DA Investigator Forced to Resign for Speaking the Truth

This is the age we live in. An age of universal deceit in which merely speaking the truth, as George Orwell wrote, is a revolutionary act. This is even more so when it comes to matters of race.

Think about it: Blacks murder each other in the hundreds every weekend throughout the nation. A disproportionate number of them are dependent on government welfare. In fact, welfare dependency among ‘African-Americans’ has literally become a generational dependency.

Yet to merely point out what we all know (and which is factually supported by the FBI’s own crime statistics), is sufficient to end one’s career – that is, if the person saying or writing it is white.


I think what this DA investigator, identified as David Ray Daniel, wrote was merely an expression of his frustration. Nothing he said was a lie nor was it egregious in nature. There was no malice in his words. He didn’t try to insult blacks, he simply described them accurately. 

I’m sure he’s seen more than his share of dysfunctional and criminally-prone blacks who have passed through the criminal justice system. He knows in his heart-of-hearts that these people will never change, and I’m sure he’s fed up with the endless rationalizations by white liberals to excuse their conduct.

So, what does Daniel do? He writes a rather mild but true statement about blacks and the vicious cycle of black-on-black murders. He dares to mention that blacks far too often are dependent on others for their most basic needs and, essentially, should be more self-reliant. Sounds good to me!


The man, if anything, should be commended for bravely stating in a public forum what most informed people know to be true. But such open and truthful words on race are considered anathema to our Leftist overlords. They are heretical in nature and violate the Left’s religion of multiculturalism.

In today’s politically-correct environment, virtually anything can be tolerated – that is, except the truth.

Daniel will now lose his job and his career is basically over. I doubt any other DA’s office will hire him as their investigator. It doesn’t matter that Daniel has apologized and retracted his comments. No, he must pay – and that dearly! 

Whites must always pay with their careers and loss of income, yet blacks who say the most spiteful and racist comments against whites, are merely given a slap of the hand and allowed to continue their employment.

The double-standard is undeniable and atrocious.


Ax-Wielding Man Attacks DC Cop

Is this another Islamic-influenced attack, similar to the one that occurred in NYC last week? We shall see. 

Behold, the Wonderful World of Islam (Warning: Graphic!)

The notion that the bloody atrocities that ISIS has been carrying out against innocent people is not representative of Islam is absolutely false.

All sorts of murderous acts have been implemented by muslims worldwide, and the vast majority of them have no connection to ISIS at all. It may be hard for some to admit it, but the wickedness that routinely occurs at the hands of fanatical muslims is pure and adulterated Islam! 

This is the nature of Islam. This is what muslims are expected to do if they wish to remain faithful to the Quran and Islamic doctrine.

Islam is simply a death-cult that parades itself as a religion.


The Ferguson Savages: “I Straight Spit in That Cracker’s Face!”

If blacks love anything, it’s when all hell breaks loose (almost always provoked by them!). Such chaos allows their kind greater anonymity to loot and foist their savage ways on others.

In this case, a black thug spits in an officer’s face, calls him a “cracker,” and then orders the police to “get the fuck outta here little bitch!”

I’d say the police are being pretty restrained. How much longer they’ll allow these destructive riots to continue is anyone’s guess. Scenes like this should be aired nightly so that white Americans might start to wake up about the not-so-pretty reality of ‘diversity’ as evidenced in the daily lives of ‘African-Americans.’

Never forget that all of this tension and conflict on the streets of Ferguson has nothing to do with police abuse or ‘racism,’ but because an obese thug attacked a Ferguson police officer, tried to take his gun from him, and got himself justifiably dispatched to that big ghetto in the sky reserved for all hood-rats.

Never forget that. 


Massive Illegal Alien Voter Fraud in Maryland

Mexican illegal aliens: Always respecting and obeying American laws

Voter Fraud is Real and Here’s the Proof!

Here’s an American who picks up two Mexican illegal aliens, bribes them with beer (who would have ever guessed?), and gives them his driver’s license to vote on his behalf.

This upload is from the 2012 presidential election, but it demonstrates how incredibly easy it is for non-citizens and the ‘undocumented’ to vote in U.S. elections.

Listen also how these two illegal aliens converse among themselves, and you’ll get an idea of how truly stupid these people are. Yet these are the very ones both Democrats and Republicans want to further flood our nation with via amnesty.    

The Always Canned, Pre-Packaged, and Phony Hillary Clinton

Like her husband, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have an ounce of sincerity and authenticity about her.

Everything about old cankels is canned and disingenuous – yet there’s enough dumb Americans who will gladly vote for her in 2016.

If she wins, we’ll not only have to put up with her annoying and patronizing tone, but her policies will be sure to doom America if Obama hadn’t finished the job during his second term. 


Black Man Leaves Twin Babies in Hot Car to Have Sex with a She-boon on the Porch

Black men always got their priorities right

They Come to ‘Enrich’ Europe

Hundreds of Africans climbed the border fence at Melilla (Spain) in an effort to cross into Europe.

I can understand their desire to flee the deplorable conditions they’ve come from and to bask in the infinitely greater living conditions found in Europe. If left unchecked, however, the Africans will cause the same ruin they’ve brought to their own countries of origin.

White liberals tells us the Africans and all third-worlders ‘enrich’ Europe. It’s claimed they make us ‘better’ and ‘stronger.’ We are urged continually to welcome them, to value their ethnic and cultural ‘contributions.’


Yep, they’ll ‘enrich’ us alright

To adhere to such counsel, however, is a death-wish for it will surely destroy all of Europe. Any white nation that believes unlimited non-white, third-world immigration is a good thing will eventually experience the folly of such thinking.

Although we are dealing with humans, admittedly, we must view the Africans as a plague guaranteed to infect and ruin the lives of all Westerners if left untreated. In a nutshell, here’s why:

(1) The Africans will not assimilate. They will retain their distinctive cultures and identities and never fully assimilate to the culture or way of life of their host nations. This is who they are, and it’s a naive understanding of human nature to think that people from radically different cultures, religions, languages, and worldviews can fully and peacefully integrate together.

History has proven that this never works in those places where it’s been tried. All it ever brings is racial/ethnic conflicts, civil unrest, greater competition for jobs, and an even greater burden on government welfare agencies, including higher tax rates to pay for the new immigrants.


They’ll assimilate beautifully

(2) The Africans are mostly illiterate and possess low IQ levels. They simply don’t have the intelligence, the intellectual acumen nor the mental abilities to adapt to modern, first-world societies. They will cause the governments that receive them to spend billions on just educating them to an 8th grade level – and most won’t even be able to get that far.

If educating blacks in the U.S. has failed miserably, what makes any nation think they’ll have success in educating sub-Saharan Africans?

Those of us in the West who have experienced a first-rate education have a hard time wrapping our heads around this. We think everyone can learn just like we do. We’re taught that every racial group and culture of people appreciate formalized education. We generally think all races of humanity possess the same level of intelligence.

This sounds nice in theory, but it just isn’t true. It’s a lie, and a big one at that! Those of us who have met Africans – and I’m not just talking about ‘African-Amercians’ here in the U.S. who are dim-witted enough – know how primitive and backwards these people really are.

This doesn’t mean they are evil or lacking in human qualities, but only that they lack the basic intelligence to function at the higher levels required for success in a modern and high-tech society. They are also unskilled which means they’re guaranteed to be a financial burden on their host nations. 


They can’t wait to date and impregnate our white women

(3) Africans lack the temperament and moral qualities to live in the West. These people are not generally law-abiding. They are volatile, temperamental, and easily lash out with violence when provoked. They are reactionary by nature, impulsive, and are not prone to consider first their actions.

They are survivalists in the real sense – meaning, they do what they have to do regardless of ethics, morality or the civil standards that we adhere to in the West. A survivalist or opportunist mindset may work in the many lawless regions of Africa, but it will not work in western democracies where the rule-of-law and civility dominate. 

Rape and sexual aggression (especially toward white women) is a particularly alarming problem among African males. This is not a theory either, it’s a fact which every foreign aid organization in African can attest to.

These are but a few of the many reasons why African immigration to any white, western nation will always prove to be a disaster. One might be able to point to a few examples of ‘success’ (however conceived), but these are clearly the exception and not the norm.


See? They’ll fit right in! 

A Sign of the Times: White Women Who Disgrace Themselves


A picture worth a thousand words



Mom and dad are going to be so proud!





The face of negro worship



Black men always treat their white women with class and dignity


Smile now, cry later


Most fatties will take whatever they can get




There’s a lot of junk in that trunk!



A marriage to last!


Guaranteed to have beautiful white children!


Look what I picked up during my cruise to Haiti!



Nothing like dating a black guy who wears a clock neck chain 


Out of the mouths of babes

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