Skid Row: America’s Future Under Democrats and When All Drugs Are Legalized

This is a good documentary showing the kinds of societal problems liberals create when they advance their Utopian schemes. Los Angeles was not like this during the 1940’s or the 1950s. Yet as soon as liberals began to hijack this once great nation beginning in the 1960s, it wasn’t long before sections like Skid Row in Los Angeles became the norm in almost every major U.S. city.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not taking away the responsibility these ‘homeless’ folks have for their own life decisions, but only that liberals manage to always create societies where these kinds of things can flourish.

What you’re witnessing on Skid Row is not just the depravity of humans, but the inability of liberal social policies to improve life and to ‘transform’ society when they are in charge. These ‘Tent Towns’ only increase when liberals influence the culture and play a major role in determining national policies to combat poverty, unemployment, widespread drug addiction, welfare dependency, and other social ills.

A book you’re not supposed to read

Liberals always make everything worse, and this is why our national problems are never solved. Their policies are misguided at the outset, and so the ‘solutions’ they propose to ‘fix’ the very problems they’ve created prove ineffectual, in part, because liberals never bother to question their most basic assumptions about everything. They are unable to think outside of their box in large measure because they are close-minded and because they are grossly ignorant of human nature. In other words, they don’t understand the very people (humans) they propose to ‘help,’ and so they engage in endless and costly pursuits in an attempt to create their mythical societies.

Observe also that liberals are never held accountable for their social experiments. They respond to their massive social engineering failures by either doubling-down on their stupidity in the form of spending more tax dollars to ‘fix’ the problem, or they move on to some other disastrous and wasteful government pursuit. Either way, they are never called to account for what they design and implement. They make us all suffer.  

Recognize also that Skid Row’s ‘Tent Town’ is America’s future if all drugs are legalized. This will be the destiny of a massive number of Americans once they are given the ‘green light’ by the feds to ingest and shoot-up whatever they want. The current marijuana policies throughout the states, including widespread acceptance of the substance among a growing number of Americans for ‘recreational use,’ is proof of how something originally designed for seriously ill patients can be abused. It won’t be long before an entire marijuana-addiction industry will be created (if it hasn’t happened already?).

Look also at how many children in our nation’s middle schools and high schools are already experienced marijuana users and even addicted to it. America’s addiction epidemic is guaranteed to reach epic proportions once all drugs are legalized and made available to everyone. If you don’t think drug legalization will encourage even more people to use and become addicted to it, you are horrifically naive.  

This is not a matter of personal freedom but, rather, a matter of national suicide. A sane nation will not allow its people to commit wide-scale suicide and self-destruction. A sane nation will step in and prohibit all forms of national suicide no matter how many voices cry out for one’s ‘personal choice’ and ‘liberties’ on such matters.

Times have truly changed

Humans are such that if something makes them feel good or gives them a good high, they will abuse it until nothing else matters to them in life. Entire families, relationships, and even societies will be ruined by it. If people are allowed to consume strychnine and every weird narcotic concoction conceived in a laboratory, they will! This is the nature of humans whether we wish to believe it or not.

Think also of the strange biological and genetic oddities, including deformities, that will arise among future generations whose body chemicals have been altered as a result of long-term drug use? How much will this alone cost society? What will our grandchildren look like? What kinds of strange addictions will they be born with? These questions are rarely faced by the pro-legalization crowd because of the obvious problems they present to their agenda.    

Every one of these Skid Row tent dwellers, at one time, likely thought they could handle their alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t long before experience and human biology dictated to them that they couldn’t. But by then it was too late.

As I’ve said before, a doped-up nation is a defeated nation.

Skid Row’s ‘Tent Town’ is America’s future if insane liberal social policies are not jettisoned. This will also be our future if all drugs are legalized and made available to whoever wants it.

Really bad advice


  1. Jeff Dante says:

    Hey Ambrose, any chance we can get an article on this: France is making spanking children illegal, another example of the pussification of the world.

  2. Pepper says:

    The thing about liberals is they never surrender. Electing Trump is only a minor setback for them. Many states surrendered to pot when the president didn’t intend to follow federal laws and go after those people. It started out small…just using a bit for medicine. Then it got bigger to allow for recreation pot. As of now, pot is legal in states like Colorado.

    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in a bus, which led to Selma, Alabama, which led to the march on Washington, which led to civil rights laws we are burdened with today. With that came the idea of Affirmative Action, forced school integration, inability to NOT serve blacks, and basically having to live with them.

    What has rolling over done for us? Well, we are drug addicts with PC shit shoved down our necks everyday.

    Oh yeah…Reagan said we will let in these FEW people from Central America, and then we will fix our borders and fix our immigration policy. We cracked the door open and we let in a deluge of illegal aliens form Central America.

    We simply have to have the will to stop all of the PC bullshit once and for all. If you give a liberal an inch, they will take a mile.

  3. Well, I believe you are totally wrong about it.
    It absolutely IS about personal freedom!
    Drug prohibition is a product of the last 60-70 years, how did people live before that?

    Just look at Portugal, there is no epidemic, yet all drugs are decriminalized.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      “It absolutely IS about personal freedom!” – The problem is that there are some things that any society will and should say “NO!” to, and these sometimes override personal freedoms for the greater good. To varying degrees we all experience this in one form or another. We may like to say we are completely free to do whatever we wish, but there are still societal and legal restrictions that we must comply with. The will of the people decide what they will permit, what they will tolerate, and what they will not. A sane society will not permit dangerous substances to be distributed nor to be used by all under the banner of ‘personal freedom’ when it knows that the end result will be its own destruction or demise.

      If there’s anything the drug culture since the 1960s has proven, it is that humans have the propensity to abuse and become severely addicted to everything they smoke or ingest. Drug usage in massive numbers prove that they do not merely effect the person using them, but also his or her family, children, and the rest of society. How much more clear does it have to be that this has not been good for the physical, moral and cultural health of our nation? How many more lives have to be destroyed and families brought to ruin before we rise up and end this insanity and national death wish?

      “Drug prohibition is a product of the last 60-70 years, how did people live before that?” The so-called ‘war on drugs’ began as a response to what the liberal ‘counter culture’ promoted, namely serious and dangerous narcotic usage in the form LSD, uppers and downers, including marijuana (which, admittedly, was not as potent as today’s marijuana). People have always taken drugs in one form or another. The problem was that the hippy ‘counter culture’ with its ‘free love, free sex’ and ‘sex, drugs, and rock and roll’ mentality was an assault on our nation’s young people which, as we know now, had epic and dangerous consequences. The drug war, then, was a response to the cultural attack that liberals waged against our nation’s sobriety and cohesion.

      As for Portugal, I don’t know how much they have decriminalized or not. I will have to look into it. It’s important to recognize, however, that some countries that have decriminalized drug usage have found that all it really did was make a bad situation even worse. It led to even greater usage among the people, and this had widespread moral implications and astronomical health costs. Those who would not have used drugs, often found themselves experimenting with it and, in many cases, becoming addicted to it. Understand also that while some countries may decriminalize certain drugs, they will still arrest and prosecute anyone who seeks to ingest, produce, or sell narcotic concoctions that they do not approve of. The point being that ‘decriminalization of drugs’ doesn’t necessarily mean that one can smoke or shoot-up whatever they want, nor does it mean that one can now distribute for sale whatever weird concoction one desires – proving, once again, that we are not as free as we imagine. Legalization of drugs will change things, but mostly for the worse.

      The thing that you have missed is the long-term effects total and complete legalization of drugs will have on our society. Can you tell me, based on the available evidence that we have now, that this will NOT lead to severe problems in the future? How do you know it won’t have serious and widespread genetic effects on future generations? How much drug usage will our society permit? Will any narcotic or mix thereof be available for sale? What kinds of societal concerns will we face if we do?

      These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself instead of focusing solely on ‘personal freedom’ arguments.

      As for the ‘war on drugs,’ I have much to say but I just can’t get into all of that now. Suffice it to say, this war has been fought like many of our so-called wars, including military wars – namely, with one hand tied behind our backs (proverbially speaking), with too much political red-tape, and without the collective will of the American people. Our politicians are weak, and the people in our country are too soft and too divided to do what needs to be done.

    • Pepper says:

      The trouble with most drugs is that if the drug is not furnished to the addict, they will steal, rob, and murder to fix their habit. Don’t worry Nicole, you will see all drugs legalized soon and you will also see the result. I doubt it will be as nice as Portugal – a very small country on the Iberian peninsula. Drug use is also mostly legal in Amsterdam in certain parts of the city, but they have to keep it there and not bring it outside that drug zone.

      I don’t give a shit about drug use unless it impacts me. With pot we are going to become a nation of Cheech and Chong zombies.

  4. Bailey says:

    I wasn’t sure where to drop this BS story so i figured i’d post it here along with the gutter trash.

    Who the fuck does this Bono think he is ?
    WTF should we care what some marxist faggots who aren’t even American think?
    I always hated these queers , bono always dictating to America how we should do more for africa made me want to kill the SOB but it looks like i wont have to. He looks sick like he has aids like the degenerate Freddy Mercury who is held in such high regard just because he was a whore who would fuck anything , maybe even a dead fish.
    If i ever got close enough to the POS Bono i’d at least smack his sun glasses off of his faggot face.

    • Walter Bergen says:

      The most obnoxious thing about Bono and U2 (besides the music) is that the same sanctimonious asshole lecturing us is a tax-dodging multimillionaire who lives with none of the consequences of the policies he advocates.

      In other words, a typical liberal.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      Too bad he wasn’t closer to the terrorist attack in Nice, France where the terrorist drove a truck through a Bastille Day crowd – Bono was only a mile or two away.

      I’d have applauded the terrorist if it was only Bono he killed. Bono’s a pretentious, sanctimonious fuckwad!

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