How the ‘Lying Media’ Grills One of Their Own as Compared to a Republican President

If it’s not obvious by now that the media has an explicit liberal slant in all that they say and do, well, then you’ve been living under a rock (or maybe just going about in life in a cloud of haze?). How much more obvious does it have to be? 

I remind my readers that today’s media is no friend to the American people, especially to those of us who have been red-pilled. They lie, they obfuscate, they deflect, and they twist the words of their political opponents. They work against our best interests as Americans. 

The media is supposed to be protecting the American people from the waste and lies of Washington, yet all they manage to do is whitewash the news, making sure it comports with their Leftist ‘narrative.’ They have abdicated their role, and they make a mockery of being fair and balanced in their reporting of newsworthy events.

I don’t trust them in the least. I despise them to the core of my being. 



  1. Mr. Deporable says:

    The socialist media used the term ‘Fake News’ in their attempt to delegitimize truthful,
    non-lame stream media outlets only to end up having their ‘Fake News’ meme
    used to describe themselves from now on.
    Poetic justice. Gotta love it. I know I do!

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    The Chicago Tribune (my old stomping grounds) in the last few months has had a “Support Quality Journalism” pop-up as its tag line to attract would-be subscribers.

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