t include them, they would stand opposed to what they had formerly professed. True Marxists can’t have that, and so they usually have those who formerly aligned with them executed or imprisoned. Marxist revolutions are filled with such treacherous acts as history has revealed.

Yuri also points out that a good many of the strange Leftist philosophies, including the various movements for ‘civil rights’ and ‘human rights’ were directly orchestrated by Communists as a means of destabilizing our nation. Their intention was to challenge and weaken the dominant American culture with its commitment to Christian morality, common ethics, and patriotism. They sought to demoralize Americans and to tear at the fabric that held us together as a nation. The damage which the 60s radicals did to the moral fibre of our nation was a great victory for Russian propagandists like Yuri at the time.


This interview is absolutely fascinating! What both amazes as well as alarms me is what Yuri predicted concerning the kind of society their devious efforts would create – the very one that we see today! Listen carefully, and tell me if you can’t hear him describe perfectly what we are experiencing at this very moment in our history.

This man, in 1984, provided Americans a glimpse of what was to come and it’s absolutely chilling to hear his words. Yuri wasn’t a prophet, he just knew the nature of Communism and what they had intended for us from the very beginning.

Yuri has since passed, but were he here today to witness what this once great has become, he would stand both amazed at how truly successful the Communist propaganda was and appalled at the complete stupidity of the American people. 


Muslims Hijacking Public Streets for their Pagan Worship: Middle-East or Australia?





A good sign to look for to find out if your country is doomed by multiculturalism is to keep your eyes out for crowds of middle easterners bent over with their asses in each other’s faces on public streets. If so, your nation is in deep doo-doo!  

The photographs above are from Lakemba in Sydney where a large mosque has been erected. Aside from religious reasons, I think much of this is a visible sign to the indigenous people of Australia that they, the muslims, have conquered their land. 

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