The Traitors Among Us: Thousands March in Milwaukee to Protest Sheriff’s Plan to Deport Mexican Invaders

Termed as a ‘Day Without Latinos,’ thousands of protesters marched in Milwaukee to show their opposition to Sheriff David Clarke’s plan to give law enforcement officers the same rights as federal immigration officers in apprehending and deporting illegal aliens.

The crowd consisted of many White liberals, Native Americans, Mexican illegals, and some Muslims. A good many of the protesters were also ‘Mexican-Americans’ – that is, Americans of Mexican descent who are in the country legally or were born in the U.S.

This protest ought to serve as a wake-up call concerning the loyalty of ‘Mexican-Americans.’ While I recognize that not all ‘Mexican-Americans’ support illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, the reality is that the greater majority of them do. This is because many of those invading ‘immigrants’ are their blood relatives. They will naturally have a greater commitment to those who share their ancestry than any ‘propositional nation’ notions. Such concepts mean nothing to them when the welfare and legal status of one of their relatives is at stake. 

He would so deport your ass! 

This once great nation made a deadly mistake after its war with Mexico (1846-1848). We should have driven out every Mexican from our borders. Instead, we allowed them to populate and almost overwhelm us in numbers (especially in places like California and some of the Southwest states). I understand that this may be easier to say than to effectively accomplish. Still, is it not clear that the Mexicans, both legal and illegal, have turned against the founding stock of this nation?

Whites in America must come to realization that Mexicans belong in Mexico. Their hearts are in Mexico. They belong in Mexico. That is who they are and where they are from. They are not of us and they never will be. This explains why we never witness huge crowds of Mexican-Americans standing in solidarity with White Americans protesting against illegal immigration. The illegals who violate our nation’s sovereignty and immigration laws are their people, and not ours.





  1. Jackie Puppet says:

    That picture of Elvira Arellano burns me up every time I see it. She holed up in a church in Chicago and was in the news for months, eventually got deported, and came back – illegally.

    With all the money they send back across the border, they could purchase weapons here illegally, go back across, and fight to regain control of their own country.

    But they’re too busy taking siestas.

  2. Bailey says:

    I don’t think the good Sheriff Clark is going to put up with bullshit from the beaners and their misguided foolish amerikwans.

    Just gas em’ , Sheriff !

  3. Marytoons says:

    The poster child for illegal immigrants is Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, the poor mother of two children who was deported to Mexico for her crimes, the first being she was here illegally. It doesn’t matter that she was here for fourteen years and had two children (no father in sight). She lied and stole people’s identities as well. In short she was/is a criminal. The bleeding hearts of the media blame Trump for separating her from her children, but they don’t say the children could visit her as much as they want. She is illegal and her ass belongs in Mehico.

  4. Mr Deplorable says:

    Perhaps we can extend the deportations to include all these Soros paid snowflakes and
    assorted other useful idiots as well.
    Let them have an extended vacation in wonderful Mexican destinantions like
    Cancun, Monterrey and Acapulco, which are also controlled by the murderous cartels.
    Maybe that will change their tune, if they survive.

  5. Bailey says:

    ATTENTION NON-WHITES: We do not want you here. Do not listen to the Jew media or the left, and especially do not listen to the activists among your own kind who are attempting to convince you that America is one big “melting pot” of all the various non-Whites. We never wanted that, and now the Will of the People is finally being done. We not only don’t want any more of you, we are removing the ones already here, and while we are starting slowly, we will ramp it up until we have MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and everyone knows the only way you can do that is to MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!

  6. Many illegal Mexicans here.
    They ALL send the money they make here, back to Mexico.
    They all say they will return to Mexico to retire on the money they sent back home.
    The problem with this is that that takes a generation of Mexicans here!
    Plus,,,wonder just how much money will be left intact from the money sent back.
    Mexicans do not trust their Government at all.
    They all know just how corrupt their Country is, as it is run by the 200 most rich families in Mexico.
    I personally have met several in these 2 main families!

  7. Bailey says:

    Obama flashback,

    His call for a civilian National Security force seemed a little weird.

  8. Bailey says:

    The domestic army is the fuckin’ antifa and here is one of Obamas foot soldiers.

    Thanks to Tucker Carlson this little slope head skeet shoot momma is now in danger of losing her job , now she knows how us “racists” feel.
    This little bitch is another idiot that says the queer MILO is a homophope, i’m still wondering how a white faggot that prefers black men can be a homophobe.

    And now Obamas bullshit rambling doesn’t seem so weird.

    I see that the zionist jew billy kristol (nacht) is at it again tweeting that he supports the (((deep state))) which is pretty much a conformation that the kikes and cucks are indeed trying to undermine the Trump administration every step of the way.

    Sedition—-> Fema Camps—-> fill them now !

    • Sharon says:

      I’m beginning to understand why maybe? that the FEMA’s were established. Well, so be it. But only to those who incite riot. Isn’t there a law against anyone inciting riot?!! Crimminy this woman is a nut-job.

  9. Bailey says:

    Here’s more from Yoko, this is hysterical.

  10. bob says:

    there are some really stupid white people in America.

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