Living Among the Dindus: Black Woman Intentionally Sets Fire to House With Subhumans Inside . . Uh, I mean People Inside

She couldn’t help herself because, you know, ‘Black Lives Matter’ so much to these people. Now that’s what I can some serious ‘brotherly love’! 


  1. Diddly says:

    Funny no one mentioned calling 911.

    • Susan says:

      Or even bothered to try to stop the woman from doing it in the first place. This low IQ race would have died off by now except that whites have been subsidizing and taking care of them for a couple hundred years.

  2. Niggar mcnuggets!

  3. Susan says:

    You know, of course, that institutional racism causes this.

  4. Bailey says:

    All they could do was say dayumm !
    Obama phones must not reach 911

  5. Mr. Deplorable says:

    And then they remembered all their drugs
    and pieces was left in the house.

  6. RON M says:

    Many Blacks Seem In Need of Re-Training To Function in Today’s Society..
    ..Very Shocking To Learn That Their Outlook on Other Races Are Hostile and Nagative

    • Susan says:

      It’s not possible to train them to be civilized. It’s been tried for centuries. Just not possible. Low IQ.

  7. TeamTrumpPlayer says:

    Where do I BEGIN?!?!
    1) Some sheboon, that knows she’s likely being recorded, commits destruction of property (the window & curtains), then arson, in broad daylight like it’s nothing?!
    2) Once the fire breaks out, instead of calling 911, Dindu’s just stand around like it’s entertainment?!
    3) Once they realize there’s a dindu still inside, they run to his rescue, but forget to cover their noses & mouths from smoke inhalation?!
    4) Oh, and add one more charge of attempted murder for the sheboon!

    CHOOSE ONE: Her defense will be…
    A) It’s NOT her in the video… just someone that looks like her because ” Weez all look alike as y’all know!”
    B) The sheboon was finally getting ready to graduate high school (at 25), and the fire was a science project!
    C) The dindus in the house were complaining that their heat wasn’t working, so she was just trying to help!

  8. Guy Asmart says:

    Wow. Somehow I was surprised that the black males heard in the video did not stop the big fat black female from setting the fire. I think this video does reveal why fullblooded African blacks existing outside of their natural wilderness areas are entirely dependent upon white people for their continued existence. They simply have no human instincts or moral compulsions to stop crime or prevent chaos. Practically the entire continent of Africa is dependent upon white farmers. In Zimbabwe where they deliberately expelled and killed the white farmers, agriculture collapsed and with that, 100,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollar notes became worthess, except as curiosity souvenirs showing the inability of blacks to self-rule without Haitization. This video shows that White Supremacy is good for blacks, and White Supremacy is essential for maintaining Black Lives.
    Everyplace where blacks live without the protection of White Supremacy, blacks suffer misery and die early. We see this also in cities like Chicago, where Democrats dilute and subvert white supremacy. As liberals like to point out, White Supremacy was the strength and cause of the creation of the 13 independent States, and the establishment of a great nation capable of building a Navy for defeating the Islamic States of North Africa in the 1800s. Nothing short of a great nation deriving it’s strength from White Supremacy was capable of ending the Muslim Slave trade and liberating millions of African slaves and sparing millions of Hindus and European whites from Muslim slave traders.

    Black Lives Matter only where the White Man’s Laws make it so. Black Lives Matter because White People made and enforce Laws backed by the moral strength of White Supremacy.

    It continues to be the heavy burden of Whites in America to remove violent and depraved blacks from the black population because blacks lack the initiative to police and protect their own. In places like Chicago where White Supremacy is diluted and supressed, black life hardly matters at all, especially to blacks.
    In states like New York, it is lawful to shoot blacks in the head or in the back while they are committing arson, murder, kidnapping or forcible rape. Aa a bonus, it is lawful to shoot fleeing black feons after they have comitted robbery, or murder or forcible rape. Therefore, it was stupid and wasteful for Dylan Roof to unlawfully kill blacks in a church.

  9. Sam says:

    Stupid niggers just stand there and watch the house burn down, lol!

  10. Mike Jordan says:

    You absolutely have to wonder if the results would have been ANY different if this were a collection of apes/monkeys…..with one ape setting the fire and the rest just running around nonsensically. I honestly don’t know if there would have been any difference whatsoever. Just random, non-thinking, lack-of-reality, chaos.

  11. Mr. Deplorable says:

    It turns out that an old jig was inside and died from the fire
    she started.
    So now it’s officially murder.
    It is foreign to them to ever think/know/realize that
    actions have consequences.
    But they neither know nor care about anyone but themselves
    at any particular moment.

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