The Times Square Mestizo Driver: Deliberate or Accidental?

This doesn’t look so accidental. 


  1. JMV says:

    That was not drunk driving, that was deliberate.

  2. Truth-hammer says:

    The brown mutt did it deliberately. Too cowardly to end his own life.

  3. PB says:


  4. Julie says:

    I can’t help but notice how the news media tries to play up how he was a Navy vet and the claims he was high on drugs.

    I personally believe this was deliberate – no question!

    I also think he’s a Muslim – after all, this isn’t much different than the attacks in France or Germany involving vehicles and large crowds.

  5. Jackie Puppet says:

    WOW!! No amount of wood shampoos could clean up this sack of shit!

  6. Mr. Deplorable says:

    No one drives with such intent while using their car like a laser guided rocket
    unless murder was on their warped minds, drugged up or not!

  7. Jackie Puppet says:

    Apparently, when he was arrested in Jacksonville previously, he was listed as WHITE!

    Nawwwww, no hidden agenda here – it”s out in the open!

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