The Chaos and Strife That ‘African-Americans’ Bring

Once again, the darlings of ‘diversity’ are protesting the death of one of their thug-brothers, identified as Freddie Gray, who had fled from Baltimore police officers and ended up dead.

I won’t delve into whether his death at the hands of police was justifiable or not, but only to note that here’s another occasion in which a black man who flees from police ends up in the morgue.

To show the contrast, how many Asians each year are killed or injured by police? How many whites routinely fight the police and end up dead? How many Indians (i.e., from India) are killed by law enforcement officers? How many white or Asian communities must have public ‘Stop the Violence’ rallies because so many of their own kind are engaged in murdering each other? The numbers, I can assure you, are extremely low in comparison to our lovely ‘African-Americans.’

Folks, this is what whites invited into their lives when our representatives passed the 1964 civil rights act which granted these horrifically ignorant and violent people access into our communities. Look at our once grand American cities which are now essentially divided up into ‘no-go zones’ because of black criminality and dysfunction.

This protest against Baltimore police is a display of power over the white police establishment. It’s not a sign of desperation on the part of the protesters; it’s a sign of triumph because they know the police are weak and overwhelmed.

They know the MSM supports them and will favor their ‘narrative’ of oppression and ‘senseless police killings of innocent African-Americans.’

They know the recently appointed radical black U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, will implement even stricter regulations to curb the effectiveness of police in combatting rampant black crime.

They know congress itself will largely support their efforts and permit the passage of laws aimed at neutering cops nationwide. They also know there’s enough naive white liberals who are on board with anything they will say about ‘white privilege’ and ‘racist’ police.

I hope not, but it appears we are in store for another Ferguson-like riots and protests this Summer.

We are witnessing the slow implosion of our once great nation.


Trooper Forced to Shoot Drunk and Combative Negro

Well, well, what do we have here? Another negro who’s drunk off his ass and resisting the police, eh?

Have you ever asked yourself why so many blacks are in constant trouble with the law? Why do so many of them resist the police? Are they all innocent? Is every violent encounter with police the result of white ‘racism’? Or do all these incidents tell us something about the nature or character of blacks?

Are these not more indications that blacks collectively lack the innate qualities needed to adapt to civilized societies? When so many of them struggle with basic civility and are downright unable to be law-abiding, it tells us something about their caliber or quality as a race of people.

These people, then, are fundamentally different in every way than we whites are. Whether it’s their worldview, their temperaments, their low intelligence levels, their general disdain for formal education, or their strong violent and criminal proclivities, history has repeatedly shown to us that we vastly different from each other.  

Only the blind and deceptive deny this.

All of this forces us to the inevitable conclusion that they do not belong in the types of societies that require civility, order, structure, rules and respect for others – you know, the very ones that whites build. 

Remember: To make a fair assessment, one must not go by what blacks say, but only by what they do. It is what they do that so conclusively shatters the lies that they are ‘oppressed,’ ‘disenfranchised’ and forced into a life of crime.

Once we push aside the veneer, obfuscation, and smokescreens used to justify black dysfunction – which, by the way, nobody really denies – we see that when blacks are judged by the ‘content of their character,’ they fail miserably and are alone accountable for their self-imposed misery.    

Many Blacks Find Simple Instructions Impossible to Follow

Here’s a good example of blacks finding simple instructions impossible to follow unless they are forced to do so – and even then there are no guarantees.

This black man may be mentally imbalanced, but he knows quite well what “Get on the ground!” means. But he won’t do it because he’s used to getting his way and accustomed to resisting ‘da white po-lice.’

Lest anyone think this is a rarity among America’s darlings of ‘diversity,’ think again. This is what blacks routinely do in the presence of law enforcement officers, and we are guaranteed to see more of this post-Ferguson.

It’s another testimony to the fact that blacks, by and large, are unable to be law-abiding and productive citizens. What else should one expect from a race of people who have proven time after time that they are not inherently fit for the kind of civilized and ordered societies created by whites.

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about.

Another Day in the Ghetto: What Black Sit-Coms Never Revealed

For some reason scenes like this never made it to The Cosby Show. That’s because TV shows like The Jeffersons, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Sister, Sister, Hangin’ with Mr. Copper, and The Cosby Show were Hollywood’s fictional feel-good sit-coms to make whites think that blacks were just like them.

And millions of whites, who had no real-life experience dealing with blacks on a long-term, everyday basis, bought it hookline-and-sinker. Gullible whites thought all blacks or at least most of them were just as witty, good-humored, intelligent, and congenial as themselves.

A good many whites would stand appalled at the slightest suggestion that blacks are inherently savage and criminally-prone. They prefer the false image shaped by Hollywood propaganda than how blacks actually conduct their self-imposed miserable lives.

This video shows the raw and chaotic nature of the black man’s customary existence. Almost everything about these people is grounded in conflict, emotionalism and a brutish way of life.

Their ‘communities’ (if that’s what one chooses to call it?) are marked by the worst forms of violence – not because of poverty or a ‘lack of opportunities’ as commonly claimed – but because of their inherent qualities (e.g., low impulse control, poor future time orientation, average low intelligence) and because they are unable to function in civilized societies where rules and formal structure play such a significant part.    

South African Blacks Don’t Want Black Immigrants

This short documentary demonstrates how even South African blacks stand opposed to immigration legal or otherwise – even when the immigrants are those of their own race!

They rightly recognize that immigrants make it that much harder for South African citizens to secure jobs, especially when there are so few of them available.

Observe also the white liberals trying to intervene, but who in the end will only contribute to making matters worse by their foolish advice. You can always count on white liberals to exacerbate racial and cultural conflicts because they don’t have a clue about the tribalistic nature of man nor the importance of homogeneous societies.

This documentary illustrates how the proverbial chickens have indeed come home to roost in South Africa. Since the end of apartheid in 1994 when whites relinquished rule and gave it to blacks, South Africa has turned into one massive toilet bowl. They thought once they booted the white man all their problems would be solved and they’d live happily ever after under the ANC’s rule.

Unfortunately, they forgot one very important detail: Blacks are unable to successfully govern a nation without billions in foreign aid from the white man – and even then it never reaches first-world status. Corruption rules the day when blacks are in power.

Blacks are only able to mimic the appearance of governmental competence. They enjoy honorific titles and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with a seemingly prestigious and efficiently-run government, but as far as carefully and responsibly managing such a government, it’s far beyond their innate abilities. They lack both the mental acumen (due to their generally low-IQ levels) as well as the prerequisite skills needed to manage people, spend and invest responsibly, and establish wise policies that will benefit its citizens.

This is why every black-run country or city throughout the world is in dire need of reform and is so dependent on western aid in order to maintain some semblance of order. 


The chickens have indeed come home to roost in South Africa

British ‘Chimp-Out': Even in Britain Blacks Will Be Blacks

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “The thug also tried to force his way behind the counter and demanded free food in the early morning incident at Imran’s takeaway in Sheffield, South Yorks. The horrendous incident was captured on the shop’s CCTV and has since been released to shame the yob who terrified staff.”

“Demanded free food,” eh? Typical. No matter where you place them, blacks are always the same. Oh sure, there are exceptions as in most things in life, but wherever you find large numbers of them you’ll discover insane levels of crime, utter dependency on the white man’s foolish welfare system, and all manner of ignorance and debauchery.  

Former ‘Racist’ Redneck Tells Whites to “Think Outside the Fucking White Box”

This video from a reformed ‘racist’ redneck has been making its way around the internet. ‘Dixie Honkey,’ as he calls himself, urges whites among many things to watch Roots, read Malcolm-X, to call out ‘racism’ wherever they see it, and to “think outside the fucking white box.”

He also rails against all forms of white supremacy, denounces America’s ‘racist’ founding, and speaks against the unfairness of “white privilege.” He calls for whites to start “taking responsibility” for themselves and how they treat those of other races.

In another video, he declares that whites are afraid of losing control over what they have. Their ‘racist’ system has worked well for them for the past 400 years, and now they realize they are about to lose it all and they are afraid. They can no longer enslave, put down, nor manipulate blacks and on it goes.

This foolish man, who thinks he’s been enlightened on matters of race, has obviously drunk the Leftist Kool-Aid. He’s got all the right ‘buzz words’ (e.g., “white privilege”) needed to condemn his own race and to place all the world’s woes on their shoulders. As usual, whites are responsible for every other racial group’s failings or inability to advance. Blah, blah, blah, we’ve heard it all before.

I could easily refute each point he raised, but I invite my readers to take a shot at it.

So, how would you refute the man’s words? Is he correct that whites haven’t taken “responsibility” for their ‘legacy of slavery’? Was America’s founding wrong because white interests were placed above those of blacks or other racial groups? Have whites intentionally placed blacks at a disadvantage in order to keep them down? Are whites to blame for black dysfunction and poverty?


The lies ‘African-Americans’ tell themselves  

The Further Feminization of Our U.S. Military

Part of the ‘long communist march through the institutions’

Black Robber Throws Dirt into Clerk’s Face

I posted this robbery not because it’s necessarily news when blacks rob convenience stores, but because this robber used a handful of dirt as his weapon.

I’m not sure if he even got any money. It looks like all he did was engage in a wrestling match with the store’s clerk. 

The robber, clearly, didn’t put too much thought into his crime. The clerk also didn’t have the sense to prepare for this kind of thing because he was obviously unarmed.

Don’t Do It, Don’t Do It!

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “More migrants drowned in desperate efforts to reach Europe on Monday, when their boat ran aground off the Greek island of Rhodes.

Rescuers did their best to pluck survivors from the waves. Some 90 people were reportedly saved.

But coast guards said at least three bodies had also been recovered – those of a man, a woman and a child.

Around 30 of those pulled ashore from the floating debris of their wrecked vessel have been taken to hospital.


Pure racial and national insanity

The latest disaster unfolded as it became clear that the death toll from Sunday’s tragedy off the Libyan coast was likely to be the highest in modern times among migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Officials said there had been at least 700 people on board that stricken boat, some reportedly locked in the hold.

Days earlier, another wreck is believed to have killed around 400 people.

The start of a new week has brought more death and misery.

‘The International Organization for Migration’ said a number of other vessels had sent out distress calls on Monday.

On one sinking boat in the Mediterranean, at least 20 people are said to have died.

Like Italy, Greece is a gateway into the EU for migrants fleeing persecution or poverty.

More than 10,000 landed on its shores in the first three months of 2015 according to authorities – over three times more than the same period last year.

Athens has announced new measures to deal with the huge influx but the new government has reiterated calls for help from the EU.”

*  *  *  *  * 

Every time Greece, Italy or any european nation comes to the rescue of third-world illegal immigrants whose boats capsize in the Mediterranean waters, they are signing their own national death warrant.

As I’ve said before, now is the time to close our hearts. We must now be heartless to the third-world plague because to do otherwise is to invite certain doom to all of Europe.

The sub-Saharan Africans and North Africans will only further impoverish Greece and Italy. They will contribute nothing to the betterment of Europe. They will be an extreme financial burden on every nation that’s stupid enough to harbor them. They will rape our women, pollute our gene pool, and exacerbate our crime levels.


The stupidity of white do-gooders on full display

The white man has had his mind so badly polluted by extreme forms of altruism and liberalism that he cannot think straight, even when faced with a clear decision of preserving his race and culture or allowing it to be overrun by non-assimilating, low-IQ criminal peasant invaders.

The solution here, though admittedly difficult to make, is very simple: Let them drown. Do not save them. Every man, woman and child who is saved from an ocean burial is just one more nail in the coffin of Europe. These are hard decisions to make, but they must be made.

Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that the problems connected to these crossings are so complex that its resolution requires committees, hearings, and the intervention of ‘human rights’ advisers. Nope, the solution lies in saying “No more!” and refusing to render aid to them.

The real problem is that no one wants to make the hard decisions. No one wants to be maligned or blamed for being heartless. We are much too afraid of what others will think and say about us. Our fear of criticism paralyzes us from doing what is in our own best national interests.   

Each person who is saved will only provide encouragement for more of them to come. This is why all rescue efforts must end. The word will surely get out to the rest of those who make such dangerous crossings that they will not receive any help and are destined to die. The problem would soon end if nothing more than a certain death is expected. These people are desperate, but they are not brain dead nor suicidal.


Destined to forever corrupt and destroy Europe


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