Black Man Fatally Shoots Random Elderly Black Man Proving How Much ‘Black Lives Matter’ (Warning: Graphic!)

Cleveland Police are searching for a Black man who randomly and fatally shot an elderly Black man walking down the sidewalk. The suspect, Steve Stephens, posted the murder on Facebook Live. He claims to have killed other people too.

Are you still in doubt about the feral and murderous nature of the negro? Most of us are not shocked by this sort of thing because we know deep within us that this is what Blacks are really like. Even though intellectually we may reject such ‘racist’ thoughts, we know within our souls that it’s true. It has occurred, after all, far too many times to go unnoticed. It can no longer be denied by those who are rational and not motivated by a Leftist ‘feel-good’ political agenda. We can no longer live in denial as Whites concerning the ‘content of the character’ of these dysfunctional people whom we’ve invited into our societies since the 1960s civil rights movement.

If I told you that I didn’t feel sorrow for this elderly Black man, I’d be lying to you. I did. Yes, I like seeing the suffering and deaths of thugs who prey on the innocent. Yes, I feel no sadness when Black thugs murder each other on America’s streets. I actually like it, and nod approvingly. But not innocent and harmless people regardless of race, especially when they are advanced in years. 

Steve Stephens: Part of America’s Black plague 

Though I know nothing about him, I imagine he probably endured his fair share of adversity in life. How tragic to have come this far in life and then to be randomly gunned down by some ghetto thug of your own race. The man was frail and defenseless. He had no way of protecting himself. The last thing he would’ve ever imagined as he awakened to his last day on earth was that he would be gunned down by some feral nigger.

Don’t take my words the wrong way. Whether elderly or not, I wouldn’t want to live among Blacks nor would I want my children to breed with them. If we lived in a saner age, we’d keep them out of our societies by any and all means necessary. They are a dangerous, divisive and disruptive race of people.

The next time you hear any drivel about how Black lives matter, you make sure to remind them of what Steve Stephens did to this poor old man, his so-called ‘brotha.’



  1. Earl says:

    A nigs gotta Nig what a Nig gots to Nig. Our civic boosters tell us we are a free country. With the unwanted pressence of 40 million violent and useless negroes, we are not a free people in our own land. Did our brave ancestors, who braved the treacherous North Atlantic, want their progeny be exploited by a corrupt political class to pay for the sustenance of this unwanted African nation in our midst and to be fodder for negro criminals. NO. I’m beginning to feel like a displaced European looking for the promised land. The USA circa 2017 is nothing more than a negro and mestizo garbage heap.

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    Mark Suckerberg must be thrilled to know that his app is being used to broadcast live murders.

    Hopefully the police will be able to track this scum of the earth down, and gun him down the same way. Maybe Stephens could broadcast his own death, too.

  3. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Drudge Report has articles from three other sources.
    The mook has also claimed killing up to 14 others.
    Hopefully he will make himself #16. TSTB.

  4. Pepper says:

    You’re a good man AK! I understand your points. I too am human. However, like you, I have seen the outcome of living among Negroes and what it does to a society. If you boil things down to their essence, I don’t really hate any people, but we can’t co-exist with them. They are dangerous and don’t share our values. They are NOT one of us.

    Hollywood has this delusion that blacks are like us. I watched an old episode of the Twilight Zone tonight called “People are alike all over.” It was about astronauts crash landing on Mars. Although the people were human in looks, they didn’t look at the astronaut who lived as a man and placed him in a zoo. My point is this: even way back when this episode was new, there was an idea that people were all alike.

    Time has proven this to be a false idea. Blacks will never have the same outcome as whites. For one thing, the bell curve proves that they are mostly intellectually inferior to all other races of men. The man who shot the elderly black man was a nigger. You used the correct term with him. However, I don’t call enlightened blacks niggers. There are many good blacks, but we cannot co-exist with them.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      My kid hates it when I say “nigger”, but I explain there’s blacks, and there’s niggers.

      Even worse (in my kid’s eyes) is when I say beaner, cause my kid has friends that are illegal aliens.

  5. Truth-hammer says:

    TNB. No loss, and zero f*cks given here.

  6. Apathy rules the World says:

    That looks very much like a moslem beard to me.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      I was thinking the same thing. He may not be a Muslim, but I bet his sympathizes lie with them, especially with the Nation of Islam loonies. Update: Some reports say that he is a Muslim and that he frequented a Mosque in the Cleveland area.

  7. Harry says:

    The 74 year old guy was making a play for Stephen’s special lady and he din like dat. (Or so the story goes). They are all fucked in the head but Stephens seems to be a little more ill than the average Dindu.

  8. Pepper says:

    I was going to watch what happened, but it is no longer there. I suppose it was too violent. I finally listened to CNN and they did not mention the color or the murderer. Although they showed his picture, they need to VERBALIZE that the man who did the killing was black, and the VICTIM was black. I would say the black who killed the old man was mentally sick. However, violence is normal in the black community. Look at what is happening in Chicago.

  9. H1 says:

    I am a black lawyer and Black Lives Matter has been a scam from the very start – purposely not telling people about US Supreme Court cases governing cops use of lethal force. (Graham v. Connor & Tennessee v. Garner) & similar state cases. The black lives matter campaign is funded by George Soros and has never been about saving black lives. Black Lives Matter is more about creating division, hate, riots,chaos – for a purpose of which I don’t exactly know. But BLM at the top levels and it’s financiers are NOT concerned about saving black lives. —- If people really wanted to attack police use of lethal force – Including the fleeing felon rule — you have to attack US Supreme Court precedent and similar state cases. Instead of attacking SCOTUS Cases, Black Lives Matter has purposely & deceptively omitted the existence of these cases in talking to the general public. VERY DECEPTIVE. There are still very treacherous problem spots for blacks in the Deep Southern states like MS, AL (google search dylan roof / google search for victim – james craig anderson in MS) — But the current race problems in deep south are a remnant of the country’s history and have very little to do with the police. Black Lives Matters is a scam and has always been a scam. To be honest, most blacks are fooled by the Black Lives Matter name, don’t want to believe that BLM is up to no good, and/or are not smart enough to get past Black Lives Matter deception. Black Lives Matter must be shut down – not just for those who don’t like it — but for the good of black people. Black Lives Matter (at it’s top levels and financiers) are not interested in helping blacks or saving black lives. It’s about something else.

    • Harry says:

      I believe that “something else” is to further take us down the road of becoming a Police State. People are a lot easier to control when they don’t own any guns, when cameras are positioned every 5 yards and there is an army of cops that look more like combat soldiers. Let’s face it: Soros couldn’t give a flying fuck about any Black person and most white people.

  10. h1 says:

    just so you know I am a black ATTORNEY BAR LICENSED. – I don’t like racial names, but “name calling is very minor”. If Dylan roof had just called the blacks in the charleston sc church – Niggers or Niggas or whatever – it would be minor. Blacks call each other niggas all the time. Name calling is the least of our worries as black people. In the deep south – racists do things including murdering blacks without saying Nigger or Nigga or Mook – it’s hard to prove the motive on it. Name calling very MINOR — what dylan roof did is MAJOR. So I’m not offended by the names that blacks are called on this website -it’s only a name. REALLY TAKE MY LAST POST SERIOUSLY. BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A SCAM AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN – NOT TELLING PPL ABOUT US SUPREME COURT CASES GOVERNING POLICE USE OF LETHAL FORCE. BLACK LIVES MATTER HAS NOT EVEN TRIED TO GET A CASE UP TO THE US SUPREME COURT TO LET COURT RE-REVIEW POLICE OF LETHAL FORCE. BLACK LIVES MATTERS MUST BE STOPPED FOR THE GOOD OF BLACK PEOPLE. I AM A DEMOCRAT (NOT A BLACK REPUBLICAN). BLACK LIVES MATTER HAS HURT THE BLACK COMMUNITY TREMENDOUSLY WITH DECEPTION AND MUST BE STOPPED.

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