When Chinese People Speak Truth: “Hey, This is Library”

I think commentator, Frank DeScushin, sums up well my own thoughts when he wrote the following at the American Renaissance website: “I love that video because it’s a short and sweet example of Indoctrinated vs. Non-Indoctrinated.

The foreign Chinese student who was likely never indoctrinated in Social Justice growing up can’t understand why anyone would be yelling in a library, never mind about such nonsense, and he can’t understand why nobody has told them to shut up.

The American students who have been indoctrinated in Social Justice their whole lives and believe they have a right and duty to spout their nonsense wherever they want can’t understand why anyone would dare tell them to shut up.

Before the Cultural Marxist revolution in America every American accepted that the way the Chinese guy acted in this video is the proper way to act, and nobody even considered acting like these Social Justice Warriors.

That’s the power of indoctrination.”


  1. Pepper says:

    He was angry at the hubris shown by those niggers. A library is a place to be quiet and study; not to listen to caterwauling. Whites who join niggers are niggers themselves. Although Rachel Dolezal is white, I say she is a nigger. What the Chinese man did deserves praise. He bravely stood up to the anarchist! That took courage.

  2. Pat Kittle says:

    The Chinese guy’s IQ may exceed the collective IQ’s of all the dindus. Can’t fix stupid!

  3. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Obviously Generation Cupcake never received spankings in their
    formative years.
    It looks like they opted for taking their whoopins’ as adults.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What about the hard working students’ right to be NOT disturbed?

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