How NOT to Do Police Work: Cops Forget to Search Hood-Rat Before Placing Him in Squad Car

Here’s a classic case illustrating the importance of searching everyone who is placed in the rear of your patrol car. The cops, apparently, were giving this inebriated hood-rat a ride home instead of taking his sorry ass to jail. They were actually giving him a break – their first mistake! 

The hood-rat, as one might expect, didn’t have the sense to play it cool and just leave his handgun alone. Instead, he pulls it out of his pocket and then drops its on the rear floorboard twice! 

The primary lesson here is to always search anyone you place in the rear of your patrol car. This is basic stuff that even the newest academy graduate should know. But cops are human, and they too sometimes slip up. 


The Face of a Dying Nation: Germans Get Angry When Told the Truth About Islam and Muslims

This is an incredible video because it illustrates the rot that has infected the minds of so many within Germany. The speaker, at one point, referenced the massacre that occurred in Orlando, and he tried to warn the crowd about the punishment for homosexuality among Islamic nations.

The speaker is promptly met with a foul-mouthed tirade from a young German man whose skull of mush can’t handle the information he’s been told. He has an emotional meltdown because his thinking, like all Germans and White westerners, has been polluted by multicultural dogma. There’s a disconnect because they can’t view Muslims in any other way than as poor, lowly and friendly ‘migrants’ who just desire ‘peace’ and ‘tolerance.’

The speaker requests that he calm down and try to consider the facts, but it isn’t long before others begin to deride the speaker for his anti-Islamic sentiments. It’s astounding that any indigenous German would object to the speaker’s message when the evidence of their dispossession is blatantly occurring before their very eyes! The deception runs so deep among the German people because they’ve been browbeaten for almost 80 years with propaganda that they’re nothing more than evil Nazis, White supremacists who deserve to be endlessly humiliated for their war crimes during WW2.


Pakistani Muslims expressing their great admiration for Germany 

This incident also demonstrates how mistaken we are to imagine that if the masses are given the truth, they will gladly embrace it. In reality, most people prefer the blue pill (myth, fantasy, illusion) over the red pill (stark reality, truth). A large percentage of people in this world don’t care about matters of truth – whether it’s religious, historical, political, or racial truth. This is not the way they think. The deeper questions of life does not arouse their curiosity. They don’t think in such terms as right and wrong, good and evil, truth and deception. They are content to think about nothing deeper than the mere physical pleasures of life, issues that only impact their practical, day-to-day existence and nothing more.

They are quite content to live in a bubble of good feelings, positive thoughts, and fluff. It’s not that these things don’t have their place in life I suppose, but they should never become the framework by which one interprets the world around them.

The reaction of some within the crowd also shows that many people are not just indifferent to the truth, they are deeply hostile to it. The notion that they could be wrong or mistaken in their beliefs offends them greatly. The idea of having to change their opinions and, thus, be taken out of their intellectual comfort zones, scares them to the core. 


Finally, the response of some among the crowd shows how difficult it is to reason with people. If you listen (or read) closely the rejoinders of some within the crowd, you should immediately discern how irrational they are. Their replies miss the speaker’s point entirely. Observe how many within the crowd approvingly applaud the young man’s screaming fit when the speaker mentioned the Islamic source behind the Orlando shootings. One woman even talks about doing violence to the speaker. Another woman rebuffs the speaker’s words about how homosexuals are treated by Muslims with the following words: “Yeah, yeah, sure, who believes this?” Another bystander states: “This is nonsense! Not true!”  

The unfortunate news in all of this is that such responses reveal how unreasonable, unthinking, and hard-hearted many of our people are. The fortunate news, on the other hand, is that it may be the impetus to awaken Whites. A strong message is needed to jolt the dull-minded and the obstinate among our people. This is not the time for soft words and pleasantries. 

If westerners are as deeply deceived on matters of race and culture as I and others have proclaimed, then in a sense their reaction is understandable. It’s exactly how the ignorant and reactionary types respond when bombarded with truth. Our hope, however, should be that what may be rejected today among our people may be accepted tomorrow as they begin to struggle and work through the pressing issues of White identity, racial consciousness, and why the West’s distinctive and indigenous White cultures must be preserved for all of time.


Massive Gorilla Brawl at IHOP

This is what happens when you invite a primitive mud hut people into White society.

Whites patted themselves on the back in the 1960s when they joined the nationwide marches on behalf of civil rights for Blacks thinking they had ‘evolved.’ They wanted to show to the world how ‘non-racist’ they were. They viewed Blacks as ‘just like us,’ a race of people who would surely be brought to parity with Whites in terms of education, industriousness, civility and low crime levels.

What a farce, a pathetic lie and what fools we were to believe such fairy tales.

How much more violence, crime and dysfunction must Blacks commit in order to prove to the world that they are unfit for civilized White societies before we finally ‘get it’?


The deception runs deep among our people

Gender Non-Conforming Lesbian Parents Try to ‘Queer-Up’ Their Young Son

Check out these two lesbians who have a young son named ‘Atticus’ whom they have tried to ‘queer-up,’ even to the point of trying to make him wear a tutu! Thankfully, he has resisted their attempts, probably because he has a better innate sense of his gender than his weirdo parents.

This video illustrates perfectly how when people turn to the charade of lesbianism, homosexuality, Transgenderism and the like, it’s proof of a diseased mind. People who think rationally, who are emotionally and psychologically stable, and whose lives reflect balance don’t turn to such confusing nonsense. When they do, it’s self-evident that something screwy is going on their heads.

The female in the video taking on the role of the male is a pretender. She’s as phony as a $3 bill. She’s been lying to herself for a long time, and she’s hoping that the folks watching her propaganda video will be gullible enough to believe her. She’ll be glad to know that there are thousands of Youtube watchers who will fall prey to her horse-poop. They’re the types who would voice how ‘brave’ she is and how much they support her too. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind.

Aside from the fact that her chromosomes don’t lie –  in spite of what she’s claims about herself – self-deception has taken such a deep hold that her fake persona now seems as real as anything else in her life. This is how brainwashing and self-deception effects those willing to follow the lies they’ve been fed. Her brain, her desires, her most natural inclinations, in effect, have been rewired so that what would be repulsive and unnatural to a normal person has, instead, become ‘normal’ for this so-called ‘parent.’

Unless our culture does a complete about-face, this is the direction that modern parenting is heading. The American people are not getting smarter, they’re getting dumber. The young graduates coming out of our colleges and universities seem almost beyond help because the deception runs so deep among them.

I guarantee that we will witness a growing trend in the West of parenting along the order of this video. And the result will be mass confusion over relatively simple matters such as what constitutes gender, marriage, a person, morals and ethics. Basic issues about life that were universally taken for granted and which there was little debate over, our young people now find deeply confusing and contradictory. They are unable to make sense of life, and they have no moral framework (worldview) to interpret the world around them. They are godless, shallow, arrogant, entitled and self-deceived all while maintaining their superiority over prior generations. 

The result is a more confusing and deeply divided nation. This is what modern liberalism always produces. This is its poisonous fruit, and it never fails to wreck havoc on the lives of those who digest it.    

‘Denial’ (Trailer): The ‘Narrative’ Must Be Maintained at All Costs!

I have my doubts about the official narrative surrounding the Jewish Holocaust. Over the years I have read things that cause me to seriously question whether six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. I’m not denying that the Nazis killed many Jews. More sober research conservatively estimate around 300,000 which is still a lot of people, but hardly six million.

However, I’m not an expert in this area, and I just haven’t studied it deeply enough to arrive at any definitive conclusions. I am suspicious, admittedly, of the propaganda surrounding this subject, particularly because so much of it comes from Jews who, like Blacks, are zealous to always portray themselves as victims of the evil White man (in this case, the German people).

My suspicions are that Jews have greatly inflated the numbers for the purpose of making themselves perpetual victims, and thus gain greater sympathy from the Goyim, including special government protections. 

I remind myself as well that Jews have been most duplicitous and traitorous to White, european nations, particularly America. Few can reasonably deny that Jews have been at the forefront promoting immigration policies destined to racially and culturally displace Whites in the very lands they’ve founded.

Neither can it be denied that Jews have been major players in promoting the filth that Hollywood spews each and every day on the American people. A large percentage of the cultural rot that has infected our nation has as its source Jews who are devoted to undermining Christianity and promoting Leftist values.

I am not denying that a whole lot of Gentiles (Goyim) have had a hand in this, and certainly not every Jew seeks the ruin of the West. But far too many of them do, and this can no longer be reasonably denied in light of the overwhelming proof of it.

So, when Jews place pressure on governments to penalize and even jail persons who question the Holocaust or who outright deny it, this immediately tells me that something more sinister is behind the propaganda. What are Jews afraid of? What have they to fear by any public scrutiny? Are people allowed to arrive at their own conclusions and to voice them without fear of reprisal or economic loss?

Truth is, any public expressions of doubt concerning the Holocaust is treated as blasphemy and accusations of anti-Semitism are thrown about wildly. Jews are committed to shutting down any questions, any doubts, any critical viewpoints, and any reinvestigation of the Holocaust ‘narrative.’

This movie, ‘Denial,’ is likely another attempt on the part of Jews to reinforce the official ‘narrative.’ They know a new generation of young, college-educated people have been deeply indoctrinated with pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel opinions, so this may be an attempt to offset it. Or, they recognize that nationalism is on the rise and that Whites are waking up from their multicultural slumber.

We shall see.

The film appears to be critical of British historian, David Irving, a man who has done much to seriously weaken the Jewish case for the Holocaust because his commitment was to truth and the actual events of history, rather than propaganda.

I would urge my readers to allow Irving to speak for himself on these matters before committing oneself to what Jewish apologists have to say. Read widely on both sides of this issue and try to reach conclusions that best fit the total evidence. Learn to think for yourself. 

“To learn who rules over you, simply know who you can not criticize” – Voltaire.

Dindu Savagery: Another Reason to NEVER Surrender Your Guns to the Government

What the civil rights movement gave us

The difference in most cases between a Dindu beat down and a White beat down is the extent to which they will keep beating their victim. Whites will usually punch and kick until their opponent is defeated, but still alive. Blacks, in contrast, will continue beating their victim until he is dead or nearly dead.

If you don’t think concealed carry is a good idea, have a look at that video again. 


Dindus must always be watched, monitored, and subdued 

The ‘Knockout Game’: Dindus in Albany (NY) Show How ‘Non-Racist’ They Are

Brought to you by the wonderful world of negroes

To those Whites victimized by America’s hostile and self-entitled negroes, I’d like to ask them how’s that ‘diversity’ working for you? How’s all that ‘we’re living in a post-racial era’ nonsense helping to make you feel safer?

How does it feel to be marginalized as a White person in the very country your ancestors founded? How’s it feel to be universally condemned for daring to speak out on behalf of your racial and cultural interests while Blacks are encouraged by your government and the media to be as blatantly pro-Black as possible?

How’s it feel to be blamed for all the world’s woes simply because your skin pigmentation is White? How’s that racial rainbow working for you? How’s it feel to be turned down for a job even though you’re better qualified than the Dindu sitting next to you because of ‘affirmative action’ and ‘racial preferences’ policies?

How’s it feel to have more of your money taken from you by the government to pay for the housing and medical costs of illegal aliens, costly welfare programs, and a plethora of Utopian federal policies on behalf of millions of non-Whites?


This is precisely what we invited to happen to us as Whites when our ancestors during the civil rights era believed the equality lie, the notion that Blacks and Whites are no different temperamentally, culturally, and in relation to intelligence and productivity.

The Dindus who attacked this White man in Albany, including the ruin of our inner-cities, the costly burden to care for America’s volatile ‘African-Americans,’ and the corresponding crime and incarceration rates they bring are all the direct result of believing that rotten lie of equality.  

Some Whites tried to warn us during the turbulent 1960s, but most Whites wouldn’t listen. Few people bothered to stop and consider that maybe those who spoke against allowing Blacks full participation in White society might just happen to know a little more about the nature of negroes than they were given credit for. There were sound reasons for Jim Crow laws, for generally keeping Blacks at a distance from the rest of us, and not mixing with them.

But few listened. 

Whites in large measure rejected the wisdom of their elders, and now we’re stuck with a race of people who have destroyed all of their own so-called ‘communities’ and who are hell-bent on destroying ours. 


They tried to warn us

And Now, Your “Nigger” Moment: Brought to You by ‘Uncle Tuna’

Now don’t go getting all mad at me because I used the word “Nigger”! Have you seen the term on ‘Uncle Tuna’s’ baseball cap? Well, there you go. It’s proof again of what I’ve said repeatedly on this blog: Blacks don’t really hate the word ‘nigga’ or ‘nigger.’ They love it, in fact! They just hate it when the White man uses it. It’s their special little word they can use to manipulate Whites and to bash them over the head with.

How mighty Black of them!

Personally, I think ‘Uncle Tuna’ ranks among the top ten of “real niggas” (per Snoop Dogg, a “real nigga” himself). He can’t sing. His lyrics are retarded. He lounges around in his tight Whitey undies. His pants sag. He sits on a toilet in the middle of the street, and he drinks malt liquor all day. Yep, that’s a real “nigger”! Detroit, Birmingham, Oakland, St. Louis, and Baltimore are infested with these types.

‘Uncle Tuna’ thinks his biggest threat is the KKK. He’s too stupid to realize that the KKK has little power if any at all in the U.S. His slave masters have told him that’s who the real enemy is, and he gullibly believes it too. Little does he know that his real enemy is other “niggers” like him, eager to take his loot and kill him for it too – because, you know, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ right?

Now think for a minute: If a White ‘artist’ would have produced a video depicting a Black female slave performing oral sex on him, including images of lynched negroes, there would be deafening outcry from the media and DWLs. But when ‘Uncle Tuna’ and his ilk produce filth like this video, it’s considered ‘art’ and ‘the expressions of struggle from a disenfranchised people who have been marginalized by a racist society.’

Oh, sure it is.


Never Send a Cop to do the Work of a Zookeeper

Here’s a Black police officer struggling to subdue and arrest a ghetto wildebeest. It’s amazing how massive and strong these pavement boons are. The hardest part about taking them down is their sheer size and girth.

These ‘thangs’ are whales with gorilla arms!

The video illustrates how physically repulsive enormous numbers of Black women are. Aside from having no grace or femininity about them, they’re some of the ugliest things on two feet.

The thing about Black woman is while the greater majority of them are not viewed as attractive or ‘beautiful’ (naturally, there are exceptions!) – at least not in the way that White and Asian women are generally viewed – they seem to go out of their way to make themselves even more repulsive. Going about in life with sassy attitudes, aggressive demeanors, weighing on average 300 pounds, contentious and loud, and attired in the most inappropriate clothing does little to attract the opposite sex.

Former Secretary of State under George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, does not really have the most attractive facial features. But the woman works with what she has and, if I may say, she does it well. She makes herself much more physically appealing by staying trim, giving herself a ‘softer’ image, maintaining her femininity, and wearing clothes that are appropriate and form fitting. She carries herself in such a way that she commands respect from others.

A pleasant demeanor and graciousness can go miles in drawing the admiration and positive attention from other people. It’s really so simple, yet Black women in America never seem to quite ‘get it.’ It’s not about putting on airs in front of others, but having self-respect and presenting yourself in a way that accentuates your best assets and pleasant qualities.  



What a contrast this is to so many Black women. Again, I’m quite aware that there are exceptions and I have indeed seen some stunning Black women over the years. But who can reasonably deny that far too many Black women present themselves to the world as temperamental, argumentative, angry, and pugnacious?

And to make matters worse, a good many of them are morbidly obese, and attired in clothes resembling street whores.

I have no interest in ‘saving’ or ‘reforming’ today’s Black women. But if they ever collectively reach the point where they start to question why so many Black men have rejected them (not to mention White men whom the majority find utterly repulsive!), I hope they will consider the things I’ve written in this post.

Here’s a sampling of some of the lovelies we are forced daily to behold.








‘African-American’ women: So much to gorge on!  

Don’t Think the Federal Government is Coming for Your Guns? . . . Think Again

Don’t think the federal government has any interest in taking your guns and violating your 2nd amendment rights? DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson urges every American to think again.

According to this incompetent hack, “meaningful and responsible gun control is part and parcel of homeland security.” Johnson, of course, won’t come out and publicly admit he intends to disarm the American people. Instead, he’ll couch his nefarious intentions with expressions like “meaningful and responsible gun control.”

To Johnson and his ilk, “meaningful” and “responsible” means whatever they want it to mean. Notice that no one on the panel asked him to specify precisely what he meant by such terms. Liberals never or rarely challenge their own to provide details. They prefer to keep things in the gray so the public doesn’t actually know what awaits them.

Moreover, Johnson has made it clear that gun control is now “part and parcel” to their department’s mission. It wasn’t before, apparently, but now it is. Why is it now their mission to engage in gun control efforts? What has changed?


According to Johnson, gun control is not just a portion of what they do, but is now “part and parcel” of who they are and what they do. It sounds to me, then, like he’s saying that protecting America from foreign and domestic enemies is secondary to enforcing “gun control” on the American people. 

Folks, if you can’t see that the federal government, particularly the current administration in Washington, is actively working to disarm the vast majority of Americans, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

The “homegrown and home born violent extremism” Johnson refers to may denote ‘radical Islamists’ (although like Obama he will not use such terms), but more likely denotes American patriots who will resist government tyranny, especially in having their firearms taken from them by a gun-grabbing administration.

Finally, notice that when Charlie Rose pressed Johnson on what he personally believes as to whether those on a terrorist watch list should be allowed to purchase firearms, he quickly resorts to his ‘talking points,’ the very same things he repeated at the beginning of the segment. He couldn’t answer because he’s fearful of diverting from the ‘narrative,’ and perhaps saying what he really intends to do. Either way, his answer reveals how scripted Obama’s butt-boys are. 

There is nothing ‘transparent’ about Obama and his administration. They’ve been lying to us from the very beginning. They’ve become so brazen in their deception, that they don’t even blush or stutter in their lies.

We have a bunch of snakes running this country, and those same snakes intend to take away your gun rights granted to you by the 2nd amendment. If the Hildabeast gets elected, you can bet that a national gun-grab will be underway.

My hope is that the American people will resist by all means necessary.


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