Getting Red-Pilled When It Comes to the ‘Jewish Question’

This is a very informative presentation on the historical role that Jews have played in the Russian revolution, including that of all other so-called ‘social reforms’ throughout the West. What I like about it is the irenic nature of it – that is, merely presenting the facts about Jews without rancor.

This is important because people have been conditioned for decades to react negatively when any mention of Jews being complicit in the fall of western civilization is discussed. In spite of any negative feelings that might arise, the facts and history itself must be squarely faced. Truth-seekers should not fear the outcome because, ultimately, it’s all about the truth regardless of popular opinion.

I had resisted being red-pilled on the ‘Jewish Question’ for years. I tried my best to not make Jews the source of so many problems throughout the West. I tried my hardest to persuade others whenever the discussion arose that destructive Jewish influences on White societies were limited to liberal Jews alone. Radical leftist ideology, social-Marxism, the widespread promotion of homosexuality, atheism, Freudian psychology, and insane immigration policies intended to displace the White majority were not really orchestrated by Jews and should not be viewed as part-and-parcel to being Jewish (or so I thought).

While it’s true that not all Jews are liberal, the greater majority of them worldwide are and remain so. Their history and the kinds of ideologies and mass movements they’ve created over the decades (e.g., Bolshevism, Frankfurt School) reveal that Jews have innate and strong proclivities toward liberalism. Though comprising only a small number compared to the overall population in every country they dwell in (except Israel), they have a hugely disproportionate amount of influence in banking, the media, government, and education. The widespread belief that ‘Jews control everything’ is not farfetched. 

Jews who are proud of this and those who are intellectually honest will admit to it freely. To them, it demonstrates the superior intelligence and cleverness of the Jewish people. There is some truth in this, but it’s only a half truth. I don’t think it serves the cause of truth to deny that Jews are indeed very intelligent. They are also very clever, creative and they have uncanny abilities in the realms of commerce and banking. Everyone seems to recognize this and, by itself, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Unfortunately, Jews use all of these qualities and skills to undermine the very western countries that have protected and sheltered them from persecution. Jews have even managed to so manipulate the U.S., for example, that we annually give the nation of Israel billions of taxpayer dollars to support their military defense. We even go to war to fight Israel’s enemies, and every American politician seeking the highest office in the land is expected to voice their support for Israel and its protection.

Something is seriously wrong, and I think we as Whites should come to grips with the reality that Jews are the source of much of the evil in our world. They are not to be blamed solely for it, but there remains no doubt that they have had a hugely disproportionate hand in it.   

With this in mind, I hope my readers will pay close attention to the video and share it with others if possible. 


  1. Pepper says:

    The country of Israel was created as a homeland for the Jewish people to congregate. They need to go home. If they want their land overrun with black people or Muslims, that would be their choice. Their influence in America needs to end.

    To be an intelligent people, they sure make stupid decisions.

    The conservative Jews are in Israel; only the west has the liberal ones. They should never be put in a position of power.

  2. Truth-hammer says:

    Yes, this is a good presentation. When you take the Red Pill, the scales fall from your eyes, and the fog lifts from your brain. Metaphorically, this is akin to Neo waking up from his induced sleep and false life in The Matrix. Except that we have been asleep in The Jew Matrix. This was by design for the same purpose that Neo and all humans were asleep in The Matrix. In The Matrix, he was in an induced sleep, so that the machine world could control all humans and parasitize their bodies for the energy their bodies produced. In The Jew Matrix, the kikes want us to stay asleep to keep us under control (so that we do not do what Hitler and the National Socialists did, which was right and proper by the way, and who put the fear of God into them) and parasitize us (our taxes, utilizing the law to cow us, controlling our every institution). I was already dispassionate regards the jew and his treachery/subversion. I explain the jew to people utilizing history, logic, observation, and facts. I do hate and despise the jew enough to want a new Final Solution for them, but I would settle for their deportation to Israel, their “homeland”. However, the jew will not just give-in and leave. Fortunately, more and more people are waking up from The Jew Matrix. Regards the jew and their talent for commerce/banking, this goes back thousands of years. The jews were the most rebellious of all Rome’s subject peoples. In ancient Rome, the jews were shunted into what were considered in those times as disreputable occupations such as money-changing/lending and the mercantile trades. They were forbidden from what were considered noble occupations such as farming. After the Romans exiled them and scattered them throughout the empire, the jews stuck to those activities for the next two thousand years to present day. Money lending morphed into banking and finance, and the jews became fabulously wealthy becoming bankers lending to the European royal families a la the Rothschilds. They continued as merchants honing their skills In Europe, they were eventually allowed to gravitate into the professions and sciences. Historically, they had strong oral traditions, thus in modern times, they excel at anything requiring hot air and verbosity (law, the judiciary, gov’t/politics, entertainment, media). The tragic irony is that we stupid goyim, due to our White Disadvantage (possessing a conscience, morals, compassion, and empathy) allowed the jew serpents to insinuate themselves into our Caucasian societies and parasitize us. They used against us the very laws and institutions we created. The jew is like the creature in the movie Alien. It was described as having no conscience and as being a perfect killing machine designed for only survival but which needed hosts in which to lay its eggs/larva so that the larva could consume the host. In that movie, the characters realized what they were dealing with and knew that they had to kill the creatures without mercy. If our race and nation are to survive, we will have to do the same to them and every other non-Caucasian who occupies our country.

  3. Timmy T. Bone says:

    I was never anti-semitic. I grew up around Jews and knew tons of them. Like everyone else, there are good ones and bad ones. But this I can say, every one that I ever knew was very liberal and I was liberal too so it didnt matter. I was subject to the very same liberal indoctrination growing up in the Catholic school system, followed by college and than work.

    At work they shoveled diversity and multiculturalism down our throats 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. I remember sitting in one class and thought to myself, maybe this is all just a mechanism to control us so we dont complain about all these foreigners around. But my thought process ended at that.

    But than I had a life changing event. The employer whom I had diligently worked for 15 year laid me off along with thousands of others and replaced us all with Indian H1Bs. This was just after Y2K. At the time I didnt even know what an H1B was. I remember thinking this is nonsense – here I am with 2 undergrad degrees in engineering + a masters degree in engineering and I am being replaced with a foreigner.

    What happened to all that crap that if I get educated and work hard, that the world is my oyster?

    But than I asked the one question that changed everything for me – WHY IS IT LIKE THIS? I had noticed there were more and more non-European people everywhere. WHY?

    Than I started reading. In the beginning I was VERY, VERY RESISTANT to what I read. I didnt believe it but facts dont lie. Jews have been deeply involved with EVERY immigration movement and act both in the US, Europe and Australia. Jews were also the ones pushing diversity, multiculturalism and feminism. They are also the ones that are pushing the gay and transgender stuff. This is not even conspiracy theory stuff – the facts are in black and white right in the bills that are passed by the govmt.

    2 obvious examples just from the US:

    The 1965 Immigration Act
    The 1968 Gun Control Act

    Go look up who the sponsors were. Go look at whom is pushing immigration right now?

    Whom runs the entire media in the US? Runs every newspaper, every tv station and every movie studio. Whom is constantly pushing black men with white women in the media?

    Once you start paying attention, you cant stop paying attention.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Excellent personal story and commentary TTB! Thanks for sharing it with our readers. 🙂

    • Truth-hammer says:

      In short, you have been Red Pilled, awakened, and unplugged from The Jew Matrix. Welcome. Now please help others to take the Red Pill. BTW, sorry about your job. I am sure that the curry-eaters will do just as good a job. Not.

    • Truth-hammer says:

      One more thing. Just a small point regards what you recall being taught in Catholic school. I recall this point vividly. In my school’s religion classes, I was taught that the Romans “murdered” Christ. I attended school after the Vatican Council II. Before Vatican II, the Church doctrine taught that the jews were responsible for Christ’s death. Not long before Vatican II, the jews created the “Holocaust” and its attendant myth. They used it as a club to bash us goyim and to bash the Church, accusing it of not helping the jews during the war. After Vatican II, the Church mysteriously changed its doctrine on Christ’s crucifixion and the Romans (I believe to mitigate the bad press and publicity from the jew’s accusations–who had control of all press and media at the time?), and it then taught that it was the “evil Romans” who killed Christ. I make mention of this, because it seems par for the course that the Christ-killers would betray God’s Son and blame it on someone else.

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