David Webb on Black NAACP Protestors: “They Don’t Even Understand That There’s Two Houses of Congress”

Here’s a black conservative, David Webb, confronting black NAACP protestors who continually allege that the Tea Party is ‘racist.’ The leadership refuses to even discuss Webb’s questions as is evident in the video.

Webb also points out horrifically ignorant the black protestors were of the U.S. government’s form/structure, and the claim by almost all of the speakers present that every 30 minutes a black kid is murdered by police. Very few blacks, relatively speaking, are accustomed to critically thinking through what their leadership tells them, and so the stupidest ideas about themselves and society are endlessly perpetuated among them.

This may be surprising to some whites, but those of us who have had their personal encounters with ‘diversity’ know all-too-well just how reactionary and uninformed these folks are. They are not a thinking people by any stretch of the imagination.



  1. Melissa says:

    Stupid, stupid people. Makes me sick to see the white women there. I am just amazed at them. You expect this from blacks, the marching, the yelling the overall stupid low IQ crowd antics but come on white women. I live in NC and I know it was a fight for conservatives to take it and hopefully we can keep it. Sick to death of the NAACP and I don’t ever believe that the majority of black people will grow a brain and start to think for themselves. They will always need some crooked leader to tell them what to think.

  2. Jerry says:

    I like the comment by the mother, Regina. She hope the victim make so we can shed some light on what happened. I know what happened: Some white guy got the shit beat out of him by two black teens then he was carjacked. Stupid bitch thinks some how it was the white guy to blame.

  3. Jamie says:

    I wanted to reach through my TV the other night and smack common sense into the ignorant white women standing with these morons behind the pulpit. The way they laughed and continued to disrespect David Webb was disgusting. This country is falling apart. I love the USA but I can’t stand my fellow citizens. To elect OBastard TWICE makes me have no faith anymore.

  4. franssusan says:

    Someone should tell Hannity that the NAACP has “no moral authority” to begin with. That organization is about nothing but their own self-interests which is extorting money from stupid whites to spend on themselves. The ignorance displayed in this video is what is destroying civilization. Too much of the populace is just dumb and/or brainwashed. I think we’re doomed.

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