Muslim Crowd Beats to Death Woman Falsely Accused of Burning a Quran

It’s important to note that this woman, a Muslim herself, was not beaten by a jihadist. No, she was beaten and stoned to death by average, non-‘radical’ Muslims who had no affiliation with ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Folks, this is what’s on its way to every western nation. For some nations, it’s too late. Muslims already comprise a sizable population of the country. For others, there’s still time to change the course they’re heading toward.

The common assumption that only ‘radicalized’ Muslims pose a threat to our societies is dead wrong. It’s true that many of the Muslims in our midst may not be active in committing suicide bombings or engaged in plotting the murder of innocent civilians. However, they will quickly align with their fanatical brethren when they are called on to support the Islamic cause because their first and foremost allegiance is always to Allah and fidelity to the Quran’s teachings.


Seemingly peaceful and kind Muslims will turn on a dime when ordered to defend the honor of Allah and his pedophile prophet. They have no allegiance to the West nor to its values because their sole allegiance is to Allah and his teachings alone. Western values are to them immoral and idolatrous, so why should they be expected to defend them?

Moreover, the majority of Muslims worldwide are not White. Those Whites who are self-destructive enough to become Muslims inevitably eschew their White identity and european ancestry.

Everything about Muslims and their religion is destructive to the West’s survival. They are not of us. They do not think like us. Their values are different from us. They interpret the world differently from us. We must recognize this so that our nation, our families, and our communities will flourish and survive rather than be subdued by history’s greatest death-cult. 

Let the Muslims wallow in their rat-infested deserts. Let them burn the entire middle east if they so please. Let them squabble and fight amongst themselves in their land, not ours. Let them molest and rape the goats in their countries, and not the White women in ours. 

Expel the Muslim plague. 



  1. cjk says:

    Satan’s appetite for innocent blood is never quenched. These people are foolish enough to think he will be able to reward them for their outrageous wickedness, a wickedness which is SELF EVIDENT to even the simplest of men.

  2. Tim says:

    F’n murderers! Imagine assaulting and killing a defenseless person like this!? The mobs’ blood lust overcame any good sense that any of them may have had. Allahu Akbar my ass! If this is their God, then he does not exist, only a figment of the “God” part of their brain.
    It’s funny how the animal rights activists will get all twitterpated when someone hurts a defenseless kitten or puppy, but when it comes to human savagery they play deaf, dumb and blind. Keep these people on their own shores and far from America. We have enough problems of our own without letting the savages into here with their kooky religious beliefs.
    A very disturbing video.

  3. Kev says:

    You have forgotten your Christian history. Not less than 50 yrs ago were Catholic Churches taking native children from their homes to boarding schools and never to return or be seen. And pedophiles? No prophet needed for that , your priests carry that torch.
    Si realize these countries are behind the advanced and already decaying USA and that some are more radical than others, yet you lump all people into one and denounce all. Typical.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Kev, I am no friend to Roman Catholicism for a variety of theological and ecclesiological concerns, but in no way can the Roman Catholic Church be reasonably and fairly compared to that of Islam and its myriad of atrocities committed throughout human history.

      What those Catholic priests did was horrendous and violated core beliefs of Roman Catholicism. The same goes with the pedophile scandal that has exploded over the past few years. However, it was never officially condoned by the RCC and it was quite shameful too as admitted by honest priests who likewise condemned such conduct.

      The atrocities committed by Muslims, on the other hand, has the full support of the Quran’s teachings as well as the model set by Muhammad himself (may pig piss be upon him). Thus, your comparison between the two is flawed from the very outset.

      I have made it clear numerous times on this blog that while not every Muslim is a terrorist, the overwhelming number of terrorism committed throughout the globe is committed by Muslims. A massive number of Muslims, as evidenced by polls, may not themselves commit acts of terrorism, but they are very much in support of their Islamic brothers who do precisely because it comports with the Quran’s own precepts.

      My post, as you allege, was not “typical” as you wrongly assume. However, your failure to see the distinctions I’ve made here and in other posts shows that your comments, in fact, are very much “typical” of someone who is informed on the matter. You’ve failed to understand the distinction that general truths about Muslims and their conduct in the world are in fact 100% accurate, yet in no way suggestive that it’s necessarily true of every single Muslim.

      You need desperately to better inform yourself on such matters.

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