The Face of the Mexican Invasion

Here’s proof positive that Mexicans – both legal and illegal – have no intention of assimilating into America’s dominant white culture. They see themselves as Mexicans first and always. They see us, white Americans, as the illegal invaders of their land. They make no bones about it either.

Thanks to both the Democrat and Republican leaderships, the browning or Tijuanizing of America will take its full effect once a nationwide amnesty is granted and this once great nation will be no more. After the fall, we will look back and stand amazed at how we allowed this to occur. But we had been warned.



  1. GODSWIZARD says:


    1. Interesting video AK. Sad. Pathetic. Maddening.

    2. Mexico is a hole. Freaking, fucking hole.

    3. Mexicans coming into America are generally (of course, with exceptions) piss brained, pus brained, low IQ, morons, idiots, easily inflamed, and easily led–by people who are even worse reflections of the low degrees of all these things–twits. Overall, fine, fine examples of who the U.S.S.A. politicians have let flood into the country.

    4. Directed to most of the politicians and judges of the Amerika they “lead.” Tick-Tock. Time is running short. Take that however you Oligarchs want.

  2. king says:

    The haughtiness is sickening! The evil of it all…

  3. king says:

    You know, the Roman Empire was invaded by foreigners, too. Look what happened to them…

  4. GODSWIZARD says:

    King said: “You know, the Roman Empire was invaded by foreigners, too. Look what happened to them…”

    Don’t get me started.

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