This is Why There Used to be Lynchings: Black Man Brags About Sexual Relations with 100-Year-Old White Woman

Taking advantage of the elderly, either sexually or financially, is a serious crime in any state. This young Black man seems to know it too: “I know I can get in trouble for ‘dis shit.”

Apparently, the 100-year-old White woman seated in the passenger’s seat has a Black female caretaker. The caretaker’s boyfriend is the Black guy driving the old woman’s car and bragging about the sexual things he does to the old lady. It’s truly disgusting!

I can’t confirm if this video is genuine, but it sure does seem to be. It’s also typical of Blacks to brag about their crimes and post them on social media.

The incident should caution elderly Whites to consider what quality and race of caretakers they will have when they are old and bedridden. It may not seem an important thing to consider now, but it will be as one gets older and in need of daily assistance.

I read a statement from Pat Buchanan in his book, The Death of the West, a number of years ago that gave me a chill. He predicted that in the not-so-distant future when Whites become a minority in the U.S., they will be have as their caretakers not members of their own family or even fellow Whites (due in part to the break-up of the family structure and our low birthrates), but non-Whites who don’t give a hoot about the people under their care other than to take advantage of them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I know this sort of thing can happen among White caretakers too. I predict, however, that it will be especially prevalent among non-White caretakers who are imbued with a deep-rooted resentment of Whites.


  1. L says:


    What a descriptive word – draw and quarter this mule – no wonder the chopped part of the foot off Kunta Kinte – Niggers need to be controlledl or put down like a mad dog!

    And you liberals don’t give me that shit that the little ones are cute. Small rattle snakes are cute too but their bite will kill you!

  2. Pepper says:

    I have to be frank…we have to separate from these feral apes. The monkey in the first video should have his head cut off and put on a pike.

    I don’t respect niggers, and I don’t really consider them human. They are more like trained monkeys.

    Thank goodness more white women are coming to their senses about these pieces of shit. They are ruthless predators that need to be exterminated.

    When enough white people get pissed off, this nigger shit will end.

  3. Jackie Puppet says:

    I’ve seen almost first-hand, that elderly whites are being abused by their black caretakers. One was begging me what she should do – I recommended she call the police – I encountered the black caretaker a few minutes later, and I could see that she wanted to do much worse, if I wasn’t there. The old lady went back to her apartment with a neighbor, and maybe she called the police from there.

    And yes, it’s in an “uber-liberal” western suburb just outside of Chicago.

  4. Deplorable X says:

    I wouldn’t leave a cat in the care of a nigger and I hate cats.

  5. Pepper says:

    Just look at the still photo of the nigger ape on the top video! Have you ever seen such a stupid look? The piece of shit even looks stupid! One eye is pointed one way, and the other eye pointed the other. This is because of too much inbreeding which also contributes to the nigger’s low IQ.

  6. Pepper says:

    What white person would in their right mind leave a loved one with a fucking nigger? Look what happened to the handicapped man in Chicago. I read that the man and the nigger who tortured him were friends. Never have a NIGGER as a friend. They are fucking animals that need to be shot dead.

  7. Bailey says:

    Grow hemp for rope production, hang these beasts and their enablers.

  8. PB says:

    Why aren’t White people doing these jobs? Is care of our elderly so undervalued that we have to leave it in the hands of Nogs?

    • Marytoons says:

      It’s a hard, thankless, filthy job that no one wants to do. You’re exposed to the feces and urine, throw up and snot, contagion and efflux from draining wounds, from irascible demented patients. I’m talking about the aides. The Registered Nurses with brains work elsewhere. Maybe that’s why wildebeests work long term care. No brains needed.

  9. Marytoons says:

    When I worked as a nurse I found that you don’t get any niggar pissed because if it’s even just one they’ll all turn against you and make your work life miserable. The same thing went with other minorities like the Filipinos but the niggars were always worse. Imagine being surrounded by sheboons all shouting at the same time.
    I am sixty-seven years old and if, or when, I become old and frail like the women in the videos, I will end my life. I have it all planned. There are plenty of organizations that help with this sort of thing.
    What happened to that animal groid molesting the elderly woman while driving her car? Chomping off his balls would be a start.

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