Feminists Got ‘Triggered’ After Dr. Warren Farrell Gave a Lecture on How Men and Women Parent Differently

Here’s Dr. Warren Farrell, an author, educator, and considered by many to be the father of the modern men’s movement, talking about how men and women parent differently. Things are so screwed up today, thanks to decades of liberalism, that something as common sensical as this has to be explained to the confused masses.

In the course of his rather non-controversial lecture, he noted that fathers tend to set boundaries and enforce them, whereas mothers are generally not as strict in this. He also said that when too much empathy is given to a child, usually by the more nurturing mother, it creates narcissism. Fathers, in general, tend to not create such problems with narcissism among their children because they’re not as generous with empathy. They don’t tend to ‘baby’ their children, and they model a more ‘grin-and-bear-it’ attitude toward dealing with adversity.

Dr. Farrell’s point is that men and women really are different, and it shows in how they parent. His point is not that men and women should be at odds against each other in their parenting styles, but only that both are necessary. They are meant, in other words, to complement each other and, thus, create a child who is emotionally balanced and well-adjusted. 

This, as one might imagine, was too much for the rabid feminists protesting outside (check out the last few minutes of the video). They boast that they arrived to “shut down” Dr. Farrell’s speaking engagement, and they successfully prevented at least one young man from attending the event. Not only did the rather disturbed feminists fight the police who were simply trying to preserve order, but they screamed the most spiteful and hate-filled rhetoric one can imagine. Listen to how they speak to the men standing outside, including the cops.

After scuffling with the police and pushed back, they complain that “This is what men’s rights look like!” So, they create a hostile and chaotic scene, and then complain when the police simply try to restore some semblance of order, eh? Now that’s what I call a special kind of stupid.

Feminists and SJWs feel it’s in their right to prevent others from attending any event they don’t politically agree with. Violating one’s freedom of assembly and freedom of speech is permissible if the greater cause of smashing ‘patriarchy,’ ‘racism,’ ‘men’s rights,’ and ‘Islamophobia’ are present. This is how these people think, and God help any sane person who tries to point out their blatant violation of free speech principles and the importance of mutual respect when exchanging ideas.

These people cannot be reasoned with. Like religious zealots, they are so blinded by their ideology that nothing short of an intervention can get them back to reality – and even then there are no guarantees with these folks!


  1. IQbeauty says:

    Men and women are different and the difference can even be seen in the anatomy of the human brain. And it’s okay. Men and women each have their strong points and things that they excel at. These strong points were designed to compliment the other. It is a system that has worked and will continue to work if we let it.

    Love that South Park clip. The thing I love about South Park is that it tells the truth. As the creators have said themselves, they are equal opportunity offenders and nothing stupid is off limits. It’s interesting that the Jewish creator Matt Stone married a very black woman. I understand how a white man might find the young Vanessa Williams attractive. But I don’t understand how they might find an extremely dark skinned black attractive. I wonder if that Jewish creator ever regrets it his decision. The Caucasian creator Trey Parker was married to a Japanese socialite but divorced her. Now his partner is a stripper turned baby momma. Interesting guys, those two.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      Another thing I like about South Park is that one can learn a lot of life’s lessons watching it. I’m not saying that it could be a substitute for good parenting, but it has more redeeming value than most shows.

  2. 11-Bravo says:

    Somehow, you can just tell, by the appearance of someone what their worldview of life is. The blue and green hair, the nose rings, and the Beta males with hair going in 12 different directions. You are absolutely correct AK, in that these people CANNOT be talked to or reasoned with. Just like the jihadists, the ONLY thing that they will understand is a .45 caliber lobotomy.

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