Trump Supporters at the ‘Battle of Berkeley’ on April 15th Waived ‘Da Goyim Know’ Sign!

Good to know that some of our enlightened brothers on the ‘Jewish Question’ were present at the Battle of Berkeley. I bet most of the people present whether they were aligned with the Antifa thugs or the free-speech Trump supporters didn’t have a clue as to what the sign meant.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, however, knew exactly what the sign’s meaning was.

The goyim are waking up


  1. Fled the Undertow says:

    It’s going down tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/18) at Auburn University. If I still lived in Atlanta, I’d for sure be up for that road trip. Andrew Anglin and Hunter Wallace both have details at their websites.

  2. Truth-hammer says:

    That was a great sign, Both as a poster sign and as an indication that people are waking up to the jew menace. Like you wrote, there will people who saw that sign who are still asleep and ignorant of the jew menace and who will Jewgle that phrase. Hopefully, it will lead to more people waking and becoming jew aware.

  3. Pepper says:

    I read on drudge that there was a big mob violence in Greek Town yesterday in Detroit. It appeared the perps were black and the victims were white.

    Further proof of violence against white people, and that blacks are mostly racist. When was the last time you saw this done to black people by whites? People need to wake up!

  4. Robert Caldwell says:

    Meanwhile, in Detroit

  5. swimologist says:

    The Goyim meme: We should display at every alt-right protest. And the way things are going in South America; the anti-government protests, we should have ample opportunity. Pro tip: wear some head protection, and buy some cheap kids’ baseball shin guards to wear on your forearms. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  6. Lou says:

    President Trumps daughter is a jooo.

  7. Pepper says:

    I hate to admit this, but I did not know what goyim meant, so I looked it up. It is a Jewish word for non-Jews…or gentiles in previous years.

    So…I take it to mean that the goyim knows (what is happening) with the plots to destroy white America.

    I think SOME goyim know, the rest are clueless sheep.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Bingo! 🙂

    • Truth-hammer says:

      Pepper, not to sound like Mr. Wizard, but goyim is the Hebrew word for cattle. The colloquial meaning to the Hebrews was “slave”. The jews see us Gentiles (which is also a derogatory term meaning pagan) as less than human. Their Talmud teaches them that the Gentiles are fit only to be their slaves as cattle are fit to be beasts of burden.. Our purpose in their mind is to serve them hand and foot. Thus, the jew sees us as we see niggers and other non-Caucasians, except that I do not want to even have niggers or non-Caucasians around me much less as my slaves. Make no mistake that the jew is a treacherous poison serpent seeking YT’s destruction, because YT has the intellect to see through their treachery and is the only being that can thwart their wicked designs. The jews along with their non-Caucasian cousins need to go back to their home countries away from us. Then we can all live in peace. Sorry for the rant, but knowing who and what jews are, I despise them unequivocally.

  8. Cigar Smoker says:

    Jews are not the enemy. But if you look in your mirror….

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      I’m not saying that ALL Jews are the enemy. Unfortunately, far too many of them have chosen to be the enemy of my people (Whites) for far too long. They continue to do all in their power to flood our nations with non-Whites and to morally bankrupt us. I hope that one day your eyes will be opened. I urge you to read Kevin MacDonald’s book, ‘Culture of Critique,’ and make up your own mind about these matters based on the evidence and not by emotion.

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