Fornicating with the Savages Never Works Out Well

The wages of mudsharking 


  1. cjk says:

    Levenski? Polish or just East African?

  2. Walter Bergen says:

    It’s hard to muster any sympathy for these women.

    Society once had formal and informal proscriptions against miscegenation, and for obvious reasons. It was a rare women who would cross the color line, but those taboos seem to be gone. Once women from lower socioeconomic groups were the least likely to “go black” simply because by proximity, they were the most aware of ape behavior, and instinctively disliked the “people” fighting for the same piece of society’s pie.

    Besides the poisoning of the mind by media, the white race traitors have been corrupted by the drugs that are always in the hands of these niggas. Except for the inevitable drain of a litter of half breeds, I’m happy to see these niggers take out the trash; it’s a natural culling of the herd.

  3. Lou says:

    I blame the jews—in jews media there are countless depictions of Yt [white males] as weak and nig males as desirable to females.

  4. Bailey says:

    Lou knows the score!

    Here’s a nice photo collection, Day without Whites.

  5. Did you notice how quickly the newscaster got in the part about the 2 year old being the spawn of the attacking nigger? For that matter, how there was no other reference whatsoever to this being a domestic dispute and not just a normal random act of negrocity?

  6. Bailey says:

    Not even a turtle is safe around niggers,

    Sadly, according to the news report i read the turtle died at the hands of these dindus.

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