Author and Film Maker, Trevor Loudon, Exposes Who’s Really Behind Today’s Radical Anti-Trump Agitators

None of things that Trevor Loudon says is new to many AK readers. Both videos confirm what we already know about the source behind today’s radical Leftist groups unified against Trump. These folks are, essentially, anti-American communists. 

Trevor says many good things, and he exposes our enemies and their tactics well. Unfortunately, he’s unwilling the name the leading and influential source behind so much of the communism that has run rampant throughout the West – namely, liberal Jews bent on our nation’s destruction.  

Trevor is proof of how one can ‘get it’ on so many issues, but fail to recognize the proverbial ‘elephant in the room.’


  1. Pepper says:

    Spot on, AK…good article! I believe more people now see the media for what it is.

  2. Desert Rat says:

    The left in this country will never rest until we pay $6.00 gas and can only afford to live in a 600 sq. ft apartment. That is the goal, to financially control the public by government over reach and programs. Obama had us on our way, Hillary would have accomplished it in 4 to 8 years. Trump is the fly in the anointment, the monkey in the wrench. God bless the Trumpster!!!!!!!!!

    Yuge Trump sign in the back window of my F250. Get many honks and waves, no pussy liberals yet to say a word to me. I drive it down into the Las Vegas ghetto all the time.

  3. Jackie Puppet says:

    I cite Loudon & his work ocassionally when arguing on Disqus with a few douchebag libtards – one of ’em likes to use his go-to strawman argument in citing the Koch borothers – as if they’re worse than what the Communists have been doing. Some people will never see the big picture.

  4. Truth-hammer says:

    It is too easy. Just name the jew. Jew, jew, jew, joo-joo, jee-joo. See, it’s easy.

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