The Battle of Berkeley (Part Two): Cops ‘Stand Down’ and Allow the Melee

Well, if you ever wanted to kick some Antifa ass, here was your chance. The Berkeley cops were apparently issued a ‘stand down’ order which meant they mostly maintained a ‘hands off’ policy in trying to break up the many brawls that occurred during the event. 

Notice that cops are only given a ‘hands off’ policy when liberals are protesting violently, but the same would never be given to any politically conservative group that did the same. In fairness, though, conservative groups are not known for committing acts of violence and vandalism during their protest rallies. Only liberals are given a pass for their anarchist ways. 

In a way, I sort of admire the situation. Think of it – the authorities are actually permitting patriotic Americans the opportunity to kick the snot out of radical Leftists and, specifically, the Antifa butt-boys! What’s there not to like about that?  


  1. Jackie Puppet says:

    The Councilman says “This is a sad day”? He should bitch at his Mayor for allowing the fascists in black anarchists to assault Trump supporters while telling the police to stand down the first time around.

    I think most LEOs would allow real Americans to put a beatdown on the sniveling pussies that voted for Bernie and/or Hillary, if they were guaranteed they wouldn’t get fired/sued for not doing their jobs.

    Hell, most of them would participate in the beatdown themselves if they knew there’d be no repercussions.

  2. Bailey says:

    Trump is no longer worth fighting for.
    Have we been played all along or stabbed in the back only after his kike son in law entered the white house ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless of what you think about Trump, I think many where there to stand up for America and free speech. It’s time to wipe the streets with the Fascist Antie’s and send them slinking back home.

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