This Is Why You Should Always Carry Concealed

Here’s another reason why you should always carry concealed and always be ready for a ‘diversity’ encounter. The black males in this news report thought they had another easy white victim to rob.

Too bad for them, their victim happened to be an off-duty Cook County Sheriff’s Sergeant who was wisely carrying his firearm. The good Sergeant quickly dispatched one of the ‘teens’ to his eternal home in the fiery abyss, while the others quickly fled. Too bad they all didn’t die. Oh well, one is better than none. 

Here’s the entire video surveillance. You might want to gather the kids around in order to celebrate and to use it as a ‘teachable moment’ on the wonders of ‘diversity.’ 


  1. Jamie says:

    Just found your blog today and I love it. I think your great, keep speaking the truth. ( I’m not an old white male either) I’m a 32 year old wife and mother, trying to raise my toddler in this scary country being run by a bunch of animals. It petrifies me to imagine what this country will be like when my 2 year old is an adult. God help us!!!

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Thanks Jamie, I appreciate the words of encouragement! It is, unfortunately, a strange and “brave new world” we are giving to our children. I’m glad I grew up in a different generation than this one.

      • franssusan says:

        I agree with Jamie, AK. Your blog is great! Always informative, intelligent, well researched, and you tell it like it is in a very well informed and scholarly manner. Thank you for your good work!

  2. king says:

    Yes! Some good news for once. 1 point for the good guys.

  3. king says:


    Leave. Get out of America while you can. I did, and I live happily and safe with my wife and six daughters far from the negrocalypse you’re right in the middle of.


  4. franssusan says:

    Good that one of them was killed on sight, but we taxpayers will be paying for defense attorneys, court costs, and incarceration for the other two. It never ends. We productive taxpayers in the US are the ones continually abused by this corrupt and evil system that’s supported by stupid white liberals/democrats, ignorant blacks, stupid, white, war-mongering republicans, and corrupt politicians. (I’m neither democrat nor republican, conservative nor liberal, by the way.)

  5. Dan says:

    This video should be required viewing for all potential victims (aka non-negro thugs).
    Knowing what you are up against is the first step in being adequately prepared.

  6. Spartan says:

    This is a horrible place to be at night for white people, even if they’re cops. Of course, once upon a time, this was the jewel of the city populated with a lot of Italians and Dutch. When my family found refuge in a decent working class neighborhood, I got to meet a few people that used to live in that neighborhood (Roseland). We were able to share stories about the same group of people who chased us out of our respective neighborhoods.

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