Collateral Damage: White Guy Hanging with Dindus Gets Himself Treated Like a Dindu

This is why I never go to McDonald’s . . oh, and because of the food too.

The stupid White cuck thought he could reason with the beast and found himself on the wrong end of a ‘diversity encounter.’

Any White person who intentionally associates with our beloved ‘African-Americans’ deserves everything they get. In this day and age, no White person can ever claim there wasn’t enough information available on Black criminality and dysfunction that could’ve spared them a ‘diversity enrichment.’

Some people are just stuck on stupid. 


  1. Earl says:

    That’s why it’s called McNigger’s. You defile yourself when you eat this crap. I can’t stand hearing an Ebonics voice exhorting me to eat at McNigger’s on morning radio. Now Burger Kangz is doing the same.

    • Anonymous says:

      McNiggers wants 5 bucks for a Big Mac (just the burger) nowadays. That in itself keeps me out of the place.

  2. Jackie Puppet says:

    The cuck didn’t even defend himself, twice…SMH…probably ate too many of those gay fries McDomall’s was selling.

    I was waiting for chairs to fly until I realized they’re bolted down.

  3. Guy Asmart says:

    The Big Black Thug punched like a mule was kicking. That seems unusual, like a professional fighter? When the BBT KICKED the other black man on the ground, at least that was unlawful Deadly Physical Force. At that time, the white man (friend) or the store manager should have pulled out a gun and done a full Michael Brownie ending the big black thug. Video like this shows why it is so totally stupid for aware white people like Dylan Roof to WALK INTO A CHURCH to kill evil blacks. The evil black thugs who need death now are so plentiful and easy to find if you know where to look for them. There is simply no justification for harming blacks attending a church or otherwise “acting white.”

  4. Maaku says:

    Always carry a gun if there’s a chance you could encounter burrheads

  5. Bailey says:

    It’s as if Obama is still president, call out the National guard.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for posting that link, Bailey. Too bad the ones that were shot didn’t die on the spot. The hospital bills are going to be enormous and we taxpayers will have to pay!

  6. Mr. Deplorable says:

    From experience I’d have to say that the gears of the common
    liberals transmission are as follows,

    R – Reverse

    D – Reverse

    1 – Full Throttle Communist

    2 – Marxist Overdrive

    3 – Run yourself over with your own car.

    Without a doubt there are many variants on the gears they have.

  7. Pepper says:

    I watched the whole thing and agree the white man was stupid and deserved what he got. However, and I am not saying I would do this or telling other people to do it, but that should be a dead nigger who struck that white man. We have to start to draw lines in the sand for these fucking apes. I think there should be total segregation from these monkeys. From the video, it seemed like the white man stuck his nose in where it did not belong. The nigger was double his size. He would need an equalizer to accost some piece of shit that big. These are feral animals. It is like taunting a wild animal…no different! The white idiot got what he deserved, but in the old world of the 1930s niggers did not act that way if they wanted to live.

    • Susan says:

      You’re right, Pepper. In the past, pre-1965, nigs didn’t act like this. The Civil Rights laws were the beginning of the end of civilization.

  8. Bailey says:

    Check out these mooks , another new low.

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      One can only hope the wildebeest was caught soon after setting the fire, if not, the pavement ape that recorded this should be hung for not calling tha po-po…

  9. TeamTrumpPlayer says:

    Don’t worry… Word has it that Katy Perry is on her way to smooth everything over and kneel before the big thug, like the idiot moonbat she is!

  10. RON M says:

    Pathetic Negros

  11. RON M says:

    The White Guy Should Have at Least Traded More Swings-Punches..
    Big Guys Go Down Easier Than They Appear

  12. Anonymous says:

    The white idiot thought he was going to play it tough and have an altercation with the big negro. What was really stupid was after he woke up, he went back for more.

  13. jcgmich29 says:

    The White guy said that the black guy was his friend, then again said he was only sticking up for his friend. He was letting the big black guy know that since he has a black friend, he was not racist. The White guy expected to be befriended by the big black guy. At least that’s how it works on tv shows.

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