Milwaukee Sheriff’s Dashcam Shows That Fatally Shot Suspect, Terry Williams, Intentionally Tried to Run Over Deputy

To all those Black agitators and White liberal bleeding-hearts who accused the Milwaukee deputy of using excessive or unjustified force against the suspect driver, Terry Williams, you might want to look a little closer at the dashcam footage of the sheriff’s patrol car directly behind him.  

Williams intentionally drove at the deputy and, when he moved out of the way, the driver still swerved at him in a failed effort to run him over.  

This deputy will likely be acquitted and cleared of any wrong doing. It’s clearly a case of assault with a deadly weapon against the deputy (in this case, the deadly weapon was the car itself).  


  1. Mr. Deplorable says:

    Anything in the hands of a feraloid is to be considered a
    weapon that can be used against you.
    Remember, they go on pure impulse and primal instinct.

  2. Bailey says:

    LA Police cadets steal cruisers, a glimpse of LA futures finest,

  3. Guy Asmart says:

    I have to assume the officer who fired would have done the same if the driver had been a white person. Therefore, analysis is necessary. It is obvious in the first video that the driver deliberately drove over a curb to evade stop. The pedestrian police officer near that curb may have felt endangered or just ofended by the insubordination. It did seem that the car was between the officer and the camera with car moving away from camera. Assuming the officer was in front of the car at that moment, I could infer the officer apprehended an imminent deadly physical contact by the car. I did not actually see the officer being endangered while in FRONT of the car nor endangered while he fired at the SIDE of the car as it passed by. It was probably legally OK for the officer’s first shot fired, but why did the officer continue to fire into the side of the car as the car was already passing by him and was no longer endangering himself? On what grounds did the officer claim the privilege to continue to use deadly force solely to effect an arrest, after he himself was clearly no longer in danger by the car? How does that square with Tennessee v. Running-Away Negro (Garner)?

  4. TeamTrumpPlayer says:

    Savages will be savages!!!

  5. Walter Bergen says:

    I’m not angry at the sub-moron IQ negroids who reflexively chant “He’s dins do nuffins!” That’s like being angry that the sun is hot in the summertime.

    I loathe and have immeasurable anger for the politicians, media whores and coddlers who enable the behavior of these animals.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      I’m an equal opportunity ‘hater’ of them all, although I admit I reserve a special place of hate for our Leftist overlords.

  6. L says:

    LAPD cadets stole police cars and may have impersonated officers, chief says

    Any thoughts on who these fine examples were…

  7. angrylittleman says:

    I’m a poor dude. I drive shitty old cars, I live in shitty hoods, yes I have been pulled over, many times…even though Im white. I fully realize,, shitty car in shitty hood = pulled over… NO BIG DEAL! I smile, I ask “how can I help you sir? and guess what? The police are immediately put at ease, and they always cut me some slack because for once someone treats them with a little respect! GO FIGURE! why do these stupid niggers always bolt! Not only do their wild escapades put themselves at risk but they also put others at risk! they don’t think for an instant about the kids they could have killed or run over! and the bloody media didn’t show how this turd plowed through a park! On that basis alone I have no problem with his stupid ass getting blown away! Monkeys like this should be put down! its called preventative medicine !

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