Stephen Coughlin’s ‘Red Pill’ Presentation – A Must Watch!

Here’s a fascinating series of briefs by Stephen Coughlin, a lawyer and former Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence analyst who was essentially fired by the Pentagon as a result of pressure placed by Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers inside the federal government.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, as a result, did not renew Coughlin’s contract as an intelligence analyst. Coughlin meticulously details the enormous influence and high levels of infiltration that muslims have secured for themselves among our federal agencies. He also demonstrates the willful blindness among our government and military officials.

Coughlin’s ‘Red Pill’ presentation is a Ten-part series, but I have included only three of them and one question-and-answer session. This will provide the listener with a taste of what he has to say and, hopefully, listen to the entire series. The remainder can be viewed on Youtube.

The presentation was given to the Vienna Academic Society (Vienna, Austria) on May 23, 2015. It’s based on his book, Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad – a book banned by the White House which should make us want to read it even more! 

Whether one agrees with every point that Coughlin raises or not, it would be hard to deny that Islamic radicals have made serious inroads in influencing and directing our government toward Islamic goals.

Our government is riddled with radical Leftists, muslims infiltrators and officials who are apathetic to it all. Coughlin identifies each of them and tells us what must be done to eradicate this threat to our republic. 



  1. Poupon Marx says:

    This is why the next President must be extremely bold and forceful to destroy a lot of the structures built by the Marxist/Communist Left:

    >>>Canada has better scores on security and safety, the rule of law and economic freedom which is based on personal choice, trade openness, freedom to compete, security of private property and judicial independence.

    Canada ranks sixth on human freedom index, far ahead of United States in 20th

    By Fraser Institute –

    TORONTO—Canada ranks sixth overall for its level of human freedom while the United States ranks 20th in the Human Freedom Index, released today by the Fraser Institute and a network of international public-policy think-tanks.

    The index — which uses 76 indicators of personal, civil and economic freedoms to rank 152 countries around the world— is the most comprehensive freedom index so far created for a globally meaningful set of countries. The report includes rankings from 2008 to 2012.

    “Our intention is to measure the degree to which people are free to enjoy classic civil liberties—freedom of speech, religion, individual economic choice, and association and assembly—in each country surveyed,” said Fred McMahon, Dr. Michael A. Walker Research Chair in Economic Freedom at the Fraser Institute and editor of study.

    “We also look at the rule of law, which is essential for freedoms, as well as indicators of crime and violence, freedom of movement, limits on freedom due to sexual orientation, and women’s freedoms.”

    Hong Kong tops the rankings followed by Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and New Zealand rounding out the top five. Other notable countries are Australia (ranked seventh), the United Kingdom (ninth), Germany (12th), Chile (18th), and the United States, 20th.<<<

  2. Poupon Marx says:

    “Almost all the World’s national governments are corrupt” – Zero Hedge. How could things go wrong with leaders like these?:

  3. Johnny says:

    It is easy to think of social movements as having a core leadership, and so it gets presented as this guy presents it, as a heinous organization that is behind what is happening. But really it is Islam in ascendancy while Christianity and nationalism sleep walk through history.

    I guess the sort-of good news is that the Pope has finally bothered to notice that Christians are being murdered in various places around the world. That is, in between his thinking about global warming, capitalism, and the various other things he has on his over full plate.

    As for the US, the Washington elite is leading the charge right now and nobody is going to stop them until or unless they govern so badly that we end up in a major crises, which is a possibility. Lacking something major that seriously discredits the current establishment, there is no real chance that somebody like Trump or anybody else can change things.

  4. Charles Meredith says:

    Obama has filled the White House with his ersonal advisors, and there are around 50 of them that O sees daily.
    I am sure everyone of these Muslims are “rats”, AND TRULY WANT TO KILL ALL WHO ARE NON-BELIEVERS.
    Ok shouting is over!

  5. Susan says:

    “Our government is riddled with radical Leftists, Muslim infiltrators and officials…” Absolutely true! The US government is thoroughly corrupt. Muslims would not/could not be in the US without US government’s permission, encouragement, and financial support (taxpayers’ money). Our enemy is our own government! We must focus on that….the source of all problems with this Muslim “issue” (and many others.)

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