18-Year-Old Black Man Sexually Assaults, Beats and Brutally Murders 86-Year-Old Woman

This same suspect had sexually assaulted and beaten another elderly woman on a prior occasion. She was 91-years-old.

This tragic incident illustrates once again the danger we face as a society when feral Blacks are allowed to roam within our societies. Senseless murders like this will only get progressively worse because the Black family in America has been obliterated by the welfare state, single motherhood, absent fathers in the home, and an entitlement mentality that has utterly enslaved them.

Aside from genetic concerns such as their average low-IQ, their ghetto culture, their general inability to consider consequences before taking action, and their strong innate proclivities toward crime, Blacks in America are a people who are notorious for their inability to take collective responsibility for their dysfunctional ways. It’s always someone else’s fault. They are a people who have proven that they cannot and will not reform themselves.  

Member of America’s African plague: Neven Butler

Each of us should be enraged by stories like these. Can you imagine the horror and impending doom these poor women were experiencing as they were getting beaten by this knuckle-dragging pavement ape? How tragic to have lived so long, and then to have it all end by the grimy hands of a wicked Dindu.

This is partly why I hate the Left so much (among a plethora of other reasons). They may not condone the murder of this woman, but they certainly condone the presence of feral negroes in our neighborhoods who prey on the weak and elderly. They help to foster an environment in which these sub-humans are protected and given free reign to roam about.  

Huge numbers of Whites have great difficulty accepting the notion that some people don’t belong in our societies. They imagine that anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background, and temperament can be assimilated into White societies. Such a belief is part of the great bamboozlement that the Left has deceived us with for the past 50 or so years.

The suspect in this murder and sexual assaults is the offspring of all those Blacks that we as Whites invited into our societies as a result of the 1960s civil rights movement. During a saner age, he would’ve been kept out, or at least tight restrictions would’ve been placed on him to prevent him from roaming about on our streets. He would’ve been quickly stopped and scrutinized by the police had they seen him loitering about. During that age, Whites were better protected. Victimization among Whites by Blacks would have been a rare event.

But now that we have invited an African plague in our midst, we suffer the consequences, including those of other racial groups who also dwell in our communities.


What the civil rights movement shitted upon us



  1. Truth-hammer says:

    Sad, but we evil YT’s enabled this (not you or I or anyone we know, but jews and goy libtards). I will have as much of a good time mowing down niggers as I will jews and goy libtards when the Great Caucasian Blood-God settles upon us and we reclaim our barbarian natures long enough to cleanse our country of their presence. Not hyperbole, but practicality and survival.

  2. Harry says:

    It wasn’t that long ago (less than 100 years) that a rapist would have gotten the rope. This happened in California. The NAPA had brutally raped and beaten another elderly woman and was eventually released so that he could do the rape and murder of an elderly woman.

  3. Stink Bug says:

    The worst thing about this is how much outrage there is among snowflakes and other liberal whites when a black criminal with a long criminal record is killed by police when resisting arrest…. yet when an innocent elderly woman is beaten to death in an unprovoked attack, there is no outrage at all…….

  4. Mr. Deplorable says:

    He needs to get back to his roots.
    A visit to the nearest zoo, from there to the lion enclosure.
    Throw his carcass in there to talk Simba and the pride out
    of eating him alive.
    Those lions will show him the same mercy he showed his victims.

  5. Earl says:

    Well said AK. Another example of the negro doing what he does best: attacking those who will offer the least resistance. Our elderly, defenseless woman and children, students who are loners and outcasts and the disabled are easy prey to these unwanted interlopers. Hollyweird portrays these primordial bipeds as noble beings but that is the farther from the truth. The American negro is the lowest form of garbage on the face of the earth.

  6. Jerry Miller says:

    I got banned from commenting on the area’s local rag, The Sacramento Bee. One commenter stated that blacks are so violent and wondered if they will ever change(this was the morning of the crime and before the perp was captured). The next commenter said that all races commit crime, that Hitler and Ted Bundy were white, and called the first commenter a racist. I replied to the second commenter and stated that blacks are over-represented in violent crimes and told him to look at the crime stats of Gary, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Birmingham and to Google black serial killers and African warlords. My post was viewable for about an hour. I tried a little later to add another comment and saw that my first comment was not there and that I wasn’t allowed to post anymore.

    Up until 6 months ago, I lived less than two miles from the location of the crime. I’ve lived in Sacramento since 1975. Slowly, the demographics changed in my neighborhood. It was a great middle class, predominately white neighborhood when my parents bought a house there. I felt so good about the area that I bought the house next door to my parent’s place 20 years ago.

    Eventually, there were lots of apartment complexes in the area and plenty of subsidized housing. I saw the kids as the passed my house from school. They students used to be majority white but over the years, the demographic changed to latino and black. The houses weren’t kept up like they were in the past and the streets were alway littered. My mailbox was tagged several times, street signs were tagged or plastered with flyers for rap cd’s, my truck that was parked in my driveway was vandalized and my neighbor had is SUV stolen from the front of his house. The feel of the neighborhood changed dramatically with the new demographic.

    I sold my house in September of 2016 and I’ve relocated to a small town in southwest Idaho. The difference between here and Sacramento are startling. My neighbors are all friendly, the people I meet while shopping are very nice, the streets are clean, there’s no graffiti, the kids walking home from school are clean cut, people wave at me when I’m walking my dog, people hold the door open for you and generally, people are a lot less stressed out. It’s like Mayberry over here. Crime is very rare in this town but it’s also a very white town.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Interesting. JM, you presented too much truth to them, causing their soft-minded heads to explode. I recently got banned from Breitbart because of comments I made about Jews. I got into debate with one commentator who had no intelligent responses to anything I wrote. The only thing he could accuse me of was being anti-Semitic and being a Hillary supporter. I invited him to check out my site and see if, in fact, I am really a Hillary supporter. He repeated the same thing over and over ad-infinitum and proved he could not discuss our differences in a rational manner based on reason and evidence.

      • Truth-hammer says:

        I make my usual “evil Nazi, racist, anti-semite” statements on Breitbart. I have to alter words sometimes to get past the censor, but so far so good. A couple days ago, the site would not accept/post my comments. I thought that I had been banned. All I had to do was sign into Disqus with my username/password and good to go since then. Once blogs start getting successful (advertisers, monetizing), they get squirrely about non-PC comments. I just keep hammering at them. If you monetize your site, please let us know. This site, Saboteur 365, Zero Hedge, BB, Countenance Blog, The Daily Stormer, and True News USA (off-line for now but still has an active blog-roll) are my primary sites and they provide links to other sites. I will gladly pay to keep these blogs up and running. The truth is getting out on these sites.

        • Ambrose Kane says:

          Thanks TH, I do not have plans to monetize this site, but I will keep that in mind if I ever do.

        • Bailey says:

          You should include Modern Heretic 3000 in your daily read, with all the shit we have to deal with it’s nice to laugh a little at our demise.

    • Sharon says:

      Yep. I have heard the same thing from people my parents and I have known, and the only thing you can do is move out. But, what will happen when they out number the whites and then you will see constant 3rd world activities. I’m hoping that all the stupid Libral whites I have known will soon be victimized to learn their lesson on what is civilized and what is not. Sometimes it takes violence to teach what violence is.

      • Sharon says:

        Hey, they refused to have you on anymore? I’ve noticed FoxNews is getting pretty darn soft. So, if you did not talk about Jews, would Tucker Carlson talk to you? Just an idea here.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      I played a big part in taking down the comments over at the Chicago Sun-Times 3 years ago (seems like it was longer).

      https://www.dailystormer.com/chicago-sun-times-does-away-with-comments-completely-citing-racism/ (wish I’d seen this article years ago)

      “Managing editor Craig Newman (btw, he’s a real cocksucker) writes:

      To our readers,

      Starting this weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times and the other titles in the Sun-Times Media group will temporarily cease to run comments with our articles.

      The world of Internet commenting offers a marvelous opportunity for discussion and the exchange of ideas. But as anyone who has ever ventured into a comment thread can attest, these forums too often turn into a morass of negativity, racism, hate speech and general trollish behaviors that detract from the content.”


      “The Chicago Sun-Times has temporarily eliminated story commenting on its website until it can develop a system that will “foster a productive discussion rather than an embarrassing mishmash of fringe ranting and ill-informed, shrill bomb-throwing,”

      “In fact, the general tone and demeanor is one of the chief criticisms we hear in regard to the usability and quality of our websites and articles. Not only have we heard your criticisms, but we often find ourselves as frustrated as our readers are with the tone and quality of commentary on our pages.”

      Personally, I think the columnists were the ones who complained the most.

      The funny thing about the CS-T comments was that the stuff that was censored, often had links pointing to the truth, in articles & columns that had nothing to do with race. In fact, a lot of what we say here (except for nigger) involving race, they would’ve allowed to stand. A lot of the columnists that played the race card, would get called out on it by me & several others. I also went after one of their political reporters who was nothing but an Obama suckdick.

      On Disqus, I even used the “bomb-throwing” part as inspiration for my profile.

    • thebronze says:

      Jerry, I live in Orangevale and have a buddy that was peripherally involved in the investigation. I’m privy to some facts about the case, that if were publicly known, would curdle your blood. This Feral is a VERY sick person and should never have been allowed outside of an institution.

      You’re exactly right. Sacto. has turned into a giant shit-hole (along with CA in general). I envy guys like you that have escaped this Third-World nightmare. I hope to escape soon…

      • thebronze says:

        Forgot to add: I’ve been banned from commenting on the execrable Bee website for years, because of speaking the truth that the Leftists hate to hear, so I feel your pain.

  7. Pepper says:

    I just knew it had to be a nigger. Thanks for the update! Most news didn’t say it was a nigger.

  8. Bailey says:

    Unruly teens at the sto’


    I didn’t know Alaska had niggers.

  9. Robert Caldwell says:

    This news story from Central Florida, in a microcosm, is indicative of how brutally savage these sub-human creatures can be, and how it takes so very little to set them off. The good news is that this creature is now in a cage where it belongs. In this article is a blurred photograph of the officer’s arm. It can be brought into focus by scrolling from right to left. Do this only if you have a strong stomach and that stomach is empty.

    • Truth-hammer says:

      That is my hometown paper. The sh*t-apes are loose there as everywhere. Regards the injured officer, I have no empathy for LEO’s hurt or killed by the sh*t-beasts or other non-Caucasian filth. They put themselves in the position to be hurt or killed trying to gentle these anthropoids. It is no different than sticking your hand in a fish-tank full of piranhas and trying to pet them. I worked as an LEO and gave one nigger a lead injection when he tried to kill me. They are mindless Orcs/goblins fit only for extermination.

  10. Bailey says:

    I just read about this nigger in today’s paper.
    Two whole paragraphs and naturally he was identified as a “teen”.

    Bring back the rope, it’s the only way to stop this nonsense, criminals need to hang and their enablers should too.

  11. Sharon says:

    They are usually are the ones who beat and murder elderly women. What is that all about? Were they raised with a grand-mother who beat them or what?

    • Marytoons says:

      Niggars are cowards. They will choose victims like the very old, or very young, to commit these atrocious crimes. Now they run in packs to commit their crimes. That way they cannot be identified and know that the liberals will protect their poor disfranchised black asses. They are becoming too many in number and are largely the reason this country is going down the shitter.

  12. thebronze says:

    Ambrose, I just today found your excellent blog, while searching for photos about the LA Riots to post on facebook.

    Your thoughts and feelings on many subjects (including politics, race) mirror mine and your experiences in policing mirror mine during my short time (5 years) in NorCal LE.

    Glad to have found your blog!


    • Ambrose Kane says:

      TB, welcome to Ambrose Kane, and I’m glad you found the site! I’ll check out your blog, and its good to have a fellow former copper on board. We have a few already here who regularly comment.

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