The Chinese in Hong Kong Don’t Take Kindly to Muslim Immigrants (Desert Goat-Humpers)

This should be standard operating procedure wherever Muslims try to intimidate those of their host country. Kudos to our Chinese friends for standing up to the Islamic plague that has come to their shores!


  1. Anonymous says:

    That was awsome! Maybe they HKers learned selfdefense from the English as a colony? Too bad that the British people of England itself no longer defend themselves fro Muslim colonization. But in Brexit there is hope for England.

  2. Spartan says:

    Something tells me that these Chinese will not be arrested for a hate crime and be forced into diversity training. Good job.

  3. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Not a lot of people are aware that the western 1/3rd of China is
    virtually all Muslime animal rapists. They are nothing but grief for
    the ChiCom government.
    These ragheads are the full on sharia type of animals and
    cause nothing but grief for not just the government but all
    They demand they be “allowed” to break away from China
    and become their own caliphate.
    That would be like all of them here demanding their own
    nation out of OUR own lands.
    Just imagine everything from Oregon, Washington
    Idaho, Montana becoming a breakaway
    Islamic Insane Asylum here.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      And yet the ChiComs still persecute Christians as well. part of China’s problem with the sandies, is that they want their own people to move off the farms and into cities, creating a vacuum for the dune coons to occupy.

      If that Pacific Northwest area you say turned raghead, that would be some accomplishment – the American Redoubt is one of the few bastions left of good American values & people – no wonder Obama wanted to ship a lot of Syrians that way.

  4. Jackie Puppet says:

    I liked the one guy at the end who dragged down Sandy by his hair – he fought dirty, and did what he had to do to bring down his opponent. Too bad he didn’t hang onto the hair, and pulverize Sandy’s skull against the ground, into a pile of mush.

  5. rf says:

    Why won’t Whites band together like that?

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Because we’ve intimidated, shamed, deceived, and threatened into feminism, passivity, guilt, and an Eloi mentality.

      • LSD says:

        Let us call it what it truly is: denazification.
        With apologies to Leonard Cohen; first we take Berlin, then Manhattan.
        The Chinese are not “our” friends and they too are being used in America to bring it down. America has never been a Nation and is therefore a house built on sand.

        • Ambrose Kane says:

          When I spoke of the Chinese being “our friends” I meant it in the most general, human sense. I don’t mind the Chinese people living in their own countries and showing solidarity against the Muslim scum. So long as they remain in their own land, I have no problem with them. It was in that sense that I referred to them as my “friends,” and I have no issue with them in that context. That of course changes once they invade my country regardless of whether they arrive legally or illegally.

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