How the Russians Treat Their Illegal Alien Migrants

The video serves as proof that Russia has not as of yet been demoralized and feminized by political-correctness. In other words, there’s still men in Russia. 

Note: It’s titled as how Russian authorities deal with illegal alien migrants, but it’s possible based on what I’ve read that the illegal migrants here were also suspected of being part of a terrorist cell. This may explain the rather rough treatment by the Russian police, although in fairness I don’t really consider it that rough. Whatever the case, the Russians don’t take kindly to illegal immigrant invasions. 

I’m not absolutely certain of it, but women don’t play as strong a role in their government’s leadership. If so, this explains why they have largely remained free of the P.C. cult that runs rampant throughout the West. I love women and I’m not a woman-hater as some suspect. I just recognize that for a country to remain healthy, it needs the kind of strong male leadership that women simply can’t provide. Feminism is the death of any and all nations stupid enough to embrace it.  

By the way, I personally have no problem with severely punishing illegal immigrants who enter a sovereign nation, especially a White nation. If enough of them are brutalized, they will learn to keep out. Word will quickly spread to others that certain countries are off-limits, and that the risk of illegally entering them is too great. It may be a harsh remedy, but it’s likely to be one that won’t have to be repeated too often.

Our people have a death wish 

This is why I shed no tears when illegal immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras are mistreated and financially exploited upon entering Mexico by the Mexican authorities. If you’re stupid enough to invade a foreign country, you get everything you deserve. I think of it in the same way as a burglar who enters a home at night. If he happens to get ventilated by a shotgun blast, too bad so sad.

Some people only learn the hard way, and you can’t always fix stupid.   

The problem is that in the West an Eloi mentality has taken over. We’ve been feminized and made to think we must accommodate all the swarthy-bearded masses of third-worlders – that is, if we wish to not be thought of as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic.’

White people: The modern-day Eloi 

Because we fear accusations of racism more than our own racial and cultural survival, we permit the most ill-tempered and unassimilated people into our countries so that we can pat ourselves on the back and boast to our friends of how ‘non-racist’ we are.

This is a sickness that we as Whites need desperately to be delivered from.  

Here’s a Russian man getting ready to kick some goat-humping ass. Even when his Muslim friends jump in to help him, the Russian guy still kicks their ass. Notice also that other Russians got involved to help their comrade. In other words, the Russians fight for each other, something that Whites in Europe and America need to learn from. 


  1. Earl says:

    These people are the descendants of those who fought to the death at Stalingrad and Kursk. It’s pure lunacy for western leaders trying to provoke Russia. Russia is a country that has an alcoholism problem and, like Japan, it’s population is shrinking. Despite that, Russian has thousands of nuclear weapons.

  2. CY says:

    Damn straight, round ’em up and kick ’em out. I don’t see what’s so unreasonable about finding and deporting ILLEGAL immigrants. Damn leftists and globalists know exactly what they’re doing: destroying western culture.

  3. Sharon says:

    Yo, baby. I have always thought that Russians were worth cultivating as friends. Oh, yes…we have to prove that we have balls, but I think we can do it, if only we could get rid of these pussies in Wash, DC. The Russians do not respect yaking from these stupid politicians. Putin is no fool. And for Mr. Trump and some of our Ambassadors to continue to communicate to Russia is the right thing to do. But we are in a lot of trouble when we have to watch our own back here in this country. But, hey…Putin is probably getting a good laugh every morning during his shave and drinkypoo. You know, a little vodka in the coffee and the Pelosi circus. Jolly, huh?

  4. Sharon says:

    Wait, wait…one moment here. Forgot to tell you that I have always thought feminism weird because of it’s hostility to all human life. They have been in our school system for decades. Just look at the young people coming out of our schools. Crimminy!! And if you are a female and believe that men are ok people, woe to you! I have a big strong son to help me move my furniture when I need to shampoo the carpet. You know what I give him in return? Make him a favorite desert and hang his shirts up nice and clean. Love is love.

  5. Walter Bergen says:

    Here in the suburbs, I see “We are not afraid- refugees welcome” and “Love Always” signs littering front yards.

    That would seem to be an open invitation to home invasion, as they people have been kind enough to identify themselves as moronic pushovers who very likely have never seen a gun much less own one.

  6. Pat Kittle says:

    No wonder the Israel lobby hates Russians.

    (((It))) hates any Whites who refuse to submit to White genocide.

  7. Too afraid to say says:

    I would pay to work for them so long as i can use a baton and beat the shit out of the dirty muslims!

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