Around Blacks, Never Relax: “Teens” (Blacks) Brutalize White Guy at Philadelphia Subway Station

The reporter tells us that such melees are so frequent that they are willing to show the face of the Black perpetrators. That says a lot when even the local media is no longer willing to cover for these “teens.” I think a growing number of Whites, even among some liberals, are getting fed up with the stench of typical Black dysfunction.

The SEPTA police chief  is getting tired of it too: “I have to tell you this is becoming a daily event.” That’s right. It’s because Philadelphia has a Black problem. They don’t have a gun problem. They don’t have a violence problem. They don’t have a ‘lack of opportunities’ problem. They don’t have a ‘lack of educational incentives’ problem. No, they have a Black problem.

Until the root of the problem is confronted and stern measures are taken to stop it, brawls like the one in the video will never cease. The problem, in fact, will increase and more people will be victimized by it.

As usual, however, fear of being labeled a ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ prevents Whites from speaking out. They live in perpetual fear of what other people might say about them. Not only will the grievance peddlers among Blacks come out in force against any White person who dares to tell the truth, but right behind them will be a mob of disingenuous White liberals ready to condemn any and all truth-tellers.

When Obama’s former U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder, declared a numbers of years back that America was a “nation of cowards,” he was right but not for the reasons he imagined. Whites are not cowardly when it comes to spewing the pretty lies of ‘racial equality’ and ‘diversity.’ To vomit such bullshit doesn’t require an ounce of courage, and that’s why so many Whites are willing to do it.

The only time one finds real courage is when individual Whites stand up to the prevailing narrative of multiculturalism and openly declare it to be a fairy tale concocted by those seeking our racial and cultural demise. It takes courage indeed to stand up and proclaim racial realities and to condemn the dysfunctional nature of Blacks which no one in their right mind can continue to deny.


  1. Bailey says:

    The Greatest Generation.

  2. Pepper says:

    I got this off the Drudge Report… It showed the faces of the perpetrators, but did not show the victim.

    I looked at the video several time but only saw blacks, and maybe some whites trying to stop the violence.

    It all started over a snowball.

    If this is a teen problem, then why are all the faces consistently black? Why is this only a problem in inner cities with large black populations?

    As you correctly pointed out, it is a black problem.

    Whites need to consider segregation for their own safety. New rules need to be placed on black teens (they can’t congregate more than two per person.) The blacks have brought this on themselves. They need to be reined in and stopped by their crimes.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Look at the second video below, and you’ll see the hood-rats ganging up on a heavy-set White guy. As you’re aware, the media conveniently forgot to mention this.

  3. Sam says:

    Stupid, savage monkeyshines at it again!

  4. Jackie Puppet says:

    This article needs this pic (which made a semi-frequent appearance @ TNUSA):

    Wood shampoos all around for the nappy headed! YT needs to start packing some weapons like expandable batons that can be easily concealed, or wear brass knuckles under a thin pair of gloves – even the odds.

  5. Den49 says:

    Last night at 11pm a 51 yr old man and his 29 yr old son boarded the STL Metro system.
    A few stops later six black teens boarded the nearly empty train and began demanding money from the two white men. The white men refused and the teens assaulted the son with a pistol. The gun discharged and shot another man in the head. That man was standing on a platform waiting to board the train at the Busch Stadium stop. He’s expected to die from his wound. The teens fled when the train stopped.
    The news showed a surveillance photo of a black male teen and described him as a person of interest but not a suspect.
    I suspect the two white men were either going to the airport or one of the university hospitals along the train route. They were treated for facial injuries.
    The Metro spokesman lied and stated these incidents are rare but people who ride the system daily report otherwise. They confessed only using the trains during peak rush hour when they are loaded with other white commuters or during major sports events when they know the yoofs will be put in their place very quickly.
    Until whites can deal with these yoofs on the spot without repercussion from the corrupt laws that protect them these issues will never stop.

  6. Truth-hammer says:

    I ain’t got no more empathy for evil YT when he gets brutalized/victimized by niggers or any other vibrant diversity. Evil YT, with his white privilege, can buy and carry fire-arms. Regardless of what the law says, I carry everywhere. I will take the chance of arrest, but I will not be a another dead and forgotten stat compliments of the shit-beast.

  7. IQbeauty says:

    My youngest got to see one of these apes up close today. The local church was sponsoring a lego night so he and I went. One of the libtard families dropped off their African (female) adoptee. I have heard some whites say that if they are raised by whites, they will act white. Nope. So we were camped out at a table of white boys and girls who were all strangers to each other. There were Legos in the center of the table and everyone was asked to build a cool house. So all the kids would ask the other kids if they wanted a piece before they took it. If a kid had a piece another kid wanted, the child would say, “excuse me. May I please trade you this piece for that piece?” Then they would trade. Or they would move on and try again. A table full of white 8 year olds self enforced sharing, polite language and being fair. I happened to be sitting there with my son but they were not on their best behavior because I was there. Nope. It’s who they were– thoughtful, polite and well behaved. Then the black girl came over and started grabbing legos from the projects of others while yelling “give me that!” and taking what she wanted. All the kids knew what she was doing but they all bowed their heads quietly and let her carry on taking whatever she wanted. I was so glad my son saw that.

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