How Liberals Use TV Sitcoms to Shape Our Values and Worldview

Here’s a small sampling of today’s ‘family’ sitcoms which features every type of depravity, dysfunction and perversity. These shows, in some respects, really do depict the ‘new normal,’ the kind of worldview and values that liberals want everyone to share. Sitcoms like these could never have been aired during the 1960s or even the 1970s because the brain-deadening of the American public and reshaping of our values hadn’t come full circle yet.

Now that our nation has gone completely insane – thanks to fifty years of social engineering and Leftist ‘reeducation’ – liberals are free to unleash all the filth they’ve always wanted to. There are no restraints now, and anyone who dares to protest is seen as prudish and out-of-touch.

Watching the trailers, notice how almost every character is White, and portrayed as neurotic and self-absorbed. The prevailing assumption is that White people are rich and deeply privileged – and boy are they screwed up! The men are featured as weak and effeminate, confused as to their gender and sexual orientation. The women, too, are either lesbians or androgynous. Most of them are physically repulsive. They’re all snarky too, and ready at a moment’s notice to put down any men in the room.

Everyone, it seems, is addicted to something and needs a stiff drink just to cope with everyday life. Chaos and confusion rules the roost. The parents are adults, but only physically. They are depicted as just as immature and self-entitled as the children they’re raising. The children are just as worldly and experienced in vice as the parents.

The shows are supposed to be funny, but I find them to be nothing of the sort. The producers want us to believe all of  this is normative of most American families. But it’s not. It’s an attempt to get us to think differently about what constitutes a ‘family.’ It’s a mockery of everything normal and traditional. It’s purpose is to demoralize us, to make us somehow embarrassed or uneasy about wanting a healthy and balanced family structure that follows traditional patterns.

The shows, such as Transparent, have as part of their agenda to humanize and normalize transgenders, to make them into noble and well-adjusted persons just like you and I. Their aim is for the viewer to empathize with the characters and, thus, celebrate ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ of every freak that comes down the pike. The producers, if they’re honest, will admit that their purpose is to entertain, but to also inform. What this really means is indoctrination from their point of view, from their worldview, albeit in subtle form and with the added benefit of humor.

The New Normal, likewise, features two married homosexuals who want to have children. Anyone bigoted enough to disagree is ridiculed ruthlessly. The main character, a pretty young White woman, is ditzy and somewhat of a lost soul, although she’s got no qualms about selling her eggs so she can go to law school. Any concerns over morality are absent. No one even questions it because issues of right and wrong, good and evil, play no significant role in their secular, nihilistic paradigm. The deeper questions of life are only to be laughed at and goofed on.

Liberals have always understood one thing very well – and that’s the power and effectiveness of media, the use of television, movies and radio to disseminate their message. Since the 1960s they’ve focused on our young people because they realized that if they could capture their attention with a different message and with different ‘values,’ they will have secured the next generation of useful idiots for their Utopian schemes.

I’d say they’ve been pretty darn successful, wouldn’t you?

Today’s new sitcoms reveal them to be up to their old tricks.


  1. Peter Thompson says:

    Like you, I am a TV-nostic and so pleased that I am. How can anybody with a smattering of intelligence [not to talk of morals & decency] even contemplating watching crap like that???
    Even our favourite [Whites] sport [rugby] here in the Rainbow Abortion has been usurped by our unbeloved Knuckledraggers [I like referring to them as GUM’s – Greater Unwashed Majority, seeing as the K-word is now officially banned] with their AA and enforced Black quotas. They have dragged the mighty Springbok down to their own miserable level and made it the laughing stock of the rugby world. So the only sport I am inclined to watch nowadays is Women’s Beach Volleyball!
    Keep up the good work. You and our local guru [ex SA Sucks] Mike Smith are my daily dose of fresh air and common sense.

  2. Bailey says:

    I remember this classic was seen as crossing the line.

    And there was Three’s Company but folks didn’t care that Jack claimed to be queer , they were into Chrissy , I was a Janet fan myself.

    “The producers want us to believe all of this is normative of most American families. But it’s not.”

    Like Roseanne and Married with Children , i hated those two pieces of crap.

  3. Bailey says:

    Anyway , if the crap you featured above is what’s on TV these days i’m glad to know i’m not missing anything, i pretty much only watch the velocity channel (except for the spic and negro hoopty shows) and stuff like cops , the First 48 and that new one Live PD.

  4. Anafrida says:

    It’s not only the sitcoms. I stopped watching tv years ago. I got tired of the liberal preaching morality show that prime time television had turned into. Every episode had some theme about how oppressed black people are, how wrong Whites are.

  5. Jackie Puppet says:

    I stopped watching TV early last year, and the few shows I was watching, I could download or watch ’em online anyway. I do the same with movies, though I have at least a half dozen movies on my laptop I still haven’t watched in months.

    Maybe that’s part of the problem. Some of us that don’t watch TV, also don’t protest with our dollars. After all, if we don’t watch a show that offends us, how will we know who their advertisers are, unless we watch it, even once? And in turn, if no one’s protesting, then the shows think there’s nothing morally wrong/controversial with them.

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