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Brawl Inside a Burger King by the Usual Suspects

Once again, it’s the simple things in life, such as entering a restaurant, enjoying a peaceful meal with one’s family or friends, and then leaving in a safe manner with no fights, arguments or shootings that seems to escape these people.

Get any group of blacks together, and it’s almost always chaotic, loud, disorganized, and tension-filled. ‘African-Americans’ complain of life’s adversities, yet they themselves are the source of almost all of them. These folks make life difficult and unbearable because they seem unable to contain their anger, their emotions and their mouths.

Blacks are so out-of-control in America because they’re trying to exist and thrive in a white man’s society in which there is structure, rules, order, manners, and common courtesy.

Unfortunately, their biological makeup and inherent proclivities were intended for a more primitive existence in which brute force dominates. Such niceties as those that have been instituted by the white man are foreign and unnatural to the greater number of blacks.


“Hurry up, they just opened a KFC on our side of the jungle!”

Whites, for example, are expected to be self-controlled and not driven by their emotions in the course of life, whereas blacks revel in their fiery tempers and bombastic natures. Whites admire civility and expressions of it such as politeness, kindness, tactfulness, diplomacy with others, and sympathy for the plight of those less fortunate, whereas blacks admire boasting and various forms of public bravado, coarse language, drawing excessive attention to oneself, and always ready to be on the receiving end of one’s charity than the giving end (blacks are notorious for being poor tippers and tight-fisted when it comes to charity and other causes. They are natural takers).

The point is that whites are very much different than blacks. Like a skin graft that didn’t quite take, so blacks and whites are not able to ‘gel’ as one because we are so radically different in our worldviews (i.e., one’s philosophical starting-point for how they interpret and view the world around them), our manners and customs, and our natural proclivities.

We have been forced to live together, but it has never worked because we belong on separate continents. Blacks have been forced to exist in the kind of society that does not come natural to them, one which does not comport with their more primitive and savage natures. They were designed to live on the plains of the Serengeti (to give but one example), a more transitory and hunter-gatherer kind of existence rather than the one they have been forced to live here on the American continent.

No wonder the greater majority of ‘African-Americans,’ including blacks living in Europe, have so many problems assimilating into our societies. They were never designed to be here in the first place!

Foolish-hearted whites are attempting to accomplish something that’s inherently unnatural, and all the lame justifications for black dysfunction and lack of civility will never make blacks and whites the same.


Liberals Admit They’re Voting for Hillary Clinton Because She’s a Woman

Liberal ‘Logic': It’s only ‘sexist’ when men vote for male candidates because they’re men, and not when women vote for female candidates because they’re women.

Liberals are easy to refute because the vast majority of them never bother to think through the implications of their social and political viewpoints. And those who do offer only straw-man arguments or engage in convoluted forms of reasoning as an intellectual defense. 

Black Man Repeatedly Stabbed Passenger in Dispute Over Seat

Here’s another occasion illustrating the volatile nature of blacks. The black suspect who remains outstanding at this time didn’t just argue with the other passenger, he proceeded to stab him multiple times!¬†

Again, we have something as minor as a mere disagreement over a train seat resulting in a potentially deadly attack with a knife. ‘African-Americans’ don’t like to hear how emotionally-charged, violent and reactionary they are, but how can this be denied?


He was just on the verge of turning his life around

What occurred on that Bronx train was not an aberration or rarity, it was normative black behavior. It’s become so common that people can accurately predict the race of the perpetrator without even seeing him or her.

We know it to be true and only the willfully blind deny it. 

Thus, when I constantly write about the violent and volatile nature of negroes in America, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s not hype. It’s not an overstatement. It’s the truth, and we must remember that this site only draws attention to a small number of these that occur each day throughout the land. They are so numerous that I couldn’t even begin to document all of them.

Whites, then, if they are perceptive enough, must not see ‘African-Americans’ as our equals, as sincere but misguided people, or as a benign race of ‘underprivileged’ people, but as a plague that has infected and destroyed most of our grandest cities.

We lie to ourselves when we think differently of them.


White victims of the black plague

Another ‘Disenfranchised Yoof’ Resisting Da Po-Lice: “They Try to Arrest a Nigga fo No Reason”

The hood-rat filming the episode claimed that NYPD officers arrested the man for merely “double-parking”. I can assure you, however, that double-parking may have been the reason the officer approached him, but it was not the reason he was arrested.¬†

To the reactionary and emotionally-charged negro mind, however, the arrest was unjustified even though the driver was clearly fighting and resisting the police. It never occurs to a great many of these people that life would be so much easier if they just complied with the law and treated others with common courtesy. Kind of a radical concept, eh?

Most whites and Asians, if they were requested by an officer to not double-park, would simply politely nod and do as they were told. Not so for huge numbers of blacks. They would be ‘offended’ and become defensive. Blacks have been so badly duped by liberals that they imagine virtually every police contact is racially-motivated and bent on denying their rights.


White liberals: Desperate to turn savages into scholars

Only ‘African-Americans,’ of all people, can manage to get arrested for the stupidest violations! Something as simple as not double-parking and merely being warned not to do so can provoke the craziest public scenes among our American negroes. These people often find following the simplest of directions difficult if not impossible. They are inherently dysfunctional.

Numerous police officers had to be called to the scene to restrain one out-of-control negro, showing the tremendous tax-payer funds that are wasted daily in order to maintain some semblance of civility in the city.

What this video demonstrates is the rebellious and anti-authority nature of blacks in the U.S. In spite of the trillions wasted in trying to turn savages into scholars, ‘African-Americans’ prove daily that they are very much unable to adapt to a civilized society. The greater majority of them are a drag on all of us, and they must constantly be carried by the racially-naive, liberal do-gooders of our nation.


White liberals: Victims of their own stupidity

Germany’s Liberal & Chattering Class Suspicious of Rural, Self-Sustaining White Germans

This disturbing documentary details the level of suspicion that German liberals have of whites who reside in rural, self-sustaining communities within Germany. They are known as “folk settlers” who have large families and who live independently from German’s political and economic system.

The Left-leaning woman interviewed expressing her opinion on the suspicious character of these rural white communities, appears to be a lesbian. They usually give themselves away by their bland, unusually short hair, and androgynous appearance. Being in rebellion to the created order and having minds duped by liberalism, they try to remove all forms of femininity from themselves.

Consider the things that arouse this woman’s concerns. These horrible white people prefer to live in rural, lush and green, including unpopulated areas of the German countryside. Their communities are humble, simple, clean, environmentally-conscious, and self-sustaining. A good many of its settlers are farmers and craftsmen. Oh the horror!¬†


How dare they!

The worst thing about them, though, is that they are comprised exclusively of whites. They prefer their own kind. They don’t seem to want outsiders, especially non-white residents – you know, the kind that have turned much of Germany into a third-world, muslim and African cesspool.

Even more disturbing is that they have ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ opinions. They are viewed by the elite chattering class as “right-wing extremists” which in the mind of such liberals is equivalent to being a child rapist.

Something must obviously be wrong, even sinister, about them! Just who do they think they are?! Why would they choose to live in such peaceful areas when they could live in Germany’s crowded cities home to millions of non-assimilating third-worlders who despise them? Why would they prefer to reside in such rural, homogeneous, and unpopulated regions when they could live in the crime-ridden and hostile environments of Germany’s larger cities?

This liberal German woman is typical of the diseased mind of liberals. Though they claim to be ‘tolerant’ of all, in truth they are suspicious of anyone who doesn’t think or live like them. The very things the androgynous woman accuses the “folk settlers” of doing – namely, seeking to build a homogeneous, harmonious and like-minded community – she seeks to do herself except one’s that dictated by her Leftist overlords and their ‘progressive’ social policies.


Looks pretty suspicious to me

‘Black Lives Matter’ is Really War on Whites





They burn our flag




They deface our historical monuments and heroes 


They provoke and attack our police




They target us for violence 




They try to disrupt our meals and intimidate us

How much more will it take for whites to realize that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is really about a war on white people?


The Violent Rhetoric of ‘Black Lives Matter': “Burn Everything Down!”

Here’s a large group of radical ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists, comprised mostly of women, that crashed an event on behalf of Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley – you know, the little weenie who publicly apologized because he dared to say that “all lives matter” and, thus, angered the darlings of ‘diversity.’

Check out some of the insane things these women shout out: “Burn everything down!” “Shut this shit down!” “Rise the fuck up!” and my personal favorite, “White supremacy helped kill me!”

Good grief, if only it did!

I know it may sound crazy, but this kind of in-your-face black activism actually works well for our cause. Sheltered and naive whites, you see, tend to think the majority of blacks in America are like Bill Cosby (that is, before he was exposed as having drugged and raped almost 40 women) or Will Smith. They’re ‘safe’ and ‘friendly’ negroes. They don’t pose a threat to us, at least not one that’s visible.

These are blacks made palatable to the white man.

It’s an entirely different matter, however, when racially-gullible whites encounter the negroes from ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Pushed too far, and these whites will start to awaken from their multicultural slumber and see blacks as they really are and not as the media fashions them to be.

When whites are continually made to feel guilty for even existing and told repeatedly that they are the source of all that’s wrong in the world, they’ll eventually get tired of the nonsense and fight back.

Many of these same whites may never even come to an understanding of race-realism or white consciousness, but the ‘Black Lives Matter’ agitators will make them forever suspicious of negroes.

Whereas they may not have avoided them in the past, they will now avoid them at all costs. Whereas before they would not be alarmed at the presence of blacks in their nice white neighborhoods, now they are concerned and promptly notify the police of suspicious hoodlums roaming about. A growing number of whites will close their wallets on behalf of negro causes and charities too. 


When you see a negro, report a negro

So, while it’s understandably infuriating to hear the garbage that spews from the useful idiots of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it will in the end work for our good and not theirs. ‘African-Americans’ don’t have the sense to realize that they are awakening a white giant that will not take kindly to their rhetoric and threats of violence against us.

‘African-Americans’ were much more successful in gaining the trust, sympathy and money of whites when they played the role of humble ‘victims who just wanted the same opportunities as whites’ and nothing more. It was deceptive, no doubt, but it was clever and they got everything they wanted and even more from us. But now that their true colors have been exposed by their own words, the gravy train will soon end for them.

But alas, they’re too stupid to realize what they’ve done.


‘Black Lives Matter’ activists justify violence against whites

The Mentality of ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters: “The Police Target Our Children!”

The thing that intrigued me most about this video is not that they asked (‘axed’) those who weren’t of African racial heritage to stand to the back “outside of the circle.” These folks are so blatantly ‘racist’ and guilty of the very things they accuse whites of. Try to explain this to them, and all you’ll get is a mouthful of blistering anger and convoluted rhetoric.

No, what really intrigued me is the moronic line of reasoning these protesters employ to justify their worthless cause. Take, for example, Rosa Clemente, the woman with the black T-shirt which reads “Assata Taught me” (which I think means ‘I was taught by an ass’ in Swahili).

When the reporter asked her why their event is being held in a very public place, she retorted: “Because when we do it in a private place, we’re surrounded; we’re surrounded by the police.” Yeah, I’m sure the police cordon off any building where ‘Black Lives Matter’ meetings are held, peek through the windows at them, and just stand around gawking at them.

Clemente also claimed that “These police target our children!” She went on to state that police kill 7 year old [black] children, and angrily inquired: “Do you think the police are not putting files on our children?” as if it’s so blatantly obvious that only an ignoramus would dare to doubt it.¬†

This woman actually thinks that law enforcement authorities have active ¬†files on every black kid in America; that they somehow strategize in ways to murder them. If one were to remind them that an infinitely greater number of blacks die each weekend at the hands of other blacks than by the ‘white po-lice,’ they’d come unglued.¬†

Trying to reason with them is like arguing with the wind.

These people are filled with ludicrous conspiracy theories that are immune to logic, facts, and carefully reasoned counter-arguments. They’re so controlled by their rage that they can’t think straight and are easily duped by the craziest beliefs. They are emotionally-driven, hate-filled, and a collective haze of stupidity hovers over all of them.


Rosa Clemente and Cynthia McKinney: Birds of a feather

The Joys and Abundance of Living in a Socialist-Communist Country

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “People are starving – walk through a supermarket.¬†Now led by President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela is rotting. The statistics speak volumes. Inflation in Venezuela is around 65 percent ‚ÄĒ perhaps higher.

According to an in-country NGO, the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, the 2014 murder rate was the second-highest globally, war zones included. Venezuelans now struggle to access the most basic necessities. Suffering from chronic shortages of coffee, toilet paper, and just about every good Venezuela imports (most goods are imported, thanks to Chávez’s idiocy), citizens must line up for hours to scrounge whatever they can. They struggle for sustenance and also basic survival.

As Juan Forero reports at the Wall Street Journal, Venezuela‚Äôs health-care system now requires patients to scavenge replacement heart valves. But Maduro isn‚Äôt worried. His power insulates him from the icy waters of socialism. And he‚Äôs happy to blame the United States for his country‚Äôs ills. In recent days, Maduro has been threatening with military exercises and fiery rhetoric. And while the most vulnerable are left to rot, the Ch√°vezville elite live in splendor.”


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