Remorse? 83-Year-Old White Man Severely Beaten and Robbed by “Teens” (negro savages)

Here’s one of the feral “teens” police arrested who severely beaten and robbed an elderly 83-year-old White man. The news report tells us that the “teen” showed a “glimpse of remorse” Oh really? Just because the “teen” mouthed the words, “I’m sorry to that man. I apologize,” the gullible newscaster assumes that “remorse” was involved. The only thing this predatory ape feels remorse for is getting caught!  

People don’t seem to realize that “super predators” (the only truthful words that ever came out of Hillary Clinton’s filthy mouth!) like this “teen” do not have any moral basis or framework in which to empathize with the suffering of others. They feel nothing toward their victims, and they lack the capacity to even do so. They have been bred by their ‘baby mommas’ to hate, to steal, to revolt against all forms of authority, and to victimize the innocent without the slightest pricking of their conscience.

When people exhibit genuine remorse for what they’ve done, there is always an accompanying deep sorrow for what they’ve put others through. Not only do they not defend themselves for what they’ve done, they are more than glad to make restitution. More than that, they humbly accept whatever penalty is imposed on them. They are ashamed, and they are contrite. If these qualities are not present, you can rest assured that there has been no true remorse.

Yet how often do we see such remorse? How often do we see it displayed by Blacks? The only thing I ever see Blacks do in court is smirk, get angry, and blame the cops and the victim for their troubles.

Here’s a hint: Any kind of remorse for victimizing the innocent without the accompanying signs of voluntary restitution, confession and contrition is just a show to convince the naive.  


  1. Jackie Puppet says:

    Guess his Spidey senses have been malfunctioning.

    Usually the only remorse shown, is getting caught, not for the crime itself.

  2. 11-Bravo says:

    “Tone=Tone,” as he is known on the ‘street.’ What is it that people don’t understand. This ‘super-predator’ is just another in a long line of feral apes, and what’s up with the earring? How come, virtually every one of these super predators has the feral gutter ape standard issue earrings? I’m really surprised though that he didn’t have a name like Lakadaquiss, or DeLaShawn or Quovarius or some other feral tribal name.

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