Mayor Ed Lee on ‘Racist’ Tour Bus Guide: “There’s No Way They Can Just Say Sorry”

San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee, is shocked and pissed by a black woman who dared to express her ‘racist’ opinions about Chinatown to passengers on her last day as a tour bus guide.

According to the mayor (who is himself Chinese): “The company’s going to have to make-up for it. There’s no way they can just say sorry.” Did you catch that? Lee’s not content with an apology from the company.

No, they’re going to have to pay. Even though the tour guide company has publicly apologized, it’s not enough – and it never is for liberals! He’s probably going to demand that the company provide ‘sensitivity’ training for all their employees, and possibly even contribute monetary funds to some Chinese non-profit charity.

It would’ve been nice if the company would have told Lee to mind his own business and to go shit an egg roll if he doesn’t like it. But no, they’ll bend over for the gods of ‘diversity’ and take it right up the ass.


 The dog meat’s delicious! 

Don’t misunderstand me: I don’t agree with everything this woman said either (although some of it I do). Actually, it was kind of refreshing to hear others complain about the lack of assimilation on the part of our immigrants. After all, are Americans supposed to take mass immigration and ‘diversity’ being shoved down our throats daily and never say anything?

Whatever the case, it’s not the role of any public official to entangle themselves in the affairs of a private business nor to establish disciplinary measures for their employees.

What the woman said may have been lacking in taste and deemed ‘racist,’ but it was in the context and privacy of her employment. She wasn’t a public figure or an official representative of the city. She was a private person working for a private company.


Mayor Ed Lee: Dumber than he looks


Death by ‘Diversity': White Pizza Employee Killed During Robbery (even though he complied!)

A 17-year-old black suspect, identified as Darious Fitzpatrick, has been arrested in the murder of Papa John’s employee Gordon Schaffer (22 years old).

When authorities questioned Fitzpatrick as to why he shot Schaffer, he replied: “He wouldn’t give me more money or my money.” Fitzpatrick was asked if he meant to scare Schaffer, and he stated that he meant to “kill him.”

Typical of the entitled black mentality, Fitzpatrick considered the money he had stolen as “my money.” The notion of working hard and earning his money doesn’t even register in the minds of such hood-rats. This is as foreign to them as calculus or quantum physics. 


 Darious Fitzpatrick: What liberal whites unleashed on the rest of us

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time Fitzpatrick had problems with the law. He has been linked to two other robberies, and in 2013 he was convicted of robbery. Yet this trash ape was allowed to roam free among the civilized thanks to our liberal justice system.

Life, especially the lives of white people, means nothing to these feral gutter rats that prey upon the innocent people within our communities. There are literally millions of Darious Fitzpatrick’s that live in America’s inner-cities.

The wasted life of this young man is nothing new though. This is the calibre of people blacks have produced for generations now. These are the people white liberals released on all of society as a result of the 60s ‘civil rights’ movement – and we have paid dearly for it. 


Gordon Schaffer: Another white victim of ‘diversity’ 

Death by ‘Diversity': Black Man Murders His White Girlfriend’s 4-Year-Old Daughter

The many wonders of ‘diversity’

Black Tour Guide Goes Off on Chinatown

A black female tour guide traveling through San Francisco’s Chinatown decided to tell all her passengers what she really thought of Chinatown. It was her last day at work, and so she probably didn’t care. She appears to be drinking too. A real classy lady, to be sure!

Personally, I’m not offended by what she said and I even agree with her when she complained that many of the Chinese immigrants have not assimilated and refuse to learn the English language.

I found it humorous, though, that she complained of the Chinese getting up early at 6am and making noise. Miss, that’s called getting up for work! I suppose, though, for many blacks that’s a new concept.

For whatever faults one might direct at the Chinese, these people work. I never see Chinese or any Asians for that matter panhandling on the streets like I do whites and blacks. I’m especially disgusted when I see my own people begging for handouts. I expect for blacks to do this sort of thing, but not whites! And it’s disgraceful when it occurs.

The Chinese, in contrast to American blacks, keep their families together. They respect their elders. They work hard. They value education. They preserve their culture and respect their ancestral heritage.

When was the last time you were robbed by a Chinese thug? How often do you see roving gangs of Chinese males causing chaos and beating down innocent people?

I’m not saying the Chinese are perfect. They’re human too and they bring their own set of problems when they immigrate to the U.S. But to rail against the Chinese for being dirty and not assimilating, as this black woman did, when her own people have a long history of destroying their own neighborhoods, turning them into squalor, and ruining entire cities with their crime and thuggery, I’d say it’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black!

U.S. Cops Are Being Targeted for Attacks by Muslims

Muslims are now starting to specifically direct their terrorism toward U.S. police officers.

Yesterday’s incident at the Parliament building in Canada and today’s incident in NYC are two recent examples of muslims who targeted police and military personnel. The perpetrators are most likely ISIS supporters. 

An in-house federal law enforcement memo only days earlier had warned of such imminent attacks.

One doesn’t have to be a prophet to know that we will witness more of these savage attacks in the days ahead. The fact that our borders are open and vulnerable makes the crossing of ISIS soldiers and other bloodthirsty muslims into our country as easy as taking candy from a baby.

This nation cannot survive for long without a secure border, yet this is the very thing both Democrats and Republicans oppose.  


More muslim hatchery on its way 

Look How Excited They Get!

Here’s a small crowd of blacks who witnessed a man attack two NYPD officers with a hatchet. One officer received a blow to the head while another one was struck in the arm.

What intrigued me more, however, was the level of excitement blacks express when they witness violence or an altercation. They simply can’t contain themselves. There’s nothing subtle or subdued about them because, by nature, they are reactionary, impulsive and easily stirred. Everything about them is over-the-top. 

It’s not that whites don’t at times react in a similar manner, but only that such reactions are very typical of blacks. The slightest disruption can set them off.

The point is that contrary to multicultural dogma, blacks and whites are very much different. We are not the same. This entire ‘equality’ mantra doesn’t hold water once we look at reality, the way things truly are.  

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about in a recent Geico insurance commercial. We find it humorous not because this isn’t typical of how blacks react to things, but because it is.

Government Vomit Served as School Lunches: Thanks Michelle!

Here’s a good piece on what many kids think of Michelle Obama’s government vomit called “school lunches.”

If this teaches today’s kids anything, it should teach them that the federal government’s always going to serve them a shit sandwich (that’s “sammich” for my black readers) when it invades realms it has no real authority taking part in.

It doesn’t matter what it is, the federal government has a habit of screwing everything it touches, even something as simple as serving kids a school lunch!

Oh, and just in case you didn’t already know, the entire federal ‘food pyramid’ needs to be turned upside down. The politically-correct diet dict-o-crats who created the food pyramid were wrong when they told us to lower our saturated fat and eats lots of grain and carbohydrates.

On the contrary, the human system is much healthier (in my opinion!) when it feeds on lots of saturated fat, protein, lots of vegetables, nuts, and moderate amounts of fruit and relatively little starchy carbohydrates and grains.

Consuming lots of grains, as if we’re fattening up a cow right before it’s slaughtered, will do the very same to us. No wonder we have an obesity epidemic in America – they told us for almost 40 years to eat loads of grain, bran muffins, cereal, and wheat products!



White Clerk Dispatches Armed Robber to Bantu Heaven (minus the chicken wings and malt liquor!)

See? Guns are your friends!

Hilarity in Signs: America Doesn’t “Love” Blacks?!



America doesn’t “love” blacks?! What kind nonsense is that?

We have a black (half) president, a black attorney general, a disproportionate amount of blacks have government jobs, countless numbers of black mayors and politicians, most of our sports are dominated by blacks, black hip-hop and rap music is the rage everywhere – but somehow, America doesn’t “love” blacks?!

Truth is, blacks are loved and valued so much in the U.S. that many of us are starting to get negro fatigue. 

Foolish & Disgraceful Whites Standing in Solidarity with Ferguson Blacks


I gotta say that I’m always floored when I see whites standing in solidarity with blacks over the lamest, racially-motivated protests. I know I shouldn’t be. I should be used to it by now.

But seriously, what the hell has happened to us as a people that we would actually align with blacks in protesting on behalf of a negro thug who robbed a convenience store and who tried to take an officer’s gun from him?

I know the answer too. This is what decades of daily indoctrination (thanks to our public schools) of white guilt and multiculturalism has done to our people.

Liberalism has so demented the minds of vast numbers of whites that it’s not uncommon for them to deliberately celebrate their own racial and cultural dispossession.

Many whites think it’s good that their birthrate numbers have declined. They long for the day when their culture is replaced by third-world cultures which they view as ‘enrichment.’

They actually think that the vast majority of blacks in prison are incarcerated for purely racial reasons.  They’re persuaded by the lie that blacks in America are oppressed and unjustly treated at every turn. They think that the reason for the lack of success by such large numbers of blacks is because of a ‘racist system’ that ‘disenfranchises’ them. 

Although whites, on average, have higher IQ levels than almost all other racial groups, you wouldn’t think so by looking at these racial retards (also know as ‘Disingenuous White Liberals’) in the following photographs.

The only good news, I suppose, is that when a full-blown racial war finally occurs, these same whites will be the first victims. In a sense, blacks will be thinning out the herd (so to speak) of many of our traitors and useful idiots.

Hmm, I guess that’s at least one thing we can be thankful to blacks for, eh? 


Protests, arrests in Ferguson

Future ‘civil rights’ attorney


Some whites still haven’t gotten over the 60s

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man


Always a good idea to endanger one’s child for violent negro causes



Even Jesus can’t save the minds of some whites


Obama’s Marine Corps would be proud!




Cornel West: The nutty professor himself



All those who have been duped by liberalism, raise your hands!


Poster child for the demented, guilt-ridden white person 

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