Black Family Members Unwilling to Concede That Their Retarded Gutter Rat Ruthlessly Murdered a White Female Jogger in Spite of DNA Evidence!

The response of this Black woman, a family member of the retarded pavement ape who ruthlessly murdered a White female jogger, is typical of these people. Facts, including DNA evidence that he left at the scene, doesn’t matter to Blacks bent on defending the indefensible.

Most Whites, if confronted in the same way about a family member who murdered someone, would express their sorrow and empathy for the victim. Not so among our beloved ‘African-Americans.’ They will go to their deathbeds denying all allegations and blaming everyone else for what happened.

This really shouldn’t surprise us because Blacks in America have a long history of denying that their people do anything wrong. They have been ingrained to see themselves as perpetual victims who ‘dindu nuffins,’ as innocent of any and all charges leveled against them regardless of legal proof. No amount of reasoning or argument can persuade them otherwise. Trying to engage them on an intellectual level about it is like arguing with the wind.

We invited a plague to dwell among us

Blacks comprise only 13% of the U.S. population, yet they commit almost 80% of all violent crimes. A compelling case can be made that these people are inherently aggressive and primitive in their worldview, possessing strong criminal proclivities and an aversion to  lawfulness and civility.

Yet because they have been coddled for so many decades by naive do-gooder Whites (liberals), they have been brainwashed into thinking that any trouble with the law is due to ‘systemic racism.’ Rarely do Blacks in the U.S. take ownership of their dysfunctional and criminal ways, and those few who do are condemned as ‘Uncle Tom’s’ and ‘acting White.’ 

Such common denials and obfuscations on the part of Blacks serve as more proof that these people do not belong in our societies among the civilized.

Why isn’t this obvious by now to most Whites? How many more innocent people, particularly Whites, do Blacks have to murder before we recognize that we have invited a plague to dwell among us? 



  1. Bailey says:

    It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood,
    Wont you be my neighbor ?

  2. Bailey says:

    A new low, IQ below freezing.

  3. Fled the Undertow says:

    It’s disgusting to read the MSM reports about the case, which immediately uses the word “racism”, mentions the Howard Beach killing of a black by whites in the 1980s, and dithering on about “welfare queen” stereotypes being wrong because “the vast majority of those on food stamps are white”. Of course, all these media outlets have long ago disabled their comments section, like the NY Daily News, fearing that the smarter portion of the public will quickly point out their deceptive use of statistics and straw man arguments (for example, the raw number of food stamp families are of course white…we outnumber blacks like 6 to 1, duh. And bringing up a mistaken identity killing from 1986 shows just how far back they have to go to even FIND a case of white-on-black homicide, it’s that statistically rare). Yet the lunatic rantings of this ignorant sow about “DNA be faked, it ain’t his DNA, cops be corrupt” is reported as legitimate news.

    Those stupid excuses used to work on me as a college freshman taking Sociology 101, but as soon as I graduated and went to work in the ghetto, I woke up fast. I just wonder how many idiot snowflakes actually fall for that kind of nonsensical propaganda?

  4. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Had enough yet? Can we send them all back now? The NAPA’S have more than worn out their welcomes. Hear that sound? Africa is calling them home.
    Since they offer nothing constructive to the nation, they are not needed here.

  5. Dan says:

    Just think about the name given this savage baboon: “Chanel.” That tells you all you need to know about these savages. They probably think by naming their ape “Chanel” it will confer the prestige and quality of the eponymous consumer items. What’s next, a kid named “Nike”? Retarded monkeys.

    • Nikki Milian says:

      A kid named Nike? I’m sure he’s out there somewhere. I once heard a mudshark woman calling her black kid to come to her and I nearly burst out laughing when I heard her yell “Come here, Kodiak!” So, she named her kid after a Kodiak bear or is it the Canadian footwear brand? Judging by the looks of her, I don’t even think she knew of kodiak bears so I assume she named him after a boot. As for this dumb looking negro who murdered this White woman, he doesn’t look as if he’s playing with all his marbles after seeing his face as he’s led by police to that car. He doesn’t exactly look like he’s all there. Complete nutcase, just like his sister but then again, look at what race we’re talking about here. They’re not too bright to begin with.

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