Asian Girl Stands Up to Negroid Thuglet

Here’s a negroid thuglet (or future penitentiary dweller) harassing an Asian girl. The interesting thing is that the girl speaks better English than little Tyrone.

Can you imagine the vast differences in how the Asian girl was raised from this negroid? Think about it. The Asian girl has two parents at home who are married. The black boy has only a single mother on welfare. Dad’s completely out of the picture, and he likely doesn’t even know who he is.

The Asian girl’s parents teach her the values of hard work and discipline. The black boy doesn’t even understand such concepts let alone practice them as a way of life.

The Asian girl’s family are likely not on welfare. They work long hours, and every member of the family plays their role in the family business (e.g., convenience store, restaurant, dry cleaner). The black boy comes from a family of generational welfare recipients. They know nothing about working long hours, and they’ve never started a business. They are dependent on the government nipple for all their necessities.  

The Asian girl regularly attends school, studies hard, and gets good grades. The black boy regularly goofs off at school, terrorizes other students, never studies, and is passed through each successive grade because liberals are afraid to tell him what stupid piece of shit he is.

The Asian girl respects her parents and wants to succeed in life. The black boy only wants to ‘hang with his homies’ and one day become a ‘rapper.’ I don’t know about you, but I see a Mike Brown future for this kid.

You can tell by the way the Asian girl talks back to this thuglet that she already understands the true nature of blacks in America. This little girl has more real-life experience with what blacks are really like than most whites.

Even though she’s small, she stands up to them because she knows what they’ll do to her if she shows any weakness.

By the way, can you imagine the outcry if cellphone footage was shot featuring white boys standing around and taunting a young and much smaller black girl? Yet blacks can get away with this sort of thing because of the blatant double-standard on race that our society tolerates among the darlings of ‘diversity.’


Minor inaccuracy: Dad’s never in the picture

Obama Compares Syrian ‘Refugees’ to America’s First Pilgrims on the Mayflower

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but there are vast differences between the white Christian pilgrims who arrived on our shore in 1620 from Europe, and the muslim Syrian refugees invaders who are arriving in order to colonize the U.S. 

Obama wants Americans to welcome them as we would the pilgrims because he intends for them to become his voting base as a part of his grand scheme to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.

This is just more of his third-world muslim Trojan Horse strategy. Don’t worry, though, there’s enough stupid Americans out there who believe our Kenyan dictator and who will welcome the muslim hordes with open arms.

It will not be long before Americans realize what a grave mistake this is. But by then, Obama will be out of office and unaccountable for his actions. 


The Beauty of Black Friday

Check out especially the white lady who steals a package from a black child and tries to do the same to its mother. When the black mother retaliates, the white woman actually screamed, “Get off of me! Why do you have to be so aggressive? You’re scaring me!”

Only a liberal would say something like that. 

Runner-Up Contestant on ‘America’s Got Ghettos’

In addition to modeling on National Geographic, our runner-up contestant can also sing and dance!  


Get Ready to be Propagandized: ‘The Danish Girl’

Get ready to be propagandized by a new film to be released entitled, The Danish Girl. It’s the story of Einar Wegener, the first case of transgender surgery recorded in history.

The film’s intention is more than historical knowledge. Its purpose is to propagandize Americans so that they find the freak show of transgenderism completely normal and acceptable. It’s the Left’s way of desensitizing us to what we should naturally find repulsive and alarming.

Radicals among the Left are doing the same thing with transgenderism as they did with homosexuality. By making homosexuality mainstream and portraying sympathetic stories that would place gays as victims of an ‘intolerant’ and mean-spiritied society, they managed to break down most everyone’s resistance to what should be an obvious perversion. The Danish Girl intends to do the same. It is one among many future movies to be released that will help to ‘transform’ our view of gender.

As they always do, liberals are bent on pushing the societal envelope so that all manner of insanity and immorality is accepted as normal and even healthy. Liberals are culture destroyers and they bring waste to any society that tolerates their presence.  


Here’s movie critic, Rex Reed’s (a homosexual himself), take on the film:

“It’s 1926 in Copenhagen and Einar is a painter of landscapes on the verge of success, and the passionate and actively heterosexual husband of a beautiful fellow artist named Gerda (Alicia Vikander), who specializes in portraits. Then everything is altered dramatically the first time he poses as a favor for Gerda while she’s waiting for her model to arrive. Reluctantly, he dons silk stockings and matching pumps, and his embarrassment slowly turns to a confusing confrontation with feelings he’s repressed since childhood. The unexpected ecstasy in Mr. Redmayne’s face of the way the fabric feels to his touch is a clue to things to come.

As Einar, he expresses a sort of unfocused gender identity that makes him neither masculine nor feminine, but when he smiles his eyes light up girlishly, and in Lili’s lingerie he turns downright sensual. Dressing for a masquerade ball, the delicate placing of his hands and crossing of his legs literally turns him on. Drawn inexplicably into a double life, as Einar and as his shy, alluring ‘cousin Lili,’ he conceals a dual personality that nearly drives him to suicide.

Based on Wegener’s actual diaries, published in 1933, Lucinda Coxon’s beautifully collated screenplay, from David Ebershoff’s book about Wegener’s life, tackles a complex subject with dignity and respect, leaving nothing out. In the process, you will learn more about gender crisis than you ever thought possible.


You experience firsthand the challenges transgendered people endured nearly a century ago and still experience today—brutal physical examinations, homophobic violence, specialists who prescribe primitive medical experiments like penis radiation and drill holes into the brain to cure what they erroneously diagnose as schizophrenia. Einar loves Gerda, but the only way he feels fulfilled is to live with her as Lili. At a time when sexual reassignment surgery was unheard of, Gerda stuck by Einar all the way, remaining by his side when at last he found a doctor in Dresden willing to perform a series of operations that were more dangerous and highly experimental than they are today. The outcome is a failure, but for one brief shining chapter in the life of a doppelganger in disguise, Einar became Lili at last and in the end, there was contentment in her smile.”

See what I mean? The movie’s socio-political purpose is to break down barriers, to slowly erode any opposition to the confusing and perverted world of men who think they are women ‘trapped in a man’s body’ (vice-versa for women). 

Whether the Danish Girl in movie theaters is a flop or not, there will be many other such movies that have the same agenda to soften all forms of resistance to the transgender revolution currently in full bloom. 

Genderqueer Easter Fashion In San Francisco

See? It’s all so perfectly normal

Not All ‘Pilgrims’ Are Equal


Migrants protest as Hungarian riot police fires tear gas and water cannon at the border crossing with Serbia in Roszke, Hungary September 16, 2015. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov






Not even close

Some Philadelphia Public Housing Recipients Make Over $100,000


This news story is another indicator of how desperately all forms of public assistance need to be reformed. Personally, I don’t think it’s the role of government to pay for anyone’s housing, food, clothes or medical needs. That’s what family, friends, and private charities are for.

The American taxpayer should not have to provide such necessities to people who, in the vast majority of cases, have made poor life decisions (e.g., single motherhood, drugs, generational welfare dependency, laziness, school dropouts).

Either way, the entire welfare system in America is designed to be abused and manipulated. There is very little genuine oversight and accountability. The officials, in spite of what they claim, care little about it too because it’s not their money that’s being squandered.

Mayor-elect, Jim Kenney, thinks once he’s in charge that he’ll reform the city’s housing authority and do what’s right. Truth is, if their white mayor kicks enough unworthy public housing recipients out onto the streets (comprised mostly of negroes), he’ll be facing a recall and likely never be reelected. Blacks and their liberal enablers won’t stand for a white man who dares to tell them the truth.     

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!


Susan Boyle’s First Appearance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

This story is a little off my usual topics, but I’ve been wanting to post it for a while. Let me just start by saying that I’m not a Susan Boyle fan. She’s a good singer and all, but just not my particular cup of tea.

Still, I was moved by the forty-seven year old’s first appearance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ which aired in 2009. Her performance stunned the judges, and it served to launch her singing career as a result. This was a very beautiful moment, in my opinion, and it showed how seemingly impossible odds can be overcome by the most unlikely people.

If my memory serves me correct, Susan was one of nine children. Most people are not aware that she has Asperger’s Syndrome, yet has an above average IQ level. Susan still struggled in school, and she was frequently bullied by her fellow students.

It may go without saying, but she’s not a physically appealing woman. She’s frumpy and dumpy, and she has about the same sex appeal as a wart hog. Aside from this, Susan Boyle’s a sincere soul. She doesn’t put on airs about herself, and I was amazed at her humility and authenticity when she entered that stage in 2009.

Yeah, her fashion tastes seem stuck somewhere in the 1930s, but I think that’s what made her appealing to so many. Everything about her screamed that she couldn’t sing, couldn’t be a star whom people would pay to see. Susan proved them all wrong.

It’s very easy to judge a book by its cover. I’ve done it and so have you. Most often, we’re right about it too. But sometimes we’re wrong, dead wrong. The case of Susan Boyle shows how we must always be willing to give the most unlikely people a fair chance, even when it looks hopeless. It also shows us how mere physical beauty is fleeting, and that humility and sincerity is eternal, never losing its shine.

Just in Time for Her Presidential Run, Hillary Clinton’s Got Her Own Perfume: ‘Clintorius’

Guaranteed to smell worse than the junk she’s got in her trunk! 

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