The Southern Baptist Convention Votes to Reject and Condemn the ‘Alt-Right’

This doesn’t surprise me in the least. The Southern Baptist denomination has been cucked for a long time now, especially under the leadership of Russell Moore.

These sincere but sincerely wrong Christians think that any sense of racial pride among Whites is tantamount to heresy, a denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They imagine that the ‘Christian’ thing to do is to put on their plastic smiles and pat themselves on their backs for their ‘non-racism’ while hordes of illegal third-world immigrants flood the land of their fathers. They imagine that to oppose illegal immigration and to unashamedly declare that they don’t want to be racially and culturally displaced by non-Whites is somehow the epitome of sin, satanic in origin and something that should be vigorously condemned by all ‘bible-believing’ Christians.

Such thinking is pure ignorance, and little do these evangelical believers know but they will come to regret their foolish decision to condemn the ‘Alt-Right.’ Although the ‘Alt-Right’ is not overtly Christian or even religious for that matter (many who comprise the movement profess to be pagans and even atheists while others align with Christian beliefs), this should not detract from its importance and value among Whites.

The movement is not about trying to secure a ‘Christian America’ nor to get more people ‘saved.’ Rather, it’s about trying to awaken Whites from their multicultural slumber, and to get them to recognize and resist the soft genocide that is being waged against them. It’s ultimately about our survival as Whites. It’s about fighting back against the Left’s vicious efforts to racially and culturally displace us with millions of non-Whites, most of whom are low-skilled and low-IQ third-worlders.


There is a place and time for preaching the Gospel, no doubt. But there is also a place and time for working to warn Whites of the grand deception that has caused our people for decades to be gulit-ridden and demoralized simply because they racially identify as Caucasian. There is also a place and time to warn our people of the impending danger and destruction that awaits us if we keep allowing our countries to be overrun by non-Whites, a huge number who are overtly hostile to our interests and who refuse to assimilate to the dominant culture.

There is no mandate in either the Old Testament or the New Testament for any nation or people to allow unfettered immigration. Although the ancient Jews were commanded to show hospitality and kindness to the occasional wanderer, stranger or alien who crossed into the land of Israel, there is nothing to suggest that it should be unrestricted with no qualifiers. Allowing one or two persons or even a few families to pass through or temporarily stay is not the same as permitting one’s land to be overwhelmed by thousands or millions of immigrants as we have today in western countries. The Left’s concept of ‘no borders’ is completely foreign and absent from the ancient writings.

There is nothing in the pages of the apostolic writings either that suggest or directly teach that the suspension of a nation’s immigration laws to allow unchecked immigration is somehow the ‘Christian thing to do.’ In fact, Christians are urged by Paul to submit to the governing authorities and to be law-abiding and to be good examples of this to their unbelieving neighbors.

How, then, does this comport with the example of Whites Christians today who protect and even harbor illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere? Such criminal invaders have violated our nation’s immigration laws and have attacked the very sovereignty of the United States. Yet these same Christians, in direct violation of their own Scriptures, will engage in the worst possible verbal gymnastics to justify such lawbreaking.

Christians who support or remain silent on illegal immigration while such law-breaking occurs in their very own communities stand in direct contradiction to their New Testament. They are, in fact, behaving very un-Christian. They are actually giving aid and comfort to criminals.

If these Christians wish to show love and empathy to the criminal invaders, let them do so first by being honest with these people, by declaring to them that the ‘Christian’ thing to do is to return to their home countries and to enter the U.S. only after they have gained lawful permission.

Christians who support illegal immigration also sin against the indigenous citizenry of their own countries. What right, we may ask, do they have to encourage the influx of third-world immigrants which places an extreme and unnecessary burden on the tax-payer? How is any of this a ‘good testimony’ to unbelievers? As it stands now, many race-conscious Whites are disgusted with Christians because of all their racial cuckery, their extreme forms of altruism, and their self-righteous do-goodery. As a Christian, I hate it too and it’s absolutely shameful how deceived so many professing Christians are today.

How ‘Christian’ is it of them to encourage foreign immigration upon a nation that’s already deeply in debt and whose welfare system is already overwhelmed? How ‘loving’ is it of them to unnecessarily increase a nation’s unemployment rate and greater competition for the few remaining jobs by giving support and justification to illegal or even legal immigrants?

Also, how ‘Christian’ is it to continue the liberal lie that tells Blacks that their problems mostly stem from the ‘legacy of slavery’? Why do so many White Christians grovel before a race of people who are so obviously dysfunctional and criminally prone? Why aren’t more Christians honest with the Black community about such matters?


Lastly, these racially-cucked White Christians of the Southern Baptist Convention have no idea that once Whites become a tiny minority throughout the West, we will be even more despised than now. For a good many Blacks and Browns, it will be payback time against Whitey for any and all perceived evils.

These same Christians, who in large part are politically conservative, will have unknowingly served as accomplices of the Left’s grand scheme to destroy America, destroy Christianity, destroy western civilization and, ultimately, to destroy the White race which is believed to be the source of such evils as ‘slavery,’ ‘colonization,’ and ‘racism.’

And what political party do you think all those third-worlders are going to join? Will it be the party that talks about limited government and greater freedom from federal dependency, or the party that promises them tons of ‘free stuff’ and government assistance? Any White Christian who thinks they can convert the hordes of third-worlders into small-government republicans is living in a fantasy land.

I might also add that any White Christian who wants his conservative social values to be the law of the land can forget about it once our entire nation is flooded with low-IQ and low-skilled third-world peasants who attach no real importance to such matters and who possess a completely different ethical framework than we do. You think abortion is at high levels now, wait until every State in the Union has a dominant demographic of Africans, Mexicans, and Muslims. White people, whether they realize it or not, are digging their own graves. 

The Southern Baptist Convention has rejected the ‘Alt-Right’ and, therefore, I reject them.  

The foolish White Christians among us



  1. Guy Asmart says:

    These so called Christians condemned individuals of a political group based on biased gossip without affording the individuals or group to be any hearing and any opportunity to be heard. These people are not Christians of any sort. It is one thing to say that blacks are welcome in your church so long as the blacks don’t engage in murder, rape or robbery while attending the church. It is a different thing to say that blacks must be allowed to murder, rape, and rob white or black people outside of church, and not resisted nor punished for doing so. The alternative right is best known for opposing black supremacist demands for a special skin privilege to commit crimes of violence including robbery, rape, and murder. Alt right opposes the Haitization of American cities and the institution of black supremacy. If Baptists oppose an organized opposition to the institution of Black Supremacy, then Baptists are advocating in favor of Black Supremacy and for the terror of increasing black crime.

  2. Pepper says:

    I wrote a longer piece, but whenever I copy something and try to past it the post comment bubble disappears. Whatever, good editorial AK. You are spot on with your analysis. I could yap on forever, but basically all I am saying is that I agree.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      I’ve noticed that too in the last week. Maybe you should break it up into 2-3 parts so you don’t miss anything.

      • Pepper says:

        Thanks Jackie….I guess that is the way to do it. Most of the time I can keep things within a paragraph or two, but hey, when I get on my platform, I can let go for quite some time.

  3. Mr. Dweplorable says:

    It’s not like biblical or any other kind of discernment is their forte’ anymore.
    They virtually worship the faux jews and question them on nothing.
    The worst cuck of all,that they have is that simpleton loudmouth in
    San Antonio, John Hagee.
    He’s an SBC’s cucks, cuck.
    They are what are called usefull idiots.
    Blind leading the blind, next stop, the ditch.

  4. LSD says:

    I am 58 years old. I was born again in 1980. Soon afterwards, I went to Germany and was directed from Christ Jesus Himself to a Bible-believing Church. I was baptized in an independent ecclesia in 1984. I cannot tell you how many arguments I have had with not only my own Church but with so many other Christians and so-called Christians.

    Back then, they were only theological disputes. It is amazing how people can distort Scripture or allow themselves to be partisan over such small things in such small groups. And these are supposed to be Spirit-filled men and women I dealt with.

    Now, picture if you will, the Southern Baptists at a convention displaying their “democratic” ways. I am sure Jesus did not have them get together to make decisions on whether a political or cultural movement was acceptable or not. Or to form an opinion on government policy regulating immigration by declaring even illegal aliens as God’s Children. And they vote on this stuff?

    This is no longer Christianity.The Great Commission. To make all nations follow Christ’s Word. You do not do that by inviting the world into your home. That’s insanity.

    Nor do you call people 666 when they notice a cultural war being waged for decades against their families by Progressives and other socialist ilk, who themselves call Lucifer their friend. Shame on Russell Moore!

    From the video one can clearly see the pandering to black people. What, are they afraid to injure their feelings? How come there was no resolution to demonizing BLM or the NBPP? That would have been the “Christian” thing to do. As such, they are merely hypocrites of the worst sort and I would advise any real Christian to boycott these so-called Baptists.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Thank you LSD, your comments nailed it! In fact, I wish I would have thought of those same points and added them into my post.

  5. Guy Asmart says:

    The scariest part is when you investigate WHAT these sick people consider to be “racism”. Suddenly, everything is racist. Finding racism everywhere becomes a part of the religion. Some published religious texts now assert that white parents MOVING AWAY from places where black thugs have made streets and schools unsafe (white flight), is “segregation” and “racism”. Defending one’s own white children from ultraviolent black street thugs and from in-school predation by black predators and corruption by gang ethics is deemed to be “racism”.

    There has almost always been a lack of fight for selfpreservation within christianity. Now you can see why ROME collapsed under the influence of weak unselfpreserving christianity. A christianized Roman soldier who would not fight for rlthe Defense of Rome, was voting in favor of the Fall of Rome to barbarians and voting for the rape of his wife and daughter. Thisweakness is why the later Pope who started the first Crusade called upon experienced Robbers and thugs to join the first Crusade. He knew that pussified Christian men would not be up to fighting off the hardy lust-inspired Muslims.
    Christian pussified men are no longer even men. Pussified Christian men are as vile and worthless as are the tits on the drag queens Ambrose exposed in another recent post.

    Now you can see why Hitler preferred Islam, as being a Man’s religion suited for Germans.

  6. Jackie Puppet says:

    Many, if not most, Christians will also misinterpret Romans 13:1

    “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

    This will be misinterpreted to mean that we all should obey our gubmint, no questions asked, because God said we should.

  7. angrylittleman says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Alt right. I am not a Christian. I am a Cult member. I do pray to God! I I am a man of faith! I am not a Satanist. I am a conservative. I am a proud American 1st and fore most! I do not believe in Jesus, I believe Jesus, and take the words of the prophets seriously. I read and learn from many spiritual texts, and I realize most “Christians” do not read or understand their own book. Thusly I have friends individually who are Christian, but I shy away from the churches because of their involvement in human trafficking, aka illegal immigration, they are in my belief indirectly responsible for the crimes committed by these criminals. I am a staunch supporter of the cultured white people and political conservatives, because conservatives wish to minimize to the greatest degree any and all government!. Those who have a culture do not need a government. Liberals have no culture thusly wish to expand government! And carefully consider that many true indigenous cultures are VERY CONCERVATIVE, because they couldn’t afford to practice what didn’t work. In all fairness their was a lot going on in Europe before the collapse of Rome ushered in Christianity,, Nothing against Christianity but I think The white people of Europe have a lot to be proud of,, and much of that predated the Christian church.

    • angrylittleman says:

      P.S. I hate Muslims and Khazar jews more than anything because they crush everyone else.

  8. Fled the Undertow says:

    As a Christian, I am absolutely baffled and heartsick by these brainwashed sheep following the nonsensical, egalitarian lies of the Left. Our forefathers took for granted that God did NOT create the races equal, as a quick perusal of the book “Negroes in Negroland” clearly demonstrates.

  9. Pat Kittle says:

    Treasonous (((televangelist))) hucksters get (((big-media))) exposure, for obvious (((reasons))).

    Courageous intelligent Christians (like David Duke) are relentlessly demonized, for obvious (((reasons))).

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