Stupid Kids with Guns: 13-Year-Old Accidentally Kills His Friend LIVE on Facebook (Warning: Disturbing!)

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “This happened in my country (Argentina). A couple of children was playing with a shotgun when one of them accidentally shoot Georgina Magalí Vega (12) killing her instantly.

It happend on Santa Rosa de Calchines – Santa Fe, a small town of 9.300 habitants. Georgina was only daughter and lived with his father.

Some translation of what you hear:
0:11 (Georgina): “You kill me and I kill you.”
0:15 – 0:28 (Killer): “Look this! A shell…I load it… And I shoot you but you don’t die!”
0:36: (Georgina): “Do you see blood or something?” (Kidding)

0:45 – Shotgun sound
They start screaming “Georgi”

1:00 (Other girl): “Man what have you done!?”
1:05 (Other boy): “Her parents are going to kill us!”
1:10 (Killer): “I’m leaving…”
1:11 (Other boy): “Stop Lucas come here!”


This is heart-wrenching to watch and listen to. If anything, I hope it underscores the need to have all firearms in a home locked up and never accessible to children. I’m sure as well that none of these children were taught the basics of gun safety which likely would’ve prevented this tragedy from occurring in the first place. 


  1. swimologist says:

    The Darwin award winners. Just beaners. Really don’t care.

  2. Truth-hammer says:

    Brown people.

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