Muslims in Paris Armed with AK-47s Gun Down Cop and Injure Two Others / One Goat-Humper Ventilated

The goat-humpers may not have intended to do this, but perhaps there might be a positive consequence as a result of this incident? Maybe it will drive the French people to throw off the shackles of multiculturalism and embrace a hard-line White-French nationalism?

Yeah, I know it sounds too good to be true. I doubt it would ever happen. The indigenous French people are too addicted to virtue-signalling and pathological altruism.

Seriously, though, one to ask to wonder how many more of these attacks will have to occur before the French abandon the ‘diversity’ dogma and embrace racial and cultural survival?


  1. Truth-hammer says:

    The Frogs do not have a very good kill ration vs the towel-heads.

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    If this doesn’t clinch the election for Le Pen & save France from the surrender monkeys that have run the country into the ground, nothing will.

    A couple of decades ago I went to Paris for a few days as part of an all-too-brief European vacation with an old college roommate, and my folks were critical of my plans. My mom thought I should’ve waited until I was older (which would be right about now). I told her that I wanted to go while I have the opportunity, and was still relatively young. I didn’t want to see it from tour buses, and we literally took only what we could carry on our backs.

    I couldn’t imagine going back there today, not without being armed, and I’d probably be arrested for it, while sandniggers are allowed to run rampant cause the frogs are too chickenshit to do anything about it.

  3. Walter Bergen says:

    This country didn’t win WW2 by equivocating- “But what about all the NICE Japanese???What should we do?”

    Unfortunately the West still seems hell-bent on being “nice” to Muslims, giving them the benefit of the doubt even when it is obvious they don’t deserve it. More unfortunately, we’ve allowed a silent invasion and politicians who hate the Right so much they have done everything but publicly fellate these bastards to spite conservatives.


  4. Pepper says:

    It came out on the CNN show “Fried Zucchini” that the goat humpers will get 72 raisins and not 72 virgins!

    Muhammad put raisins above women as a reward in heaven.

    I hope Marine La Pen wins the contest. Otherwise the French are screwed.

  5. TeamTrumpPlayer says:

    My question to the goat-humpers: What happens after the 72nd virgin?
    “Sloppy seconds”??
    (Stupid people! Equally-stupid religion!)

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      Right – I mean as much as they breed and have multiple wives, none of them breed enough to the point they’ll have 72 daughters – they’re INCREDIBLY stupid!

  6. Q: How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?

    A: Don’t know. It’s never been tried.

    Come on, Ambrose, the French were the biggest pussies in Europe even before the politically correct cucking. Think they’ll fight back against the Muzzies? Nonsense. They’d let their daughters be ass-raped in front of the Eiffel Tower and then wash the feet of the rapists. If you’re looking for hope of a pushback, look elsewhere.

  7. Sharon says:

    Wow, the old French Resistance must be rolling in their graves. To think that we have gone down this far.

  8. Gray Gutfield says:

    I doubt this bullshit ever happened, jews are false flag happy to scare the goyim. Why don’t they ever shoot up a synagogue if they hate jews so much. Synagogue bombs don’t scare the goyim…

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