Muslim Pop-Quiz Results in the Murder of 28 Non-Muslims

The ‘religion of peace’ was at it again spreading their joy and love! This time it was a group of Al-Shabaab terrorists who murdered 28 people on a bus in northern Kenya.

The followers of the pedophile prophet selected their victims by quizzing passengers to determine if they were Muslim, then shot dead those who were unable to answer satisfactorily. Now that’s what I call one serious ‘pop-quiz’! 

Not to worry, though, muslims are actually very peaceful and tolerant toward those who don’t agree with their religion . . . no, really. 


Sheriff David Clarke on Reactions to the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

My apologies for the quality of this video, but it was the only one I could find on Youtube that had the entire segment. Still, it’s one definitely worth watching.

I originally saw this interview a couple of days ago and I was blown-away by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s many outstanding comments. I’ve watched this gentleman on a few occasions, and he never ceases to  amaze me at his candor, wisdom and courage.

If only more of our law enfacement leaders throughout the nation could be as courageous and truthful!


My kind of Sheriff!

Rudy Giuliani Tells the Truth About Excessive Black Crime

Kudos to former NY mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who dared to speak openly what we all know to be true but are too afraid to admit – namely, that blacks commit an excessive and disproportionate amount of crime compared to other racial groups.

This is why such a strong police presence must be directed at black neighborhoods. Cops, in other words, go where the problems are, where the most criminals gather – and they almost always are where ‘African-Americans’ reside.

Officer-involved shootings in which black males are gunned-down cause the simple-minded to assume that the police are targeting blacks. In reality, blacks commit so many violent crimes that when these thugs become the focus of police officers, all sorts of deadly encounters ensue.

If police didn’t target crime-ridden black neighborhoods, they would be accused of ‘not caring’ and ‘racial bias’ in their policing efforts.

On the other hand, when they do, they’re accused of ‘racism’ and unjustly ‘targeting’ blacks. You can’t win with these people. Nothing ever satisfies them.

Black apologists like Michael Dyson dismiss Giuliani’s words as merely a form of veiled ‘white supremacy.’ It’s purely ad-hominem in nature because he lacks any substantive reply. Dyson is forced to smear Giuliani with the allegation of ‘racism’ because he can’t refute the FBI crime statistics involving blacks, nor can he deny the astonishing numbers of blacks who savagely murder each other every weekend.

It’s got to be a tough job – nay, an impossible task – to defend on a daily basis black criminality and dysfunction. One literally has to close their eyes and ears in order to maintain the illusion that blacks are just as civilized as whites. Having a complicit media and a supportive White House administration, however, sure makes it a lot easier.    

Douglas Murray Eviscerates British Anti-Whites

There’s a good lesson here for whites when engaging in disputes with anti-whites or ‘anti-racist’ types: (1) Speak calmly, (2) Speak clearly, (3) Know your subject well, (4) Anticipate your opponents’ best arguments, and have solid answers to them, and (5) Never apologize for your white racial heritage.

The Wonders of ‘Diversity': Group of Somalian Men Charged in the Rape of Underage Girls

Check out the Somali woman toward the end of the segment who pleads with people to not let such incidents cause them to think that all Somalian men do this since people of other religious groups have committed similar acts.

The argument is a half-truth at best. While it’s true that men from every race, religion and culture have sexually abused underage girls, this particular evil is especially prevalent among Somali muslims. Muslim ‘grooming gangs’ have become an epidemic in the UK and other european nations where muslim immigration is encouraged.

Look also at the soulless eyes of the Somalian men. These guys are wicked to the core, yet first-world western nations routinely permit such men to immigrate to their shores.

British authorities are aghast at the skyrocketing levels of muslim men who rape underage white girls, yet they invite these very tragedies into their country by allowing muslims to immigrate.

Talk about being stuck on stupid!    

Massive Gorilla Bullies Mentally-Handicapped Children at School

This massive gorilla posing as an obese black thug tried his best to bully and intimidate a group of mentally-handicapped children at school. I suspect the black thug is himself mentally deficient, but that goes without saying when we’re discussing negro hood-rats.

One of the school kids mustered the courage to make monkey sounds as he passed by, but most of them just sat their motionless not knowing what to make of this outburst.

This bully is just acting out what he witnesses daily in his own home. He calls one of the white kids a “cracker.” The incident illustrates that even when mentally handicapped, blacks still have the potential of being incredibly disruptive and aggressive toward others.

This black kid like so many blacks, cannot and should not be allowed to dwell among the civilized. They are unable to control themselves and are dysfunctional on every level. 

Incidentally, why would any caring parent allow their son – in this case, the large black kid – to dress in this manner? His entire persona and appearance is that of a ghetto thug, yet the kid appears to be mentally-delayed and not fully in control of his own faculties.

The kid has enough holding him back in life, but why compound his problems by allowing him to act, dress and talk this way? The parents cruelty on their own son is equally cruel on those who must daily endure him. 

MSNBC Panelist: “The Foundation of this Country is Racism and White Supremacy”

In the midst of a discussion on the recent Ferguson grand jury verdict, panelist Mychal Denzel Smith (wearing his “Unapologetically Black” T-shirt) said the verdict must be understood in light of America’s inherent ‘racism': “The foundation of this country is racism and white supremacy and all of our institutions uphold that.”

As much as blacks may want to see vestiges of racism in the grand jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson, their conclusions were not reached by any racial consensus but by a consideration of all the facts. Three of the jurors were themselves black.

In spite of the shooting being manipulated into an issue of race, there really wasn’t anything racial about it. The officer used his handgun not because his attacker’s skin was a different shade than his own, but because he physically attacked him, tried to take his own weapon, and violently charged at him in an effort to further assault him.

And yes, it’s true that America’s founding was based on a preference for white europeans. This was the case in the founding of all white western nations, so the U.S. is hardly unique in that sense. That whites would prefer their own kind over those of other races and cultures comports with what humans of all racial groups do. Why isolate and condemn the founding of the U.S. when it has occurred among all nations, including African nations?


The underlying assumption is that it’s wrong for whites to prefer those of their own race. While other nations are free to defend their borders from foreigners, including establishing policies to preserve their racial identity and unique culture, whites are not granted this essential human right.

Our nations must be opened to the entire world and every non-assimilating mongrel group on the planet possessing the most primitive and ass-backwards cultures must be permitted to immigrate.

And while it’s true that our country made a massive error in contributing to the slave industry and in owning African slaves, we also made significant strides to rectify our past national sins. Hundreds of thousands of white Americans invariably paid for it too with their lives during the War for Southern Independence – even though a minuscule amount of whites actually owned slaves.

Even today, we are still making amends for it in the form of welfare toward blacks, affirmative action, and through a plethora of government programs designed to bring blacks to parity with whites.

Blacks have made sure to show their appreciation for it too by virtually decimating our once grand cities with their dysfunctional ways and skyrocketing crime levels, by fully populating all of our prisons, and by provoking white flight wherever large numbers of them settle.


Birds of a Feather . . .


 Loved and adored by ‘African-Americans’ everywhere

Madonna: “You All Better Fucking Vote for Obama!”

Here’s Madonna, the 56-year-old slutty pop singer who seems to have resorted to several plastic surgeries to help keep her image current, just prior to the mid-term elections, getting into ghetto mode as she urged a large audience of fans to vote for the ‘Nothing Man': “You all better fucking vote for Obama!”

She went on to say that “For better or for worse, we have a black muslim in the White House, okay? Now that is the shit!” The crowd roared with approval.

Well, at least the liberals are finally admitting what many of us already knew about our Kenyan dictator.


Hide the children . . . please!

D.C. Protesters Support Ferguson Riots as “An Act of Communal Self-Defense”

The Ferguson protesters have proven themselves to be dumber than a bag of rocks, and the same goes for the D.C. protesters. Several of them have stated in interviews that they support the use of violence in their cause to ‘end racism.’

One of them even spoke of the Ferguson riots as “an act of communal self-defense.” How what’s currently occurring in Ferguson and in other cities throughout the U.S. can even remotely be twisted to mean an act of “communal self-defense” is beyond me!?

Besides, aren’t most liberals supposed to be pacifists? Aren’t they always pleading with Americans to “give peace a chance?” I guess that only applies to their political opponents?  

These folks have allowed themselves to become so emotionally over-charged that they can’t even think straight. They are reactionary, and it’s become apparent that they haven’t carefully thought through any of this. This is why they hide their faces and avoid answering any in-depth follow-up questions.

But what use are facts and rigorous examination when there’s a political cause to exploit? After all, why allow a good crisis to go to waste, right? 

I have to admit it pains me to see so many stupid white people out on the streets protesting on behalf of a worthless black thug who, if given the chance, would have gladly beaten and robbed each one of ‘dem white muthafuckas!’

These crowds are a visible testimony of how deep and corrosive the rot of social-Marxism has infected the American people.  


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