The Finsbury Park Mosque Attack: Sauce for the Goose? Did the Party Just Get Started? Are Whites Fighting Back Against the Muslim Plague in Their Midst?

I don’t know with absolute certainty at this point whether the Finsbury Park Mosque attack was directly motivated against Muslims. It sure seems to have been.

The Daily Mail (UK) has reported that the suspect and driver of the van who mowed down several people and killed one person is a 48-year-old White man who allegedly shouted, “I’m going to kill all Muslims! I did my bit.” It was also reported that he smiled, waived and blew kisses at witnesses.

If this were indeed a terrorist attack directed against Muslims by a White, indigenous British man, is it an indication that European Whites are starting to wake up? Is this going to start being a pattern in which Whites resist their own racial and cultural dispossession by engaging in the very same acts that Muslims commit against Whites? Is it an indication that the bloody party just began?

We shall see.

Hard Truth: Mind you, I’m not urging anyone to engage in such terrorist attacks. I’m not telling anyone do this sort of thing. At the same time, however, I feel no pity for those Muslims who were killed and injured. I can’t feign sadness or compassion when there isn’t any inside of me for the middle-eastern invaders. If anything, it cheered my heart, and it gave me hope that my people will defend themselves against the swarthy goat-humpers and not allow Europe to be colonized by Islamists who are still living in the 7th century.

Yesterday’s news brought joy and laugher to a good many of us

If you’re outraged by my words, consider this: How many suicide bombings, random stabbings committed by Muslims, bomb explosions, and mowing down of pedestrians are indigenous Whites throughout Europe supposed to endure before they start to fight back? Why should Muslims not expect to receive the very same treatment they routinely commit against White ‘infidels’? How many street beatdowns must we endure before we come to the realization that Muslims hate us and want to destroy us? How many more of our women have to be raped? How many more child grooming rings have to be discovered? How sick do we have to be to continue to endure these wicked and ungrateful pukes? 

If you think these Muslims who were mowed down on Sunday were so innocent, I’d remind you that these are the same people who harbor Islamic terrorists among them, who actively work to bankrupt Europe’s generous welfare systems, and who erect their own ‘No Go’ zones in the very countries that have graciously allowed them to immigrate. Are these the marks of people who are grateful and who wish to assimilate, or the marks of those who are determined to bite off the very hand that reaches out to them in kindness and generosity?

The answer should be obvious.


These are the same people who remain silent whenever there’s a Muslim terrorist explosion in which dozens of truly innocent White people, including White children, are blown to smithereens. I might further ask, how often have you witnessed thousands of Muslims uniting together to protest the atrocities committed by their Muslims brothers? Where are the Muslim ‘Not-In-Our-Name’ protests?

They’re non-existent because massive numbers of Muslims secretly support what their ‘radical’ brethren are doing. They’ll deny it, of course, because Islamic law permits them to deceive the infidels for the greater progress of Islam. But we know the truth. 

There are also many Muslims who are afraid to speak out because they will become targets of their own people. They know that they will be ostracized by their own family members. They will be viewed as outcasts and apostates of the Muslim religion.

It’s no wonder, then, why so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims are as quiet as a church mouse over what is done in the name of Islam, and why being a ‘moderate’ Muslim is really only possible in western societies that value and protect free speech and not in the middle east.

Yet we must ask, if this is how Muslims treat their own, why on God’s green earth would we permit such a people to dwell among us? If Muslims rule by fear and intimidation (which they do), why would we ever imagine that their presence in our countries would be something other than bloody and ultimately destructive toward our indigenous White citizens? 

Finally, if the driver’s attack yesterday at Finsbury Park was motivated against Muslims, he will be hated by almost everyone, especially among Whites who are certain to grovel before the goat-humpers and to declare that his actions don’t represent them. Get ready for a lot of White liberals to kiss greasy Muslim asses. Our people are so deceived that they can’t help themselves! 

The man is about to experience hell. He will be vilified and denounced by all. But I will not hate him. No, not in the least. 

To those Muslims who got a little taste of payback yesterday, I can only give you Ambrose Kane’s ‘warm and loving’ send off. 


  1. Frazier says:


    Like the mayor said about the bridge killings” this is part and parcel of living in a big city”
    Sounds good to me.. contented… glad the mayor put it in perspective for me.. yawn..

    Jacked up thing is: when kids are killed at a concert the answer is tea candles and prayer vigils…. when murdered on a bridge and killed in front of their parliament building.. hugs and flowers… and when people get burner out of their homes a few years ago…ho hum… media tells the sheep what to say, do…and that their “asiatic”

    But when 1 muzzy gets “the effect of a large city” OMG THE HUMANITY AND TOTSL OUTRAGE!!!! Let’s multiply the photos and media coverag and tell everyone he’s white!! The double standard are in full display..

    Think I’ll take in a movie today… isalmaphobia my plucking arse…

  2. Pepper says:

    I would not allow Muslims in the country, and kick those in Europe and North America out. I would not allow them to practice their religion. The reason it is bad for a white person to do this is he will be a scape goat for the left. However, in my eye, the guy was a hero for striking back at the Islamic menace. He just did what millions of us would like to do, or like to see. The easiest way out of our mess is to kick them out. We don’t have to kill them…just kick them out. The man will spend the rest of his life in prison because of some goat humping imbeciles. I would say he is worth more than that. Actually, what he did was dumb! He could have done much more damage had he done things more discretely. He was out in the open for all to see; now he will pay the price. I would ask him if the Muslims were worth the price he paid? The truth will dawn on him and he will realize that what he did was rash.

  3. TeamTrumpPlayer says:

    Give that man (who ran down the Muslims) a cigar… Oh, and a free car wash to get all the human crud off the frame & tires!

  4. Marytoons says:

    This man is not a terrorist. He is a soldier in the war on terrorism that Muslims create almost everyday. He is trying to save his country, not demolish it like White liberals with their sniveling rhetoric or their citizen Muslims who continue to plot destruction aimed at England and her cities. It galls me to hear niggars speak with English accents. It doesn’t compute in my head. It’s almost schizophrenic. Now the MSM is hailing the Imam of the mosque a hero because he stopped the crowd from beating the man. And I would not be surprised if the radical Islamists retaliate by an increase in terrorist attacks.

  5. The muslims are well known for. A. Crowding around trucks. B. Blocking traffic in prayer. C. Hijaking trucks. D. Yanking drivers out and attacking them. E. Mobbing in front of moving vehicles. It was more than likely caused by the muslims, or staged and played out by the muslims. Another likely scenerio is that it was an accident, being that it might have happend at night. This could be faked, as the apologists are desperate to say see, see, white people do this too! Again this closely fits the M.O. of a crafty, conniving, lot who play by no rules! Even if this did happen as told, take into consideration, that mabey the truck driver had family suffer and die at the hands of muslims, mabey he was victimized by muslims! After all the suffering caused by the muslims Im shocked the Native Europeans havnt done more! If islam is a religion of peace! Why are muslims in civil war for over a milinia? Why dont they return to their own countries and create utopian societies, given what they pitch about their culture.Why do they live with infedels, which is harem? why do they pray in streets, harem,? Handle and sell alcohol, harem,,,? According to their own scriptures their hypocrisies are endless! The gotcha politics and play games are painfully obvious. The best way to breakup any fight is to seperate the waring factions! Yet the muslims force themselves into western societies. Should not any religion of peace, avoid conflict. Since they violate their own principles, they themselves make the truth evident. They are the the lying, instigating,scum of the earth, plain and simple. From this point on any muslim who remains in a western society has no sympathy from me,,,, they can go to mecca, they can go back to their own countries, if some thing happens to them it is their own damn fault! It its funny though that no other countries including their own wants them. I have taken great pains to read their scriptures, interview them, research till my eyes bleed, to find the truth. I havent personally met anybody who has devoted so much as myself to this research! So when I say these things,I know in my heart I have done my best, to think for myslef. Not kiss ass!
    I implore anyone to do the same! Build your own foundation! I can never know it all but i will strive to see clearly, seek truth!. Love GOD, country, yourself, your family, truth, and …remember,,, always,,, stay on the white path. Sincerly yours ..a dried out jar head..a simple tool.

    • Guy Asmart says:

      “In Islamic jurisprudence, haram is used to refer to any act that is forbidden by Allah, and is one of five Islamic commandments (الأحكام الخمسة‎ (al-ahkam al-khamsah)) that define the morality of human action. Acts that are haram are typically prohibited in the religious texts of the Quran and the Sunnah.” Wiki.

      Please provide links to support your view that Muslims are violating their own rules when they prey in the streets, or live with infidels. The Koran says that Muslim Jihad includes migration and helping other Muslims to migrate into lands occupied by infidels.

  6. Diddly says:

    This could be a tragedy. Is the car okay?

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if that van is okay? I sure hope the vehicle body damage wasn’t too great. It would be a waste to have to scrap such a useful van.

  7. Jackie Puppet says:

    Not surprisingly, CAIR back home is asking for extra police & security authorized to carry, cause they feel “targeted”…awwwwhh!

    But not a word of condemnation from them when it came to the attacks in Manchester & London.

    At least the Chicago branch of CAIR has time to call & complain about “threatening voice mails”

  8. clap says:

    He attacked the wrong people. He should have gone after the political elites who allowed the muslims to invade. Only when the ruling class fears for their lives will things start to change.

  9. Mr. Deplorable says:

    These muslims better wake up and
    realize that it’s 2017, not 1217.
    If we can get the wheel blocks
    removed, we can take our culture,
    lands and civilization back, pronto.

  10. Sam says:

    Revenge is sweet!

  11. PB says:

    I’ll believe there’s a real civil war brewing when the first Synagogue is hit (by someone who isn’t also a Joo).

  12. Guy Asmart says:


    You may want to investigate this report of spontaneous racial/political violence against a Trump supporter in California.

    BREAKING Bloodbath In California After Unhinged Liberal Attacks — This Officially Means War

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