Rep. Trey Gowdy Verbally Demolishes Wimpy Baltimore Law Professor

Here’s Trey Gowdy (R-SC) doing what he does best – namely, demolishing IRS administration officials, Liberal enablers and, in this case, wimpy Baltimore law professor, Charles Tiefer.

Good Lord, that professor is woefully unprepared! Who the hell did he think he was appearing before? 

Hamas Kid’s Show Urges Palestinian Children to Shoot All the Jews

Aww, isn’t that just adorable? It’s truly the mark of a ‘religion of peace’ to teach its children to beat-up, injure, and shoot all the Jews, don’t you think?

The Wonders of ‘Diversity’: Whites Savagely Attacked by Black Males with Bats

These brutal attacks against two white men in the St. Roch area are clearly racial in nature, yet the media won’t admit to it nor identify the race of the perpetrators. Even the victim in this latest incident, 54-year-old William Murphy, won’t concede that his attack was prompted by hatred for whites.

In another news story concerning violence in the New Orleans area, William Murphy is again featured. In describing his recent attack, he stated merely that he was “in the wrong place.” No, Mr. Murphy, you were the wrong skin color.


The clueless Mr. Murphy

In describing his attackers possible motive, Mr. Murphy has also stated, “My speculation is I don’t think that it’s about holding a grudge against anybody in particular,” he said. “I think it’s holding a grudge against society in general.”

His response shows how demented whites have become as a result of decades of anti-white propaganda. Even when there’s clear indication that Murphy was singled out for black savagery solely because he was white, he refuses to believe it and attributes it to other factors!


The bigger question is if the tables were reversed and same two occurrences involved whites brutalizing blacks, would it still have been a relatively minor news story as this one?

Or would there have been non-stop news coverage, an army of ‘civil rights’ attorneys, and massive national protests against white ‘racism’? The answer should be obvious and so should the racial double-standard. 


“Anti-Racist” Terrorism Caught on Surveillance

From the American Renaissance website: 

“On May 19, 2012, 18 members of something called the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement stormed the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, IL, armed with hammers and clubs. They attacked a small gathering of a group called the Illinois European Heritage Association.

The “anti-racist” political violence was caught on surveillance footage that was never made public–until now. There is also footage of the attackers at a nearby restaurant before the assault. The faces of many are clearly identifiable, but only six of the 18 attackers have been arrested. The video that follows is our report on the crime and its aftermath.”

This is what Leftism promotes among whites: Hatred for one’s own race, hatred for one’s own country, hatred for one’s own culture, and violence upon those whites who do.  

A School for Chicago’s Fucktards

Here’s an interesting documentary on the Moses Montefiore Academy on Chicago’s West Side, a school for ‘at-risk youth.’ In other words, the students are a bunch of ‘minority’ fucktards who are there because no other school in Chicago’s public school system will take them.

All of them have been expelled from previous schools for a variety of serious offenses, and many are on juvenile probation. These are not ‘good’ kids, to say the least. They’re angry, unreasonable, spiteful to the core, entitled, and a good number are dumber than bags of rocks.  

Believe me, you’ve got to be a major douche bag to get kicked out of any Chicago school, so these delinquents are clearly some of the worst. Most, as the instructors themselves predict, will end up in prison and die at an early age. They have an extremely difficult if not impossible job, and I admire their efforts to influence and gain some level of control over these kids. 


The documentary underscores how dysfunctional the modern black family is. It provides us a window of what occurs when the family structure is fractured and eventually destroyed after years of liberal social policies. The kids are dysfunctional and rebellious because the parents are so dysfunctional.

It shows us the level of aversion blacks seem to naturally have towards formal education, including the difficulty that so many struggle with in just abiding by basic rules. Something as simple as remaining in one’s seat becomes an unbearable chore for many of these kids. Their filthy sewer mouths is but a reflection of how blacks communicate among themselves in everyday conversation.

Some of the kids are on medicine, apparently, but it’s likely because no one can cope with their behavior. Those who genuinely need medicine for whatever reason probably need it because they inherited an internal or biological system that is so screwed up from generations of serious drug usage.


I have conflicting emotions about these kids. On the one hand, my heart goes out to them and I truly want them to succeed. I wish them no harm, and I understand that they too are victims of the worst social policies that liberals have foisted on America, especially on inner-city blacks.

On other hand, these same children will likely victimize others, particularly whites, and they will further contribute to America’s collapse. They will bring ruin and misery to all those around them, and my taxes will forever be used to house and feed them and all of their future progeny.     

Folks, this is what blacks bring wherever they dwell in large numbers. It’s not just poverty, crime, unwed mothers, and welfare dependency that they foist on the rest of us. They bring fucktards like the children shown in the documentary . . . lots of them. 

Any society that gets enough of these, is doomed to destruction – and we are now overflowing with them.


Michelle Obama: “The Blood of Africa Runs Through My Veins”

At the speech for a summit of young African leaders and innovators, Michelle Obama said, “The roots of my family tree are in Africa. My husband’s father was born and raised in Kenya.”

Well, actually, it wasn’t just Barry’s father who was born in Kenya, it was Barry himself! We know that for a variety of reasons, but Michelle even told us so. Thanks Michelle! 

She went on to say, “Members of our extended family still live there. I have had the pleasure of traveling to Africa many times over the years, including four trips as first lady, and I have brought my mother and my daughters along whenever I can.”

Yes, we’re quite aware of all your world travels since they’ve occurred on the backs of hard-working American taxpayers. And since Africa is so special to you, would you mind moving there permanently? 

She added, “The blood of Africa runs through my veins, and I care deeply.”

How about you and your husband caring for Americans? Once again, Michelle’s pride and heart are always in some place other than America. Michelle may legally be an American citizen, but her heart is far removed from this once great nation. Our negro version of Marie Antoinette is an American in name only.  


Victims’ Family Rebukes Liberal Media for Sympathizing with a Convicted and Executed Murderer

I like the straight, no-nonsense way this couple talks to the media. Instead of a slobbering tear-jerk fest, they calmly spoke the truth and rebuked the media who was more concerned whether the executed murderer was suffering in his last moments than the decades of suffering he caused the victim’s family.  

The Wonders of ‘Diversity’: Woman Dragged from Elevator Gets Beaten & Robbed by Two Black Males

Here’s a Brooklyn woman (white?) who was dragged from an elevator and beaten and robbed by two black males. Observe how happy the two assailants are upon entering the complex. They apparently take great joy in their careers of thuggery.

I admire the woman’s efforts to fight back, but she’s powerless to overcome the much physically stronger males who easily subdue her. Thank God she wasn’t raped or murdered.

The story illustrates the need for women to carry concealed at all times, especially when arriving home late to their apartments. Also, it’s not enough to merely carry concealed, but to be ready at a moment’s notice to have your handgun out and ready to do business.

Here’s some words of advice. Carry concealed always – even if your state, city or county prohibits it. If you get involved in a justifiable shooting, the authorities will likely not prosecute you for having it on your person. Either way, you’d be alive instead of being ‘carried by six.’ 

Wherever you go, especially if it’s late at night, your head ought to be constantly turning and surveying your surroundings. Size up everyone. Always consider your environment. Run dangerous scenarios in your mind and ask yourself, “What would I do in such circumstances?”

Don’t get on elevators with black males or even black females for that matter. Anyone, regardless of race, who raises your suspicion is not someone you should be sharing a small-spaced elevator with. Don’t worry if people are offended and don’t react to their complaints. Just do whatever you need to do to protect yourself   

Swedes Standing Up for their Country and Culture

Here’s a promotional commercial for the young women’s Swedish Democrat Party.

It’s a response, undoubtedly, to the growing third-world muslim and North African invasion that’s been occurring in their country. It’s also a rebuke to their Leftist elites who think the Swedes should be less than proud of their culture and racial heritage.

Notice especially how pretty and feminine the Swedish women are. No bull-dykes, no foul-mouthed feminists, no angry in-your-face screaming libtards, no tattoos, no piercings, no buzz-cuts, and no land whales.

Just sweet, healthy, normal, trim, and feminine young ladies who refuse to apologize for their racial and cultural identity. What a beautiful sight!

Did I mention feminine?  

Are Blacks Targeting Whites for Execution in Western Michigan?

In both news reports, the suspects are described as four men inside of a sedan. Coincidental?   

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