Parenting: Children of the Left – Vs – Children of the Right

I know this isn’t any scientific study, but who doesn’t know by now that children raised by right-wing parents are very much different in both their conduct and outlook on life than children raised by Leftist parents?

It’s not that children of the Right are perfect or problem-free, but only that they are better-adjusted to handle life’s problems and take greater individual responsibility for their life-choices. Children of the Left, on the other hand, are frequently depressed, blame others for their bad decisions, and are often as angry at the world as their parents.

Children of the Right, at least in most cases, tend to appear clean-cut. Their more positive outlook on life shows itself in how they present themselves. Their entire attire and presence is subdued and normal (yes, there is such a thing as ‘normal’). Children of the Left, in contrast, often appear disheveled, wearing strange haircuts, facial piercings, tattoos and the like. The image is one of rebellion which comports with the typically rebellious attitudes of their liberal parents (yes, I’m aware that there are rich liberal parents and kids who don’t necessarily fall into this exact mold). They are often what we would term “misfits.”

Children of the Right are taught to endure and cope with life’s adversities. They are instructed to ‘man-up’ and face squarely any troubles they face. It is one of confronting life’s challenges as opposed to fleeing or hiding from them. Children of the Left, in contrast, often lack coping skills and, as a result, are prescribed psychotropic medications to deal with depression and anxiety. Many of them are neurotic and possess extreme personalities. They are emotionally disturbed in many instances.

Children of the Right are generally taught to earn what they want. Children of the Left are generally taught that they are entitled to whatever they want. An attitude of ‘you owe me’ prevails in their thinking. They are often spoiled and entitled, and such attitudes are carried with them throughout the remainder of their lives. 

Children of the Right are patriotic and love their country. They see America as a great nation full of opportunities and blessing. Children of the Left, like their parents, hate their country and blame it for all the woes of the world. They see the nation and its history as violent and especially oppressive of non-White racial groups. Its founders are viewed as nothing more than White male slave owners who ‘oppressed’ Blacks and committed genocide on indigenous Indians.

Children raised by right-wing parents may not necessarily be racially-conscious or even pro-White (at least not by our standards), but neither are they hateful of their White race. Children of Leftists are almost always bitter, often hostile, toward their racial ancestry. They see Whites as colonial oppressors of non-Whites. They believe Whites have an inherent ‘White privilege’ that gives them unfair advantages over other races. White people are seen as destroyers of the planet. Whites are seen as evil while non-Whites are seen as honorable and environmentally-friendly, ‘people of the land’ who live at peace with mother nature.

Children of the Right are taught values, often religious ones. Many of them see themselves as Christian or at least have a theistic worldview. Life is seen as having a purpose, and morality and personal ethics play an important role in their lives. Children of the Left are often raised in a godless home. Morality and concrete values are not stressed. They are replaced by liberal platitudes and bumper-sticker ethics. Leftist children are generally raised with a dark, nihilistic outlook of life. Life has little or no meaning, and the concept of ‘God’ is viewed as nothing more than religious oppression forced onto the masses.   

Children of the Right are content with their gender and identity. They are what psychologists would term “well-adjusted.” They view marriage and sexual relations in traditional norms. Children of the Left, in contrast, are confused about everything. Whether it’s their gender or sexual orientation, they often have great difficulty fitting in. They see themselves as outcasts among a ‘cis-gender normative’ society. Nothing to them is ever ‘normal’ and they find it ‘offensive’ to even suggest that anything could be.

Whether one agrees or not with my personal observations, it would be hard to deny that Right wing parents and Left wing parents raise their children very differently (or at least in most cases). This is due to the fundamental differences in worldviews that each group has. The children raised are very much a reflection of differences in parenting styles. They are indicators of the outlook, philosophy and values of their parents.



  1. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Well that explains my sister. UGH. What a beast she turned out to be.
    Even her kid turned on her and her liberal ways when he grew up.
    At least I can be happy for him.

  2. Sam says:

    Amen to this article! I am so sick of all of the asshole kids these liberal, garbage spewing parents are raising. I work in schools and I see evidence of this everyday. Little Johnny needs a boot in his a**, not more medication and special education!

    • Marytoons says:

      You and Mr. Deplorable are so right! I had an abusive childhood and an awful marriage (stating facts, not whining), and I didn’t want my son to experience the same stuff, so I coddled him and told him how to take care of himself, to tolerate all different people, and it’s ok if he didn’t work. He turned out ok in having a good marriage and his own business, but he is one of the biggest libtards I know. Hates Trump, the RNC, and loves all kinds of people -gays and other weirdos, blacks, Hispanics, and Jews, Muslims (how I hate that one) and the worst of all Obama and Hilliary. Admittedly, I was a libtard when he was small but an emotional beatdown by Hispanics woke me up. Sometime a person has to learn the hard way.

  3. Bailey says:

    A little off topic here but i cant find the billy kristol thread.


  4. Bailey says:

    One more,

    This one’s for you Mary,

  5. Bailey says:

    Check out these libtards, holding signs saying no hate while their kids beat a Trump pinita’.

  6. Bailey says:

    The Trump affect,

    In the nineties the friends of mine from NJ went up to Canada for a fishing trip, one didn’t make it.At the border their ID’s were checked and Jim was not allowed to enter Canada because he had multiple DWI arrests on his record.
    My buddies had to drive Jim all the way back to the Catskills where he had a cabin and then back to Canada to catch some fish.
    How times have changed .

  7. IQBEAUTY says:

    I am thinking of my cousins. There are the two girls raised by off-the-deep-end libtard parents. Both have numerous facial piercings and tattoos. I think the only thing that kind of saved them from being homeless is the fact that they both (objectively) have high IQs and both had full rides to college. But they still both like to trade drugs with friends on campus (or so they say) but I don’t know if that is true. The worst of those two is a very proud and vocal slut. She refers to herself as polyamorous and at any time lives with a configuration of men and women and transgenders and is also sleeping with all of them in different configurations too. She is very vocal about this. I will give her credit for being thin. And she used to be pretty before she shaved half her head and dyed the other half purple and green. (And then she shaved her head but stopped shaving her body.) Before all that happened she was a green-eyed blond with a nice figure.

    Contrast this with a slightly older male cousin. He had a mom who who is libtard, but his dad’s family were all wealthy republicans. He took after the extremely conservative side. He had a full-ride to an Ivy league business school. Landed a job almost immediately as an executive in Manhattan. Was a millionaire before 30 because of savvy saving and investing. Now works at a job that pays the kind of money most people dream of. But he doesn’t have to because of years of smart investing. He is as clean cut as they get and would not be out of place rubbing elbows with the most wealthy in the Hampton’s. He has the extremely refined manners, refined dress code, intelligence and wealth to do so.

    I am going to guess both he and my other two cousins have similar IQ’s. We have a lot of smart people in our family. But, just the political leanings have made a world of difference in who these people are, how they look, how successful they are, etc etc.

    Ambrose, this post resonates with me because I have seen it in my own family.

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