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America’s Low-Information Majority Will Surely Doom This Nation

Mind you, these are the same low-information dolts that voted for Barack Obama . . . twice!

No nation can long endure when the majority of its citizenry don’t have a clue about its founding, and who don’t even care to know. We have become the ‘Kardashian nation’ in which Americans know more about trivial pop-culture, and virtually nothing about their own history and those issues that really matter. 

Videos like this are an indictment against our public school system. For decades, the Left has worked tirelessly to propagandize and dumb-down our students. I’d day they’ve been quite successful.  

‘No-Go’ Zones in Dearborn (MI)? ‘Peace-Loving’ Muslims Throw Rocks at Christians

Allah, the muslim pagan moon-god would be proud

The website Moonbattery has run a good story about this incident.


Why It Serves Society Best to Promote Traditional or Natural Marriage Instead of Same-Sex Marriage

This is one of the best and succinct presentations that I’ve seen demonstrating the value of traditional or natural marriage (one man and one woman marriage unions) over same-sex marriage (‘gay marriage’).

Although there are religious elements connected to this entire question of what constitutes a marriage, the video avoids any appeals to the Bible or God and, instead, grounds its argument on the natural order of things (the way things are designed and which best comport with human nature), including the many benefits that natural marriage brings to all of society.


Mexican Protesters Disrupt Ann Coulter’s Book Signing: “Go Back to Europe!”

Oh, what do we have here? Mexicans protesting Ann Coulter because she dared to declare the truth about the brown invasion that has plagued this nation for over 40 years.

Although this video doesn’t reveal it, the Mexican protesters shouted, “Go back to Europe!” You see, the Mexican invaders don’t think we belong on this continent to begin with. This is their land that’s been stolen from them by the gringo, or so they think.

And while whites would be condemned as ‘racist’ and ‘insensitive’ to declare that illegal aliens should go back to Mexico or El Salvador, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to tell whites to return to Europe.

Truth is, the Mexicans don’t really want to live side-by-side with whites in one big ‘melting pot’ (of course, I don’t want that either). No, they want complete dominance over the white man and his land. This is not about getting along, it’s about taking over.

By the way, where are all the ‘Mexican-Americans’ standing in solidarity with Coulter? Aren’t they supposed to love this country and respect our laws? Yet they are no where to be found. Their silence is deafening.

Coulter responded to the Mexican protesters: “You have to understand,” Coulter told Breitbart News, “screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.” 

Ann Coulter is braver than all the elected republicans combined.

All the ‘Mexican-Americans’ supporting Coulter and our immigration laws

What Think Ye of Pastor Manning’s Message? Will the South Rise Again to Fight the North’s Tyranny?

I’ve had my skepticism of pastor James David Manning for some years now. At times I’m inclined to believe he’s a charlatan, a religious attention whore. It’s very easy to write him off, to discard his words and see only the rough husk of his personality.

However, the more I listen to him the more I respect his words. The man’s words, admittedly, are hard for many to receive, but this doesn’t make them any less true.

Please understand what I’m trying to convey. I wouldn’t make him or any man my pope whose opinions I deem infallible. Still, pastor Manning is right most of the time. I think I’m more amazed that he actually has a congregation comprised of blacks who are willing, week in and week out, to listen and heed his messages than anything else. He says the kinds of things blacks (including whites!) need to hear.

There are very few black men that I respect, but I genuinely respect pastor Manning because he’s seems to have a true love for righteousness and truth. This is a very rare quality these days, and especially so among ‘African-Americans.’

He’s not perfect and neither am I (far from it!). But those of us who love truth can sometimes find a common ground to unite and defend the values that both of us hold dear, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Along with such esteemed black men as Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson (a truly honorable man in my opinion!), Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Tommy Sotomayor, and David Carroll, I find pastor Manning to be both a righteous man and a genuine beacon of light among those of his people. If more blacks took his message seriously, there would be less savagery and dysfunction among them.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of blacks in America prefer the race-agitators, the simpletons, and those who are all-too-ready to make excuses for negro depravity. Blacks (whites too!) want messengers who tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear and not what they need to hear. As a result, blacks remain infantile in their outlook of the world, and stunted in their maturity, forever enslaved on Uncle Sam’s plantation.


Pastor James David Manning: A righteous man 

Another Instance of Blacks Resisting the Police

I’m not sure why these two NYPD plainclothes officers detained the black man in the red shirt, but I’m sure it wasn’t because of ‘walking while black’ since the male officer was black himself. The female officer herself appeared to be a ‘minority’ (possibly Puerto-Rican?).

The black resister, however, didn’t have the smarts to provide his identification and, if he felt he was wronged, to have filed a formal complaint at a later time. He could have done this the right way by being cooperative, providing his ID, respectfully asking the officer some basic questions to determine whether his detainment and request for his identification were based on probable cause of reasonable suspicion.

If he determined that such a request and detainment was unwarranted and a violation of his civil rights, he could have secured himself the nastiest civil rights attorney available (they’ve got lots of them in NYC!), filed a formal complaint, and sued the officer’s ass off including that of the city.

But no, that requires too much forethought and intelligence for this feral gutter rat. Instead, he puts up a fight, gets it recorded on cellphone, and when he stands before the judge, who do you think he or she is going to believe?


Black failure begins with this very attitude

The resister forgot one very important element which law enforcement officers are allowed to do – namely, the authority to obtain identification from citizens in the course of an investigation, no matter how trivial it may seem to the person being stopped. If the officer can reasonably articulate his reason for the detainment and the need for identification, the courts have deemed it proper within the scope of the officer’s duties.

Blacks in America are not taught to consider such things. They are taught by their so-called ‘leaders’ to be reactionary, violent and resistive at the slightest perceived offense. They’ve been taught wrongly the insane notion that the police are out to ‘get them’ and to kill them at will ‘for no good reason.’

This is the mentality of the modern black man, and it’s no wonder they are so frequently beaten and even killed in the course of resisting officers throughout the land. The black man is too dim-witted to realize that he alone is the source of his own problems. Not the white man. Not the police. Only himself.

Blacks, then, have no one to blame but themselves for the many societal ills they experience. 


When Negroes Want Something, They Just Take it!

Surveillance footage from the Bronx (NY) shows two negroes attack a motorcyclist in an attempt to steal his bike. This occurred in broad daylight and in heavy traffic with many witnesses present.

Is there any doubt now that negroes are criminally prone, possess weak impulse control, and have poor future time orientation (meaning, they don’t consider the consequences of their actions)?


‘Run, Forrest, Run!’

Here’s a Suggestion: When a Cop Asks for Your ID, DON’T Pull Out a Gun!

The handgun turned out to be a pellet gun made to look like a 9mm pistol. Oh well, too bad.  

You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Not Even to a Macon Georgia Walmart!

‘African-Americans': They just get better with time

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