Feel Good Video of the Day: Young Boy Salutes British Coldstream Guards in Traditional Attire

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Boy Dressed as Coldstream Guard Salutes the Real Thing on ‘Best Birthday Ever’: A young boy showed his appreciation for the Coldstream Guards with a salute as they marched past him outside Windsor Castle, as seen in this video shared on January 4. In the footage posted to Instagram, the boy, who’s dressed in the regiment’s iconic red outfit, makes the gesture as the guards march past him and into a building. One of the guards then comes back and poses for a picture with the boy. The boy’s mother posted multiple times to Facebook about incident and the day her son, Marshall, had at Windsor Castle for his birthday. She wrote that he declared it ‘best birthday ever.'”


How refreshing it is to see a young boy so enamored with his country’s military traditions that he actuality wore the uniform of a Coldstream Guard in honor of them at Windsor Castle. That he saluted them as they marched past is even more endearing. His parents should be praised too for instilling such respectful values.

When I see very young people like this boy, I sometimes wonder if he might one day grow up to be the leader that Britain needs to rid themselves of the hordes of Muslim and African invaders. One never knows. If there is one thing that Britain needs at this time, it’s a strong nationalist leader who will return the country to its indigenous people, White Brits! 


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  1. JMV says:

    Cheers to the soldier who came back to stand for a picture, it made the kid’s day and maybe a future soldier. The western nations need more interactions like this with our nation’s young.

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