The Way of the Dindu: Pregnant ‘Baby-Momma’ Shot and Toddler Killed While Listening to Groid-Rap (Blacks think it’s music)

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Chicago Valentines Day Shooting Streamed Live: Shooting starts at 3:00 minute leaving two dead, including a toddler, and a pregnant woman injured. Towards the end of the video a victim’s family member can be heard talking to police and crying, as a police crime show plays in the background.

NORTH LAWNDALE — A gunman opened fire on a man, woman and toddler driving down a West Side alley Tuesday afternoon, killing the 2-year-old boy and the man in a crime that was broadcast live on Facebook. The pregnant woman survived a
gunshot wound to her abdomen. She was recording herself on Facebook Live when the attack happened, police said. About 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the alley
behind the 2300 block of South Kenneth Avenue in the North Lawndale
neighborhood, a gunman ambushed the trio, police said.”


Oh, and make sure to never forget that ‘Black Lives Matter.’

You might want to talk to your own people about that




  1. Tomkat's Tribulations says:

    No great loss. I was grateful when the hit went down. Just watching Momma Nigga chewing with its mouth open made me want to puke and curbed any sympathy I might have felt for them.
    Nah, it inspires as much sympathy in me as exterminating vermin or parasites.

  2. SicknTired says:

    That’s strange didn’t hear about that one on the news 😉 Niggers are the most dangerous creatures to their own selves, mentally and physically!

  3. Mr Deplorable says:

    Ever notice that the cities run by Dim-o-crats have the most anti-gun laws and also
    have the highest murder rates / gun crimes?
    Dumps like Chicongo, Detoilet, Snotlanta, Lost Angeles, Mumphis etc.
    Good job Dems. BTW, thanks for the public service, you imbeciles.
    BTW, good morning everybody!

  4. Bailey says:

    So , now we see what niggers do all all day, drive around listening to (C)rap and streaming on facebook with their tongues hanging out. There must be millions doing that every day , they think they’re celebrities now.
    I call on President Trump to stop paying the Obama phone bill and Doctor Ben to take these monkeys off of welfare.

    In Chicago is seems that sitting in a car rolling or not is a dangerous activity.
    Gun violence in our new year is breaking last years rates and we’re only half way into the second month , Rahm “the Israeli Mayor” Manuel is busy trying to protect his beaners while the few whites left in Chicongo are renting U-Hauls and taking flight.

  5. Jack CNY says:

    All i can say is we could have colonized the moon and mars by now.

  6. Bailey says:

    You see that dindu with the hoodie ?
    That is why i’ll never wear one , ghetto attire has no place in my closets or on my back.
    White men or women who dress like hood rats, act like hood rats and listen to monkey music are the lowest form of human. They have a choice and they choose to be self hating white scumbags.

  7. IQbeauty says:

    Just more “nigga moments” as explained in this Boondocks clip:

    • IQbeauty says:

      I like the Boondocks portrayal because it’s so true. But I do take issue with part of the definition of nigga moment when they say that these black men were perfectly logical before the nigga moment. You are just as likely to encounter a perfectly logical black man as you would a 🦄 .

  8. Jackie Puppet says:

    At least she didn’t forget her iCellaPhone…

    What piss-poor self-awareness. Who really watches other people ooking & eeking along to (c)rap music, or who thinks other people want to watch them – narcisstic behavior at its worst.

    It’ll only probably be the end of the month before she resumes streaming herself on FB live, not learning a fucking thing.

    Maybe she was crying because with her niglet gone, her welfare payments will go down.

    I occasionally venture into this area for work, in the early afternoon, though I haven’t had to do so for a few months. My head can almost turn around like an owl’s, my situational awareness is so pegged.

  9. Jackie Puppet says:

    The “man” made good was a gangbanger – go figure.

    The 2-year old was destined to be in a gang himself.

  10. Cris says:

    Hahaha “The Way of the Dindu” made me laugh out loud

  11. Jackie Puppet says:

    The Chimpcongo Stupidintendent of Police, “Special Ed” Johnson, thinks some of these shootings can be legislated away. he’s waiting on some gun legislation from the Illinois Legislature, which was supposedly to be ready last month.

    Legislation ain’t the problem, Eddie, it’s one you can’t admit to, because then your kind would be calling you “Uncle Tom”.

    It’s a negro problem.

  12. Mr. Deplorable says:

    There’s a correlation here. A simple one really.

  13. Dan says:

    What would niggers do if they couldn’t use the words “ho-ass bitch nigger”?
    Their whole lives are dedicated to the proposition that “I’m tough, you’re a bitch nigger.”
    What useless occupations, what small minds. They are literally retarded.

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