When Moroccan Activists Speak Truth: “The Western People (Whites) Are Too Sensitive” . . . “They Are All the Time Afraid to be Labeled as Racists”

How tragic that this Moroccan activist, hipster or whatever the hell he is speaks more sense than all the Libtards throughout Europe combined.

Whites need to hear this guy. Although I suspect he has no great love for indigenous Whites in Europe, he clearly discerns that our people have a real and deep-rooted problem. Whites are afraid of being labeled ‘racist,’ and they live in constant fear that anything they say could be deemed ‘culturally insensitive.’ They are altruistic to a fault, and if it’s not cured, Whites stand a great chance of losing Europe to hordes of middle eastern goat-humpers.

In case you’re late in getting the memo, Muslims throughout the West have no intention of assimilating to our ways. They intend to culturally and religiously displace us from the very lands we’ve founded, and to establish Sharia law. They are colonizers, and not immigrants in the more conventional sense.

The Moroccan guy says that Whites “need to have this debate, to talk about these things.” The problem is that the Eloi among our people are afraid to even engage in such discussions. They live in perpetual fear of what others might think or say of them.

It’s funny, though, if Whites had a real sense of what is being done to them, such ‘debates’ and ‘talks’ would have ended a long time ago. They would’ve proven to be futile, and we’ve would’ve already realized that we can’t make peace with those who feel it’s their divine mandate to conquer us by means of violence and terrorism. We would’ve already been at the fighting and destroying of our Muslim enemies stage had we understood this. 

Unless our people ‘grow a pair,’ our swarthy colonizers will dispossess us in a few short years.

Liberal Whites are the Eloi of our age  


  1. Lou says:

    George Zimmermans dad ‘George is not a racist.’

    Cannibal Dahmer ‘I am not a racist’


    who programmed US to think being racist is bad?

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    The term “race-realist” needs to used more & more, and those that use it to describe themselves must be able to articulate the difference to those who don’t understand.

    I was a little surprised reading the few comments @ LiveLeak, thinking there’s no way the sandniggers will take over Europe. The dune coons have been infiltrating Europe for a few decades already, and the “leadership” has been complicit in permitting it.

  3. Truth-hammer says:

    Their great fear must be that evil YT will not cuck-out, lay down, and die but that he will get a hold of his balls, and there will be rivers of blood.

  4. Sharon says:

    No kidding about the Eloi.

  5. Mr. Deplorable says:

    All cancers to the Republic must/ will be lasered out, or it will die.
    It’s as plain as that.

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