Finally, It’s About Time! Auburn Police Force ‘Antifa’ Thugs to Take Off Their Masks and Face Coverings

Kudos to the Auburn Police who refused to allow ‘Antifa’ thugs to protest at Auburn University unless they first took off their masks and face coverings.

This unmasking of ‘Antifa’ rodents should’ve been done a long time ago by police nationwide whenever they show up. At every pro-Trump rally they arrive to intimidate, disrupt and attack peaceful Trump supporters, including engaging in acts of vandalism – yet police allow them to hide behind their masks making it extremely difficult to identify them when they commit crimes!

This trend has got to stop. We need to start making it an issue before city officials and various police agencies demanding that any and all ‘Antifa’ thugs remove their masks and coverings before being allowed to protest at any pro-Trump rally. This can be argued based on the track record that ‘Antifa’ has for attacking innocent people and for destroying private and public property.  

Notice also that once they’re unmasked, they hide their faces. Like cockroaches that flee when the light turns on, so also the ‘Antifa’ cockroaches shield their faces with their hands in order to not be identified. This is because they are criminal thugs bent on injuring anyone who dares to disagree with them or holds opinions contrary to their own. 

They are the real fascists. They are the deniers of free speech. They are communists at heart.  


  1. Pepper says:

    I hope something bad happens to the Antifa. I think it is time to put them in their place. We aren’t going to take their bullshit anymore. Masks only hide the identity so they can commit crimes. If they are going to protest, it has to be open and not hiding behind a mask.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      I hope so, too, but you just know anything bad happening, will be blamed on Trump supporters, and the media will only be too happy to distort it that way; and then even more stupid people will side with the antifas/illegal immigration/BLM/other anti-Trump groups.

      Personally, I’m kinda hoping to see a big Trump rally happen in Chimpcongo, so I can hide behind masks, too, and put a smackdown on some antifas.

  2. Pepper says:

    I also think black people should not wear hoodies! When 50 of them walk in a 7 11, then you may as well dial the police. Too bad 90 percent of black people are bad!

  3. JMV says:

    Did anyone else hear at the end of the video when the Antifa chick was let go, she dropped her pole and it sounded like metal? All the cop said was “Get your pole” then let her walk away. Some of these little shits need to turn up dead at some of these protests. It may possibly help their cause, thanks to the liberal MSM, but it would let them know that they are damn well messing with the wrong people.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      Yeah, I heard that too, but if I was the cop, I would’ve left the pole on the ground and made sure no one else would be able to use it.

  4. Truth-hammer says:

    Alabama is probably the most conservative state in the union. They do not cotton to these antifa fags or niggers. Wish we could bring back Henry Wallace and Bull Connor.

  5. Mr. Deplorable says:

    This is how the left operates. They never do their own dirty
    work. They leave it to their mindless drones who are too
    stupid to realize they are just pawns in a larger game.
    Useful idiots, that’s all they are to their Lords.
    Totally expendable too boot.

  6. Gray Gutfield says:

    How do antifa thugs keep their face masks on, with their kike noses. Antifa is a jewish mossad directive world wide to create chaos. They never attack jew speakers, maybe Bill Kristol, but I hate that fuck. Padlock exprofessor is a kike, hope they charge him with attempted murder. /pol/ has identified a few of these thugs.

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