Is Jewish Control of Hollywood a Myth?

It makes many people uncomfortable when it’s suggested that Jews control much, if not all, of Hollywood. To even mildly concede such notions is considered anti-Semitic among some politically-correct social circles. But to deny that Jews have played a leading role in the movie industry, especially in what kinds of movies and TV series are produced, would be intellectually dishonest. They clearly have.

These two documentaries, Hollywoodism: The Ideology that Has Devoured Western Culture and An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood (an 8-part series available on Youtube), make it abundantly clear that Jews from the very beginning have played a dominant role in Hollywood. By itself, this doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing, and it’s important to note in fairness that gentiles also participated in what Hollywood has produced since the 1920s.

Still, it should come as no surprise to discover that while Jews played a significant role in the motion picture industry’s beginnings, they were also deeply influential in helping to reshape America’s culture and values, ones that would more closely align with their secular worldview and beliefs. They did this primarily through the types of movies and television sitcoms that were created during the 1960s, 70s, and right into the 21st century.

Chipotle World Premiere Of Original Comedy Web Series "Farmed And Dangerous"

Norman Lear: Culture destroyer

Hollywood moguls, comprised mostly of Jews, have helped create a general climate in which Jews are painted with a very sympathetic brush. Traditional or patriotic whites, particularly southern whites, are almost always featured on television or in the movies as dumb, uneducated rednecks who are ready at a moment’s notice to kill or maim anyone whose pigmentation is different from theirs. They helped convey a widespread image of patriotic Americans as backwards and out of place in a modern society.

It would be hard to deny that movies such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Mississippi Burning were not designed to portray whites in the South as a less than honorable people. Likewise, TV sitcoms such as All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, and Chico and the Man were designed to portray blacks and other minorities in a most favorable light. Whites were almost always featured as bigots with overt prejudices that they could never successfully conceal.

Traditional morality, specifically Christian morality, was targeted for attack by Hollywood Jewish elites in such TV sitcoms as Maude, Soap, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Dharma & Greg, and Seinfeld. These shows were designed to influence and thereby change traditional notions of morality, the important role of the family, and the acceptance of a new social and cultural paradigm (e.g., homosexuality, divorce as something good and ‘normal,’ miscegenation, and the general acceptance of sexually deviant behavior).


‘All in the Family': An attack on America’s founding stock

Influential Jews have done this for a variety of reasons, but probably the most noteworthy has been their promotion of racial and cultural diversity among Americans. Multiculturalism has played a major role among Jews in Hollywood and among Jewish academic elites because it serves as a protective buffer from the dominant white population, particularly WASPs, whom they view more or less as Nazis.

By helping to flood white, western nations with an array of different races and cultures, Jews are less likely to be singled out for persecution by those ‘racist whites.’ This is, admittedly, a very simplistic way of stating things, but I think it conveys in very general terms why Jews have been culture-shapers through the medium of films and why multiculturalism and loose immigration policies have been so important to them.

Here’s one very influential liberal Jewish woman, Barbara Lerner Spectre, who sees it as her life mission to remove from Europe the strength of its monolithic and homogeneous cultures. She admits that Jews have taken a “leading role” in such efforts and that they will be hated for it.

This matters little to Spectre. What’s most important to her and other Jews is the eradication of any perceived “anti-Semitism,” regardless of the havoc it creates for indigenous whites and their historic cultures and nations. 

Beale Street Savages Prove That ‘Black Lives DON’T Matter’

Here’s cellphone footage of a young black man on Beale Street (Memphis, TN) who, apparently, was struck with a bottle over his head. While laying on the pavement, a large group of his fellow ‘brothas’ and ‘sistas’ began to remove his pants, spit on him and take what they can from his pockets. No one even bothered to call 9-1-1 for help, and he laid in a bloody mess right where he had fallen for over an hour. Everyone stood around and pulled out their cellphones.

Notice also the frenzy and noise that occurs when blacks witness blood or a scene of violence. They get easily excited and can’t stop themselves from endlessly chattering. It would not be out of line to compare their actions to a hyena feeding frenzy.

If the man were surrounded by whites, someone for sure would have called 9-1-1 and they would have tried to help the disabled man. Whites are far from perfect, but I know how most of them would have reacted to a similar scene.

This incident also illustrates what I’ve personally observed beginning in the early 1970s: A huge number of blacks are opportunist thieves. Even among those who don’t necessarily go about robbing and stealing, if given the chance, they will take whatever they can from you.

Whether you’re hospitalized, injured and laying on the ground, or passed out drunk like this man, they will quickly rifle through your personal property to get what they can. They have a perpetual ‘gibs-me-dat’ mindset that’s always at work.

It’s scenes like these that prove what utter bullshit the ‘Black Lives Matter’ mantra is. Blacks want whites to think their lives matter when, in reality, ‘African-Americans’ prove each and every day that the lives of their ‘brothas’ and ‘sistas’ means absolutely nothing to them.

Trevor Noah Insults White Americans, the U.S., and Plays the Race Card

Here’s Trevor Noah, a comedian and South-African immigrant who just became the new host of The Daily Show. At the time this segment was aired in 2014, Noah was only a contributor to the show but he has since taken over for Jon Stewart.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find anything funny about what the man said. It was all so forced and canned, and Noah looked to be out of his element. Even the audience seemed little amused by his forced political humor. It was condescending to say the least. 

I guess Noah didn’t get the Pierce Morgan memo that Americans aren’t particularly fond of foreigners coming over and ridiculing us and ragging on our country.

Noah’s cheap jokes about how much more dangerous it is here in the U.S. for blacks because of gun-toting police looking for any opportunity to murder ‘African-Americans’ than in South Africa is patently absurd.

Post-Apartheid South Africa is a much more dangerous and crime-infested country than it was during its years of white-ruled apartheid. Many South African blacks now concede things were much better and prosperous during that earlier period, a fact that most liberal news outlets don’t want people to know.

Noah rolled a brief clip from the liberal NY Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof, in which he states, “The United States right now incarcerates more African-Americans as a percentage than apartheid South Africa did.”

Maybe, maybe not. I’m suspicious of the numbers, especially coming from the Leftist agenda-driven Kristof. Maybe less blacks were incarcerated during the apartheid era because white-rule maintained a more ordered society than the current black-rule? Maybe under white-rule the economy was stronger and the unemployment rate was lower?

If Noah and Stewart really think that South Africa is a better and safer place for ‘African-Americans’ than here in the U.S., then I would urge blacks to move immediately. But American blacks would never do this because even they know how much better their existence is here in the U.S. living on Uncle Sam’s plantation than in the crime-ridden and squalor-filled country of South Africa.

More than any of this, both Noah and Kristof never seem to stop and consider that perhaps a greater number of blacks are incarcerated in the U.S. solely because a greater number of them commit more crimes than other racial groups. This is a reality black activists and their white enablers can’t admit. To do so would destroy their entire ‘narrative’ of a white racist-ruled society in which blacks are treated unjustly and prevented from succeeding.

Liberals always begin with the assumption that blacks are imprisoned in greater numbers not because more of them commit crimes and, thus, are apprehended for those crimes, but because the police are prone to violate their civil rights, make-up false charges, along with unfair sentences imposed by corrupt judges.

You tell me after watching the documentary below whether post-apartheid South African blacks are more prosperous and safer than blacks in America. You’ll soon discover what lies Trevor Noah was spreading regarding conditions in both the U.S. and in South Africa in that brief segment with Jon Stewart.

Endless Immigration and Free Speech Restrictions: Sweden Is About to Drive Off the Cliff

This is a very interesting video that I recommend listening carefully to. The man being interviewed, identified as University of Chicago economic researcher, Tino Sanandaji, nails it with regard to Sweden’s policy of unchecked immigration as well as their persecution of anyone who dares to question the status-quo.

Sweden is so damn liberal that they’re on the verge of driving their country off the cliff on behalf of their feel-good multicultural immigration policies. Liberals are so delusional they they’d rather go down in flames and take everyone with them than concede that their Utopian fairy tales were wrong.

Having abandoned her Christian identity, Sweden has now set up an alternative religion of secularism which attaches ultimate value on the gods of multiculturalism and other extreme Leftist doctrines. Man is incurably religious and if he will not worship the True and Living God, he will turn to the gods of his own making.


Leftists and Islamists uniting together to end white dominance in the West 

Humans are designed to live for a greater purpose than merely themselves and, when God is removed from the equation, people will find other avenues – even the most fruitless and assine ones – to experience meaning and purpose in life.

This explains why liberals are so deeply ‘religious’ when it comes to their pet causes of environmentalism, multiculturalism, animal rights, and so on. These causes (humanitarian or otherwise) are their religions, and they are as devoutly held as any fundamentalist Christian!

Sanandaji makes it clear that while Sweden’s liberal elite are fine with the average citizen experiencing ‘diversity’ up-close, they themselves avoid it at all costs. Only 1% of their children attend schools that are racially mixed. It’s another case of ‘diversity for thee, but not me.’

Liberals proclaim endlessly the benefits of ‘diversity’ yet they refuse to live among the very third-world immigrants they force upon the rest of us. Their hypocrisy is glaringly outrageous, yet rarely are they confronted over it.


Destined to destroy Sweden from within


Barry University (FL) Officials Gladly Authorize Pro-ISIS Club and its Support

Here’s university officials at Barry University (FL) gladly authorizing a pro-ISIS club on their campus. They not only advise the undercover student to change the club’s name so that it’s not so obvious what their real intentions are, but they have no qualms in helping her to find other ways to gain support, supplies, etc.

The amazing thing (or not-so-amazing) is that none of the campus officials questioned the validity or even the ethics of such a club. Even when the student, posing as one interested in starting the new ISIS support club, admits that ISIS are “terrorists” no one seems to bat an eye. One administrator even admitted that the U.S. is at war with ISIS!


This is yet another example of how our universities are bastions of Leftist slime bent on ‘fundamentally transforming’ the U.S. It’s important to understand that when conservatives send their young adults to the average American college or university, they are sending them to the lion’s den of far-Left iniquity.

We need to starve this beast by not sending money to them, especially our children. If a parent is considering a college or university for their kids, I recommend a major in one of the hard sciences or, better, sending them to a trade school where they can develop a life-long skill as opposed to heaping upon oneself a worthless Leftist education and lifetime debt.

Consider also a conservative or Christian college (yes, there are some out there). Anything’s better than lending support to the type of universities featured in these videos by Project Veritas.



Black Mother Decapitates Her 3-Month-Old Baby

It looks like prosecutors will not be pursuing criminal charges against Deasia Watkins (20 years old) who had decapitated her 3-month-old daughter, Jayniah Watkins, because she’s been suffering from postpartum psychosis.

Deasia doesn’t have a criminal arrest record. She also suffered greatly from an extremely abusive childhood herself according to reports that I’ve read. As tragic as this case is, it seems that prosecutors are doing the right thing since Deasia is clearly delusional and psychotic and, thus, not in her right mind.

Even though Deasia had a stay-away order which barred her from seeing or visiting her daughter (the father was also prohibited from the seeing the baby because he was found to be unfit too), the idiotic aunt allowed the mother to move in with her and the baby one week prior to the decapitation. All this in spite of the fact that child protective services had given the 3-month-old girl to the aunt and had warned her to not allow the parents to see their baby.

The aunt, in my opinion, should be charged since she clearly violated a court order and because her actions brought about this poor baby’s brutal death.

Here’s the stupid aunt’s phone call to 9-1-1.

Black Lives Didn’t Matter to 22-Year-Old Black Man Who Shot 7 People in Panama City, FL

The suspect, at the time of the shooting, was “out on bond for drug possession.”


David Jamichael Daniels: Black lives didn’t matter to him

Libtard Who Berated Chic-fil-A Worker Now Lives on Food Stamps . . . But Wait!

While watching this story about libtard, Adam Smith (37 years old), who recorded himself three years ago berating a Chic-fil-A worker over the company’s anti gay marriage stance and posting it on Youtube, my first reaction was to think, Serves you right, asshole!

Smith, who was CFO for a medical device manufacturer in Tucson (AZ), was soon fired from his position in which he made $200,000 a year. He was offered the chance to resign, but he refused and was, instead, fired. Since his termination, he has been unable to find a comparable job and has been unemployed for the past three years.

Smith now lives on food stamps.

I love it when Leftists are eaten by their own. Justice served, right?

But wait . . .

As I started to think more about this scenario, I began to seriously wonder whether I should be so supportive of the man’s firing. Granted, he’s a self-righteous liberal and a contributor to our national decline. He stands for so much that I disagree with. But should he have been fired for personally expressing what he thought of Chic-fil-A and then for posting those same opinions on Youtube?

Granted, it may not have been the smartest thing to personally show his face and name on the video. I also understand that in today’s easily-offended climate his words may not have been particularly ‘nice’ or pleasant, but did he deserve a complete loss of his income? Was what he said so egregious that he needed to be fired?

I don’t think so.

Here’s a few points to consider.

First, during Smith’s entire childish rant to the female employee of Chic-fil-A, he never once mentioned the corporation he worked for. He hadn’t once connected his employer or even his line of work with his opinions. He spoke as an individual and any moron can see clearly that these were his own personal opinions. They didn’t represent the corporation he worked for in the least.

Secondly, Smith’s words to the female employee at the window were actually quite mild. He told her what he thought of the company she worked for, but he didn’t curse or scream at her. He didn’t use foul or course language. The man was talking as a typical self-righteous liberal, but it wasn’t out-of-line or completely derogatory toward the young gal.

Here’s the original video to see and hear for yourself.

Thirdly, I’m not denying the right of Smith’s corporation to fire him if they so willed. I understand their decision after receiving bomb threats because of what Smith did. I also understand the rational of these companies which fret and cower like little kittens if one of their employees says or does something they think might harm their bottom line.

How refreshing it would have been for Smith’s former corporation to have publicly stated that his opinions weren’t representative of theirs; that they were merely his own personal ones and didn’t reflect those of his employer.

How refreshing and mature it would have been for the Tucson manufacturer to have explained that their employees have a wide range of viewpoints on many socio-political subjects, and so long as they are not identified with that of the manufacturer, they are entitled to their opinions and the free expression thereof. 

From what I’ve read, the Tucson manufacturer never bothered to clarify such distinctions. Like most corporations, they were reactionary and bowed to political pressure.

How far are we going to take this? Should everyone mute themselves because of the possibility that they might be fired from their jobs? Should we live in fear of expressing our personal and independent opinions from those who employ us?

We might believe in the first amendment that guarantees free speech, but if every time we voice an opinion that some opposing group doesn’t like and we lose our jobs as a result, then how free are we to say what we think?

Fourthly, the same rational that can get liberals like Adam Smith fired for expressing their personal opinions (however repugnant they may be) can also get conservatives fired for expressing their opinions too.

We should be very cautious, then, about rejoicing in this man’s termination.

Here’s comedian Bill Maher to drive home the point even further.

Boston Police Officer Shot in the Eye by a Member of America’s Black Plague

Did you catch what the news reporter said? Angelo West (41 years old) had done something similar in 2001 in which he shot at cops. He’s also described as having “a long criminal history.”  

Our efficient justice system, as customary, made sure to release this feral gutter rat back into society only a few years later. We can all thank our gullible and liberal judges for their superior wisdom in doing so.


Angelo West: He din’ do nuffins! 

Celebrating African-American ‘Culture': Riskay – “Smell Yo Dick”

Here’s the artist, Riskay, smoothly singing that all-time favorite of African-Americans everywhere, “Smell Yo Dick.”

That’s right, Riskay’s keepin’ it real by singing about what black men are best known for (besides robbing and killing people!): Stickin’ dey dicks into everything dat moves!


Whether they’re porking She-boons, raping white women or secretly on the ‘down-low,’ black dudes have a hard time remaining faithful to dey women wildebeests. The only way to find out if yo’ man is cheatin’ according to Riskay, is to smell his dick – especially when he comes home at “five in da’ mornin.”

Riskay’s song demonstrates once again the lasting beauty and quality of African-American ‘culture,’ something blacks and every American should openly celebrate. They have truly ‘enriched’ us all. 


‘African-Americans': A truly advanced people and culture 

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