Colorado Cop Shoots Driver Who Struck Him with a Rifle

This incident illustrates just how quickly and unexpectedly things can turn to shit on a so-called ‘routine’ traffic stop (although in this case, the deputy simply stopped to investigate a possible disabled motorist on the highway).

The deputy’s quick reaction saved his bacon, and he was able to plug the driver with a round, thereby disabling him.

Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas



  1. Truth-hammer says:

    The driver was a f*cking spigger. Officer should have finished him. Oops, my body-cam stopped working.

  2. Bailey says:

    Skip bail, change surnames around and flee to another state.
    It’ll probably go something like that.

  3. Earl says:

    Another vignette on the latinization of America. Right here in NYC todsy, a crazed Latino mowed down innocent pedestrians in tourist laden Times Square killing one and injuring scores. Thank you Ted Kennedy for shoving the 1965 “Immigration Act” down our throats. This piece of dreadful legislation was drowned out by other Great Society bills. The drunk Kennedy promised the demographics of the country will not change. Like most of the criminal class in DC, we were lied to. Trump was elected to halt the invasion of millions of useless, and diseased ridden, low-IQ mestizos.

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