‘End of Watch’ (movie) Opening Scene Shootout Shows Us What NOT to Do

For a movie that was technically accurate about much of the ‘LAPD way,’ the opening scene of the movie ‘End of Watch’ (2012) showed some pretty piss-poor tactics.

As soon as that pursuit ended and when the bullets started flying, the two LAPD officers stepped away from their position of cover and walked right up to the suspects while still engaged in the firefight!?

Yeah, I know it’s just a movie. It’s hollywood. This I do know: No police department, especially LAPD, would ever teach to an officer to step away from a position of cover and expose himself in the heat of battle. It’s best to always return fire from a place of protection instead of leaving it and walking up to the very people who are firing at you.

For now, that’s all she wrote, 10-8. 


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