German Politician Says That in 20 or 30 Years Indigenous Germans Won’t be the Majority in Their Cities and “This is a Good Thing!”

The moonbat who is celebrating the demographic decline and displacement of her own people is Stefanie von Berg of Hamburg. This speech of hers is typical of the insanity and deep-rooted sickness that Whites throughout the West suffer from.

It’s hard to conceive of someone actually speaking this way about their own race and culture, but it’s part-and-parcel to the craziness that’s the fruit of cultural-Marxism. The level of racial self-hatred astounds the mind. I can assure you that this is not how Blacks, Asians or any other racial or ethnic group speaks about itself. Yet it’s very typical of Whites throughout the West to speak in this manner to varying degrees.

Whites virtue signal endlessly because they lack even the most rudimentary elements of a racial consciousness. It’s a form of self-righteousness, a boasting of how virtuous they are when they put down their own race and cultural customs. They think it’s ‘cool’ to rejoice in our low birthrates.

The foolish Eloi

This is because we’ve been bombarded for over fifty years about how evil the White race is. We’ve been told ad infinitum by the media and our government schools that Whites have done nothing but pillage the world, colonized primitive peoples and cultures throughout the planet, and enslaved millions who are poor. We stand guilty for entire genocides committed against Black and Native people. We have plundered the earth’s  resources, and have destroyed the planet by our feverish greed for more (or so we’ve been told). 

We are expected to grovel before the lower races. We must always apologize for the perceived ills of our ancestors. We are to celebrate every group’s racial and cultural successes, but never our own. While every other group is allowed to self-identify and is even encouraged to do so, this is forbidden of Whites. Racial solidarity is never permitted for those who identify as White europeans. Though they have created great societies which have become the envy of the world, they must not boast of it. Any talk of White superiority whether it be in the form of higher average intelligence in comparison to other racial groups, industriousness, science and technology, is prohibited lest other groups have their ‘feelings’ hurt. 

White liberals have signed their own death warrants 

At first, this sort of message was subtle but as time progressed, it has become a dominant theme in our colleges and universities. It comes in the form of semi-sophisticated, pseudo-intellectual dogma to persuade the simple-minded, such as ‘diversity is our strength,’ ‘White privilege’ and slogans like ‘No human is illegal.’ Whites imagine that they will be rewarded by non-Whites when they speak glowingly of their own racial dispossession, but it will never occur. Non-Whites will see it as evidence of our weakness and racial betrayal – and rightly so! 

Has any other racial group in human history so hated itself as Whites? I cannot think of any. Such expressions and campaigns directed to bringing demographic decline to themselves is unheard of among Black, Asian, and Hispanic peoples.

No one talks this way except those who have a death-wish.



  1. L says:

    “This is a good thing!” ?

    Soft as puppy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If this is what became of the germans after their defeat after WWII then the Allied Powers are to blame.

    Some how I think we destroyed the German gene pool and only the weak survived to breed the next generation.

    Then again this disease is rampant in most of Europe.

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    If she really believed in what she’s saying, she’d give the rapefugees her address, and leave the doors unlocked so the doors wouldn’t be damaged when they have their way with her..

  3. JMV says:

    This is how the white race will die. Slowly through it’s own subjugation to the lesser races as the fantasy of white guilt spreads like a plague among us.

  4. Guy Asmart says:

    Germans who emigrated to America tried to maintain their identity as a people in a particular housing development. Democrat Presidential Candidate Cuomo sent his liberal lawyer goons after them. They forced the Germans to let black criminals into their neighborhood.

  5. Pepper says:

    When I speak, I usually like to give what I think the answer to this onslaught should be, but AK…I think you KNOW what I think about all of this.

    I’ve commented many times and on many subjects; some people may agree, and others may disagree.

    The cure to this you know as well. We can’t do this alone…it will take many on our side to fight for what is right.

    People who support white genocide should not be allowed to speak. Who made that decision? Me.

    Blacks should not be allowed to assimilate in a white community. Why? Because they destroy everything the white man makes. It is white men who built this country; not niggers. White women raised the children and let men govern their own affairs throughout history. Women should not be anywhere except the home. We need to restore the same balance as before.

    Women think without the brain. I know because I am married to one. That’s why we love our women, but that is also why they should let us do our job, and they do their job. We should be in it only for ourselves. This is the dog eat dog world we live in. Sadly, we need to expel all those who are not part of us.

    I guess that is all I have to say about this. Oh…Germany is dead.

  6. Mr. Deplorable says:

    At the end of WW2, Churchill realized far too late that he’d been played the
    fool by the tribe and was quoted as saying ” We bagged the wrong cat.”
    in reference to the true enemies of the west being the USSR and the ZOG’s.
    Not the German Third Reich.

  7. Truth-hammer says:

    Liberal flesh will rend just as well as colored and mystery-meat flesh. Probably more satisfying too.

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