‘Black Church, Inc.’: A Devastating look at Today’s Black Church

I’ve criticized the Black Church in America for years. I’ve witnessed first-hand the antics and hoopla that goes on in them. To describe today’s Black churches as a collection of dog-and-pony show circuses with lots of vacuous emotionalism would be an understatement.

I’ve talked to many Black Christians who have no clue about the central themes of the Bible, no understanding of the Gospel and its demands, no comprehension of such vital New Testament doctrines as justification, substitutionary atonement, propitiation, redemptive history, and the like. This is because biblical theology and doctrine are not taught from their pulpits. Their sermons consist of emotional rants sprinkled in with a Bible verse here and there (always taken out their historical context, of course). There is no expository teaching of biblical texts, just a lot of singing, dancing, and carrying-on supposedly under the guidance of the ‘Holy Ghost.’

In fairness, White Christians are pretty ignorant too, and I’ve seen some strange things happen within their services as well. But as in most things Blacks do, they seem to take everything to entirely new levels of absurdity and depravity.

The greater number of Black churches in America have been deeply inundated with a Charismatic emphasis in worship style, and they’re big into the ‘prosperity health-and-wealth gospel,’ the ‘name-it-and-claim-it’ nonsense that teaches their parishioners that God’s will is for all believers to be wealthy and free from disease.

Such doctrines run counter to clear New Testament teachings and grossly distort the lives of Jesus and His apostles who lived in poverty and who were true servants of the people. Paul taught the Ephesian elders (pastors) to work with their own hands and to be in a position of giving unto others (Acts 20:17-35) rather than begging for money from the people they were called to shepherd. How many pastors do you know who have regular jobs and who aren’t constantly asking their parishioners for money?

Just as Blacks are plagued with political charlatans as leaders (e.g., ‘Reverend” Jesse Jackson, ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton, et al.), so also they are plagued by religious phonies and charlatans such as Creflo Dollar (the perfect name for a religious conman!), ‘Bishop’ Eddie Long, ‘Bishop’ T.D. Jakes, ‘Doctor’ Fred Price, and so many more.


Not one of Creflo’s better days

These religious pimps and hustlers easily make merchandise off their low-IQ audience that are woefully lacking in discernment because they have little common sense and no knowledge of the Bible, the very book they profess to believe in.

Christianity in its practical implications and manifestation has little impact on America’s Black ‘communities.’ They may have lots of churches, but they are devoid of sound doctrine and people that truly live out what they believe. If Christianity really had a deep and abiding effect on the lives of Blacks as many of them profess, their communities wouldn’t be so ridden with crime and murder. The fact that drug abuse, thuggery of every conceivable stripe, gangs, crime, and skyrocketing murder rates run rampant in every inner-city Black neighborhood is proof that Christianity means little to them.

For Blacks in America, going to church is a social event and nothing more. As far as its teachings having any real impact on their lives in terms of holiness, personal reformation, and Christ-like qualities, you can forget about it. For Blacks, it’s always about the image, the hoopla, and the emotional experience. Learning about the practical aspects of Christianity, especially historic doctrine and theology, well, that’s for White folks.

‘Racist’ Whites Help a Black Man in Need While Blacks Couldn’t Care a Less

This is a heartwarming story because it shows the kindness and generosity of Whites who, independently from each other, voluntarily chose to help a 56-year-old Black man who walked 21 miles each day to get to work. Whether it was raining or snowing, he faithfully walked to work and never missed a day either!

As you all know, I have sharp criticism for all sorts of White do-goodery, especially the pathological altruism that seems to plague us and cause our people more problems than one can shake a stick at. Yet, in the case of James Robertson, I’m glad the man was helped by our people who took the time to inquire about his needs.

I know little about Mr. Robertson but, from what I can tell, he seems to be an honorable man. The man’s commitment to working – walking 21 miles each day to work! – and not living on welfare I find especially admirable. What a tremendous work ethic and example to each of us! The man seems humble too. I like that . . . a lot. He didn’t demand a car or money. He didn’t act like he was entitled to it. He seemed genuinely awed by the kindness shown to him.

These are the kind of people I have no problem helping. I believe in rewarding hard work. I believe we should honor the honorable, and help those who are truly in need as opposed to those who are merely lazy, self-entitled, and unwilling to make an effort. So, while I believe the needs of my own people always come first, I was glad that some of my ‘evil and racist White devil’ brothers stopped to help Mr. Robertson.

Tommy Sotomayor in the video above rightly rebuked his own people who ignored for over ten years the needs of Mr. Robertson who was a member of their own ‘community.’ They showed no such concern or interest as those shown by Whites who had no affiliation or connection to the man. Tommy knows all-too-well how Blacks, being accustomed to being on the receiving end of others’ generosity, are very tight with their own money.

The dirty little secret is that Blacks simply don’t care for their fellow Blacks as does the White man. As much as Blacks like refer to each other as ‘brotha’ and ‘sista,’ it means little by way of showing compassion, kindness, and real assistance to those of their own kind.

So, the next time someone starts preaching how evil Whites are, remind them of this story. We are far from perfect, myself included. Still, no other racial group on the planet engages in so much that is good and helpful to others than the White race.

Asians, for example, do not reach out to help African negroes, but Whites, expecting nothing, routinely do (much to my chagrin!). Mexicans in large numbers don’t reach out to foreign ethnic and cultural groups, but Whites regularly do. More than any other racial or ethnic group on this planet, Whites reach out in humanitarian aid to all those in need, regardless of race or ethnic origin. Although well-meaning, admittedly, it has also become our Achilles heel and has caused us many problems.

Although a large portion of Blacks may hate us and see us as the cause of all their problems, the truth is that we have done more good for them than any other racial group – including Blacks themselves!


Two Dindus Beat and Rob a Subway Commuter with Brass Knuckles


Where is Paul Kersey when we need him?

You Can’t Argue with Idiots: How Trying to Reason with Black Women is a Waste of Time

Here’s a FOX news reporter trying to ask some simple questions of a filthy wildebeest at a Charlotte protest rally, and all he gets in return is rambling and incoherent nonsense. He naively thought she would articulate at least one or two semi-rational sentences, but it never happened.

The ‘Black Lives Movement’ is built in large measure on overly-emotional, attention-starved, and gullible Black women. Those who organize and enable the protests are very much dependent on easily-manipulated women, both Black and White. Black women, however, rule the roost and, in many respects, call a lot of the shots.

This is why women are so prominent in this movement, and why they are almost aways posted in the forefront of any march. They know that the police are less inclined to aggressively break through a wall of women, especially Black women, than a wall of men.

The organizers of these rallies know this all-too-well, and who can deny that they’ve been successful at it?


Oh, she’d fit in perfectly!

Angry, vocal and confrontational Black women also present a strong image. Americans, generally, are inclined to listen and show empathy when women raise their voices. This too the BLM leadership exploits to its full advantage.

The presence of loud and aggressive Black women who, more or less, present themselves as there stereotypical ‘angry Black woman’ also has its problems.

The first is that most men tend to be put off by women (regardless of race) who are abrasive, physically confrontational, and seriously lacking in feminine qualities. The greater number of them have such chips on their shoulders that it becomes unbearable to watch them for any length of time.

The second is that these same women, when interviewed by reporters, most often prove to be dumber than a bag of hammers. It soon becomes apparent that they’ve only got a couple of rambling ‘talking points’ and nothing else. Few, if any of them, have taken the time to seriously think through the actual facts of the officer-involved shootings they are protesting against – and it shows! This is because the facts mean little to them. They are simpletons, reactionary, and filled with way too much testosterone.


The quintessential ‘angry Black woman’

The BLM movement perhaps gives them a sense of purpose or it may bring some excitement to their dismal lives? Whatever the case, it cannot be because of serious reflection and a careful study of the facts surrounding each of these shootings for the simple reason that the facts almost always vindicate the officers. 

The Left has always used women for its protest movements and nefarious goals because it rightly perceived women as easy to manipulate. Due to their generally caring and nurturing natures, they are often exploited by religious con men and political charlatans whom they trust without reservation.

I’m not referring, of course, to all women without exception. Some women are quite perceptive and have not fallen prey to the Left’s tactics. Many men, too, have been duped by the Left’s Utopian ‘movements.’

My only point is that social movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ depend for their success in large measure on the more trusting and less rational nature of women – and particularly on the loud and aggressive nature of Black women. 

Come to think of it, the Black girl in this video would be the ideal recruit for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. 

Spike Lee Illustrates the Envy & Lack of Drive Among Blacks to Succeed: “Either Those Korean Motherfuckas’ Are Geniuses, Or Your Black Asses Are Just Plain Dumb!”

Blacks are, for the most part, just talkers. They’ll sit around and moan about the industrious Koreans and other racial groups that succeed in America, yet all the while doing nothing to improve their own lives. They are envious of the success of others, but are not motivated enough to change their lot in life. It’s easier to simply bitch and cry ‘racism!’

Asians, ‘fresh off the boat,’ will set up a family business and accomplish more in one year than most Blacks will accomplish their entire lives. To Blacks, it’s a mystery. They stand bewildered at how Asians, who don’t even speak the language, can proposer so quickly. They are baffled by it. It seems to defy logic, or should I say the logic of Blacks?

It never occurs to the whining, unmotivated negroes who endlessly loiter about that maybe the success of Asians in America is due to their hard work ethic, their commitment to saving money, maintaining close-knit family relations, sharing and helping each other, staying in school, and keeping themselves out of trouble with the law?

Such concepts, which are obvious to all other racial and ethnic groups, escapes the thinking of most American Blacks. Oh, I’m sure they’ve heard of such things as working hard and saving money, but it’s only theoretical for the greater majority of them.


A people devoted to idleness 

The greater number of today’s inner-city Blacks never seem to make the connection between idleness and poverty. They will sit around all day next to a liquor store doing nothing save drinking and smoking blunts, yet wonder why their lives are so empty. They will spew rancor against the White man because he has a good job, money, and a house in the suburbs, yet will never make the connection that maybe such success is due to the opposite of being idle and unproductive. 

The Black man thinks the White man has been given everything because of his White skin pigmentation. They will call it ‘White privilege’ because in their minds they can’t conceive of success in any other terms.      

Because Blacks ‘live in the moment,’ the here and now only, coupled with low impulse control, they lack the patience and foresight to perceive what great things can be accomplished when hard work, wise planning, and monetary thrift are brought together.

Also, because generational welfare has become the norm for U.S. Blacks, they are accustomed to be given, and not earning. They view life through the prism of someone or something outside of themselves providing that which they need. Like dependent little birds waiting for momma bird to give them their daily sustenance, so also Blacks wait for their monthly government sustenance from Uncle Sam.

British Police Officer Tells Pro-Kurdish Demonstrator: “You Can’t Tell Me What to Do In My Country!”

Kudos to the British police officer, identified as Marcus Tyson, who dared to stand up to an abusive pro-Kurdish demonstrator. Officer Tyson, unfortunately, is now on restricted duty and he has been charged by his administration with “gross misconduct.”

Tyson risks the loss of his career, but has contested the charges and maintains that an “oppressive political correctness” has permeated London’s police department.

You think?

Muslim agitators and their Libtard enablers are using Britain’s right to assemble and protest in order to provoke chaos, racial strife, as well as a means of enforcing their colonizing agenda. They are attacking directly the authority of British officers, seeking to instigate them in any way possible, so as to get them fired and, thereby, legitimize their claims of ‘racism’ and ‘intolerance.’

Only an insane nation would permit this to go on. Only a nation filled with treasonous ‘enemies within’ would penalize their police officers as they have done to Tyson.

Whites will only stand for this so long before they get pushed against the proverbial wall and have no other option but to fight. We better fight soon because the opportunity to reverse this will soon pass us. 

I urge my readers to read the full story over at Breitbart.


White Libtards at Charlotte ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rally Tell Journalists That Only “People of Color” Can Answer Their Questions

White progs do exactly as their negroid overlords tell them 

Obese Ratchet Angered When Her Card Doesn’t Have Enough to Purchase Newport Cigarettes

Trying to reason with ratchets is like arguing with the wind. 

Liberals Promote Sympathy for the Stupid, Irresponsible, and Those Who Make Poor Life Choices

Here’s a typical Libtard bleeding-heart story about how hard life is when you’re an unwed mother surviving on minimum wage while working at McDonald’s. This 22-year-old woman is on government housing assistance, food stamps, and receives child care benefits.

Where’s the father, you ask? He’s incarcerated (as if we couldn’t figure that out!). Yep, she’s made great choices in men. 

As the woman talks, you can practically see her IQ level drop five points. You might think her droopy eyes and seeming lethargy is just because she’s tired but, personally, I think she lacks motivation. She has no spunk or drive because she’s created despair in her life by her poor life choices. Her life is a mess because she’s mentally vacuous and lacks any direction in her pathetic existence.

She walks and talks like a slug because she is a slug.

This story should not be a sympathy story, it should be a stupid story. It should be one of what not to do, how not to live one’s life, the importance of not making poor life decisions.

Notice how liberals from CNN use this Black woman’s wreck of a life because of stupid decisions she’s made, such as dating a criminal thug and having a baby with him to garner sympathy from the viewer. Notice there’s no discussion anywhere during the segment about personal accountability. Nothing about choosing the right kind of person for a mate. Nothing about the problems of having babies outside of the marriage vow.

That’s because liberals have no genuine moral framework in which to filter such stories. Anyone who suffers does so because of what someone else has done to them. If Blacks or Whites have no other job possibilities than working McDonald’s, it’s got to be the government’s fault for not raising the minimum wage to a ‘living wage.’

The woman is ignorant of the fact that minimum wage jobs were never designed to be a ‘living wage’ in which someone can support an entire family. They were designed only as entry-level jobs, the kind of job teens take while still enrolled in school or a side job to make some extra cash.

But even then all is not lost for the fast-food worker. The motivated worker can excel through the ranks, and even become a manager which pays a significantly higher wage, a true ‘living wage.’

Unfortunately, this slug of a woman lacks the drive, the ambition she needs to improve her lot in life. Her future, sad to say, is spawning more future hood-rats on the community, and going from one ‘baby-Daddy’ to another. And then the vicious cycle will repeat itself with the next generation that’s vomited from her womb.

Life is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re stupid.

Rochester (NY) Blacks Angered When Police Chief Tells Parents They Need to “Decide How to Conduct Themselves” When Children are Present

Blacks can never be told anything, especially by Whites. They cannot be corrected by Whites. They cannot be admonished by Whites. They cannot be given advice by Whites.

Blacks are a people who will not listen to nor heed wisdom. They are offended at the slightest perceived offense, no matter how benign it may be intended. They continually have a ‘chip’ on their shoulders. Anything said to America’s Blacks must be couched in soft, harmless and pretty words. Nothing must be said to them with a negative tone, and Whites must be ready at a moment’s notice to offer sincere apologies if their choice of words are not perfectly expressed.

Whites must worry always to never anger Blacks. They cannot be laughed at. They cannot be joked about. They must always be spoken of in a holy hush, the kind of reverence reserved for religious leaders and dignitaries. 

Even though Black children run wild in the streets, and their ‘teens’ are the source of most violent crimes, Black parents can never be admonished to be responsible and urged to discipline in their kids.

That would be ‘racist.’ 

Our beloved ‘African-Americans’ are a people who are perpetually ‘offended.’ Because today’s Blacks had distant relatives who were slaves, they must be treated with kid gloves. Any words, even remotely suggestive of slavery, must be eradicated from the vocabulary of Whites – and God help the poor soul that dares to say that Blacks are nothing special and they should conduct themselves with civility like everyone else!  

Folks, this is what we foolishly invited to dwell among us because we thought that Blacks were ‘just like us.’ Whites invited an uncivilized, irresponsible and criminally-prone race of people to live in our societies because we were duped by racial propaganda to believe that all racial, ethnic, and cultural groups were ‘equal.’

Black criminal pathology is now the price we pay for our collective stupidity.   

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