Degenerate New World: Drag Queen Reads Stories to Children in Public Library as Part of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

You still think there isn’t a grand social engineering experiment going on in an attempt to turn our children into cultural Marxists? If you think the Left’s plan is to merely convert each new generation into government-dependent socialists, you’ve failed to see the entire picture.

Socialism and, eventually, communism is only part of their ‘progressive’ plan. They intend to so morally bankrupt every member of society that even the most obvious perversions and degenerate acts will be seen as perfectly ‘normal’ and something we should ‘celebrate.’

It’s all meant to disarm our children, and to get them to question their conscience and to resist their natural defenses which warn them when something unnatural or dangerous is paraded before them.  

Shame on those parents for allowing this hellish freak to be taken seriously, and to be allowed to read propaganda stories to their children.

This nation is sick and demented. It cannot be reformed. It will die like all haughty and great nations before it. You will see.



  1. Anonymous says:

    ♫”Drag queens, rhumba boogie, grabbin’ for the prime time.. Better have a whiskey so I’ll feel all right.”

  2. JMV says:

    These degenerate deviants really need to be beaten back into their closets where they belong.

    • TeamTrumpPlayer says:

      I agree! Or even better yet… round them all up, and air lift them right to the middle of every Muslim & African migrant “refugee” neighborhood, where there is ZERO tolerance for faggots & drag queens! They’ll “do the job” for us!

  3. Jackie Puppet says:

    Rubella is appropriately named – after a disease.

  4. Truth-hammer says:

    This is something advocated and pushed by the Christ-killers.

  5. PB says:

    Without the agenda going it would only be a “clown”.

  6. Deplorable X says:

    Yak! Please let California have a massive earthquake, break off from the mainland and float away, never to be heard from again.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      Gov. Moonbeam & many other communist politicians in CA are trying to do just that – secede from America & become a separate country under UN protection. The CALEXIT movement is laying low now, because the Oroville Dam may break, ruining a lot of agriculture, and they may elect to allow nature to take its course (though they’ll help undermine it).

  7. Julie says:

    I don’t approve of this and I don’t doubt it’s the usual scum at work corrupting our children and their sense of normalcy. But by the same token, what if “Uncle Milty” (Milton Berle) were asked to do this while dressed in drag? Would people be so outraged? What would the difference be? Men dressing as women is nothing new in theater, film or TV.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Good question. I think the difference lies in one’s INTENTION. In other words, if Milton Berle dressed as a woman merely as a joke or in connection with a comedic stunt, then it’s just for fun (although I admit I’ve never found men dressed as women particularly humorous). No one is expected to take it seriously, and it’s certainly not designed to influence our kids with as a lifestyle.

      On the other hand, if a guy is dressing as a woman because he’s confused over his gender, or has a social-political agenda to indoctrinate our children into thinking drag queens is something good that we should celebrate, then it becomes an entirely different matter. A male actor who dresses as a woman as part of a skit and a man who dresses as a woman because of some fetish or perverted personal issues are two entirely different things. One is socially acceptable, while the other isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be).

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      I watched a lot of Benny Hill as a teenager (and have several videos on my laptop now as well), and while it was (and still IS) hilarious, it wouldn’t be allowed to air on today’s airwaves, not when you have shows like Modern Family & The New Normal being much more fag-friendly.

  8. Robert Caldwell says:

    Forgive me if I seem to digress; I wasn’t quite sure where else to submit this, but do believe it will be of interest to readers of this forum. There was a loud noise at a rap “concert,” the negroes in attendance automatically think it is gun fire, and stampede like a herd of wild animals in a Tarzan movie:

  9. Bailey says:


  10. Bailey says:

    WTF does that have to do with anything?

    Everything , it has everything to do with everything since !!

  11. clap says:

    How long until liberals start pushing pedophile story hour? Have your kids sit in the sick fuck’s lap. There’s no such thing as a bad touch.

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