Dad Punches and Kicks Son Caught Stealing: Now You Know Partly Why Asians Have on Average Lower Crime Rates

Good for Dad! He didn’t want a little thief in his family, someone who would pollute the family name. Contrary to what the precious snowflakes of our society think, this kid isn’t going to grow up ‘scarred for life.’ He wasn’t emotionally ‘traumatized’ simply because Dad gave him a swift kick in the ass.

No, in fact, this kid will grow up to love his Dad even more. When he reaches full maturity, he will look back and thank his father for what he had done. Those of you who think this is ‘abuse’ need to recognize that a swift slap or kick now is infinitely better than spending years in the criminal justice system and a long prison sentence later. 

This kid has two things going for him that will ensure he grows up to be a responsible and productive member of society: (1) He has an involved father in the home. Unlike most Black males in raised by a single mother, this Asian boy has a Dad who’s actually involved in his life and cares enough to confront him for his thievery; and (2) He has a father who holds his dumb ass to account for his actions.

We need more Dad’s like this in our society. Unfortunately, the disciplining hands of today’s parents have been shackled and neutered by modern child-rearing educators (I prefer to call them ‘over-educated fools’) which, in turn, is enforced by the State. No wonder our kids have no respect for authority and for their elders.   


  1. Diddly says:

    Of course not having an IQ of a chimp means the asian child will actually learn something from the experience.

  2. Bailey says:

    The filth you find on TV,

  3. Joe says:

    Thank God it had sub-titles, I never would have known what they were saying without them!
    I remember my father beating my ass royal and then making me dig a ditch because I got caught stealing one cigarette from my moms pack! One cigarette for gods sake! That was 49 years ago when I was13 and I have never forgot it. I never stole again as well. I guess it made a lasting impression on me!

  4. PB says:

    …and a Dad not cucked by the dictates of Lesbotic childcare/social workers and opinion makers.

  5. Truth-hammer says:

    I remember all of my butt-whuppins, and am thankful for them.

  6. Walter Bergen says:

    The difference between humans and negros, in one short clip.

    If this were chimps, dad would be berating the son for not shooting the store owner, for getting caught.

  7. Jackie Puppet says:

    I remember getting punished for trying to steal cinnamon flavored toothpicks, from a candy store. My family wasn’t well off when I was growing up, so I figured no one would miss a few toothpicks. I got set straight.

    It looks like in the video, the dad actually bought what the kid was trying to steal, and in doing so, probably also ruined any enjoyment the kid might’ve gotten from whatever it was he was trying to steal, because now that object would be forever linked with the ass-whipping he got at the store.

    Of course, the kid might also grow up to exact revenge on his dad, if he still falls in with the wrong crowd.

  8. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Dads best advice that I took, “Don’t do anything STUPID.”
    Simple but effective.

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