Trumps Calls CNN “A Terrible Organization” and Tells One of Their Reporters “You’re Fake News” During Press Conference / Other Reporters Applaud

If there’s one thing I love about Trump is that he fights back. He gives the media the same shit back that they give to him. That’s what you’ve got to do, otherwise their stories will dominate and the truth will get buried. The nation, as a whole, will believe their lies too because the common assumption is that someone who doesn’t defend himself vigorously in the face of false accusations must be guilty.

The ‘lying media’ is not prepared nor accustomed to a major political figure who fights them, who gets mean and dirty with them. Can you imagine any other president in recent history doing this sort of thing to the media’s snide reporters? Every president is expected to take it in the ass and respond ‘presidential’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean?). Not Trump. He’s a fighter, and he knows what lying pieces of excrement these smug reporters are, including the organizations they work for. He’s had a long history of dealing with these Leftist quislings, so he knows them well.

After Trump refuses to answer this reporter’s question and calls CNN “fake news,” the crowd of reporters standing around actually applauded. Even they, apparently, know what phonies CNN’s reporters are!

As I’ve said before, taking the ‘high road’ in politics sounds good in theory, but you will lose. The ‘lying media,’ in fact, counts on conservatives and republicans taking the ‘high road’ because that’s how their false stories gain credibility. Every time a republican smiles off a false story against him or her, or ‘plays nice’ when innuendoes of corruption or racism are leveled against him or her, the media wins and their lies sound more plausible to a low-information populace.

What I’m saying is that a smart politician needs to be prepared for these kinds of questions/objections from a reporter, and a willingness to speak to them like they’ve got nothing to lose. Get in their grill and talk shit back to them! Conventional wisdom tells us that this approach will turn off one’s constituents, but the reality is that most viewers will respect the politician who stand ups for himself and fights back! The greater number of Americans have low opinion of reporters anyways, so they’ll admire the man or woman who takes their shit and gives it right back to them.

Most people respect a fighter. They admire the person who takes off their gloves and tells it like it is. This is one reason why Trump is so loved by Americans. The people want a fighter, something Mitt Romney, John McCain, George Bush, and all the cucks of the GOP  never quite understood.


  1. Mike Jordan says:

    I LOVE how Trump controls the room. No other President in my time has done any better.

  2. Anafrida says:

    Have you read Think Big and Kick Ass? Trump says the same thing. It’s been great watching him dish it right back to the those who try any crap with him.

    Each time everything seemed to go against him, the little liberals kept saying that Trump will give up, he’s a coward. Hah! Had they did one iota of research on Trump, they’d know this guy doesn’t back down from anything and thrives on adversity. Instead they were taken by surprise Election day.

    We’re long overdue for a POTUS like this.

  3. PB says:

    How dare some piece of shit from CNN presume to tell Trump what is and isn’t appropriate. Do they still not understand or take any accountability for what they have done?

  4. Mike Jordan says:

    Who was that wussie, hyper-ventilating CNN wall-flower reporter? “Mr. Trump since you are attacking our news organization…..” . “Mr. President-elect, that is not appropriate”….as Trump blew him off, telling him he is a fake news organization, as only a true Alpha-male of his stature could do. I’m sure this reporter has NEVER been talked to so boldly and without an ounce of trepidation and I imagine he is still crying into his bowl of Ben & Jerry’s at the very moment. Classic Trump and I’m so glad I was able to see it. Even more happy my very bright 13 year old son, who loves TRUMP, could watch it as well. These next 4 years are going to be AMAZING in ways we can only imagine!!

  5. 11-Bravo says:

    The thing that should be noticed and discussed is the attitude and the manner in which that reporter spoke to the President Elect. Never-ever-ever, would a reporter have talked to Obongo the Kenyan in that manner, and if a white reporter did talk the ‘Man’s Country’ member the same way, that reporter would have been indicted for a hate crime.

  6. Bailey says:

    As amerikwa sleeps , the jews , their HNIC Obama and globalist scum are busy trying their best to derail the Trump train.

    How much can one nigger fuck up in seven days ?
    Considering how his masters are trembling and he is only concerned of his BS nigger legacy i’d say he can fuck up a lot of shit.
    This is going to be one hell of a week , I don’t think our house nigger has any intention of leaving the whitehouse , news clips of moving vans don’t convince me, BS farewell speeches don’t convince me , awarding himself and his pedophile VP medals doesn’t convince me.
    I’m afraid we’re facing a nigger president for life scenario as many people have suspected all along and it doesn’t matter to these mother fuckers how they achieve this goal or who fucking dies for their cause.

  7. Spotman says:

    The question would be, “How long will President Trump put up with Obammy’s interference until he bites his head off?” It’s going to be an incredible year!!!

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