Captain Ron Johnson Hanging With His Homies


Yep, Missouri law enforcement officials got themselves the best and brightest when they brought in Captain Ron Johnson to handle things in Ferguson. 

Articulate Black Man Shares His Informed Opinion

This little episode during a live FOX News report in Ferguson shows clearly the mentality of the black protestors in Ferguson.

The black thug had nothing intelligent to say, so he just gets angry and shouts some incoherent nonsense.

The reporter was dumbfounded because he assumed the guy would say something halfway relevant to the situation, but he doesn’t understand the level of intelligence he’s dealing with.

At the end Shepherd Smith stated, “This is what happens when our bright lights shine sometimes.” No, this is what happens when you try to hold a conversation with low-IQ ghetto rats.


Redskins Honor Mike Brown


According to CBS News (DC): “The Washington Redskins played against the Browns on Monday night football and that game saw the defensive backs for the team pay remembrance and support for Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri, as Brandon Meriweather and his group of players came out pregame through the tunnel with their hands up at FedEx Field.”

Well, we can be thankful that the half-time show didn’t feature a marching band on the field forming the letters “Mike” like they did for Trayvon Martin . . . at least not yet. 




Did Capt. Ron Johnson Describe His Son as a “Pants Sagging” Thug? Should Blacks “Thank” Mike Brown? (Part 2)


Captain Ron Johnson didn’t just describe his son as a “pants sagging” and tatted-up thug, he also made the following ludicrous statement: “We all ought to be thanking the Brown’s for Michael, because Michael’s gonna make it better for our sons so they can be better black men, so they can be better for our daughter’s so they can be black women . . . We need to thank Mike for his life, we need to thank him for the change that he is going to make and to make us better.”

Sorry to break it to the bumbling Captain, but Mike isn’t making any changes and he’ll never get out of where he’s in right now. I’ll let you figure out where that is.

More to the point: Why the hell should we be “thanking the Brown’s for Michael”? What kind of nonsense is this? Who talks this way? The only thing the Brown’s did was raise a thug who went around intimidating others because of his size and glorifying rap and ghetto thuggery. Why should we be thankful for that?


 A hero to many American blacks

This is the very mindset that has enslaved generation after generation of American blacks – not to mention the attitude of blaming whitey for all their failures and never leaving the welfare plantation.

While it was Captain Johnson who apologized for the fatal shooting of Mike Brown (“I’m sorry”), it’s really his parents who should have apologized to the entire nation for raising another hood-rat who was nothing more than a menace to society.

Will the parents bother to apologize to the store owner whom their son robbed? Will they apologize to officer Darren Wilson and his family for the brutal attack of their son? Of course not. They’re blacks, they never apologize. They only blame. 

Personally, if he was my son, I’d be ashamed to no end that I even had a hand in that wretched demon-seed. I’d be grateful to the police for removing such a shit-bag from society.

I know most of you think I’m employing hyperbole, but that’s because you don’t know me. But I don’t suffer long criminals, especially those using my last name and from my loins.

If it were my son intimidating hard-working business owners, committing strong-arm robberies, and fighting the cops, I’d lose little sleep over his justifiable death.


And why also do we “need” to “thank Mike for his life”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Besides, Mike didn’t give up his life willingly on behalf of others. There was no intentional sacrifice on his part to benefit blacks, so what kind of stupid talk is this? 

Moreover, how is Mike going to make black men and black women “better”? Hell, that big sack of shit couldn’t even reform his own life, but somehow the little thug-angel is now going to make blacks into “better” people? 

Every stupid utterance from Captain Johnson was met by cheers and standing ovations from the crowd. That’s because most if not all of the audience members were emotionally-driven simpletons; a large crowd of non-thinkers easily led by others (known also as ‘Democrats’).

By the way, check out the brain-dead newscaster who stated at the end of the speech, “Wow! What an amazing speech. I can’t think of a better man to be there at this time.” The world has indeed gone mad. 

White Missouri law enforcement officials thought that if they got a high-ranking black officer, he’d talk reason into the rioters and quell the Ferguson fiasco. But all they’ve managed to do is bring in another incompetent affirmative action hire who looks the part outwardly, but is woefully deficient in skill and intelligence.


Capt. Johnson marching with his ‘peeps’ 

Did Capt. Ron Johnson Describe His Son as a “Pants Sagging” Thug? Should Blacks “Thank” Mike Brown? (Part 1)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more insane, along comes Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol who daily seems to make more of a buffoon of himself.

Here he is addressing an audience comprised almost exclusively of blacks in which he makes the following statement, “When this is over, I’m gonna go in my son’s room – my black son – who wears his pants sagging, wears his hat cocked to the side, got tattoos on his arms, but that’s my baby.”

The audience, as expected, stands to its feet and claps with roaring approval.


The man essentially described his son as a thug and the audience apparently loved it! What does that alone tell you about the character of these people? Why would anyone want to clap approvingly after having their son essentially painted as a pants sagging, tatted-up thug?

Do you see how ass-backwards blacks are? Yet they don’t even recognize it. 

Only folks with an anti-social thug-mentality would clap for such a stupid statement. This alone shows the vast differences between blacks and whites. Whites would be ashamed to have their son described in this manner, whereas blacks clap approvingly of it because they truly identify with such low-life thug culture. 

Captain Johnson’s admission also calls into question the level of moral influence he has over his own son. What father would allow his son to dress like a thug? If it even started to spring up in my house, there would be a war and it would eventually be settled with me as the victor!

No man who is a true leader and protector of his family would allow his own son to succumb to ghetto thug culture. I’m sure also that his little thuglet didn’t sprout up to be one over night either. This more than likely evolved gradually yet, apparently, Captain Johnson didn’t stop it.

Observe also how many times in the speech Captain Johnson emphasized his blackness. What would people think if whites dared to do the same thing by emphasizing their whiteness had the tables been turned?

Again, this demonstrates that blacks can proudly draw attention to their race without impunity or criticism, yet if whites were to do the same it would be condemned as ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia.’   


 Captain Johnson would be proud!

Black Mob Destroys Ebola Center in Liberia Two Days After it Opens!?



Out of fear and even denial of the Ebola virus, a large mob of Liberian blacks have destroyed an Ebola center.

There are some people that no matter how much is done for them, they will remain perpetually in darkness and ignorance.

The insane notion that all racial groups and cultures are equal clashes daily with reality, and this is clearly one such example. 


Philly Cop Fights a Large Black Man Who Threatened to Shoot Passengers

The ‘content of their character’

The Wonders of ‘Diversity’: Elderly Woman Takes a Hard Fall After Her Purse is Snatched

Is it any wonder why young black males are closely watched?

The Hysteria and Extreme Bias Never Ends When It’s Melissa Harris-Perry

Here’s MSNBC’s own politically-correct mulatto, Melissa Harris-Perry, giving her ‘heart-breaking’ (I’d call it ‘gut-wrenching’!) tribute to all the black males who were gunned-down by the evil ‘po-lice.’

During the segment, Melissa emphasizes that the black men killed by police were unarmed – and right she is.

I won’t justify each and every shooting of a black man by officers, but in the examples she provides, there was a lot more going on than merely an act of premeditated murder motivated by racial hatred for blacks. In fact, none of the occurrences had any racial element connected to them.


In some instances, the deaths were accidental with no criminal intent. In others, they were poor judgments or overreactions on the part of officers without any criminal or racial motives. Some were even justified by grand juries that reviewed the occurrences, tragic as they were.

But all of the fatal shootings that Melissa cites involve one very important element that she conveniently fails to mention to her audience – the blacks were all resisting the police in some form.

This doesn’t mean the shootings were justified or the best decisions at the time, but only that these men were not specifically targeted because of their race or out of some arbitrary desire on the part of officers to kill a black man.

Consider the following from Melissa’s own list of black victims:

Mike Brown – Resisting/fighting an officer after committing a ‘strong-arm’ robbery minutes earlier.

Timothy Stansbury – Accidental shooting by an officer who had no criminal or racial motivation.

Sean Bell – Shot by a plainclothes black officer after Bell struck him with his vehicle.

Oscar Grant – Resisting arrest/accidental shooting with no criminal or racial motivation.

Aaron Campbell – Shot while resisting police.

Alonzo Ashley – Shot while fighting police.

Wendell Allen – Shot during drug raid.

Eric Garner – Choked to death while resisting police.

Again, the point is not that all these shootings were justified nor were they the best decisions under the circumstances, but only that they almost all involved black males doing things that were criminal in nature or refusing to comply with officers. The black males often instigated the circumstances that lead to their deaths or placed themselves in situations where a violent encounter with police was more likely to occur.


And yes, of course, I’m aware that much more was involved than my brief summary would indicate. The point is that most of these incidents, when examined objectively, paint a less than angelic picture of the black men who were fatally shot or choked by police.

Melissa never bothered to address this crucial element because it doesn’t fit her racial-Leftist narrative that young black males are being unjustly targeted and oppressed by the police, especially white police officers.

The hypocrisy of Melissa’s commentary and selective anger becomes even more apparent when she failed to mention the thousands of young black males who are murdered each year by other black males. The numbers are truly astounding and are indicative of how violent and volatile blacks in America are.

To give but one example of the many that could be cited, 40 to 60 young black males in Chicago are routinely shot and killed each weekend by other black males.

Again, the perpetrators in almost every case are other black males. Similar numbers of fatal shootings also routinely occur in other black inner-cities, such as Birmingham, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit, and Oakland.

These cities are more deadly and dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan which should tell you something about the caliber of people who reside in such ‘communities.’ 


The Wonders of ‘Diversity’: Pregnant Woman Becomes Latest Victim of the ‘Knockout Game’

The ‘content of their character’

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