Why So Many Frumpy Women?


There sure are a lot of frumpy women where I live. I see them everywhere: Grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, school events or any place where people gather.


When I refer to ‘frumpy’ women, I’m speaking of the type of gal who has no fashion sense at all; who, seemingly, cares not a wit about her appearance. It’s not just limited to her attire either. Her frumpiness manifests itself in her hairstyle and face as well (or lack thereof). No makeup, hair all up in a big pile of mess, teeth not well-brushed and on it goes.


‘Hippie’ types are probably the worst because they think it’s cool to look as unkempt as possible. In their minds, I suppose, it’s a way of showing that they’re not ‘caught up’ in how they appear; that they’ve got more important things to worry about. It’s kind of an anti-establishment style of ‘fashion’ (if one chooses to call it that?) and while it may look cute on young, thin and pretty college girls, it looks like crap on any woman over 30! Women in their 40s and 50s seem to be the biggest offenders of the frumpy, ‘hippie’ look. Most of them are definitely not thin. Out of politeness, people will not tell them how ridiculous they look. One can find many ‘hippie frumps’ in blue States such as New York and California – especially in Northern California among liberal white women!


There are also lots of women who might never see themselves as ‘hippies,’ yet are just as frumpy nonetheless. This is the sort of woman who will wear black stretch pants with flip flops and an oversized, ill-fitting blouse while carrying around over 200 pounds in bloated flab! Her stretch pants are so tight you can actually see the ripples of cellulite on her butt and thighs. Her girth protrudes over her pants for all to see.

These ‘frumps’ have no sense of personal shame or else they would not appear in public like this. Good lord, why would any sane woman intentionally wear clothes that grossly accentuate and expose the loose hanging flab on the least flattering parts of her body?! You can see lots of them waddling about at your local Wal-Mart or Target. If only a few American women did this, I would just chalk it up to some rare female aberration. But the fact that so many of them dress in this manner tells me something is horribly wrong.


The contemporary American frump stands in stark contrast to the average woman of the 1950s and 60s. It was customary for both men and women to dress up when they went anywhere in public – whether it was the grocery store, movie theatre or a dental appointment. If you want a visual of what I mean, consider how the men and women dress in the TV series ‘Mad Men.’


Women during that era seemed to carry themselves with a greater sense of class and dignity – perhaps because they felt confident in their appearance? They also seemed much more feminine than today’s foul-mouthed and tattooed hussies. If there’s one thing the modern American woman is missing, it’s her femininity. Women are seemingly oblivious to how attractive just being feminine is to men. What a woman might lack in natural beauty can often be made up for by simply conducting herself with a classy, gracious and feminine air.

And yes, in fairness, a lot of men dress like complete slobs too. It’s very unappealing. But I more or less expect this from guys. Most of us are not as preoccupied with our appearance as women generally are. Even as adults, many men are weak in the hygiene department and it’s usually their wives who decide and purchase their clothes (I’ve always considered that odd). Left to ourselves, a good many of us would be content with a pair of shorts, sandals and a rarely washed T-shirt (complete with BBQ stains). We’re simple in that way.


But women are different – or at least they used to be. I’ve also noticed that many of them don’t understand the concept that makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not make you look like someone completely different than who you are. They seem to have no appreciation for the idea that ‘less is more.’ If you wake up in the morning and look totally different than how you will look later in the day, that’s a clue that something’s wrong.

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The frump factor isn’t working for American women in the dating scene either. A growing number of American men are looking beyond single American women as potential mates for the usually petite, feminine and softer-spoken Asian and Russian girls. Men are getting tired of the abrasive, snarky and confrontational feminist types that so many American women have morphed into. Even the ones who may not be as openly feminist are often in competition with men – and they don’t hide it! To say that these same women are less than sexually chaste is an understatement. Compare them with their bad attitudes, tattooed and pierced bodies, including their vulgar mouths with the more modest, feminine and fashionably attired Asian women and you’ll see why more men are looking elsewhere.


But American women won’t hear of it. They’re in denial and they’ve fed too long at the poisonous trough of feminism. If American women were even half-way perceptive they’d recognize their plight and change direction immediately. When they return to a genuinely feminine demeanor, graciousness in speech and modesty in attire, we will surely see less American men turning to the women of foreign lands. But it won’t occur anytime soon.



  1. Jenna Kerr says:

    Good article. Very true.

  2. Sharon says:

    Holy Moly! Thoughts? Observations? I have a few myself. I am divorced and find that even if I dress pretty I’m not appreciated by the men as well. Men have become very suspicious of women who wear a skirt it seems. My friends who dress pretty much as I do feel the same way. At our church when Easter nears, some of us have conspired to wear a dress for the Mr. Rabbit. And even if we must work at church with jeans and tennis shoes, everyone of my friends wears some make up and jewelry and none of us go around like sailors looking for a good time. Oh! let’s touch down on the color of pink. Yes, my favorite color. These feminist have put their mark on you, ‘Too be put down’ if you wear pink. Did you know that the Greeks thought that pink was the color of Genius? Well, I’m with them. The worse thing that these ‘women’ have done is convince a lot of men that we are whores and dirt bags. Look at all the serial killers of women today? Is that an extreme reaction to all females in this country? I wonder. Sometimes I will see these old bra burners around town and their boobs are down to their knees. Was the price of a bra just too much for them? And the discomfort of not wearing one is unimaginable to most of us sensible gals. One last thought here. I knew someone, a really nice guy, who married a mail order bride from the Philippines. He paid the price for a woman who got citizenship, a job and then she divorced him. There are many stories of betrayal towards American men who went that route. I made a little study of it at one time. Have fun being alone everyone. because the cho cho train is a long one.

  3. Ambrose Kane says:

    Geez, what kind of guys are these who become suspicious when a woman wears a skirt? That seems awfully strange. I find it quite appealing when a woman wears a nice skirt, heels and is put together well. Most guys, I think, appreciate the classy look on a woman so long as it’s not overdone – although, admittedly, what exactly that is will vary depending on each person’s perspective.

    I think you’re right that marrying a foreign woman is no guarantee that things will turn out wonderfully. Taking a foreign bride has it’s own unique set of problems, and they can be just as manipulative as any other woman throughout the world. Still, a whole lot of American men are tired of the abrasive, feminist attitude that’s the mark are far too many gals in the U.S. I think these same men just want a woman who isn’t ready to challenge their role as husbands at every point, their leadership and the direction they want for their families. I think many of them are just fed-up with the contentious, bitchy and feminist role that lots of American women have assumed for themselves. Thus, they turn to the women of Asia, Russia or wherever else they can find the sort of woman with the qualities they desire – namely, gracious, sweet, feminine, family oriented and, yes, subservient (in the proper sense). Again, I’m not suggesting that all American women lack these attributes, but only that it seems difficult to find it among them.

  4. Sharon says:

    Well, you what, Ambrose?…I figure some of these guys are closet gays and a bit jealous of us ladies.. And over the years some women have been reluctant to wear skirts because of the fear of rape. It’s easier to do the crime with a skirt. But, you see, I lived until recently in Santa Cruz, CA and anything goes there. If you ever want to see the failure of Socialism try living in there. Businesses are leaving, doctors are going and least but not last, jobs are leaving. I’ve seen what socialism does to a society. It’s madness! In the thirty years that we lived there, I had only one friend left. The others moved out because of this sickness. If they find out in Santa Cruz that you are a conservative, you will have no social life, no friends, and dare I say it, difficulty finding a job. And that is because of the insidious background checks that employers do. The politics of an individual is nobody’s business. Back to the lady thing. Guys should try going to churches that have a lot of social reform. For instance my church works with the homeless and has an outreach for people who have been in prison. We cook and serve a meal in the afternoon then there is music and communion. Great people doing great work. I just don’t see single guys going there. Says something about the male population here. I live now in Oregon and someday I should mention the police here. Yes. But not now. Thanks for answering my reply. I enjoy your articles very much.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      What you’ve written about Santa Cruz doesn’t surprise me. Like Berkeley, it’s a bastion of Leftists and hippies who stand opposed to anything traditionally American or conservative. Contrary to the popular assumption that these people are ‘tolerant,’ they are, in fact, most intolerant to opposing views and terribly close-minded.

  5. Linus says:

    My girlfriend dresses frumpy almost all the time. Is it because of depression or self-esteem issues?

    • Sharon says:

      Good question. Could be several things. Depression really knocks people down and maybe there are some self-esteem issues there. I just don’t know. But, on the other hand, is this person fun or interesting to be with? Why would you want to be around someone like that? It’s complicated and I don’t know her, so I can’t say much.

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