Lies. It Was All Lies. Nothing But Lies.

Boy, the American people sure got railroaded with this knucklehead who is appropriately called ‘The Nothing Man.’ That’s exactly what Barack Obama did for America – Nothing! 

Well, maybe a slight correction is in order. Obama managed to increase our national debt to over 20 trillion. He managed to impose a heath care system that was anything but “affordable.” He weakened our military like no other president in U.S. history, all the while keeping us engaged in protracted wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama did nothing to significantly decrease unemployment levels. He continued to support excessive taxation of the American people. He cost taxpayers billions for his many vacation trips throughout the world. He played more golf and engaged in more leisure activities than all U.S. presidents before him. He seemed to have little appreciation for the concept of hard work, and it showed.


Obama: Working hard for the American people

Obama did nothing on behalf of his own people, and  great numbers will admit it too. Blacks in America thought their lives would improve once one of their own was elected to the highest office in the land. It never happened. Their conditions got worse. 

Obama’s presidency was marked by constant scandals and controversies. His entire cabinet was installed with radical Leftists, overt socialists, and communist sympathizers. The man became the laughing stock of worldwide opinion, and few world leaders respected him. He was seen as weak, vacillating and effeminate.

Obama greatly increased racial strife among Americans. He was afforded every opportunity to quell violent rhetoric among Blacks and crush the riots that devastated several of our nation’s major cities, but never did. Instead, he inflamed the hatred of Blacks toward Whites, and agreed with a false ‘narrative’ that U.S. police officers were randomly and without justification gunning down Black people. He always made it seem that Blacks in America had legitimate complaints, and that their riotous conduct and destruction of property was somehow justified.


While great numbers of Islamic terrorist attacks were occurring throughout the world – even in America – Obama refused to identify by name ‘radical’ Islam (which is nothing more than normative Islam).

Partly out of sheer defiance and partly because he culturally identifies with Islam, Obama would not concede that the terrorism we were experiencing was the result of Islam’s fundamental religious teachings. He refused to name the real culprit in the deaths of so many innocent people. He could have done so much to protect the American people, but he refused to carry out even the most basic duties of a U.S. president in terms of national security.

Without shame, Obama intentionally permitted millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. and encouraged a ‘stand-down’ policy among our border patrol agents. This action alone not only swelled our population numbers, including helping to burden our welfare system, but it forced an even greater competition among Americans for the few remaining jobs available.


Obama didn’t care how this would impact unemployment numbers within ‘African-American’ communities. His only concern was to racially and culturally displace Whites so they would no longer remain the dominant majority. Obama, then, turned against the very Whites who had coddled and promoted him throughout his privileged life. He benefitted from a system created by Whites, and then did everything in his power to use it against the naive people who helped him.

What a great guy!    

Hard Truth: The only thing Americans managed to elect was a self-absorbed, privileged and ‘community organizing’ nigga who didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself. If the media had done its job, and if the American people would have bothered to take a hard look at who this guy was, we could have saved our country from a lot of heartache, waste and embarrassment.

Obama could have nullified the stereotypical opinion (meaning, truthful opinion!) of the greater majority of people throughout the world that Blacks are generally lazy and incompetent. But he was too self-entitled and narcissistic to see the greater good that could’ve been accomplished.

As a result, I predict it will be a very long time before Americans again elect another Black man to the presidency. Our nation is currently suffering from negro fatigue and, after eight long years, we’ve had our fill with pretenders.      


Canadian Libtards Advocate ‘Beige Power’: “Look at the Pure Breeds Losing Their Grip”

Here’s a group of Canadian Libtards rapping on behalf of miscegenation. They call it “Beige Power” and say “it’s inevitable.” The skit comprises verbal attacks on Trump, the Alt-Right, “White supreme Nazi,” Stephen Bannon, and anyone who promotes maintaining one’s racial identity.

Video skits like this one will convince people who have never heard the case against miscegenation. The common assumption is that keeping one’s racial identity intact by marrying and interbreeding only with those of one’s own race is somehow ‘racist’ and backwards (‘that’s so 19th century!’).

In truth, though, there are compelling reasons for doing so. Time and enough miscegenation among the general populace has already shown the problems that arise when race-mixing occurs (e.g., lacking a clear and definitive identity, depression, confusion, a sense of not fully belonging, etc.).

Listen to the sane words of the late Muhammad Ali who schools a White liberal promoting miscegenation on the BBC.   

Professor Jordan Peterson – Vs – Transgender Freak Apologists: Gender Rights and the Issue of Free Speech

Folks, I’ll warn you in advance that this is a disturbing discussion to listen to. What’s most unsettling to me is how crazy our society has become as a result of political-correctness.

The most ludicrous matters are treated with utmost seriousness as if they are the greatest threats that western civilization faces. It’s mind-boggling to witness the utterly vacuous and petty issues that liberals nut-up over. It illustrates so clearly how disruptive are, and how they undermine the general peace and cohesion of society on behalf of their pet doctrines.

In this case, a Toronto professor, Jordan Peterson (who is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology), is in deep yogurt because he refuses to use the ‘proper’ gender pronouns (as conceived by liberals) to describe his Transgender students.

The university administration at Toronto University, including the Transgender freaks he instructs, have publicly condemned him because he employs universally recognized pronouns to describe males and females in accordance with ‘cis-normative culture’.

How dare the man, he actually calls people what they are! How ‘insensitive’ that he uses ‘cis-normative’ terms to describe people who run counter to normative culture!


The Transgender students have demanded that the professor play along with their game of self-deception and refer to those who are ‘transitioning’ from male to female as ‘she’ or ‘her.’ Likewise, if a student is ‘transitioning’ from female to male, he should refer to them as ‘he’ or ‘him.’ In other words, everyone, including professor Peterson, is required to play along with the charade. The good professor refuses to do so, and now faces a legal tribunal for ‘hate speech’ or, at least, a misdemeanor violation of the law which would impose a fine.

Dr. Peterson has made it clear, however, that he will not pay any fine. If he is imprisoned, he will go on a hunger strike. The Libtards, though, won’t shed one tear on his behalf. He’s not a ‘person of color’ and, besides, he’s said things that have hurt their ‘feelings.’ It’s amazing how cold and disinterested liberals get when the right of free speech doesn’t comport with their particular social cause.

According to his Wikipedia entry, “On 27 September 2016, Peterson released the first part of a three-part lecture video series on political correctness. In the video, he objects to the Canadian government’s Bill C-16, which proposes to outlaw harassment and discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code. His objection to the bill did not concern the LGBT discrimination legal debate, but rather the freedom of speech implications of C-16’s other amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, regarding their accommodation language.

Furthermore, he argued that the new amendments paired with section 46.3 of the Ontario Human Rights Code would make it possible for ’employers and organizations to be subject to punishment under the code if any employee or associate says anything that can be construed as ‘directly or indirectly’ offensive.’ Peterson further argues that it is necessary for people to recognize the importance of free speech and particularly free speech on college campuses.”


Peterson has publicly stated that he will not use non-binary pronouns such as ‘zhe’ in reference to others, even if requested.”

Check out the bald-headed queer and the rather deformed looking woman pretending to be a male on the panel. Geez, talk about presenting oneself as a complete caricature of the stereotypical gay liberal! The geeky bald-headed guy actually argues that there’s no such thing as ‘biological sex’! In his own words, he told the host that “everyone assumes that there is male and female . . . For over fifty years scientists have shown that that’s not true.”

Oh, really? 

Truly, liberalism is a mental disorder! Insanity and self-destruction are always the dead-end of liberalism once it’s taken to its illogical conclusions.

By the way, did you notice what little time Dr. Peterson was afforded to respond to the nonsense spewed by his detractors on the panel? It was three against one, or maybe three against two if you consider the Transgender weirdo who tried to defend Dr. Peterson? How ‘fair’ was that? Whatever the case, never expect liberals to play by the same rules they demand of their opponents.

Like the guy in the video below who thinks he’s a goat, Transgender freaks want all of society to play along with their self-deception. Thankfully, a growing number of us are tired of the games.

Seattle Police Engage in One of the Wildest Police Pursuits and Shootouts Ever!

This is one of the wildest police pursuits and shootouts I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the cop who kept on the carjacking thief, and who drove like a pro! Even when the suspect was firing at them, they kept themselves in the game. 

The pursuit began in downtown Seattle and lasted for nearly an hour. Although no one was killed other than the suspect, who was identified as 35-year-old Raymond Azevedo, several collisions occurred as a result of this dangerous high speed chase.

Thankfully, the worthless pile of excrement was ventilated by Seattle’s finest. A review of Azevedo’s criminal record shows prior convictions for theft, vehicle theft, burglary, assault, malicious mischief, and eluding the police. This guy was criminal life and he deserved the end he received. Let him now burn in hell! 


No more Sunday drives for him

This pursuit illustrates how crazy and truly dangerous a cop’s job is at times. Anyone wanting to get into police work better first have a passion for the nature of the job, and not just be looking at the pay and generous retirement pension.

I’ve seen many guys get into this line of work solely for the monetary benefits and who become miserable after time because of the constant danger and the wicked pukes one has to deal with on a daily basis. If you don’t love the job, you don’t really belong in it. It’s not for everyone, and the sooner one realizes it, the better off they will be.

This is not intended as a put-down of other career choices, but only to emphasize that chasing bad guys, arresting criminals, issuing citations, and having to interact with some of the world’s most unpleasant people is an integral part of the job. I know it sounds somewhat contradictory, but the ugly nature of police work is something you better like from the start or you will never be a happy camper doing it.      


Raymond Azevedo: Can you say Swiss cheese? 

Jews Seek to Censor the Internet So That Videos Deemed ‘Anti-Semitic’ Are Not Shown

So, let me get this straight. Videos that are deemed to be “lies” about Jews and “anti-Semitic” should be barred from sites like Youtube by means of “crowd reporting,” eh? Well then, by that same line of reasoning, why don’t democrats do the same thing against videos supportive of the GOP, especially of that wicked ‘Islamophobe’ Donald Trump? After all, he’s said horrible things about Muslims and illegal aliens. Shouldn’t all Youtube videos of ‘the Donald’ be banned too?

Maybe devout Christians should do the same thing against Internet videos supportive of Islam or Muslims? Why shouldn’t anyone be able to censor each and every video they don’t agree with through the same strategy of “crowd reporting”? Before long, Youtube and similar sites wouldn’t have anything to show except cat videos!

I don’t know if every Jew would agree with “crowd reporting” as way of combatting ‘anti-Semitism’ on the Internet, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that the greater majority of them would see no problem in it. What these Jews are really telling us is that free speech doesn’t apply when such speech is directed toward them. They are special, and the customary rules of free speech and exchange of ideas are not applicable when something negative is said about Jews.


Jews, as many of you already know, must be coddled. Only the most uplifting and praiseworthy things must be said about them. And if you dare to deviate from the accepted script, you will be called a ‘Jew hater,’ a ‘Nazi’ and ‘anti-Semitic’! You will be forever shamed and called a ‘racist’ too.

Yet, as George Orwell has written: “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,” and “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.’ 

This bring us to our next question. Who determines what is ‘hate speech’? Who decides if something is ‘anti-Semitic’ or not? Is criticism against an Israeli policy equivalent to ‘anti-Semitism’? Who decides such matters?

I can assure the reader that the minute all forms of ‘anti-Semitism’ (however interpreted) are scrubbed from the Internet, a huge number of videos that may have nothing to do with Israel or the Jews will inevitably fall under the rubric of ‘anti-Semitic hate speech’ and likewise banned. It’s just a matter of time. This is how fascism works. This is how Jews force everyone to conform to their viewpoints. This is how Jews, who claim to be supporters of free speech, actually stifle free speech and the free exchange of ideas in an open forum.


Why not just allow Internet sites like Youtube to be a places where people are allowed to freely express themselves – yes even ‘hateful’ speech? Why screw around with something that brings people the world over so much information? Perhaps that’s the very problem Jews are concerned about? They won’t be able to control what other people think and say about them. They won’t be able to censor or outlaw dissenting viewpoints. They won’t be in control of the Jewish ‘narrative.’

Hard Truth: What about that 13-year-old boy who wants to learn about Jews and Israel? If he visits sites like Youtube, he’ll be exposed to an entire plethora of ‘anti-Semitic’ videos, right?. He might not learn about the Jews from the perspective of the Jews, right? Yeah, that’s right, he might not. Welcome to life. Welcome to reality. Welcome to the world of differing opinions. That’s what separates intellectually the big boys from those still in an infantile state of mental development.


Are Jews so unsure of their position that they must prevent others from being given a fair hearing? Is that how the ‘superior intelligence’ of Jews deal with dissenting opinions on the Internet? Wouldn’t a better response be to simply produce videos answering the objections of their opponents, and let the person watching decide the matter for himself or herself?

Jews who try to shut down ‘anti-Semitic’ videos on the internet are not just behaving tyrannical, they are preventing an entire population of people from hearing and watching an alternative viewpoint. They are treating people like you and I as little children whose minds they must control so that we believe only the approved ‘narrative.’ Granted, they don’t like how they are portrayed. Some of it may indeed be lies. Some of it may be the truth. Either way, let the viewer decide. Jews need to stop trying to police what others think about them or anyone else.


Gee, thanks Jews! 



Cenk Uygur of ‘The Young Turks’ Praises Trump and Castigates Obama: “Obama Wouldn’t Have Done That. That’s Not Who He is . . . He’s Not That Strong”

Here’s one of those rare occasions when Cenk Uygur makes sense. Granted, it’s only a matter of time before he returns to his customary overreactions and obnoxious political rants, but this time he was fair enough to concede that Trump did something right that Obama and the democrats should’ve been doing all along.

Cenk castigates Obama for his unwillingness to do the very things that Trump has done with the Carrier corporation in keeping American jobs here in the U.S. He rightly points out that while Obama could’ve and should’ve done this sort of thing all along, he didn’t because “That’s not who he is” and because “He’s not that strong.”

That’s the difference between Trump and Obama. It’s a matter of strength and true leadership. Trump, for all his faults, is a leader and will govern from a position of strength.

It’s important to point out that Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and he’s already showing his leadership skills! Dignitaries worldwide and even the media somewhat are treating him like he’s the sitting U.S. president, and it’s wonderful to behold. Obama is slowly being discarded like the worthless menstrual rag that he is. 

Interestingly, while Cenk condemns Obama for not doing what Trump has done with Carrier, I can’t recall any occasion within the past eight years when he urged Obama to be strong and to threaten corporations who move American jobs to foreign countries. Maybe he has, but I’ve listened to a lot of what Cenk spews and I can’t remember one occasion where he urged Obama to govern from a position of strength and to threaten corporations that have government contracts. If I’m wrong about this, then I give him credit for doing so.

Part of the reason Trump is doing so well is because he has business experience. He’s been in the real world. He can tell the difference between a good deal and a bad one. He’s got good business sense. 

Yet look what Trump’s missing too. He’s never been a lawyer. He’s never been a politician before – all of which are credits to his leadership skills. In other words, because he’s lacking in the convoluted and pedantic mindset of an attorney, he’s able to see the bigger picture. Because he’s never been a politician until of recent date, he’s not bound to politically-correct rhetoric and overly-preoccupied about what people might think of him.

Also, because Trump has already achieved great success in life, he’s not dependent on what others may say nor threats to his political career. When someone like Trump has successfully withstood every lie the media has thrown at him, it’s easier to continue moving forward with his goals of making America great again.

This is very much unlike almost 100% of those currently elected to congress. Most of them have never owned a business, and the greater majority have law degrees. They are, essentially, part and parcel to the establishment, and this is why they are unable to reform it in any meaningful and lasting way.

Trump is starting to prove what many of us have been saying for a long time – an outsider who is a fighter and not part of the ruling elite is needed to help ‘drain the swamp.’

Whether Trump will actually clean up Washington in the way that we imagine, I seriously doubt. But he will definitely shake things up, and his presidency alone will buy race-conscious Whites more time to organize and strategize for our future. For this alone, we can be thankful.  

Cringe-Inducing Political Rap Video by Disgusting Jewish Yenta, Lena Dunham: Is it Any Wonder Why Hillary Lost? (Warning: Gross!)

Brace yourselves for this one. I’ll warn my readers in advance that they might not be able to bleach-out what their eyes are about to see. Turn back now if you value decency and wish to keep your eyes and soul from the filth it’s about to behold.

This video by the fat, ugly, self-absorbed and always pretentious, Lena Dunham, whom the Left has forced on the American people for the past five years, is a political rap video produced to encourage low-information types everywhere to vote for Hillary Clinton (this was immediately prior to the final night’s election).

The video, as it turned out, had little effect on the final decision of voters. The best part of it, however, is how cringe-inducing Lena is portrayed. It’s so typical of this ugly yenta to present herself as more important than she actually is. Watching her should force all rational people to recognize that a grand farce has been foisted upon them – namely, that Lena is a talented and creative actress (neither which is true).

Over the years I’ve ragged on this fat pig, but not because she’s fat or ugly. There are lots of people who are fat and physically ugly, but they are decent people. I have nothing against them. Not so with this Jewish sow whom the media constantly forces on all of us. There has been a concerted effort to make Lena the model, the ideal for our young women. Lena doesn’t just ‘act’ in a cable TV series (if that’s what one wishes to call it?), but she’s politically active, almost evangelical in her efforts to reach young people. Whether it’s voting for Obama or Hillary, or whether it’s ranting against ‘patriarchy’ and ‘rape-culture’ on our college campuses, Lena’s on the front lines promoting Libtardism to all who are stupid enough to listen to her.

Check out the beginning of the video featuring two anal-intruders whom Lena describes as her “closest friends.” If you’re like me, you’ll know the disgust that stirs within when you witness such faggotry. I know that in our age homosexuality and effeminate males are supposed to be acceptable, but I can’t do it. I will always reject it, no matter what others say. I see these two effeminate Whites as the Eloi, the devastating effects that Libtard culture has had on Whites males for the past 50 years. 

Still haven’t had enough of Lena? Alright, here’s for you sadists who love heaping punishment on yourselves. The same warning I previously gave still applies to the following videos. Watch at your own risk!  

Remember: This is what is passes for talent these days.

Cop Accidentally Shoots Unarmed Black Burglar: You Play, You’re Gonna Pay!

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Laurel, MD – Body camera footage shows the moment when a Laurel police officer shoots an unarmed suspect in the back while responding to a burglary call last April.

In the dramatic video, a group of officers are seen hunting for a suspect. When one of the suspects appears, a foot chase ensues. Rashawn Curbeam, now 20, is brought down by a taser and then the officers proceed to surround a building. One of the officers shined his gun mounted light at a door and then fires the gun from his left hand into Curbeam’s back.”

The good news is that the officer was not indicted for the accidental discharge.


What is it About “Put Down the Knife!” That Dindus Don’t Understand?

Just another day among the ‘darlings of diversity’

Bill Press: “Obama is in Denial” and “What a Shambles the Democrat Party is in”

Well, what’d you expect from the ‘Nothing Man’? 

Well, what you’d expect from someone who had almost no congressional experience, who was virtually unknown even among the Washington establishment, who was nothing more than a ‘community organizer’ from Chicago, and who never accomplished anything of substance in his life? This was a man who rode the coattails of his good looks, endearing smile, affirmative action benefits, and who was carried the entire time by guilt-ridden Whites.

Let us never forget that this was a man who was close friends with a former domestic terrorist, and all the people who were most influential in his life were either communists or liberals of the most radical stripe. For many years, Obama attended a Chicago church that was militantly anti-White and anti-America.

Why would anyone imagine that the caliber of this president would produce greatness for the nation? The warning signs were all there, but few Americans wanted to see it because they were consumed with the thought of America having its first Black president. Nothing else mattered to them.

Americans were foolish enough to twice elect a man to the highest office in the land who couldn’t even talk before a crowd of people without a teleprompter. On those rare occasions when he did interviews without one, he mumbled, stuttered, um’d and uh’d his way through everything. This was a man who spent more time on the golf course than in the Oval Office conducting business on behalf of the people. This was a man who increased our national debt more than all previous presidents combined! This was a man who vacationed frequently throughout the world at taxpayer’s expense with not a care about easing the financial burden he placed on the American people.

Americans twice elected this self-absorbed girly man, a man whose two terms were not just marked by incompetency, but by a deliberate attempt to weaken our military and to enflame racial tensions throughout the U.S. Obama had multiple opportunities to quell the strife and angry rhetoric, but never did. He could have even prevented the riots that ensued after the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson and later in Baltimore, but didn’t. This was what he wanted all along.

Everything this man did was wrong, destructive, and led to one scandal after another. Obama’s legacy will be marked by nothing more than corruption, scandal, government waste, cover-ups, wasted lives, upheaval in the middle east, and costly social policies that will forever burden all future generations of Americans.

All because we had to have a Black man in the Oval Office so that we could boast before others saying we voted for Obama and, thereby, proved how ‘non-racist’ we were.


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