Trump Refuses to Shake the Hand of Germany’s Foul-Stenched Pig, Angela Merkel

Trump doesn’t look too happy sitting next to that ugly frump. I’m glad he’s pissed (or appears to be so?) instead of putting on a shit-eating grin or phony smile. That’s something Jeb Bush would do. 

Why should Trump, after all, be happy and embracing of that foul-stenched loaf of excrement when she openly invites hordes of Muslims and Africans to invade her country, including all of Europe? The woman is destroying the West, so what’s there to be jovial about? What sense does it make to ‘play nice’ with Merkel when she’s implementing policies that will prove to be genocidal to Germans and their historic culture? 

Trump’s facial expression suggests that his discussions with the tubby witch didn’t go so well. I hope it didn’t. So long as Germany’s Chancellor intends to maintain the flow of the migrant invasion into Europe, there is really nothing to discuss.

I long for the day when indigenous Germans will publicly hang her ass from the gallows. It would be especially pleasant to see the crowds beat and burn her body in a collective act of desecration. May the German people never forget her betrayal against them, and may she be hated by all generations to follow.



  1. Pepper says:

    Merkel’s hat says it all! It’s going to be hard to undo what that stupid idiot has done, but the niggers will have to go. Otherwise the population will be filled with Mr. T Einsteins like those niggers in your following video singing “Joy to the World”. Notice that there were no white youth knocking these niggers down with their version of the knockout game.

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    I heard they later shook hands, perhaps after the cameras were gone, but if he did, at least he waited until the damage was done.

    Ohhhh, to be a fly on the wall when they were talking, though it wouldn’t surprise me to hear there was shouting going on.

    I just can’t believe that she hasn’t been overthrown from office already, much less executed.

  3. Sharon says:

    Awesome! I love his honesty!

  4. Truth-hammer says:

    Notice that he is the Alpha Male and she is the imploring female seeking his attention. All is as it should be.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Excellent observation! Her entire body language is one of submission and of imploring his attention. This is proper and right.

  5. IQBEAUTY says:

    The only good news here is that some Germans are WAKING UP. Watch the video in the following link to see what I mean:

    “Merkel Diktator” indeed.

  6. Mr. Deplorable says:

    If the Europeans wake up…Watch out sand fleas.
    Nothing will save you.

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