You Can’t Take Them Anywhere – Not Even to Greektown!

You can’t have anything nice when Blacks are present. No matter how many nice restaurants, casinos, and hotels a city may have, if enough Blacks show up they’ll destroy it in no time.

Before long, Whites will avoid it and it will turn into another dilapidated ghost town. People forget that White flight occurs not just in residential neighborhoods, but in formerly high-end areas too when it becomes inhabitable due to a feral negro population. 


  1. OldHussar says:

    Greektown? hahaha did someone get hit in the ass?

  2. swimologist says:

    I remember going to Greektown in 1972 on a school field trip with my nebbish Jewish English teacher and 3 other kids before going to see Henry Fonda appear in the play “The Trial of Abraham Lincoln” at the Henry Ford Theater. We ate at a little Greek café and then saw the play that included some blacks using vulgarities and some older white women leaving because of it. Afterwards, our pushy little Hymie teacher wangled us backstage to meet Henry Fonda. I remember numbly shaking his hand, never comprehending the future of that quaint little segment of Detroit that would eventually turn into baboon crazytown.

  3. Pepper says:

    These are not children, but black thugs! When is the media going to call them what they are? If the roles were reversed and white thugs beat up defenseless blacks who were FAR outnumbered, the media would have this on 24 hours a day. The white men were out having a good time, and were attacked by feral blacks.

    I would like to see outrage from the black and white community on this. White lives matter!

  4. PB says:

    They’re loving it. Filthy creatures.

  5. Walter Bergen says:

    Subhuman garbage.

    The idea of fighting back against the negro cancer has always been impractical for any white with means and a life and family to lose. That’s why abandoning and moving away was always the best option. This bargain with the devil worked as long as the government was content to pay the negro their gibs and let them shit in their own nests.

    The trouble started when the Democrats decided the colored filth needed to be amongst humans, in our schools and in our neighborhoods, and when the Jewish liberals in the media (who would never allow the schwarze in their ‘hood) made police the enemy. These animals have no fear of authority, and I feel like I’m watching a real-life Planet of the Apes.

    I pray that the policy of appeasement doesn’t mean the race war that socialists have hoped for for many years, but I’m not optimistic.

    • Anonymous says:

      If we’re LUCKY, we’ll have a race war. I don’t see our Police State allowing that.

    • Guy Asmart says:

      Yes, caring white men must remove their children and families from zones controlled or terrorized by feral blacks and their Democrat gamekeepers. Once displaced and removed by flight, whites have less motive to go back and fight. The constant threat to white children is only mitigated by the black youths’ innate desire to beat, murder and terrorize people of his same color.

  6. Bailey says:

    Check this one out, look at the neighborhood that was once White and right.

  7. Truth-hammer says:

    God-damn nigger psychopath plague. We can not escape these apes. They are like black holes, sucking in light, our resources, our civilization. They must be deported or liquidated.

  8. Joe says:

    Just re-name it nig town and get it over with, then hand it over to the north american pavement ape and move out. It will be fit for niggers and unfit for humans inside of a week. And I won`t loose one bit of sleep over it.

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