Female Modesty: How Much Skin is Sin?

Here’s a CBN news report that every American woman should hear, and not just Christian women.

Following the fashion trends of the world, contemporary Christian women don’t often look any different in their clothing attire than non-Christian women. They’ll conduct their everyday lives and even walk into church looking like ‘pump-and-dump’ hoochies or sluts-in-stellatos, totally eschewing traditional Christian standards of modesty.


I appreciate what the report says because there’s a real need for all women to return to modesty and decency in their attire. We have become an overly-sexualized society, and I’m tired of how sexually provocative and suggestive so many women have become.

It’s especially disturbing when women professing to be godly and separate from the world’s morality dress like the average American whore.

One of the women pressing for greater modesty among Christian women stated in the report: “God didn’t spell it out in black and white for us. Instead, He’s asked us to search with our hearts.”


 Starting them young

Bless her ignorant little heart! God’s done more than simply ask us to “search our hearts” (which often deceives us if its not overruled by the greater wisdom of Scripture), He’s given women some very clear direction in this matter.

So while it’s true that God didn’t establish “exact rules” of what women should wear daily, He has provided some very clear guidelines that make it reasonably known how women should dress.


 Mom and Dad would be proud

For instance, Paul exhorts the believers at Ephesus: “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments; but rather by means of good works, as befits women making a claim to godliness” (1 Timothy 2:9-10).

Peter writes, “And let not your adornment be external – braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God” (1 Peter 3:3-4).


Solomon describes the ungodly woman as “Dressed as a harlot and cunning of heart. She is boisterous and rebellious; her feet do not remain at home.”  Later in Chapter 11:22, we find these words: “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.”

The point in all of this is that Christian women should attire themselves markedly different than unbelieving women. This means they don’t dress sexually provocative, exposing the intimate parts of their body such as breasts, thighs, and buttocks. They cover themselves up (no, not like the muslim women with burkas!), and they don’t accentuate their bodily parts. They’re not ostentatious or gaudy in their appearance.

This doesn’t mean they have to look like some plain-Jane. They can still dress fashionably, it just isn’t supposed to be in a garish and sexualized way.


Whether women like it or not, when they dress like a whore, they get treated like a whore. American women today complain that men don’t take them seriously, but why shouldn’t sex be on the forefront of their minds when these same gals are wearing “fuck me heels” or when their breasts are bulging out of their blouses?

A lot of guys would be happy to ‘pump-and-dump’ these gals, but most of them would never seriously consider them marriage material. They’re good for a ‘quickie,’ but nothing more. 

I think more men would respect American women if they didn’t dress so damn slutty. If you look like a ‘nice girl,’ you’ll probably be treated like a ‘nice girl.’


Culture destroyer 

Stupid White Male, Superior Black Woman

Here’s another insurance commercial that depicts a stupid white male who must be corrected by the superior black woman.

As expected, the white male is portrayed by a 40-year-old short dweeb who probably still lives at home in his mom’s basement, while the black woman is trim, attractive, and well-dressed. The white male is stupid, goofy, and easily amused while the black woman is calm, intelligent, and not impressed by her vastly inferior co-worker.

I’ve seen so many commercials like these that it’s become apparent that there’s a deliberate agenda to discredit and feminize white males; to make them appear inferior to both women and ‘minorities.’  

Poor Little Illegal Alien ‘Children’: The Big Leftist Lie – Vs – Reality

The Big Leftist Lie . . . 



- Vs - 

Reality . . . 









They Don’t Make ‘Em Any Dumber: NC NAACP President “Rev” William Barber

Yeah, my first thought when Republicans opposed Obama was because they didn’t want to see little black girls having pajama parties in the white house. 

Death by ‘Diversity’: 47 Shot, 5 Killed Over Chicago Weekend

Another deadly weekend in Chicago left 47 people shot and 5 murdered. Chicago’s Police Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, naively thinks the root of the problem lies in the proliferation of handguns, weak gun laws, and a criminal justice system that’s broken.

Although it’s true that our criminal justice system is “broken” (mostly due to the failure of liberal judges to pass stiff sentences and a general unwillingness to enforce laws already on the books), the problem isn’t that too many handguns are available. The problem is that Chicago has too many blacks. This is a black problem, not a gun problem.

Guns, after all, are just as readily available to whites and Asians, yet we don’t see weekly mass shootings in white or Asian neighborhoods. This fact alone should provoke us to rethink the source of Chicago’s murder rate and see it as being almost exclusively a black problem.

McCarthy wouldn’t dare publicly admit a truth this obvious because he’d be run out of town in no time. He’d be accused of stirring racial animosity so, like most DWLs, he ignores the race factor and blames the city’s skyrocketing murder rate on an inanimate object such as a handgun.

This past bloody weekend should force us, however, to ask: What kind of people are these who feel compelled to continually lay waste to each other every weekend? Why is so much violence and death always connected to where large populations of blacks reside? What does this tell us about the nature and moral caliber of these people? And why do blacks who freely call each other “brothas” and “sistas” savagely kill each other off in such high numbers? What kind of “brotherhood” is this?

Here’s Chicago’s real problem, feral Bantu rats who continuously breed and who are dumber than bags of hammers. Listen closely. The stupidity just oozes out of them as they flap their lips. 

When Worthless Cops Fail to Perform Their Job!

This video really fired me up because the cops were absolutely worthless in performing what they’re paid to do and protecting those who have a lawful right to publicly protest – regardless of whether such protest is popular or ‘offensive’ to some.

Would these same cops have stood by if anti-abortion protestors had started to systematically remove the signs of pro-abortion supporters? Don’t count on it.

Typical liberals too. Because they don’t personally like the anti-abortion message, they do all within their power to prevent others from hearing that message and making up their own minds.

Liberals don’t really want people to think, they want people to react. As much as they like to talk about ‘tolerance’ and ‘understanding,’ they have no intention of applying such lofty ideals toward their political opponents.


Leftists love fools like these men who bully others and violate their civil rights. It’s all justifiable in the demented liberal mind because there are greater goals at stake – namely, their Utopian scheme to make everyone think and act alike.

Our colleges and universities have for decades now taught Americans what to think, but not how to think. This is classic example of what happens when entire generations are taught to react, to be revolutionaries and to not seriously think through the implications and values of their own political-social beliefs.


Note: If the men who removed the signs were doing so because it blocked the sidewalk or prevented people from entering their business, I could see the need for removing the signs from the path they were blocking.

But these men did more than that. They actually confiscated property that was not rightly theirs. It’s called stealing. Although the cops didn’t do anything about it for whatever reason, they at least knew something of an unlawful or criminal nature was occurring since one of them called for additional officers at the scene.

Moreover, the officer at the start of the video, after checking with the city attorney, agreed they had a lawful right to display their signs so long as they weren’t blocking the sidewalk. There was clearly no civil or criminal violation on the part of the protestors. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that the men were not just removing signs in front of their particular business but from the entire surrounding area. They also walked some distance to house them in a basement too.

None of the anti-abortion displays from what I could see were blocking the sidewalk’s pathways. It appears even more so that this was a reaction to the protestor’s message and not because there was any civil or criminal offense occurring. 


Why Mass Immigration to the U.S. Will Never Reduce World Poverty

Bill Maher on the Recent Israeli-Palenstinian Conflict

Proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’: A Must See!

I finally got around to seeing Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘America’ and I gotta tell you – I loved it! While there were some minor parts I wouldn’t necessarily concur with, most of my differences I suppose are limited to one of emphasis. There’s also a notable absence of any white racial consciousness in the film, but what was I supposed to expect from an Indian immigrant?

I intend nothing offensive by this, but only to note that someone from India, no matter how conservative and patriotic they might be, is hardly going to promote America’s white founding stock nor address how non-white immigration is turning the U.S. into third-world nation.

With that said, however, the movie’s musical score and choreography are done very well. More than that, the issues raised in the film are vital. The Left has raised serious allegations against America’s founding, questioning its fairness, its justice, its engagement in various wars, including the claim that it has mistreated people worldwide, plundering entire nations for its own selfish gain.

These matters must be faced by every American, and Dinesh allows prominent representatives of the Left such as Howard Zinn, Michael Dyson, Saul Alinsky, Ward Churchill and others to present their views in their own words. This is important because it’s only when Leftists are given a fair hearing and permitted to say what they really think that we begin to perceive their sinister plans and the woeful level of deceit they’ve caried out against traditional Americans over the past five decades.


In the remainder of the film, Dinesh proceeds to utterly demolish the Left’s arguments and he does so without being mean-spirited or raising straw-man objections. Dinesh, in effect, is fair to his political opponents which makes his case all the more compelling.

The section of the movie dealing with slavery was actually pretty good, although admittedly limited in its treatment due to the constraints of time. President Lincoln, in my estimation, was presented in a much too favorable light. Racial differences and black savagery, as I expected, was not even treated. The brief segment on Detroit’s demise was blamed on Obama’s Leftist policies. In reality, however, the decline of Detroit is due more to its racial demographics – namely, a large population of low-IQ and low-culture blacks.

While watching the movie, I struggled with the thought that perhaps America could be saved, ‘reformed’ or however one wishes to term it. Maybe Americans will wake up and return to the founding principles of its once great republic? After all, our nation has been tested at other times in its history and survived, right?


Unfortunately, the more I pondered such a possibility, the less inclined I was to believe it could occur at this time in our history. Americans lack the collective will to cease this national mess we’ve got ourselves into for the past fifty years. Our nation is far too divided on everything. Life for most Americans is still much too comfortable. And there exists millions of non-assimilating third-worlders who have no real connection to our nation’s history and culture, with no true love for this country.

The value of D’Souza’s film, I think, is that it will provide political and historical ammunition against the Left’s polemics. It may motivate us once again to consider our history and to rethink all that we’ve been taught about America in our public schools. It may help individual Americans to see that they’ve been lied to about almost everything in relation to our nation’s founding and subsequent history. These alone are sufficient reasons for the seeing the movie. 

I hope you will see the film and strongly encourage others to see it as well. 

For a much less enthusiastic review of the film, I’d refer the reader to Gregory Hood’s article published on the ‘Counter-Currents Publishing’ site. 



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