Another Justifiable Ventilation: Officer Who Fatally Shot Philando Castile Acquitted

Well, what do you expect? If you reach for a gun after an officer has repeatedly ordered you not to, why be surprised when your ass gets justifiably ventilated?

Also, you can’t blame Whitey for this shooting because the officer was Hispanic. It’s a win-win situation.  


  1. Ellis says:

    Good News Officer Yanez..! Great Police Work !

  2. Marytoons says:

    The niggers won. He’s going to be fired from his job.

    • angrylittlemn says:

      that’ is unfortunate!

      • Marytoons says:

        He was fired from the Police Dept but the good city of St. Anthony will put him in another position. All because the police officer did what he had to do. Of course there were the requisite protesters by a people with black hearts and black skin who call evil good and expect to be compensated for it.

    • Driveby says:

      According to the Star Tribune, the city has offered Yanez a voluntary separation agreement and job transition assistance. This is not exactly firing. Why would Yanez want to stay in a job where half the citizenry is probably gunning for him?

  3. Jackie Puppet says:

    The gubner of Minnesota says he doubts Philando would’ve been shot if he were white.

    Way to fan the flames, gov!

    Just for that, I hope the pavement apes tear up the area even worse than what happened at Ferguson.

    • Pepper says:

      This is why the representative was shot in Alexandria! The left wing media and the democrats are stirring the pot and the fringe groups are coming out. The alt right has not stooped to their low level yet. I was surprised that some protesters interrupted the staging of Julius Caesar in the Park because of them using a Donald Trump lookalike at the end where the leader gets stabbed to death. Just last week a comedienne staged the severed head of Donald Trump as a publicity stunt. Think of what would have happened if an alt right group did a faux hanging of President Obama!

  4. Jeff Dante says:

    A few things to say regarding this:

    1. I have been a licensed concealed carrier for over 20 years. One of the FIRST things they teach you is that in the case of a traffic stop, you inform the officer that you have a firearm and are licensed to carry it, you allow the officer to disarm you, and then show them your license and registration. Castile got the first part right, but I don’t care who you are, what race you are, or if you are just reaching for your wallet, if you put your hand ANYWHERE near your firearm, the cop has the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to shoot you!

    2. Apparently, he was keeping the gun in his pocket. Again, you may as well have pointed the gun at your own head, because THAT IS THE WORST POSSIBLE PLACE YOU CAN CARRY A FIREARM!!!

    3. This wasn’t a routine traffic stop, Castle was pulled over because he was found to resemble a suspect in an armed robbery at a convenience store. And wouldn’t you know it, they look exactly the same, AND they have never arrested anyone else in conjunction with this crime! Coincidence?

    3. And shock of all shocks, Castile was found to be high on marijuana when he was ventilated. In fact, pictures posted by his girlfriend (who is another piece of work in this case, let me tell you) show that he smoked weed WITH HIS OWN DAUGHTER INT HE CAR! This is exactly why I stand with Attorney General Sessions that the war on drugs shouldn’t be stopped, but ENHANCED. So don’t get be started on him being targeted for being a black man. He was targeted for being a drug-addicted criminal with poor firearm management and extremely poor parenting skills…

    …Actually, no, wait, yes, a black man!!!

  5. Guy Asmart says:

    On the facts (available evidence), I do not agree that this slaying was legally justified as claimed.   I think the officer was a dangerous hairtrigger who would be a danger to anyone lawfully carrying a gun.  First, this black man had a gun permit, and therefore was not a felon.  Second, the aftershooting words and comments by the shooter are dubious and highly stressed inconsistent with his belief in his own justification.  Third, the physical evidence is inconsistent with his claim of justification.  Slate reported:  “The prosecution argued that the 32-year-old school cafeteria with no violent criminal record was reaching for his driver’s license—as Yanez had instructed—and not his gun when he was shot. The forensic evidence and Reynold’s testimony would both seem to back up the prosecution’s account and rebut the defense’s version. Reynolds testified that he was trying to unbuckle his seatbelt so that he could get out his wallet and driver’s license when he was shot. As the Associated Press reported, this was supported by forensics:
    Prosecutor Jeff Paulsen highlighted autopsy evidence in his closing argument, reminding the jury of a bullet wound to what would have been Castile’s trigger finger — and that there was no corresponding bullet damage nor wounds in the area of Castile’s right shorts pocket, where he carried his gun. He also cited testimony from first responders who saw Castile’s gun in his pocket as he was loaded onto a backboard.”

    A firearms instructor also thinks the shooting was bad:

    “On Philando Castile: To be honest with you, it sounds to me like he did everything you’re supposed to do. That’s what I’m assuming so far. It sounds like he handled it the way you should. And it sounds like the officer had a short-circuit.”

    Another police shooting acquittal worries black gun owners

    The Second Amendment Was Never Meant for Black People
    Why isn’t the NRA outraged about the police killing of a lawful gun owner?

    “Yet the NRA has been silent in the wake of Wednesday’s police killing of Philando Castile, a black man who was also a licensed concealed carrier of a gun, even though his legal right to a weapon played a key role in his death.

    “He’s licensed, he’s carrying, so he’s licensed to carry,” Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, explained in the now-infamous Facebook Live video she recorded just moments after his shooting. “He let the officer know that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm.”

    “No matter the heated political debate around the Second Amendment, the right to legally carry a gun in the U.S. is absolute. Castile was following the law and procedure, and yet he was still shot and killed by police. On Thursday, I called the NRA and asked if it had issued, or planned on issuing, any comment about his death.

    I think this is a bad shooting case, and the shooting and the acquital is an indication of antiblack bias, fear of armed citizens, and/or of defects in the court system.  I think this case is not suited to being favorably featured on your website.  I think your coverage of the Castile death damages your brand and impairs your credibility with respect to other cases in which shootings were clearly justified.

    “President Barack Obama released a statement Thursday afternoon saying “all Americans should be deeply troubled” by the recent police shooting deaths of Philando Castile ….”

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      “I think this is a bad shooting case, and the shooting and the acquital is an indication of antiblack bias, fear of armed citizens, and/or of defects in the court system. I think this case is not suited to being favorably featured on your website. I think your coverage of the Castile death damages your brand and impairs your credibility with respect to other cases in which shootings were clearly justified” – Nonsense. It hasn’t impaired my credibility in the least. In fact, every time I said an officer was justified in his shooting, I was later proven correct. There are also cases in which I posted when an officer was in the wrong, and even when excessive force was used. Each case needs to be evaluated on its own merit.

      I could rebut each point you made, but I honestly lack the passion to even get into it with a point/counterpoint debate format that will go nowhere and generate nothing. I followed this case and I understand why the jury fully acquitted the officer. Having been a law enforcement officer for many years, you not only get a feel for these types of cases, but I could almost predict the very arguments prosecutors would employ and their refutation. Either way, the jury who had looked at the totality of the case before them did not reach your same conclusions.

      • Guy Asmart says:

        I have not seen any evidence that the officer actually and reas9nably thought he was about to be shot. If you find that evidence you should post a link. If police can shoot and kill armed citizens merely because of cops being skiddish, the the second amendment is not worth much in ractice. There are many cases in which gun owners were burglarized in the middle of the night by cops, and shot in their beds. Some people answer the door at night armed, and get shot and/or arrested by cops. There seems to be a lack of respect for people by the cops and the courts. Even if it is not a race issue, it should be hard to justify killing a man when you have your gun drawn and have not even seen a gun yet.

        • Ambrose Kane says:

          If the officer who shot Castile was just feeling “skiddish,” he would’ve been easily convicted, especially in light of today’s prevailing anti-cop mood. No police academy teaches nor does any policy manual justify the use of deadly force because an officer feels “skiddish.” There must be reasonable and articulable facts present which justify its use. In this case there was, and that’s why the jury acquitted him of ALL charges. You may disagree, but those jurors who examined the entire incident and its minute details believed he was justified in his use of deadly force.

        • Driveby says:

          GA, you might be interested in this analysis…

  6. TeamTrumpPlayer says:

    Gee, now let me guess what’s next… Some black Minnesota Twins baseball player will kneel during the National Anthem in protest?!?!

  7. Jackie Puppet says:

    Perhaps Colin Kaepernik can go ahead and marry Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds (seriously, what kind of nickname is “Lavish”?), and become a community agitator (and profit off of Castile’s death).

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