Greg Johnson Explains the ‘Jewish Question’

Author Greg Johnson at Counter Currents Publishing explains in a dispassionate manner what is meant by the ‘Jewish Question’.

The history of Jews since at least the beginning of the 20th century, as Johnson explains, has been one of divide and conquer. Jewish intellectuals and activists have been at the forefront among various political movements to promote and to keep themselves in power. Whether it’s a conservative or liberal political movement, Jews always manage to find ways to infiltrate it for their ethnic group interests.

This explains, in part, why Jews have never really been good for White nations. Their ultimate allegiance is to their own ‘Tribe’. They flourish in our nations, but they are not of us. Instead, they work tirelessly against our racial and cultural interests.

Whites are often the tools Jews use to fight their enemies. Due to our superior numbers and advanced weaponry, we are the ram-rod Jews use to threaten and intimidate their Islamic opponents. The entire Arab world, in effect, is kept at bay from attacking Israel because of our military might.

Like a parasite that feeds off its host, so also Jews in large measure feed off of our societies. They prosper at every level in our countries, yet they repay us for our kindness toward them by seeking our demise. This is not just rude, it’s completely traitorous for all that we have done on their behalf. 

The common response to such disturbing truths – other than the usual epithets of ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ – is to accuse racially conscious Whites of wanting to place Jews in the ovens, to seek their destruction and ruin.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Very few, if any Whites, want Jews to be harmed or eradicated. Most of us simply want them to leave us alone, to stop working against our racial survival, and to stop influencing our elected officials to implement immigration policies that are destined to culturally displace us from the very nations we’ve founded.

Last point, I highly recommend the Counter Currents Publishing website. This site is a gold mine of informative and fascinating articles, books, and podcasts. The books reviews are also outstanding. Not only will the site inform you on issues related to White identity and White nationalism, but you will learn about important White historical figures from different eras who helped to influence and shape western civilization.

You will learn that Whites have every reason to be proud of our heritage, our racial ancestry, and that we are not alone in wanting to preserve our unique identity and place in history. Many have gone before us advocating the very same things we proclaim today. 

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  1. Truth-hammer says:

    I want the jews to be deported to Israel. That is their proper homeland. There they can be free of us evil YT, oppressive, anti-semites, and they can go on to live their lives of religious fulfillment.

    • Mr. Deplorable says:

      Then build walls around it.
      Nothing goes in.
      Nothing comes out.
      Everyone is the better for it.

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