Facts Don’t Matter to Feminist Libtards: “You Throw in Some Sort of Fact” and “I Don’t Care”

There’s an old saying that goes, “A little knowledge is dangerous.” Its meaning is that when people have little knowledge of something and try to promote it as informed fact, they end up causing more harm than good. They create a wake of ignorance and disinformation behind them. They pollute all intellectual discourse, and they are woefully close-minded.

This Hispanic gal, then, is very dangerous. Notice how she dismisses ‘facts’ and anything that doesn’t comport with her preconceived political dogma (“I don’t care”). Notice also how she dominates the conversation. She’s not there to listen or have a respectful ‘give and take’ dialogue. No, she’s a zealous missionary for her cause, and in practical terms is just as strident as any fundamentalist Muslim.

Observe also how her entire diatribe is filled with buzz-words, Leftist vocabulary that sounds sophisticated on the surface – that is, until the terms are carefully examined and exposed for the mere propaganda they are. Once you get her beyond her canned expressions, and ask her to carefully define what she means and how it relates to the discussion at hand, she’ll suddenly become lost and stammer. Her little rant is nothing more than pre-arranged ‘talking points’ that haven’t been carefully thought out in her mind. I can bet you that she never once read a book critical of her foundational beliefs in this area.

There is no reasoning with these types because they are not reasonable people. She’s been brainwashed by her ‘cultural studies’ professors beyond hope. The best one can do is to laugh at them (they hate that!), and turn to greener pastures.


  1. Jackie Puppet says:

    Heh heh heh – I’ve been accused of knowing enough just to be dangerous many times! But I’ve always been interested in the “why” of things, why things happen they way they did, etc.

  2. Truth-hammer says:

    Ignore all non-Caucasians when they speak. I imagine that it is a dog barking. At least when my dog barks he makes sense.

  3. Pepper says:

    The woman didn’t want to hear statistics because it would substantiate the man’s position that nuclear families have lower crime rates.

    She spoke of black men behind bars disrupting the nuclear family. Well, if you do the crime, the you do the time. Nobody made these black men commit rape, robbery, and murder. The black violent crime rate is 7 times that of whites. Again, that would be an inconvenient fact for the brown lady.

    If anything, blacks have been treated with kid’s gloves seeing the amount of crimes they commit. It has already been proven that whites are shot by police at a higher rate than blacks, and blacks OWN most crime in most cities.

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